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2012 Dec 2
I thought Colonnade only had gluten free in the small size. Also, I don't think I've ever seen spinach on their menu, and their cheapest 3 topping combination is $21 or something.

If you decide to build your own they usually add like, $2 or $3 PER topping (pretty standard practice). If the Plain Large is $16 or $17 and you added 4 toppings, that would be a minimum of $24 per pie ($48). Add %13 to that and I'm pretty sure you're not far off from $56.

2012 Nov 30

If the $56 included tax, that means each pizza was around $24 each. That doesn't sound ridiculous in terms of Ottawa prices. The average price of this style of pizza is $20-$25 for a large.

2012 Nov 30
I have eaten the pizza here (Colonnade on Bank Street) on Fridays off and on for some time now. The main attraction for us is the availability of decent gluten free pizza. Remember, I said decent, NOT great. Gluten free pizzas seem to be difficult to make and very expensive. Theirs is ok which is better than poor which is what most places produce. However, last night we order for pick-up and forgot to order directly from the menu. Instead we order 4 toppings. The same 4 toppings on both my large and my wife’s gluten free. Chicken, mushrooms, onions and spinach are the same toppings I have ordered around the world. We usually do not custom order here but we did last night. What a MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 pizzas = $56.00!!!!!! Yes, because we had “substitutions”. Are you kidding me???!!! $56.00 for 2 pies!!!???? Ultimately, their pies are really ok but not great! Did I say $56.00 yet???!!! They are not $56.00 worth of “OK”! I spoke to the manager and politely asked if there was a way of selecting a choice and modifying it so it would be a little more reasonable. NO was the answer! No sensitivity or understanding. Not even an apology. She just didn’t care! Nope, they have lost my business because they are too dumb to realize they are screwing their customers! Don’t get screwed with $56.00 pizzas, just SAY NO TO COLONNADE ON BANK STREET!!!!!!!!! (Maybe any Colonnade would be more appropriate than just Bank Street!)

2010 Aug 4
The best pie I have had in a while is what's left of the pizza from Pavone's in Syracuse. A little greasy but still so tasty. What a super crispy crust and quality toppings it had.

2010 Aug 1
I agree with Fresh. Everyone has an opinion on pizza and there are so many styles. One person's pizza is not going to be everyone's favorite. After all, there has to be someone eating the pizzas with four meats and cheese stuffed into the crust.

My favorite, classic, thick crust pizza in Ottawa is at Louis' on MacArthur Ave. Delicious soft, chewy crust , good rich sauce, enough but not enough to choke you cheese, decent layer of pepperoni, and green olives. If I want thin crust, I order from Pavarazzi on Laurier. Crispy, thin crust with spicy tomato sauce (pepperoncini spices it up, and some times it's extra spicy because they sit in the sauce) some fresh basil and mozzarella....mmmm.

Outside of Ottawa, you cannot beat any trattoria in Rome. Thin crust, with never more than 3 or 4 quality ingredients including the cheese. Plus the atmosphere on a Roman cobbled patio :)

Another excellent Pizza experience in the authentic Roman tradition is at the Enoteca San Marco at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. This is a Mario Batali eatery and the pizza there can bring me back to Rome.

2010 Aug 1
This seems like a good time to remind everyone that Pizza exists in many different styles and forms. Each has its merits and will have fans and detractors. Let's try to enjoy the style we each prefer, without feeling the need to belittle the preferences of others.

My favourite recent pizza experience involved the one picture here, which I enjoyed exactly 3 weeks ago at La Fontana (, a restaurant in the tiny seaside village of Santa Cruz in Portugal. And their sangrias are top notch!

2010 Aug 1
Don't listen to Zym KingMob43. That looks like great pizza to me. A lot better than the Mid East stuff they try to pass for pizza in Ottawa. Reminds me of a Prescott pie. You should check it out. Its on Preston street. It would be the closest pizza for your taste here in Ottawa.

2010 Jul 31
You did not really make it very clear what that is supposed to be a picture of, but let me tell you this - it is one of the most unappetizing looking things I have ever seen. Maybe it is just the picture but it looks pretty disgusting actually. Sure as heck does not look like pizza.

We should probably take this to the forums at this point in any case.

2010 Jul 31
I fully agree with Ken V, finding good Pizza in Ontario is about as hard as finding good Mexican in Ontario.

Compared to the slices you can get from New York City, the insane round deep dish you can get in Chicago at Lou Malnati's or the square deep dish you can get back in my old haunt of Detroit at Loiu's or Buddy's (voted in the top 25 by GQ and other magazines)... I might as well make the pizza myself on my grill.

Many of the chain places don't even hold a candle to Jets, Passport or even Serrantos either.

Those who find this questionable, please message me and I'll try to explain. But until you've had pizza in New York, Chicago, Detroit or apizza from Connecticut, it's hard to explain why the pizza doesn't measure up.

(Sorry, trying to insert a picture and it's not working. Had to delete and retry. Photo is from a Detroit Style square pizza from Buddys)

2009 Feb 7
Too bad most places have some sort of mystery meat instead of authentic pepperoni and a sauce so overpowering it's the only thing you taste. I onnce asked a pie maker at Milano's for real pepperoni not some sort of wierd salami substitute. He thought salami and pepperoni were the same thing. Not too many good pizza places in Ottawa. Nothing like Ritias in Boston or Lombardies in NY, Grimaldies in Brookyln now there is really great pizza.



2018 Jul 14
The most perfectly balanced Margherita Pizza ($11) I've ever encountered. Acidic-sweet tomato, salty-tangy-stretchy cheese, pungent freshly picked basil, and a beautifully light chewy-crisp crust with a pleasant bitterness from the char.

If you loved Chef Mike Frank's magic at the former Mellos Restaurant and also more recently on Mondays at citizen then you'll be happy to know that this venture is a shared one between him and his business partner, Bernie Limoges.

There are three fuel burning pizza ovens at work here, each at a different temperature. As ordered, each crust is formed by hand, topped, then carefully cooked by passing it between the ovens as needed. My Margherita was topped with basil (plucked after the pizza was cooked!) and then briefly reinserted into an oven to lightly wilt it.

There was nobody ahead of us and we waited a little over 5 minutes for two pies. With a larger lineup the wait could be quite a while but the nice thing is they tell you how long it will be and you can go do something else.

Highly recommended!


2017 Oct 1
Nice thin crust, not too much cheese and generous application of fresh basil makes the margherita pie at TW a real winner!

2016 Sep 2
Well, this time the Margherita Pizza was adorned with lovely shaved Parmesan! So I don't know if the last one was an anomaly or if they changed how they do things. Either way, good on ya!

I was there with 4 friends and we each ordered a different pizza and then shared. I thought the Margherita was by far the best as it allowed the great crust and sauce flavours to come through.

2015 Apr 19
This Pizza Margherita is still great here! My wife opted for The Elmdale (background in pic) and regretted not getting this one. I find that with the more complex pizze at Tennessy Willems, the toppings overpower the very thin crust. With the Margherita, it's just perfect.

Definitely accept the offer of spicy oil. It makes the dryer bits of crust really nice.

But WTF is up with the powdered parmesan cheese shaken over this pie?! This can't be anything other than the green-can Kraft dreck. Not cool. A wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano and a microplane would help differentiate this pizza from other offerings in town.



2011 Sep 18
2 really great pies last night - pepperoni and the Carlos Special which is basically "the works". Had a friend over who really liked them as well. Sorry, no photos, was too hungry

2008 Sep 13
Got another pie last night for supper, and it was superb! Not as greasy as it sometimes is, which suits me just fine because I don't like my pizza too greasy/cheesy. Hmmmm, speaking of which, there are some leftovers in the fridge. Better get to that before the wife remembers :-)

2008 Jul 7
Got another large (15") "combo" : Pepperoni, Green Pepper and Mushroom, and for a buck more added Olives. It was absolutely fantastic!!! Man, these guys make great pie!

2008 Feb 27
standard deviations on pizza delivery times. I like it -- should be included as a data element!

2008 Feb 27
Had a 'Carlo's Special', the other night.

The thing nearly weighed 4.5 pounds. A full meal deal for sure.

Delivery to my place, near the Mosque on Scott St., has a mean time of 24.32 minutes with a standard deviation of +/- 2.12 muinutes. In other words , Highy reliable and predictable.

Left overs, (being consumed as I type) are good cold or warmed up.

The pic is a pizza oven, just like Carlo's.

Sorry no Pizza picture.... by the time I remembered to get my camera, There was nothing left but the receipt. It reads, M Special and RC means the 'free' pop is Royal Crown Cola.

2007 Apr 6
We got another one last night - same one as last time the 15" (Large) Combo with olives added. Another great pie. This time not slightly overcooked thank goodness - just right. Still just a bit too much cheese for my liking but I figure most folks probably prefer it that way. Definitely will order here again.

2007 Mar 30
Delivery was fast at about 25 minutes. On first opening the box my thought was "it's slightly overcooked", and it actually was which proved to only negatively affect a few small pieces of the crust so it was no big deal. But any more well done would have been.

It was an excellent pizza. We had their 15" Combo, which comes with Pepperoni, Green Pepper and Mushroom, and for a buck we added green olives. The olives themselves were extremely flavourful and really stood out well.

All-round yummy pie on the slightly greasy side. But not too far on that side because I still really enjoyed it and I don't like greasy pies very much. My standard to judge by recently has unfortunately only been Pizza Pizza. A bit less cheese would probably solve the grease issue - I don't like too much cheese on a pie.

The crust was a thinner one - not "thin crust" but not by a long shot too crusty either, which I really dislike in a pizza. The only thing I'd like to see is a whole wheat crust which would really make this pie!

2006 Nov 28
I stumbled upon this place on my walk home down a deserted street from the Herb&Spice on Wellington. It is a little hole in the wall - no neon lights, no razzle-dazz on the sign - just big black block letters saying "Carlo's Pizza". Since my thinking goes: "If they can survive on this middle-of-nowhere street with no bells and whistles, they MUST be good." I went in and grabbed a take-out menu and ordered from them that night.

I was very pleased with the pizza I recieved. Delivery time was VERY good (of course we live just down the street, so this may have had something to do with it) We ordered the "Canadian" which had bacon, pepperoni and mushrooms. LOTS of cheese (yay!) and though the topings were underneath the cheese (which sometimes leads to soggy crust), thier crust was surprisingly crispy. Sauce had a nice rich flavour. Toppings were ample and of good quality.

This is my new pizzaria of choice. My only gripe is that they don't have a list of overall toppings on thier flyer - you have to figure out what they've got available based on thier specialty pizzas, or by asking them over the phone.

2006 Oct 17
Great pizza -- lots of toppings (especially cheese), and a very satisfying flavour in the sauce. It's a bit heavier, but I prefer it to pizza from Colonnade Pizza.


2010 Aug 4
Best pizza you'll ever have.You can rally tell these guy make all their own sauces-you can really get hooked on this place. They have these wraps and they bake the bread when you order-A fresh bread and meat or sometimes a greek vegey with feta--oh sooo good.You really get adcted to this place ---got to try it!!!!



2018 Mar 18
The Carbonara Pizza ($18), with parmesan cream sauce, pancetta, spinach, mozzarella, and sunny-side up egg was a tasty and quite decadent pie. I found it nifty that they cut it in a tic-tac-toe octothorpe # shape to avoid puncturing the central yolk!

2017 Nov 4
At $16, the Margherita Pizza is pretty steep compared to other similar restaurants in town. However, it's also a little larger than the ones in the $12-$14 price range.

This is a nicely made pie, perfectly cooked and with a nice pink-sweet tomato sauce. Salt levels are appropriate, although the crust doesn't have the elusive and addictive flavour I've enjoyed most recently at Il Vicolo.

To deal with any perceived blandness, they offer that ubiquitous cardboard-powder parmesan cheese and a rather delightfully spicy house-made hot sauce. I found myself dipping the crust into a little puddle of that hot sauce on my plate to keep things interesting.

2009 Jun 2
So today was my birthday and we were out about in the market and decided to stop in at the Grand to try it out.

It was about 2pm and there was barely anyone there. Maybe about five other tables. We were seated immediately and our water glasses were filled promptly.

After much though, the four of us split two pizzas.

We went for the Quattro Fromagio otherwise known as Four Cheese and another that I cannot remember the name.

We ordered two bellini's and two Mill St. pints - no complaints.

The pizza came promptly after bread but was uncut! So we had to ask for it to be sliced since we were sharing.

We had fresh pepper and parmesan shredded onto the pizzas. The first bite was delicious, a thin crust pizza but not too crispy. It was not blackened at all like FF's was. (Sorry guys - I didn't take a picture!)

