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Foods from K S Restaurant

2010 Jul 29
Admittedly, I was put off by the huge stone and glass, modern-monster restaurant they