The flavour of the pizza was near perfect - it was definitely one of the best thin crust pizzas I have ever had. I loved it all and I would definitely go back again.

They give out black licorice candies with the bill so watch out if you don't enjoy them :) I've had a bad sambuca experience in the past and try to avoid them - but sometimes you just dont know until you have already popped the candy in your mouth!

2009 May 31
I approached the Grand Pizzeria's pizza with very high expectations. It is very, very good, and in my experience the best pizza in Ottawa as of 2009. But... I believe the pizza I enjoyed at Pomodoro's in Montreal was superior by a small margin (thicker chunks of buffalo mozzarella, more basil, and a crust that was less soggy in the center). I will have to try Pomodoro's again to be certain.

That said, the Margherita pizza was awesome indeed. A delicate thin crust, nicely blackened on the edges, the faint taste of woodsmoke, a tasty tomato sauce, and a smattering of basil leaves. Mine was a little more blackened than those I saw at other tables. With many of the restaurant's seats occupied there was a 45 minute wait time for pizze and I assume that means they were cramming as many pies into the oven as possible. This could explain the uneven cooking results. Anyway, I like to think that if my pizza happened to be the one snuggled up to the burning logs then perhaps I also benefited by having a more pronounced woodsmoke flavour.

Highly recommended! Having tried the classic, I now look forward to trying some of their more interesting toppings.


2017 Feb 4
Oh, I should have been more clear. I scarfed the whole thing down while the sensible people I was with saved a quarter for later!

2017 Feb 4
"save the last quarter for later"

...who are you and what have you done to warby you monster?

2017 Feb 3
Still a solid lunch choice. ~$9-13 gets you a personal sized pie that you can either scarf down as is or be sensible and save the last quarter for later.

I had the blackboard special, "Pico Mi Chorizo," which featured Fiazza cheese blend, red sauce, red onions, banana peppers, deli-style sliced chorizo, and a post-oven topping of pico de gallo. Overall it was a tasty and veggie-rich option but I found the sharp onion flavour rather rudely overstayed its welcome in my gullet.

The mushroom pizza is really the one to get!

2015 Jan 26
Really good pizza, not to pricy, descent portion. Been there twice so far. Everything prepared in front of you and it cooks up real fast in that open gas oven they got. Biggest plus is you can ask for free fresh basil after they take it out of the oven. Definitely my favourite casual pizza joint in Ottawa right now.



2006 Oct 17
"Gourmet thin crust pizza" this isn't -- it's moist puffy crust with sufficiently tasty sauce and cheese (even the Greek pizza has mozzarella on it, in addition to the feta), and no shortage of toppings. It's exactly what I'd expect and want from a buy-by-the-slice place. Nothing particularly original or spectacular here, just standard, consistent pizza.


2007 Jul 19
I have been eating pizza at Bella Vista for about 25 years, maybe more.

Its my favourite pizza in Ottawa. I have had pizza at Colonade, Newport, and Lorenzo's all of which are good but there is something unmistakable and addictive about the cheese Bella Vista uses. The taste of that just keeps me coming back.

If you eat in, and your not driving, order a large draft! They are huge!



2007 May 19
I couldn't decide whether I liked my pasta or boyfriend's pizza better :)



2009 Apr 15
Spicy Perogy Pizza = YUM

2009 Jan 12
Excellent pizza from a "chain" restaurant. In the past we've enjoyed the Deluxe. So we decided to give another flavour a try...

The Rustic Italian (Sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Spicy Italian Sausage, Red Onion, Green Peppers and topped with a sprinkling of Diced Tomatoes, Grated Parmesan Cheese and Fresh Herbs)... was very tasty and they were liberal with the toppings.

A Medium sized pizza provides plenty for the two of us, with enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

2008 Oct 5
The pizza has greatly improved at this Canadian Franchise Chain since they first arrived in Ottawa back in the 1990s (when it tasted like a frozen pizza and its texture was cardboardy).

We ordered a Deluxe Small Pizza (sizes offered are Individual, Small, Medium and Large)… I’m glad we went with a small because the pizzas here are bigger than normal. A Small here is a 10 inch, and has 8 slices. The Deluxe featured signature pizza sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, Green Pepper and Mushrooms.

The pizza was tasty, not as good perhaps as those I would order from the local Ottawa independent pizza place, nor as outstanding as the gourmet version I can eat at my favourite local Italian eatery, but far better than many of the BIG CHAIN competition.


2006 Dec 2
I really like Calabria pizza - it's one of my favourites. The sauce is flavourful and the toppings fresh and plentiful - lots of cheese!

One thing that I ADORE about this pie, is that the larger sizes come with a dough ball in the center, instead of those horrid little plastic trays.

They also have a wider variety of toppings then other pizzerias I find - my only complaint is that they use sliced italian sausage instead of crumbled - just a personal preferance of mine.

I personally wouldn't bother with other dishes - I've had some of thier pasta dishes (cannelloni, gnocchi, spaghetti) and been underwhelmed. The sauce was extremely flavourless (surprising since thier pizza sauce is so tasty).

Note: I've only ever had take-out/delivery from this place - the in house dining experience may be different.



2013 Feb 17
I was born and raised in Halifax. Having lived there for 39 of my almost 42 years, I know donairs. The donairs at Centretown Pizza are indeed the real deal. The donairs we had from there today were as good as any we've ever had back home, and even better than a few. The meat is in smaller pieces, and it is spicy/garlicky, but good, and still authentic in taste. The sauce was bang-on and abundant. The tomato and onion were generous and tasted fresh. The bread was prepared the way we're used to, dipped in water prior to warming on the grill for that chewy texture.

We enjoyed them very much, and we'll probably have indigestion later on, the sign of a truly good donair.
The gentleman who owns the place is very friendly, and we had a good chat about back home. He has owned 3 donair spots back east, so he knows his stuff.

If you can't make it back to K.O.D. or Tony's (sadly, Bash Toulany's has closed) and you need a real donair fix, this is the place to get it. We're good now for a while, as donairs for us are a once-in-a-blue-moon craving.



2012 Aug 9
Only one Colonnade Pizza exists for me in this town, the original on Gilmour.

The ones on Merivale Road and Hazeldean do a great disservice to the Colonnade Pizza brand. Somehow their attempts fail miserably on taste, as I have had better from chains and take-out. The service experiences have also been terribly bad at the Merivale location, rude and condescending.

We actually spend the extra driving time it takes to visit the Gilmour location as it has always been consistently great in flavour and the staff are always friendly and attentive.

Great pizza and service at Colonnade Pizza, but only available at the Gilmour location.

2011 Mar 16
First time at any Colonnade Pizza on a cold rainy Sunday. We visited the Kanata location. We ordered a medium Combination with bacon. When trying new pizza places, we tend to order the same pizza - base comparison.

The pizza arrived, I took a bite and had a flashback to pizzas I've had when I was a kid. We were truly impressed with the delicious crust, the generous cheese, we really liked having the bacon 'under' the cheese. I think they've won best pizza in Ottawa (or Kanata at least) a couple of times. Our server was very seasoned and knew how to treat the customer right. We did have to wait a while to get a menu, but the cheerful smile made it all better.

To some it may not have been a spectacular pizza, but it had all the things that we love about pizza, so for us, it was spectacular - worthy of a mention here.

I think we've found a new take-out place for pizza. When you live in the outskirts, good pizza can be hard to find!

2010 Apr 23
Top 3 Pizza Joints in Ottawa, if you like your pizza "upside down" as they say (cheese on top) which I do, and in no particular order:
- Colonnade
- Lorenzo's (in the Byward Market, NOT Vanier - it just changed names recently but when you call, they still say "Lorenzo's"
- Carlos

Colonnade's crust is smaller. Lorenzo's is big. Carlos only does west end delivery and refers east-enders to Lorenzo's. Flavour for all three is very similar: yummy, yummy, yummy.

And people...just WAIT a bit and let the cheese cool down before digging in; your pizza will "maintain its integrity".

2007 Sep 29
Split a takeout vegetarian with the misses this evening from the newest location on Merivale. It was consistent with the quality of the other locations in the city. If you've never tried this pizza they're very generous with the cheese (brick/mozz) and the crust is not too thick (but not quite thin). My only gripe is it could be just a little crispier, but that's just my personal preference.

Definitely one of the best places for 'za in the city.

2006 Dec 16
1/2 of a small vegetarian pizza from Colonnade.

It does, I think, a better job of maintaining its structural integrity than most fat pies like this do. I'm not sure why they're so big on burying most of the toppings, but I don't have many complaints about it.

2006 Dec 9
SandyG: I really like the pizza at Maxwell's. It's similar to Johnny Farina's but maybe different enough for your wife to enjoy as well.

Also, if you odn't see toppings you like on their menu, they will add whatever you want (as long as it's in their kitchen).

2006 Dec 8
I cannot for the life of me understand why people love this Pizza so much. For my part, toppings,(especially meat), belong on top of the cheese. I also prefer pizza that maintains its structural integrity. If anyone can recomend another place, I'd be grateful. So far, Johny Farinas, is my go to. Of course, my wife is not a big fan. I guess that's pizza.

2006 Nov 26
I really do enjoy this stuff. There's very little to complain about -- 'more generous toppings' comes to mind, but then, it's one of the only places around that doesn't mess up stuff like 'double mushrooms.' We're usually double-cheese people here, but that turned out to be a mistake at the Colonnade; they put quite enough on in the first place.

It's one of my favourite places to take people -- it's universally appreciated pizza.

Most of the other dishes can be given a pass, though.

2006 Oct 17
Colonnade is indeed great pizza -- lots of cheese, but not greasy, a good thickness, and very tasty.

Ultimately, so far I've preferred pizza from Carlo's Pizzeria, but it's close.

2006 Sep 28
It is definitely one of the better all around pizze in Ottawa. It was very good and I'd get it from there again. If I remember correctly, Colonnade is generous on cheese, not too thick or thin, crispy and chewy crust and tasty on toppings. There are better crusts and better cheese out there, but they aren't found on the same pie!




2013 Apr 22
After drooling over the recent Domino Pizza pictures, I just had to try one myself.


- Slick online ordering. Discount coupons on their site and didn't have to get discount codes elsewhere. (note: the outlet closest to my home provided many more discount options)

- The pizza. Cooked as ordered, well done. Nice browning for full flavor. The pan pizza retained it's crispness with the help of a piece of corrugated cardboard . This allow the crust to breath and and sweat with steam. Nice touch.

- Toppings were plentiful and to the edge. I had the sausage and green pepper. OK. The sausage was a bit 'industrial' but tasty. Green olives were ... well ... green olives. Cheese was real and not some 'cheese product'. I'm not usually a fan of 'pan style', but I enjoyed the non-soggy crust on this one.

- Over all. I enjoyed it for what it is, chain pizza. But I must say, if they are second in the mass pizza market, in Ontario, next to Pizza Pizza, then they got to come to market with something better. And they did ! In spades ! Well above anything I had from Pizza Pizza, including any specialty pies.

- A good value at $9.99 + tax for 2 topping 12" (medium) pan pizza. This was the price with the coupon applied.


- The online ordering system will allow you to specify a configuration above the chosen coupon deal, without any warning. You will only find out at the check-out. (Clever for them).

- Sure the sauce is sweet , but nothing I couldn't put up with. And you can ask for a lite application.


I will go back to try a bacon and mushroom when the hankerin' hits for a quick and inexpensive chain pizza.

2013 Apr 20
close up - got ours well done and there was a nice crispy dark perimeter of crust

2013 Apr 20
took a cue from resident pizza guru Ken V and a few others on OF and decided to try out Domino's new-ish pan pizza. haven't had Domino's since my last review below (!) and it seems our 'za choices were hit/miss at the time.

i can only speak for the Hampton Park Plaza location, but i have to say this stuff is pretty good for a chain offering. so much so we've been back 2x since initially trying it. it's got a thick but crispy crust and just the right touch of greasiness. the cheese/sauce ratio is also spot on. if you are a fan of Pizza Hut's pan pizza (which jumped the shark longgggg ago - my nearest location, anyways) you'll really enjoy this.

sausage/cheese pizza pictured - those are nuggets of fennel laced gold!

2008 Jul 2
The thin crust was reminiscent of Pizza Hut thin crust, or 'Edge' pizza. It has an almost cracker like crust with slightly less sauce than a regular pie. I'd order this again over the regular crust style.

2008 Jul 2
Had some people over for Canada Day celebrations and decided to try out the new Domino's on Merivale. This was my first experience with the chain, save a slice of pepperoni I had once as a child on vacation (my foodie memory bank at work). We ordered 2 pies - one thin crust vegetarian, and one italian sausage/onion on regular crust.

Italian sausage/onion pictured on right - I liked the ample toppings and cornmeal crust. I wasn't fond of the tomato sauce. I know it's chain pizza but man was it ever fake tasting and really sweet.

2008 Jun 16
The reason I like dominoes is the amount and quality of toppings and soft but chewy cornmeal covered crust. Their deluxe pizza is a real winner.

The deluxe comes (in addition to regular combination toppings) with onions and sausage which has lots of fennel so it gives it a really nice flavor. Something I started doing at home when I make pizza.

The pepperoni is also crispy on the edges which is a really nice touch.

I've had the vegetarian pizza and cheese steak pizza there but it was kinda bland. The extravaganza pizza has to many toppings that you can't really taste what's going on. So always stick with Deluxe!

Best chain pizza in my opinion.

2008 Jun 7
Not sure if this needs to be somewhere else on the site cause it's from the new one on Merivale (in mall with blockbuster and swisschalet). Large walk-in special for the month 8.99 one topping. It is thin like a pizza pizza, but crust tastes much better, I watched him take a risen dough and they form it out on what looks like cornmeal on the counter. I've never had a domino's before and I think we'll get it from here a lot. The sauce is good, the pepperoni is a bit greasy, or it was the cheese, but it all comes together very well. I'm not sure I would order the thin/crispy crust from the menu, because the regular crust is thin enough...even for people like us who like thin crust. It's fast too, I guess cause so thin.

2007 Dec 6
There's something about Domino's Pizza that just strikes me as being delicious. I may even prefer it to Pizza Pizza!

Perhaps it's the crust, which is nice and crisp on the outside but still yielding on the inside; perhaps it's because it's, as What to Eat with What You Drink describes, "sweeter than normal" pizza. Perhaps it's because I got Italian sausage on both pizzas, and they make it heavy on the fennel and oregano.

What I know is that I was mad craving pizza last night, so my fiancée and I picked up two large for $22 (thanks Entertainment Guide coupon), and washed it down with a $7 bottle of Sangiovese. A match made in heaven.


2011 Mar 25
Awesome chicken ceasar salad.
I love the pepperoni pizza here.
Awesome place for lunch - slice of pizza $1.50

Really delicious.

2007 Feb 3
Holy cow, I totally agree! I used to live out on Brittany Drive and this was my place of choice - since I moved to the West End I miss it SO MUCH. The pizza always tasted so fresh. My favourite was Italian Sausage (they have crumbled not sliced, just the way I like it), tomato and mushroom on thin crust YUMMY!!!! It's still my favorite pizza in Ottawa - even though I haven't had it in a couple of years. Sigh.

2007 Feb 3
East view has the best pizza!!!!! they food is amazing.mmmmm just talking about then i now want some...yummy yumm...east veiw is #1 in my books


2008 Dec 22
The place does not look like much and you can't eat in, but Tony has been making pizza for over 30 years and has put five other pizzerias that set-up shop right across the street out of business.

Everything is home-made, all vegetables are fresh cut. Everything is 1/2 price for pick-up items Mon-Fri. Tony does all the food prep himself. Friday nights are particularly busy and it is a neighborhood tradition to patiently wait for your pizza that is 20 minutes late, watching a hyper-active Tony scream at his driver and cashier (who are both middle-aged men who have learned to ignore him).

Cash only -- but for regular customers, Tony will let you pay the next time if you are short. Once, I called to let him know that my wife had left the house with my car keys so I could not go pick it up: he mis-understood that she had left with my wallet so I had no cash, yet he had my order delivered with a message that it was OK to pay next week.

Tell him "The French Guy" sent you :-)



2009 Aug 25
Sorry to go against the current. It migth be a matter of personnal taste, but I found the pizza there of grocery quality (at best) and overpriced. Certainly not what you would expect from a place that boasts a wood burning oven.
The service was rather friendly, but I am never going back.

2007 Oct 6
My bf and I dined in at Forno Antico tonight. The decor is simple but nice. The service was prompt (water refills when our glasses were empty, greeted as we walked in the door, orders taken within a few minutes of arriving, and food arrived quickly) and friendly. I had the Primavera pizza (I asked for no cheese) and bf had the Mediterranean. Just like foodlover, I didn't get any spinach on my pizza, but it was tasty, so I didn't bother to ask about it or send it back. My bf enjoyed his pizza too. My new favourite pizza joint. I was happy to see that they deliver too.

2007 Apr 26
The name of this restaurant is backwards on this should be FORNO Antico, the one at 683 Bronson Ave.

This is the Primavera (I wanted to take a pic with it still in the box b/c it's square but we already put it on our plates...)
On the menu it says: Mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, roasted red peppers, and spinach. BUT, there was red peppers (not roasted), no spinach, and fresh basil? I hate it when resto's don't follow what their menu says!! Grrr..

With that being said, the sauce wasn't really flavorful and a little skimpish on the mozza cheese. I had asked what kind of cheese, if any, was on the Primavera when I called, since it didn't have it listed with the toppings like the other pizzas do.
Not too memorable...I think he's selling the fact that it's wood burning....

2006 Nov 20
Antico has some great pizza, and its rectangular too. For those of you that enjoy a traditional style the margarita (sp) is a great choice. Its just a simple tomato base with boccocini and basil. I usually have to pick up as their delivery driver takes off early.



2011 Apr 28
The all you can eat is not a buffet, but you order from the waitress. You get a choice of:
- pizza: combo, hawaiian, pepperoni and bacon, or veggie
- pasta: alfredo, lasanga, spaghetti (maybe one more?)

So you can either have both pizza, two pastas, one choice of each. Basically for each order you can mix and match to your choosing. It is really fast and they are really good about coming around and taking your orders. What I really liked was that they let me take my 4th piece of pizza home, because I could not finish it! Very good service.

The dinner all you can eat is from Monday-Thursday and it is 9.95.

2011 Apr 27
Tell me more about the all you can eat. Is it buffet? A la carte? What is eligible for AYCE?

2011 Apr 27
I went to Gabriel's at bank and hunt club for their all you can eat pizza and pasta for dinner the other night. It was amazing! I managed to eat enough between the two of us to cover the cost of a medium pizza, so the price was the same. But being able to try all different kinds of pizza was great. The Pizza was really fresh and hot! Love! I will for sure be back, not for just breakfast and take out!

2011 Jan 5
We kept walking past the Bank location and thinking it looked good/interesting. I assumed that it was a nice place - boy was I wrong. The waitress was running around totally flushed when there was 2 ppl in the store. She took our order and then came back 10 minutes later to ask the size. Then we found out that she had not placed our order first as it should have been, but after 3 other pizza orders. She got a bad tip for that one! If busy I can understand but she wasn't!
Then to top it off the pizza was really greasy - I mean dripping with oil.
Won't be back! ever!

2008 Mar 24
My favourite pizza in the world is the Gabriel Deluxe: bacon, olives, mounds of cheese - what's not to love?! I always order from the Baseline location - always very quick and polite service. I've also eaten-in at the Bank St. location - they have a good lunch menu with lots of simple fare as an alternative to pizza.

2006 Nov 26
I went through a phase a couple of years ago of getting their small, double-cheese, plain pizzas; I think they may've had a special or something.

It was quite the mess of cheese, but, yum. Browned just so on top. Finishing even a small alone is not easily done.

Ordered dinner the other week, and I remain fairly impressed. The sauce could be more flavourful, but: cheese generous, toppings fresh, crust not terribly thin despite the request for same, but I have to admit a thinner crust wouldn't have gone well with their style of pizza.

It pains me that there is no dough ball in the centre of the pie -- it looks like that sort, if you know what I mean...

The salad wasn't bad. Extremely fresh stuff, not too stingy on the non-lettuce parts, but it lost points for using those dreadful bitter white parts.

Bonus points for polite and quick service, too.



2008 Dec 29

Maybe it was divine intervention.

2008 Dec 28
Forgive the "panning" (har har har)...

We decided to give the Merivale location another go tonight, but after 2 hours and no pizza (not embellishing) I called to inquire. I explained my situation and was placed on hold. After 15 minutes had passed on the line (again, not embellishing!) I hung up and tried again. Sure enough, the same employee answered so I repeated the story..."may I place you on hold again?"...I happily obliged, but was promptly disconnected!

Fearing they had overlooked the order completely, I just called back and asked to cancel. An hour later I received a call from the manager asking if we'd still like our pizza (?!)

Sadly, this isn't the first time this specific location has let us down in terms of service and pizza product.

Fresh Foodie I know your mandate of this site is "places to find good food, not bad food" - but the Merivale location doesn't measure up to franchise standards. Enough, I say!

2008 Dec 24
Agreed. If it can break the unflappable FreshFoodie, then it is not safe for man, nor beast!

2008 Dec 23
Pizza Mia things aside, has Pizza Hut changed their "regular" (pan?) pizza recipe in the last few years? I had it for the first time in ages and it was nothing like I remember it - specifically the crust and dough which lacked the crisp, fluffy, and greasy characteristics I was used to. Is this just the Merivale location?

2008 Dec 23
Wow ... I too don't remember FF ever dissing anything, anyone, anytime.

Looks like even the ultimate diplomat has his breaking point.

I think Pizza Hut came out with Pizza Mia in direct response to Domino's 5 5 5 or 6 6 6 buck pizza deal. Three medium 1 topping pizza's for 5 or 6 bucks (depending on the local market) each.

I guess ya get what ya pay for.

I wonder if it is worth the bother to get the deal and add a few more ingredients including some cheese, then finish them off in your own oven ?

Probably NOT !!

2008 Dec 23
haha... yeah I stalked over to the computer while still chewing the stuff to post that comment! And wifey is still glaring at me for deciding to try this deal out.

2008 Dec 23
OK, who cracked the site and got Fresh Foodie's password? Wow!

2008 Dec 23
Warning to all: avoid the current "Pizza Mia" deal.

3 medium 1-topping pizze for $6 a piece sounds like a good deal. But this was possibly the worst pizza we've ever had. Worse than East Side Mario's kids' meal pizza. Worse than any frozen pizza I can remember having. The crust was dry, way too sweet, and tasted like it was made from a mix. The single toppings were scant and dried out. Tomato sauce and cheese were almost non-existent.

If you're tempted to try this deal please get yourself 3 frozen pizze instead, then take the money you save and split it between yourself and your favourite charity. You'll eat better, feel better, and still save a few bucks. :-)

I won't stop having the good old Pizza Hut deep dish pan pizza but my Pizza Mia experience has made me a little wary of trying anything new from the hut.

2006 Dec 6
Do _any_ Cdn Pizza Huts carry the "Big New Yorker" pizza? That was cheap and greasy and great when I was in the States -- or at least when in California, where "pizza" gets pretty bizarre.

If no: where to go for similar pie?

ETA: Had Pizza Hut pizza the other night. On the bland side. Generous toppings on "The Edge" pizza, but stingy cheese, and an overly processed feel to the crust.

2006 Sep 9
Once in a while the fried crust goodness of a deep dish pan pizza hits the spot. The "four for four" thing is quite good too.


2010 Sep 24
I ordered a large pepperoni pizza using the Just-Eat service.

Delivery time was spot on. I pre-ordered for 7:05 PM and they came at that time.

Price after everything was $24.

This pizza may be my new favorite.

The cheese was gooey, not like Milano's, and the pepperoni had a nice taste to it (they put toppings under the cheese).

There was plenty of cheese, and the sauce was good.

The pizza had a nice crispy crust, it was just the right thickness.

The pizza itself was a great thickness. I still miss the "pan pizza" from Pizza Hut. That pizza had the perfect thickness as far as I can remember.

I got some coupons with it too. I'll be using these I bet in the future.


2010 Jun 25
If you like the really greasy pizza, which a lot of people seem to, then this is not for you. We were at a school activity this evening with the boys, and they ordered pizza from here for a change instead of from one of the chains. It is a very simple "no frills" pie but was perfectly enjoyable, and just guessing by looking probably not nearly as bad for you as most pizza is.

I told the officials who organised the event that it was a very nice change from the chain and they should continue to order from here next year, for their events. Several other parents commented similarly.





2008 Dec 10
I like this place quit a bit. It has excellent pizza with a lot of cheese! The pizza sauce is really tasty with a nice hint of nutmeg in it. The prices are good (about 25$ for large delivery pizza and tip), but I have had a lot of trouble lately with delivery times, it takes a while so order about 1 hour before you want to eat.


2012 Feb 14
Since the 80's, this pizza is still my favourite of all time! The best of all...that little bread in the middle....hummmmm!

2008 Sep 21
I've always been meaning to try the pizza from here, giving the fact that the place always looks busy...sometimes people even out the door! So our friends tried it one night, us the next. Here's a large mushroom/green olive/pineapple pizza on regular crust (not thin crust which is an option). It is very cheesy and the crust is yellow, which my friend says is because they use eggs in the dough. This was a good pizza in my books, although a little TOO much crust for me but if you like lots of crust....this is for you. I found it a touch undercooked so maybe next time we'll try the thin crust and ask for it to be cooked a bit more. Price came to $23.00 even.



2010 Sep 5
I ordered a large plain pizza from Milano's today.

Came out to $21 after everything.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed.

The pizza was thin, I think even Pizza Pizza has thicker pizza!

The cheese was brown on top, not lightly but REALLY brown (not black though) so that the cheese wasn't gooey at all. More like a sheet on top.

Sauce was okay.

Delivery time was very good, only about 20 minutes.

All in all, I probably won't order pizza from here again.

Although I do enjoy their platters, and wings.



2007 Nov 22
I tried their takeout: delicious! This is the "Stefania" pizza with prosciutto, the fresh basil was great. I ordered online, though, and they never got the order, I had to call it in when I didn't receive confirmation.

2007 Feb 15
Their Tandoori Chicken Pizza might be the thing I miss most in the whole world since going vegetarian.

Man, that pizza is something good. I love the taste of downhome, thick crust, tons of mozza, baked fresh pizza from an old school pizzeria. Like how Colonnade used to be...

2007 Jan 28
Absolutely, bar none, the best pizza in town.



2013 Nov 4
It is good pizza unless you go to the location at 169 York street. There they will skip out on toppings in order to save some money (less sauce, less meat, no cheese on subs, no fries with 10$ burger combos). They refused to offer any specials that were listed on their website, and lied to me about not offering delivery service so I wouldn't use a coupon from the entertainment book I had for that location. My friend called back asking if they had delivery and they said yes. When my friend mentioned the coupon, they said they don't offer coupons for small pizzas (the coupon WAS for 2 small pizzas). We'd had enough of the excuses and sent our business elsewhere. Really disapointing and frustrating.

2012 Feb 15
Poutine here is good.

Good pizza.. have ordered here a few times.

2009 Oct 3
It is good pizza as far as flavour goes, but really too cheesy/greasy for me. I guess I'm spoiled by so much home made pizza. The poutine pizza is kind of nifty - tastes pretty much like poutine, and yes it does have french fries on it!

2006 Dec 2
I also enjoy this pie. I like that you can order either thick or thin crust as I sometimes find thier thick crust a tad TOO thick, and it is one of the few places that has spinach as a topping. Flavourful sauce, slightly unusual flavour to it I find, which is kind of refreshing.

It's not my FAVOURITE pizza (not gooey enough for my taste), but I would still recommend it, and eat it happily if it was in front of me.

2006 Nov 26
I should not be ashamed to mention this:

They offer tortilla chips as a topping, and I like them.

Get them with a bunch of other pseudo-Mexican toppings, and it comes out quite nicely.

The couple of salads I've had from there were excellent for pizza-joint-delivery things, too.

2006 Sep 16
Tastiest cheese in town. I enjoyed this pizza.


2009 Mar 5
Over the years I've eaten quite a bit of pappa sams pizza for work lunches. I find them really good, probably the best in Kanata North. These pizzas are the heavily loaded ones - so if you are looking for thin crust, wood fired - these are not your thing.


2010 Mar 5
Pretty fantastic pizza, if you like a thick, cheesy crust and a LOT of toppings. Do not, I repeat, do NOT order double cheese; even at a single topping amount, it strings a good foot and a half, and we have been known to lose entire slice toppings due to the heft of anything more than 3 toppings max. The cheese is a pretty neutral topping in terms of flavour, but there is a LOT of it.

Interesting topping combinations and options, like corn and artichoke hearts. If you order their sausage, it's more like REAL pepperoni, instead of the giant disks you would get normally. The sauce is nothing special; where this pizza truly shines is in it's crust and it's toppings.

My husband and I ordered a pie tonight; pretty standard in terms of the menu options aside from pizza, so we stuck with a wings/pizza combo and it took about 30-40 minutes to arrive (but it was still warm).

The chicken wings are a decent size, but the sauce is a little's definitely a BBQ sauce mixed with hot sauce, so when you order a "medium", you aren't just getting Frank's on it. The wings also come with carrot sticks and a sour cream, which is completely useless but very cute.

Definitely my favourite pizza joint in the west end.



2008 Feb 17
The craving for pizza came over us yesterday, so we decided to use our Entertainment Coupon for Pavarazzi's. Had delivered a "Family-size" (i.e. 18", 12-slice) herbed crust, spicy sauce pizza with black olives, italian sausage, and feta.

Really good, but SO EXPENSIVE. $35 for a three-topping pizza ($28 after the coupon) is insane. When you build your own pizza, the good toppings are $5 each.

If we were to get pizza from them again, we'd stick to set pieces. Or (more likely) the panzerotti.

I do like that they offer Brio/Limonata/Aranciata as beverage choices. And I'm hoping that that "six packs" in the beverage choice at the bottom of their menu refers to beer.



2011 Dec 31
They have a special on right now 8 bucks for a large Pepperoni - pretty good deal if you ask me

2010 Sep 5
I'll chime in and defend Pizza Pizza as well.

Whenever I think of ordering pizza, I always check here first.

The pizza is just about right. Tastes good (crust could be better though), nice thickness, and a good amount of toppings/cheese.

Their garlic dipping sauce is my favorite.

The online ordering is really good, fast, seamless, can customize the hell out of everything.

And Pizza Pizza has great deals constantly.

They're also really close by, only takes between 15-20 minutes usually for delivery.

Only thing I hate is they charge $3.50 for delivery. I think it was $3 before? So they raised it.

But fast, cheap, tasty, fits the bill a lot of the time.

2007 Sep 13
MelodySoul, you hit all 5 points that make Pizza Pizza one of my favourites:

* Excellent choice of toppings
* Online ordering
* Garlic dipping sauce
* Bruschetta topping (instead of tomato sauce)
* It isn't sloppy and gooey

I agree with the nay-sayers that there are tastier cheeses and better breads available out there if you know where to look. But Pizza Pizza is very decent for such a ubiquitous chain.

The crust isn't great (hence the garlic dipping sauce), but I think it's way better than any frozen pizza.

2007 Sep 13
I know most pizza connoisseurs regard Pizza Pizza as the worst out there but I like it. I'm not into the greasy, sloppy, really cheesy pizza that most small shops deliver. I like the huge list of toppings and options available, I love the online ordering and let's not forget the garlic dipping sauce...gotta have it! My favorite is the bruschetta chicken parm, comes on a thin crust and it's garlicky and delish!

2007 Jul 31
The appeal of the place, for me, is its simplicity. They make a servicable pizza.

If I wanted a pizza that was six kinds of awesome (roasted asparagus, proscuitto and marinated mushrooms or the like), I'd make it myself. But every few months or so I get the craving for the fast food equivalent (i.e. the classic super) and it just works.

2007 Jul 30
I too do not understand the love affair with this establishment. YUCK!

A crust that I would label frozen supermarket crust, low quality ingredients and even lower quality cheese, makes me wish for a rubber biscuit.

2007 Jun 7
I've had a run of consistently good pizzas from the Rideau Street location after falling in love with their online ordering system. The level of detail, as FF points out, is tremendous.

I actually think the crust is a selling point because it's so unlike the thick, doughy crust that is prevalent in Ottawa. The sauce has a nice, basic tomato taste which can be augmented by the variety of free options available.

I've found that ordering extra cheese is key to getting the same amount that most places dole out by default. My current favourite is the classic Canadian: pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese.

2007 Mar 30
I actually like their pizza. Others seem to complain about not enough cheese but actually I really hate how greasy pizza gets with too much which is a key reason why I like this one. The Classic Super with Pepperoni, Green Pepper and Mushroom is yummy and dependable. It's not as flavourful as some but it's pretty non-offensive at the same time. The whole wheat crust option is actually really nice.

2007 Feb 26
The pizza from Pizza Pizza is passable. The crust is vegan (yay!), and they have no problems leaving the cheese off. I agree that the white crust isn't great, so I've taken to ordering the whole wheat. I like that their toppings are very fresh. My one complaint is that the cost really adds up even for just four toppings.

2007 Jan 6
More dodgy-quality food porn.

Two pies: a thin-crust with the 'four-cheese blend,' onions, mushrooms, and green peppers, and a regular crust (note somewhat trivial difference) with Mr Kmennie's strange but usual topping pick: double cheese, green olives, and pineapples.





2007 Oct 17
As mentioned by others, the pizza has an extremely thin (maybe 2 or 3 millimeter) crust. I opted for the "Funghi" pizza. Topped with mushrooms, delightful pancetta, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, it was truly tasty. Our server had recommended this particular pizza and accurately suggested that a drizzle of chili oil would make it awesome.

The pizze at Pub Italia are 10 inches in diameter and they offer whole or half sized ones. The crust is so thin though that it eats like a cracker, meaning you will go hungry if you get a half pizza.

Anyways, maybe not the best pizza in the world but great with beer! :-)

2007 Sep 19
A friend and I split a pesto-mushroom pizza here once and it was tasty - although I probably would have thought *anything* tasted great after all the beers we had sampled.

2007 Jun 26
We ordered 2 of the thin crust pizzas last Friday and were generally pleased with both of them - 4 out of 5 on both counts. In fact the thin crust pizza has been something I've always enjoyed very much here, and I believe it's as good as ever. We were there on a busy Friday and the pizza was still hot. I believe Food Is Hot's comment on "too salty" is because of the proscuitto - I've had a lot of that stuff from various places that is REALLY salty. Our pizzas certainly were not salty.

2007 May 5
The pizza is good, but be wary of going on a busy Friday afternoon: I ordered a pizza and it was stone-cold when it got to me.

2006 Nov 25
I found thier pizza WAY too salty. Virtualy inedibly so. The one I tried was the one with procuitto on it - can't remember the exact topping. Perhaps something without a cured meat would be less salty and more appealing.

2006 Nov 21
This was...different.

The standard margherita came with a lot of freshly chopped tomatoes. Pro: fresh. Con: supermarket cardboard variety, not nice plum ones.

The crust is bizarre. It's quite thin, crisp, and crackerlike. It seems to be something ready-made; it had a very 'processed' aspect to it. The edges were very dry, to the point of being more cracker than crust.

But, cheap for a half-pizza; quite good with beer.




2011 Oct 21
I'm not a fan of so much cheese, but if you like that sort of thing this is your place to go.

The toppings are always cooked well, the pizzas are always piping hot.

I've eaten "Willy's special" on several occasions, which has pretty much everything on it - recommend it if you're not a finicky eater :)

2011 Oct 18
We get Willy's from the Stittsville location. The guys there are quick and the pizza is always piping hot. It is our go-to joint.

I always order thin crust, toppings on top. This seems to limit the dilution of the sauce and "floating cheese island" that is so prevalent in Ottawa.

2011 Oct 18
Usually, when we drive over there for pick up, we park in the McEwen's gas station next door - they don't seem to mind.

We ordered from here on Sunday, as our go to place (Pizza Shop on Carling) was bought out by Gabriels. Sigh.

Anyway, we ordered a combination, a mediterranean, and a "bacon cheeseburger" special, which had ground beef, bacon and onion.

I like that they use red onion, instead of white, and that the bacon comes in stripes. I've found from time to time that their cheese is a bit thick, but overall, it's a solid Ottawa pizza. (Though, I agree with Bacon IV that it's worth asking for the thin crust.)

2011 Oct 18
McEwen location off Richmond near Lincoln Fields.

Popped in friday evening, for the 3-topping large special at $16.95. First impression, not so great: the owner asked me if I would like a combination for a special price. He made it by mistake. I ask what's a combination? He flips the box lid, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers. His 'special' price was the 3-topping special as advertised ('normal price $24, I give it to you for $16.95'.)

I didn't feel like arguing that a real 'special' price would be $10 (ie. lower than the advertised special I'm already entitled to), nor did I care to mention that his offer was clearly disingenuous, so I politely declined cause I hate green peppers and besides I wanted bacon.

Good news: the 3-topping special allows for 2 meat toppings, so I ordered the Canadian (bacon, pep, mushrooms).

Pros: strip bacon, cooked perfectly, ie. soft, a little crisp. Fresh dough and other toppings. generous pizza.

Cons: cheese too melty, not much body or fat. Minimal, if any, browning (next time I will ask for well done). Crust too thick. Way too thick. It makes the pizza dry and heavy to eat. Especially with the bland sauce they have. If it was a nice American-style thick, sweet tomato sauce, this crust would work.

Parking was tricky there (bus stop), and the place was very busy. Gold mine.

Conclusion: I'd go back, but to order thin crust and well done. One of my top 3-4 pizzas in Ottawa.

2008 Nov 28
This is the super thick ooey-gooey kind of pizza, which may or may not be to your liking. A slice of it is 2 to 3 times more filling than a correspondingly sized slice of, say, Pizza Pizza pizza. The $21 + tax price tag seems high but the density of the pizza makes for a lot of eating! This pizza would be hard to eat without a knife and fork.

Cheese and toppings are generous and the sauce is tasty. The crust is thinnish in the middle but nice and thick on the edges. Cheese is strategically sprinkled on the outer crust to achieve that nice toasted cheese flavour.

One caveat: if you are picking this pizza up yourself please ensure that the box remains perfectly flat in your vehicle and you resist any urge to drive in a spirited manner. I got home to find a good third of the ooey-gooey toppings had oozed over the rim of the crust and filled one corner of the square box. Some careful rearrangement with a spatula corrected this to a reasonable extent, but please don't let this happen to you!

My very picky four-year-olds absolutely loved this pizza! They kept saying that we have to get this one again and they were still talking about it as they went to bed.

2007 Nov 24
Since I used to live about a block away from Willy's, I have eaten countless pizzas from Willy's and I have always been happy with the service and food.
At the Maclaren Ave. location near Lincoln Fields they have a walk-in special deal for a large three-topping pizza that is great. They will let you call ahead to order it and then come pick it up and it is only $16 with tax.
These pizzas have an incredible sauce and always come with plenty of toppings and cheese.

2006 Nov 20
For those cheese lovers out there, Willy's is the place to be. Lots of cheese, good selection of toppings. Their price is decent but delivery can be slow, ie cold pizza :(


2012 Oct 23
something special, I too like some of Topper's weird combinations. When I want a regular pizza I order from Merivale these days, but I LOVE Topper's specialty pizza called "Thai Sensation". It has chunks of chicken, onion, roasted red peppers and a really nice sweet sauce on a garlic butter crust. I always order this for my friend who doesn't like "regular" pizza.

2007 Oct 24
The crust is excellent, but the toppings are scant and the flavours don't always mesh. The best way to order is to choose your own toppings rather than ordering a specialty pizza, and eat it right away! It is delicious when it is fresh, but does not sustain well afterwards.

2007 Sep 22
Tried Topper's (Orleans location) recently and I have to agree that the crust is really really good. I liked the cheese also. I however was not crazy about the toppings. We ordered a chicken bruschetta pizza and it was just chicken, tomatoes and loads of onions. I did not compare whatsoever to pizza pizza's version. If only I could take the toppings from pizza pizza and put them on topper's crust, it would be a near perfect pizza in my opinion. I also was pretty sick that night and I have a feeling it may have been from their dipping sauce which is the only thing I ate that my husband did not. It looked a little congealed and I had wondered if it wasn't refrigerated but shamefully I ate it anyway because it was tasty and I love a good dipping sauce. I might try the other location sometime and go for different toppings. They have buffallo wing pizza which sounds really good!

2006 Sep 25
They brag about their "Italian bread" crust and they deserve to. This pizza has great flavour and texture as long as it's fresh. Some pizzas are better cold from the fridge the next morning but not this one. Buy it for the crust and eat it fresh!



2009 May 29
I made the mistake of ordering pizza from here last night and it is probably the worst pizza in Ottawa which doesn't say much since there are not many good places to get a pie here. Not sure what type of cheese was on it but I don't think it was real. The sauce was overpowering,olives had no taste,peppeeroni resembled some mystery meat. I'm waiting for The Grand to settle before I go. Summer trip to Chigago to Lou Malnati's will spoil me even more on bad pizza in Ottawa.


2008 Jan 14
This is very good pizza. The crust is whole wheat with a cornmeal spread on the bottom. It's crunchy without being like a cracker and not overly doughy. The cheese tastes like good cheese rather than the tasteless glop you get at fast food places. The toppings are all fresh and flavourful.

The best pizzas I've ever have was in Italy and the Cote d'Azure, but since I can't go there everyday this is the next best thing.

2006 Oct 24
Excellent pizza here -- seems more like home-made than most. Tasty sauce and toppings, with the right amount of both, on top of a moist crust. Vegetarian only: last time I was there, the choices were among olive, mushroom, and vegan pizzas, $2.75 a slice.


2009 Apr 7
After a couple of recommendations, we decided to check out the pizza at K S Restaurant (Bank and Albion). We were not disappointed! We enjoyed a medium pizza with ham, bacon, green olives and mushrooms. The pizza was a combination of what I LOVE about Colonnade and Bella Vista pizza; thick airy crunchy crust, loads of cheese and toppings, quality ingredients! OH MY!! Time will tell, but this place may be my new favorite!!

2007 May 18
Absolutely true. You can order something besides Pizza at KS, but why would you?

We asked for extra cheese once, and the answer was "No, I use enough"! Hands down best tasting "old school" pizza in town.

No artichokes, or Feta here - piles of Mozza, thick crust, pepperoni, onions, green pepper... mmmm

Pizza Pizza is next door, and you can get three Pizza Pizza pies for the same price, but I can personally vouch that KS's single pizza will leave you fuller and more satisifed than Pizza Pizza's cardboard inspired pies ever could.


Oh, and they don't deliver, but it's worth the trip.


2007 Feb 13
I asked for a specially made pizza since the pasta all has egg in it (which I don't eat). They presented me with a yummy veg pizza with a tomato sauce base. It was covered with a moderate amount of veggies including artichoke hearts, asparagus, zucchini, peppers, broccoli and tomato. If anything, it was a little under-salted, but then, I love salt. The garlic with tasty and not overpowering. The thin crust was flaky on the inside and crispy on the outside. I read in the menu that the crust is 100% organic.

2007 Feb 10
I ordered the Quattro Formaggi pizza (mozzarella, bocconcini, fontina, parmesan, fresh basil, tomato sauce). When it arrived, I was surprised to find dried basil and no fresh. I didn't remember if the menu had promised fresh basil so I didn't complain. (I picked up a take-out menu on the way out and found out later that indeed it *did* promise fresh basil.) Maybe there was an honest mistake made, or did they just think, "Oh, this guy won't know the difference." Customers don't like to be treated like idiots!

I quite liked the taste of the pizza, although I could see that the cheese topping might be too heavy for the crust. Thin crust pizza is great, but this was 5 millimetres of cheese and sauce on a 2 millimetre crust (about the thickness of a tortilla wrapper).

A couple next to us shared a pizza as an appetizer, then had a pasta dish each. Smart move -- maybe they'd tried the caesar salad on a previous visit! :-)

2007 Feb 17
One very sloppy Paesano's pie -- a medium thin crust with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and double cheese.

Salty, messy, slightly soggy, and pretty good. Much better -- oddly -- when re-heated in the oven at a high temp.


2008 Feb 29
I've been meaning to comment on their pizza for a while now (I've been an infrequent regular for years now, if that makes any sense?)... this pizza is waaay different than anything else in Ottawa. First, the crust: not super doughy, not super thin. Second, the sauce: kind of savoury, like most lebanese pizza joints in Ottawa. Third, the cheese: it's cheap, standard mozza, but the special twist is that they put this herbed oil or butter on top of the cheese which gives it a really unique flavour. Fourth, toppings: standard toppings, nothing fancy or high quality here, this is The C. Overall, a great pizza to soak up the suds! Oh, and it's pretty affordable too, like most things off the menu here.



2007 Sep 1
See my general comment under the restaurant - excellent pizza made daily and sold by the slice. Sold at half price at the end of the day if there is any left.


2009 Oct 2
Eeek. Thats just wrong.

2009 Oct 2
love the picture....brings back many memories of nights on Elgin street. It is an old buddy that invented the pizza on gravy is officially called the "Bob Special".......may go for one right now.................

2009 Sep 30
FYI: Given that the average slice of pizza from Pizza Pizza is around 350 calories and that a half cup of gravy is 206 calories, you're *only* looking at 550 calories for the whole deal.

Not that I'm condoning it. I'm just clarifying.

[Editor's note: 206 calories per half cup would have to be southern style sausage gravy! Canned meat gravy is around 50 calories per half cup. Plenty of sodium though.]

2009 Sep 30
gravy pizza @ house of georgie's. uniquely interesting pizza in ottawa that tastes so good for psychological health, yet so evil on your body. an alternative to hangover poutine. my definitely recommended dose is ONCE A YEAR (for me). any of their pizza's can have the added pizzazz via drenching with their gravy which looks to be either chicken or turkey gravy with (among many other ingredients) lots of black pepper. my guesstimate for one slice alone of this bad boy is 750 calories or more or also 1 hour on an elliptical cross-trainer @ high resistance.

2009 Sep 23
My husband and I are long time patrons of Georgie's -- we'll even drive the 20min from Barrhaven to pick-up a pie every once in a while. We're always greeted warmly and every once in a while we're given a special deal as long time customers.

I too was EXTREMELY skeptical of the gravy but alas one time I tried it and have never looked back. We always get our gravy on the side (unless we are just getting a slice in which case - go ahead and throw it on top) and delight in dipping our pizza into the gravy. You don't even have to necessarily have had a few to enjoy. Definitely not the healthiest thing to do - but sooooo delicious.

Great dough, even better sauce and delicious toppings.

We even witnessed them cooking their Thanksgiving turkey using the dough to cover the bird in the oven !

Love my Georgie's.

2007 Oct 11
Recently I have tried two pizzas from here. The first was called Johnny's Special (as far as I remember) and consisted of fresh garlic, green peppers, roast chicken and tons of CHEESE! The pizza was delicious - we watched them carve part of an actual roasted chicken (rather than a fake roasted chicken, ha ha) to put onto our pizza. The fresh garlic taste also came through nicely and if you like cheese, you will definitely like this pizza.
As for the sauce, it was fresh and nicely spiced and a little sweet (which I like). The crust wasn't too doughy but was not what I would classify as a "thin crust pizza" either.

The second pizza was the steak pizza. It sounds so unlikely and I was terribly skeptical (can you tell it was not my turn to choose the toppings?). However, it was DELICIOUS. The steak was cooked until tender but not in the least tough or chewy and there were copious amounts of steak. In addition, the fried onions were very good and lots of mushrooms and fresh garlic. Equally cheesy as pizza #1.

I also recommend trying the garlic sauce. It's made in-house and rivals the garlic sauce of any Shawarma Joint/Shack/Stop/House that I can think of.

Not sure about the gravy pizza - am a little nervous about trying it but I am sure I will overcome that in time. :)

2007 Sep 21
This was the first time I had ever heard of Georgie's gravy pizza and then a friend recommended it the very same night.

Is it weird? Yes.
Is it healthy in any way? No.
Does it taste great? Yes it does.

They have a small counter area where you can eat, no tables. The pizza itself is of the thick and chewy variety. A puffy dough, and plenty of gooey cheese.

2007 Sep 18
An Ottawa institution who specializes in Gravy Pizza. Legend has it a regular drunk patron used to come into Georgie's to order a slice of pizza, fries, and a side of gravy. Aghast onlookers watched as he sloppily dunked his slice into the gravy. Soon enough a trend was born and the rest is history...

Try it for yourself!

* image taken from a Cheap Eats Ottawa blog

2008 Apr 20
Two of us had pizze and we were very pleased. Nicely browned crust and generous toppings. Not loads of cheese but that's just fine for some (plus it means you can eat more).

2008 Mar 10
Here is a picture of the pizza we had, found it on their website.


2008 Feb 25
If you can arrive around 11 to 11:30-ish. The vegetarian pizza slices they package up, will still be warm. They don't have a pizza warmer and I don't think they offer a re-heat, so timing is critical.

Quite a nice and inexpensive early lunch.



2008 May 29
"The Man" was out doing errands, and was getting hungry when he saw an ad for Little Caesars newest menu item their $ 5 HOT-N-READY Large Pizza. He popped in, and discovered that for that price there were only two choices: Cheese, or Pepperoni. The meat-eater that he is decided he was more in mood for an Ultimate Supreme. A large Supreme (10 slices) is dressed with - Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions and Cheese & Tomatoe Sauce. Of course there was an addtional charge (pizza came in around $ 8), but he left sure that he had a bargain!

IMO he should have kept his money in his wallet!

I haven't ate multi-national "chain" pizza in years, and what I remember about Little Caesars was just average. Boy have they changed...

First off in order to advertise HOT-N-READY they pre-make pizzas and stick them under heat lamps during rush hour periods. The toppings were awful... nothing had any freshness left in it, and was super spicy (sausage?). But lastly the crust was horrendous... it was hard to tell whether I was eating the pizza crust or the cardboard box it came in!

Sometimes a bargain, is not a bargain... you just get what you pay for (the worst pizza I ever remember). It ended up in the trash.


2009 May 16
The best pizza I have ever had!
...unique combinations and fantastic crust - they even give you spicy oil to add on top.

2008 Jul 17
La Porto A Casa is a hidden gem in Barrhaven that offers a variety of Italian Dishes and Pizza. Stopped in here for take-out on a day when dinner was to be a hit and run affair. La Porto A Casa offers pizza in two sizes, Small and Medium, and the current menu offers 10 choices. However one can mix and match toppings if that is your desire. I chose a Medium (12 inch, 6 Slice) Combination. So although I chose the Combination (Canada's favourite pizza) on this occasion, I have previously enjoyed their more “gourmet” style pizzas than those otherwise found in Barrhaven (those that list toppings like fresh herbs, portabello mushrooms, eggplant, salmon, goats cheese, artichokes or bocconcini cheese).

The Combination was a thin crust perfectly done and topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms and red & green peppers and melted cheese. Due to the fact that the La Porto A Casa prides themselves on quality ingredients, the pizza continues to exceed expectations. Makes you wonder why the other Pizza Joints in Barrhaven are still in business.



2008 Jul 30
I'm so glad to see that Jojo's still uses the little ball of dough, instead of the little plastic table, to keep the pizza uncrushed during delivery. I went to school in Stittsville back in the day, and there was always a big fight over who'd get the dough ball.

2008 Jul 27
We ordered this into my workplace during an after hours "crunch" the other day. The photo is terrible (sorry) but the flavour was quite awesome! If you like the Ottawa-style ooey gooey pizza with lots of toppings, then you will love this one. A lot like Gabriel's, but different enough to be worth ordering once in a while.

This was the Jojo's special: pepperoni, bacon (crunchy strips on top), onions, peppers, olives, fresh tomatoes and something else that I can't remember. Great combination!

2008 Sep 13


2015 May 11
The Round House Pizza - spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, green and red bell peppers, pesto, garlic, oregano, Monterey (although I think they may have subbed cheddar) with added pepperoni. Yum! Crispy crust goodness.
You don't just get a pizza you get a conversation with Pete, owner with his wife, and you just might find out that between the 2 of them they recently celebrated 142 years of birthdays between them, as well as the answers to all the problems in the county, the province, the country and the world.
Old-fashioned pizza, done good, still with an edible pizza dough bun in the middle to keep your fixins off the lid.

2009 Jun 9
Mountain Station Pizza has a long-held reputation for making good pizzas. It also has a rep for expensive pizza, but really good ingredients aren't cheap and their pizzas have really good ingredients with a really good thin-ish crust with a thick edge, lots of cheese, and tasty veggies. Take the Combo we ordered tonight, sans olives (had I been doing the ordering there would have been olives on it too, although I really wanted my dw to get a cheese and mushroom only). The combo has good pepperoni, red and green sweet pepper slices, nice big tasty shrooms, and large dice onions, and a more-than-healthy dose of cheese (a mix of brick and mozzarella). A medium at $19.00 has 6 slices and we have 2 leftover for lunch tomorrow.
They have some triple cheese specials that include one with 8 kinds of meat (my son's fave) and what looks to be all the veggies in the house (XL - $56.50!). There are also some unique offerings including one with herring and anchovies, one with Hungarian hot salami, pickles, Polish sausage and Havarti, and one with roast lamb with shrooms, onions, mint sauce and stilton (they're all $40 for XL). The (third) cheeses offered are feta, Parmesan, Brie or blue.

In the fall you can pick up a pizza, continue down Clark Road to Mountain Orchard and pick up a jug of fresh cold cider and some hot apple doughnuts and have yourselves quite the Mountain-style picnic.


2012 Dec 8
Went there last night before a Scotiabank Place concert. Great choice if you are looking for a quick meal, fresh ingrediants and not a chain!

We ordered two pizzas and a salad. The small pizzas were BBQ chicken and peppers and pepperoni, peppers and mushroom. They had cute names which I cannot now remember. Excellent thin crispy crust, perfectly cooked, good toppings, evenly distributed and enough of them. Very good. As well we had a large medeterranian salad. Extremely fresh with romaine, grilled veg, and feta. Came with a house made balsamic dressing.

The small pizzas were on the large size, perhaps we should have ordered the personal size. However we took 4 slices home so no problem.

With two soft drinks tax and tip, it was $40.00

Service was quick, given that all was prepared to order...10-15 minutes.

2008 Dec 31
Great thin crust pizza with a process unlike any other pizza joint in town - they used a grilling/oven machine like Quiznos. The end product is a thin crispy crust that remains somewhat pliable. The square slices have a tasty sauce (crucial to a good pie) and a wide array of offbeat toppings (grilled zucchini, figs, pear, prosciutto, pancetta). A nice change from typical "Ottawa style" pizza.



2009 Oct 18
Hi All,

FYI... I have given the ^ BUMP ^ to a topic in the FORUM that discusses various styles of pizzas, including "Ottawa Style" see

So as not to bog down the Review Pages, let's continue the discussion there.

2009 Oct 17
Just to second snoopy loopy - and I love pizza to the max. The many pizza joints "Lorenzos" "Gabriel" "Willeys" are all owned by Lebanese familys. No big deal . In High school I worked for Lorenzo's (Mr Sam) on Cobden road in the West End - his first store and the pizza was great. Instead of making an issue of the mid-east pizza style, Lets appreciate the style and enjoy the other styles offered in Ottawa. We are so lucky that we have a choice. Can anyone tell me that there is a bad pizza style that a cold beer can not help !!! Prescott pizza and the so called mid-eastern pizzas are all GREAT !!!

2009 Oct 17
Just going to chime in here :) The reason a lot of people refer to a certain style of pizza as Mid-East pizza or Lebanese pizza etc is because most of the pizza joints (not chain) are off branches of Colonnade Pizza which was started by Lebanese. Their recipe has been circulated and passed around Ottawa as their original workers went and started their own pizzerias, and thus most of the pizza in this town is of the thick crust, tons of cheese with toppings underneath variety.

2009 Oct 17
Perhaps I'm being too politically correct, but references to "Ottawa Mid East style pizza" really bother me. Not all pizzerias in Ottawa are only by people from the Middle East, and not also persons who are from the Middle East make the same style of pizza. It's a generalization that really doesn't seem warranted to me.

2009 Oct 16
Dewie with extra cheese pizza. Fresh toppings. Real cheese. This is not Ottawa Mid East style pizza. Toppings are actually on top of the pizza not buried underneath the cheese. Sauce is tomato with not much else in it. Blue collar working class atmosphere.

2009 May 17
I really, really enjoyed the "Dewie" I had here on Friday night. Some of the very best pizza I've had in Ottawa!

2009 Mar 16

The Pizza at The Prescott, cannot truly be compared to other Pizzas in Ottawa. For the offering at The Prescott is based on traditional Italian Pizza... and pays homage to Little Italy where The Prescott is located.

Although there are lots of great things to choose from on the Menu at The Prescott these days, whenever I visit, I order the Square Pizza.

A favourite is the "Dewie" which comes topped with Pepperoni, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives, Bacon & Onions. The fact that the pizza is square makes me smile, as it reminds me of the traditional Italian sheet pizzas I used to eat in Montreal as a kid (back then they were sauce only). I find the Dewie is tasty, and a good value.

Square Pizza at The Prescott comes in a variety of sizes... Mini, Small, Medium, Large, and a Party Platter.



2012 Jan 23
My favourite pizza in town. The cheese is perfect and the price is very reasonable. The service isn't always great, but for the quality and price I can't say that I care about the service.

2011 Oct 3


2011 Sep 28
I got another one of these this evening and actually got to try it too since I'm no longer eating paleo. Definitely not the best pie in the world but not the worst either. Certainly worth the 7 bucks for a 16 inch pie. The meat on it is pretty low quality which may really turn off some people, but I can handle it, my kids love it, my wife eats it, so for the price we'll get it again sometime. The crust is pretty good and it is not too greasy like so many pizzas are. Hard to beat for 7 bucks.

2011 Jul 13
Went to the Island Park store after work and noticed a Wednesday night deal of a 16" pepperoni pizza for 7 bucks! The cook it for you there and serve it in a pizza box. Where I'm paleo at the moment I did not get to try it, but the family said it was good enough. Looked to be not the best pizza in the world but far from the worst. Well worth 7 bucks.

2009 May 9
I picked up one of their store brand pizzas this evening. For 6 bucks it was a great value - piled high with toppings. Really yummy too - the kids cleaned off their plates. And considerably less packaging than one of the name-brand pizzas.

2014 Aug 25
Georgies pizza isn't cheap. In addition, the medium->large price gap is pretty small.

However, they do not spare the cheese at all. You get a lake of mozza, with toppings & burning hot sauce under it.

2009 May 28
I ordered Pizza here last week and it was great. Hot and ready in 20mins. Really, nice crust not too thick.

Lots of toppings and tasty sauce.

They have other items such as subs etc on the menu.

I made the mistake of ordering a shrimp basket as well. Horrible little frozen breaded shrimp and frozen fries which ended up getting thrown out. Pizza Pizza actually has good breaded shrimp-surprise.

Big thumbs up for the pizza.



2010 Oct 10
Pizza Luigi's has just opened a new location in Chelsea, and it's fantastic! The dough is superb and the topings are SO tasty! Their location is beautiful too and makes a nice stop on your way in or out of the Gatineau Park. I have no idea why some of the other comments are so negative, when this is some of the best pizza I've had in the Ottawa region!!
Oh, and any of their mushroom pizzas are amazing! For anyone who knows mushrooms, these are not your typical Pizza Pizza mushroom toppings - possibly why they're a little more expensive. But well worth it (plus a nice drizzle of truffle oil).

2009 Dec 19
Grumpy delivery guy.
Pizza was ok.
Yes the pepperoni sucked,
Majic mush pizza was great but was very expensive and they take it easy on the mushrooms.

2009 Dec 16
I'd have to agree with shabba.
This comment is not at all inappropriate.
Look around next on your next visit.

Pizza is ok. Peperoni so cheap it might as well be balony. I saw the bag thawing on the counter (is that legit?): Lesters presliced in a 5kg bag.

I don't see how the 1 foot step up the patio is wheelchair accessible.

2009 Nov 11
Great food but one look into at the filthy kitchen (and cook) will have you buying pizza dough and toppings from the grocery store. Typical dirty hippie joint. No thanks.

2009 Jul 26
Verona Truffle.

If you haven't tried it yet, you are doing a grave injustice to your taste buds. King eryngi, blue oyster and a ton of other tasty local mushrooms with crispy pancetta and a drizzle of truffle oil. If there was going to be a pizza joint in heaven, this would be it.

Their Caesar salads are also quite awesome, with loads of big croutons, fresh Parmesan cheese and more of that fabulous pancetta.

Worth the drive and then some!

2009 Sep 22
We order from here about once or twice a month, on Sundays, when we get together with friends for football and card playing.

The portions are a good size, the pizza is well cheesed, and the toppings are fresh. Never have I seen such good pepperoni, quality bacon, and fresh veggies on a chain store pizza. My only complaint is that the sauce could have more kick to it. But then again, you are catering to the lowest common denominator.

2011 Jan 24
I wanted some pizza the other night, so I looked at my area and then verified them against reviews on here. Now I know that the posting is from April, but I figured it should still be good.

Very friendly on the phone and the driver as well!

The pizza however, not so much. I ordered it with extra sauce and "easy on the cheese". The pizza arrived and was overcooked so the cheese was somewhat congealed on top and the cheese didn't "stretch" as it should on a good pizza.

The sauce was okay, if there hadn't been such a glop of cheese on it, it would have been much better.

They do this simply because most places water down their sauce (this is why pizza in Ottawa has no kick) and then they don't want the pizza to be too runny, so they seal it with cheese.

I used to order pizza in Montreal (and at a place in Chrysler) and never had this issue.

I could only eat two pieces and sadly did not enjoy it.

I got two free drinks with my pizza which is nice, but they never asked me what kind I wanted and just gave me Pepsi. Maybe you just get what get, which is okay too.

Too bad because it is always a bonus to have real (and nice) people on the other end of the line.

The search goes on!

2010 Apr 30
Our employer treated us to pizza today from this place, and the "Deli" one was extremely good. Not overly greasy, extremely flavourful. I'd definitely go here if I were in the neighbourhood. In fact our SW design lead likes it so much he trekked across town to get it here instead of just ordering delivery from one of the places near our office.


2013 May 2
I have to say that when I ordered the $17.00 pizza, I was expecting an overpriced version of what you typically find here in Ottawa. Big surprise when it got to the table, the toppings were high quality, albeit a bit sparse, the sauce was slightly sweet, the cheese was proportionate, but what blew me away was the THIN crust. crispy, but not charred on the outside, but a good chew as well. It probably could have been shared, I had half to take home for tomorrow's lunch, but it probably could be handled by three typical foodies if they get an appetiser first. Yum!

2010 Jun 18
The same thing crossed my mind Ken. For all that it was authentic and wonderful, I wish that chef@heart had described it more.

2010 Jun 18
chef@heart when you say authentic from which part of Italy is it considered authentic since they make different pizza in different parts of the country.

2010 Jun 18
If you want to try the most authentic Italian Pizza you will find in have to go here. Its hidden in a little plaza between clyde/merivale across from old CTV. I have never tasted pizza in Canada like this, the only other place you will find this pizza is if you go to Italy. I definalety recc and I am definately going back. The service was ok...not over the top, they could probably work on that a bit


2010 Mar 4
I love La Favorita - the wood-fired pizzas are totally amazing, and the owner is super friendly (and helps to wait tables when it's busy!).

Try the pizza with mango and brie - sounds weird but it's DELICIOUS.

Pictured is the La Favorita Special I had today (olives, peppers, anchovies, bacon, and pepperoni I believe).

2009 Mar 8
I go here for the pizzas
nothing more nothing less
can your say wood fired pizzas!
the only thing better would be if the dough was sourdough

the owner (Nick) is always pleasant to me but that might be professional courtesy but I do enjoy the pizzas and He always remember to only put the cheese on half the pie


2010 Sep 10
I ordered a large Pepperoni pizza. Came up to $23 after everything.

Delivery time was disappointing, about 50 minutes. Although it was close to the time Just-Eat gave me (they said 45 minutes).

First off, I was disappointed when I opened the box. It was the right size and had pepperoni. But the picture on the menu had the typical small circles of pepperoni on top of the cheese. This pizza had the bigger pepperoni under the cheese.

Maybe not a big thing to some if not most people, but it did hit me.

But that's where the negatives end. The pizza was delicous. Much better than that pizza I got from Milano's see my review here:

The cheese was gooey, not a "sheet" of cheese, the pepperoni had a nice flavor to it.

The dough was a nice thickness, the crust (I ordered thick crust) was one of the best I've had. Way better than the aforementioned Milano's and Pizza Pizza.

I've got most of it in the fridge for tomorrow. I love having cold pizza for breakfast and whatever other meals I can stretch it out to.

I'll definitely be ordering from here again.

2010 Sep 20
My Dad brought home a large pizza from here last night after going out bowling.

I haven't had pizza from Barney's in a long time (a few years I think) so I was excited to see how it was.

He got: Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Mushrooms on it. And the pizza was very good.

I really enjoyed it, I scarfed down three slices.

I think it's a Lebanese style pizza?

Crust wasn't thick enough for my liking but it wasn't too dense either.

Sauce had a sweet "kick" to it.

There were a good amount of toppings on it (above the cheese).

I don't know if this is my favorite pizza (Papa Ricco's is really good). But I'd gladly eat this if it were in front of me.

2010 Oct 30
This is my neighbourhood pizza joint, so I've tried it a few times. They aren't very busy (even on a Friday night) so they cook your pie in record time.

The most unique thing about Crystal pizza is that the crust is noticeably saltier than other pizze in town. Depending on your tastes that might be a good thing or a bad thing. The cheese blend is very tasty and the toppings are of good quality.

Long, complicated story ahead! ;-)
I tried to order 2-topping twin pizze, but with all 4 toppings on one and none on the other. The employee said that the owner says 2-topping means "up to 2 toppings on each". Even though my request wouldn't have consumed any more ingredients than the default, I understand their reluctance to handle special orders in the interest of production efficiency. However, I was the only customer there, and by all appearances mine were the only pies they were cooking at the time. There was also a bit of a language/communication problem, but they understood my viewpoint and when I ordered 2-toppings on one and none on the other, they ended up just charging me for 1-topping twins. I can't decide whether the whole experience was a win or a fail! LOL

The employees have told me that the toppings are less generous with the Twins deals. I suspect this is the case at most pizzerias anyway.

Anyway, the pizza is nice in rotation with our other standbys. I'll be back!

2015 Jun 21
Tikka Chicken Pizza

Comes in one size, large (and heavy with toppings).

Tasty chunklettes of tikka chicken, green pepper, purple onion ... and .... optional fresh diced green chilis !

Crust was made with same dough they use for naan bread. Fluffy chewy goodness.

Massive amount of pizza for $18.99+tax. Quite a deal compared to the $28.05+tax for a large Carlo's Special.

Only negative thing to say is I like my crust well done and a bit crispy and it wasn't. Nothing a few minutes on my pizza stone in the oven couldn't fix. This also re-freshened the pizza from the 20 min. car ride.

I will be back to try the Butter Chicken Pizza.

July 4 2016 edit. Last one I had was perfectly cooked on the bottom. The place was less rushed as well.

2011 Jan 27
The pizza overall was OK. The crust was nice and crispy. The toppings were generous and there is a wide selection of toppings to choose from! The only thing I didn't enjoy as much, and it's a big one, was the sauce. It lacked good flavour - it tasted like under seasoned canned tomato sauce, so it really didn't bring the whole pizza together. The garlic dipping sauce was OK but a bit too tangy for my taste. I will probably give Dani Boy's another chance.


2011 May 27
The pizza (I order the individual one) is fantastic. The only thing is, it takes a little longer and your fellow guests at your table may have to wait an extra few minutes if you want to all eat at the same time. What I now do is, order the pizza when I come in, that way, no one has to wait for me...




2011 Aug 5
My boyfriend is working out in Carp, and he had pizza from Pizza Workz for lunch yesterday. It was so good that he went back in the evening and picked up a medium pizza for the two of us. Boy, am I lucky.

I can say that this was the best pizza I've eaten in Ottawa. Picture this: feta, bacon and pineapple. As usual, I can't tell you exactly why it was so good, but I'll try.
On a whole, I wouldn't call it greasy pizza, although it might have been somewhat soaked up by the crumbled feta. The toppings were generous. The crust was just crispy enough.
What I really liked was the tomato sauce, which was rounded out perfectly by the pineapple--a little twist on the end of the taste.

I highly recommend you all take a trip out to Carp and try this. My recommendations for shawarma have been spotty in the past, but I am positive anyone would enjoy this pizza.

Check out the prices on the website. Cheers!


2012 Apr 25
My Musa pizza was less charred than Fresh Foodies. I really really liked the balance of unique flavors.

Not too rich for this guy, but I did pace myself.

Top shelf ingredients were found along with some charr/toasting marks on the underside crust.

2012 Feb 17
My Musa pizza ($18) was a wonderful combination of flavours. The lamb with parmigiano cream and pine nuts made the whole thing a little too rich for my taste. The crust was tasty but too charred in some places. All in all, it's an excellent pizza but in my books there is better pizza to be found across the street...

2012 Feb 20
I got pizza delivered from here as I was told it was the best pizza in Manotick. I'm a huge pizza snob after the Italian style -which this is definitely not - so I'll just say that they delivered hot pizza on time with polite service and took debit at the door!

2015 Apr 19
The Pizza Margherita here was a tasty choice. It's neat to be able to get a pretty authentic wood-oven thin crust pizza in the suburbs. The spicy oil was necessary for the crust and the pizza was decorated with an insulting sprinkle of parmesan powder, but it hit the spot.

This is an excellent choice for when you're stuck in the 'burbs and want some good pizza!


2012 Aug 13
Portion sizes here are ridiculously large (not something I ever complain about). I was ravenous when I ordered, and I opted for a small Quattro Carne pizza with thin crust ($16.95). I managed to eat half of it before hitting cheese overload. The regular crust is really thick and looks good too.

As you can see from the picture, this pizza is very well done -- even charred in places. I like this. The flavour was great in an ooey gooey yet refined way. It is touted as "Montreal style" pizza. I'm not sure what that means, but it's fine with me as a once-in-a-while alternative to the scantily dressed thin crust pizzas I've been enjoying from Ottawa's wood ovens.

I would order this again, although I'd probably pay 3 bucks less and just get the straight bacon one. I didn't think the pepperoni, salami, and meatballs added much to it.

2018 Jun 5
Capricciosa pizza at the Bank st location. Lots of ham and artichoke made this deliciously, but not overly, salty. I much prefered this to the margherita but that was also some real good pie.

2017 Jul 19
Pizzas were great - though the 2 year old was a little pickier than the rest of the crew as the photo shows.

2016 Apr 26
Have been here several times now since they've opened - some massive improvements have been made. No more burnt flour coated crusts. Consistent thickness with the dough has been achieved. I had the namesake Anthony's Special recently and it was really tasty - gorgonzola, mozza, spinach and garlic. Lots of flavour there. They make a very good pie. The best? Perhaps not, but solid nonetheless.

Service is quick and friendly, the TV is always on at the bar with a soccer match on.

2016 Feb 7
We came here after hearing all kinds of wonderful things about their pizza. It's a good wood oven pizza but we've had tastier products at several other restaurants in town.

The Margherita ($13, rear in pic) was decent, but came across as a little bland. I'm used to more salt, either in the tomato sauce or the dough. Thankfully, they didn't sprinkle the pizza with cheap crappy dried Parmesan cheese like most places do, although they did have the stuff in a shaker on the table.

The Gianni ($17, foreground) was tasty and not at all bland, thanks to the spicy salami. In retrospect, I think the Margherita was bland because the dough and sauce here are seasoned with the expectation of being covered with toppings that have more savoury punch than basil leaves.

My daughter doesn't like authentic pizza, so she had the Spaghetti and Meatballs. The tomato sauce was sweet and the meatballs were dense and dry. Most Italian food in Ottawa makes me so sad.

I tried the "Pizza wine" -- a fizzy and sweet red wine (2014 Gragnano, Vini Iovine, Napoli) that was very enjoyable, much like sangria without fruit. $8 for a small glass.

Further tainting the experience, my family was seated at a round table under a rather horrid compact fluorescent lamp. We felt quite disturbed looking at each other's pallid faces in the harsh light. I think the atmosphere in there would be vastly improved during daylight. Go for lunch!

2012 Jun 17
Wow! I don't know which Anthonys pizza was mentioned but really the one on Wellington street west is just awful!
Dry crust, blackened flour at the bottom, tasteless sauce and mozzarella the cheap kind that goes really gummy when melted.
So give it a miss and make at home !

2012 Jun 16
Anthony's is a wonderful addition to Hintonburg! I've been there twice in the past couple of months, and have had an incredible meal of authentic Italian thin crust pizza, served with warm hospitality. The ambience is laid-back, with an Italian flair- there's even a small t.v. at the bar showing soccer games. The experience and tastes are very much what I've enjoyed in Italy; I lived in Europe for ten years, and I can honestly say that this rivals the best pizza I've had in Rome!

2012 May 3
I reviewed this dump in the New Openings Forum thread. I didn't think it warranted a new vendor entry, but now realize it's worthwhile if only to warn others not to bother. I wish I could give 2 thumbs down.

2012 May 3
I went to Anthony's for lunch yesterday hoping to like it after hearing mixed reviews at work. After reading the Citizen review, I thought it seemed worth trying.

Unfortunately, this place did not live up to the Citizen review at all. I felt like I was in a different place than the one that was described there.

I had a Canadese pizza with pepperoni, mixed peppers and mushrooms. ($14, I think?)

The pizza itself was quite dry, and the crust so coated with flour that it is all I could taste. Neither the sauce nor the toppings stood out and I believe I know why.

Looking back into the kitchen while we waited, I could see all kinds of canned ingredients, many of which I recognized from the shelves at Costco and Food Basics (because of those distinctive blue labels). Cans of tuna, bottles of artichokes, sitting there for everyone to see. I was waiting to be disappointed when I spotted a can of mushrooms that were going on my pizza.

There is no reason to eat out for pizza when this is what is going on my pie. At this price point, I don't think that the expectation of fresh ingredients is outrageous.

I left disappointed, one of the worst meals out I've had in a while, and will not return.




2013 Aug 22
This is a modified Original - Chicago Deep Dish. I had subbed out the sausage for pepperoni, because I am not a fan of sausage on pizza. I enjoyed it a lot, but the spiciness of the pepperoni surprised me! I think when I go back I will actually give it a shot with the sausage.

My friend had a Margherita and enjoyed it a lot! I didn't get to try any but I was impressed with the toppings and the way it was made.

2013 Apr 20
The Windy City Chicago Deep-Dish ($20) pizza was good. Lots of tasty dough, pleasantly blackened for flavour on the underside. Generous tomato sauce and meat on top of a base layer of cheese give this pie the Chicago style touch.

However, the edges of dough are folded over on top of the pizza rather than running up the sides of the pan, making this more like an open calzone than a deep dish pizza. As you can see in the pic, the edges of the dough don't even touch the sides of the pan.

The meat, sauce, and dough are in balanced harmony. This is a tasty and hearty pizza option that is certainly unique in our town. Nice! Looking forward to enjoying the half we brought home. :-)

[EDIT: This tasted positively amazing the next day! Something I can't say for most pizza in this town.]

2013 Apr 20
My kids shared the Margherita pizza ($14) so I haven't tasted it. But they enjoyed it and the leftover slice we took home sure smells good! Unlike some other pizzerias, the basil leaves are in generous supply. This is a nicely put together Margherita!



2013 Oct 28
My son had the Wasting Away Again pizza, which is basically a Margherita: bocconcini, basil, mozzarella, parmesan. He loves pizza and isn't usually very generous with it, but he only ate about half of it and was happy to share. "Very salty," he explained, between gulps of Harvey & Vern's delicious cream soda.

Wifey and I jumped in to take up the slack. There turned out to be large salt granules sprinkled on the outer ring of crust in a pretzel-like way. My wife found this to be too salty for her taste. As for me, I couldn't stop stuffing my face. Salt is my cocaine. I left full, but still dreaming of that salt-sprinkled crust!

2013 Oct 6
pictured is the 'That's Amore' pizza which is topped with sausage, red peppers, carmelized onions, and roasted garlic.

the crispy crust here is particularly enjoyable with a salty bite and what tasted like a brushing of garlic oil/butter underneath the sauce (not sure if that was just my particular choice of pizza, or if it's standard, or if i'm crazy, but in any event it was good!). combined with the sweetish San Marzano sauce and fennel-laced sausage, i really liked this 'za.

portion was reasonably sized for a personal pizza, but with respect to sharing, i think 3/6 of these small slices may have you wanting more here.

2013 Sep 8
I stopped in with friends last night and ordered the Little Less Conversation pizza, for $11.95.

The crust was light and crispy in all the right places, the pizza was topped with the perfect amount of cheese, and overall it was an enjoyable blend of spicy, salty and sweet. The portion size was quite large for a single serving, and could easily be split between two people.

I meant to take a picture, but it sort of jumped into my belly before I remembered.. ;)


2014 Dec 18
Still loving the Canadian pizza here. The Cajun Chicken one was a little less impressive, but then I'm never crazy about chicken on my pizza.

Excellent with beer!

2014 Feb 15
While prices of lunch and dinner items at this better-than-average diner have recently jumped dangerously into the "bistro fare" range, the pizza remains good value.

My Small Canadian pizza for $10.95 was both delicious and filling. Well-balanced cheese and sauce, with generous bacon, pepperoni, and mushrooms, made for a tasty lunch indeed. The crust is on the thick side and is better than most delivery options.

2014 Apr 20
The Zeewan House Special pizza was tasty and filling. I was stuffed after 2 pieces from the 10-piece XL.

There's an unusual flavour to this pizza -- not sure if it's something in the sauce or an unusual cheese blend, but if you're a non-traditionalist it's a nice change from the same old same old. The House Special involves: pepperoni, bacon, ham, Italian sausage, salami, onions, and olives. Be warned that the onion is almost raw, which lends a zingy crunch that might not be welcomed by your kids. ;-)

This place is in the same spot as the former Köfte Turkish Restaurant and they have some Turkish and Middle Eastern menu options too.

2014 Sep 13
Cool little spot on Greenbank. Tried their pizza last night and enjoyed their toppings. Had The Dirty with house made meatballs, San Marzano sauce, pepperoni and banana peppers. Meatball pieces were ever so delicate with the zinger coming from the pickled peppers. Great combination. For the crust enthusiasts it was a tad on the cake like side.

2014 Jun 22
The Italian sausage and portobello mushroom pizza was particularly good tonight. It pays to come early as the pizza was just done right. Sometimes, they overcook it and it is a bit dry. Tonight, the sausages were juicy and spicy.

The crust is thin and good. Nothing spectacular. The pizza is fairly large too.

2016 Apr 6
I ate half of a Panago Classic the other day which comes with Pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper. I was out of town so I had to try something nearby and this place was recommended. Good delivery pizza with a tasty hand thrown crust option but I would ask for more sauce next time.

2016 Feb 21
Medium Genoa Classic from the newish Panago in Old Ottawa South. Toppings were generous (Genoa, pepperoni, olives & goat cheese) and of reasonable quality from what I would expect from a large chain pizza joint. The crust was really good. A good pie but nothing outstanding.

2017 Jun 2
Love both Anthony's and Crust and Crate. IMO Anthony's is closer to true Neapolitan style but Crust and Crate is one of my top picks at Landsdown, great ambiance, decoration, friendly knowledgeable classy service, variety of dishes (anyone can find something yummy on the menu). My go to is the veggie "not your grandma's garden pizza". Photo is minus ramp, I usually customize to fav veggetables (i.e. no ramp) which they kindly accomodate. Portions are great and I usually have enough for a lunch or dinner the next day to take home:)))

2017 Apr 25
Osolo Anthony'so is another that is better for the same price and wood fired.

2017 Apr 23
"... for the same price one can get much better in the city"

Ok, l'll bite.... where do you consider better for the same price?

2017 Apr 23
Top: Mario's Shopping Cart (prosciutto, parmesan, pear, arugula, balsamic)

Bottom: That's So Italian (sausage, pepperoni, onion, mushroom)

Both pizzas were tasty and the toppings were plentiful and of good quality. I'm not a huge fan of sweet pizza so the Italian was preferred. The crust is slightly thicker than other pizza-centric restaurants in the city which makes it quite filling even though it's only an ~8 inch pie. All in all they make a good pie however for the same price one can get much better in the city.

2016 Aug 13
Stopped in early Friday evening to check this place out. Driving through Lansdowne we noticed that parking close to the restaurant was only good for an hour so we decided to park on an adjacent street and walk in. Nice atmosphere with the high commercial ceiling look. Only a few tables were occupied when we arrived but the hostess still sat us right beside the kitchen. I asked our server why we were seated by the kitchen and he asked where we would like to sit but at that moment the last booth was filled so we stayed put. Service was quick and not overbearing. Started with the 3 meatballs that were golf ball sized topped with a light tomato sauce and a bit of shaved parmesan on a bed of polenta. Polenta was a tad oily. Pizzas were small about 8 in in diameter cooked in an open gas oven that was viewable from our seating location. Toppings were plentiful but the crust was on the dry flavourless side lacking that desirable chewy consistency so pleasant to the palate. I was surprised no fresh mozzarella was available as a topping. I must be getting old, after two alcoholic beverages an app and two pizzas the bill came out to $70. Gone are the days of cheap pizza night out.

2018 Aug 25
The Deli pizza is topped with pepperoni, smoke meat, red onion, dill pickles and mustard. The crust was just right tonight.

2016 Aug 4
The La Station pizza is topped with pepperoni, smoked meat, mushrooms and green pepper. The flavour is great. The crust is a little bit on the dry side unfortunately bit I was still very satisfied by this pizza.

2017 Jun 4
Had the lunch special "Meat Lovers" Pizza, that featured the most delicious sliced meatballs and the unexpected pleasure of arugula. Generous portion and nicely priced at ~$12. The crust was good except that it was uncooked in the middle. We were the only lunch customers at the time, so it's likely that the oven hadn't had time to heat up properly. Curious to hear others' experiences. Those meatballs tasted really promising!

2017 Oct 14
Pizza prices have risen to $14, but that's a pretty good deal considering the amount of prosciutto on the Pietro Pizza! This was topped off with a delightful “salad” of arugula and shaved parmigiano dressed with a drizzle of olive oil.

It's tricky to eat as the serving plate is a little too small for cutting on and the prosciutto is a little too chewy for biting through. Yet somehow we still managed to eat every crumb!

2017 Jul 18
The lunch special pizza was Genoa salami with mushrooms, Brie, and arugula ($13). Really great! What sets the pizza here apart from everywhere else is the quality of the deli meats they put on top. With chili oil for the crust, this is one of my absolute favourite lunch options.

2017 Sep 16
We returned for a second visit on “the other Pi Day”**. Again, my pizza was cooked really well and my coworkers’ pies were underdone and pale. We mentioned it and the (presumed) owner said he'd tell the kitchen.

This Margherita is a true joy. The cheese has good flavour, the basil is in sufficient supply, and that sauce is amazing. Put all those things on a top notch crust recipe and magic ensues!

** You may know March 14th as Pi Day (3/14) but I'm trying to get some recognition for September 14th too, as it is exactly half a cycle (6 months) away from Pi Day. Half a cycle is 180º, which in Radians is Pi.

2017 Aug 19
We dropped by for lunch on Friday during their first week in business and things look promising! This is an open-air pizzeria, meaning you are exposed to the elements. Some tables are shielded from potential rain while others are open to the sky above. Service was friendly and conversational. Water was offered right away but I was happy to see that they also carry Kichesippi Beer, which is certainly one of Ottawa's best brews.

My Margherita Pizza ($14) was the best pizza I've had in a long time. The basil and mozzarella were as good as any but what really shone were the crust and the tomato sauce. The crust could have used a little more char on top but OMG was it delicious. The dough flavour was right up there with the best I've ever had. To top it off, the tomato sauce had the glorious flavour and pinkish colour that I've only ever encountered when making from-scratch sauce from in-season tomatoes at home! I enjoyed every bite of this and was kind of dreaming about it all afternoon.

Even though there were only a handful of customers our food took a good half hour or more to arrive. I attribute this to the expected teething pains of opening a new business. Similarly, they only had the pizza part of the menu available and our pies arrived cooked to differing levels. Two were very thin and a bit black on top, another was a bit pale and undercooked, and mine was a little light on top but featured a beautiful naan-like char on the bottom. I look forward to returning over and over again to see if the consistency improves! 😉

Feb 9
The butter chicken pizza is really tasty, however it's more of a tandoori chicken pizza. A nice spice comes through with the butter chicken sauce but it really doesn't seem much different from thier standard pizza sauce which also has an Indian spice vibe... and is really good! Hundo p would get again.

2018 Aug 6
This is their $5.99 medium 1 topping walk in special. This was my first time trying their za and I must admit the distinct and highly enjoyable curry aroma/taste in this pie was unexpected! A nice flavour combo and the crust, which I believe is thin by default, was terrific.

2019 Mar 3
The pizza here is a unique product very much worth trying. As advertised, the sourdough crust is fantastic. Crunch-chewy and a real delight.

The toppings are of excellent quality and with good flavour. My only complaint keeps me from rushing back: the more eclectic pizzas have a sweet flavour profile that just doesn't work for me.

We tried a large half-half Sincerely Kevin and Tarte Flambée (top). The latter had amazing smokey bacon chunks but both included sweet caramelized onions and a honey drizzle. Just too sugary for my taste!

We also got a small Cheese Louise (bottom), which was not sweet and therefore ended up being my favourite.

The pizzas are on offer after 5pm on weeknights, until they sell out of aged dough. I really appreciate that they let you split the large into two choices. The portions are about as expected. A large and a small were enough for three hungry people.

2018 Sep 3
Finally got to try the pie at Art-is-in and wow, it was stellar. Great toppings but the sourdough, extra crisp crust is, not unexpectedly, out of this world. We had a large, half margherita, half chorizo and mushroom with honey drizzle. The margherita was preferable but both were on par with the best pizza in this style in the city. A nice touch was the sesame seed crust which they only do on the non-traditionally topped pizzas. You'll notice the pie is cut into strips which kinda reminds me of pizza hut but this is way better. Extra bonus points for playing the entire Best of Muddy Waters album when I was there.

Aug 23
Their pizza is currently available for take out only in 1m or 1/2m portions. This is 1m "Tony" ($39) which easily fed 6 hungry adults. This is some really great pizza and its evident they are using high quality ingredients. The tomato sauce was particularly delicious and I also appreciated the whipped ricotta. The pizza could have been cooked slightly more for my liking but otherwise a stellar pie!

2020 Feb 1
This is quite good pizza, especially considering it is reheated to order. In the photo, you can see I opted for the standard slice ($5) with a topping of wilted kale ($1). Chili flakes and pecorino were complimentary.

There is room for maybe 6-8 customers inside, waiting to order or receive their food but there is no space to eat. I work nearby and can bring the food back to my office, so I wonder where other customers are eating their food on these really cold days. I guess Beavertails have the same problem and they're doing just fine.

P.S. I wouldn't recommend the "cruffin" ($3.50) as it was inferior to a proper croissant in several ways. A damp base, no crusty "ears", and this one had a weird aftertaste.

Apr 11
Really, really good pizza! Fresh basil is appreciated. Give them a try!

Oct 9
Thick crust juicy and tasty pizza every time - we ordered the Hawaiian tonight. A kid favourite.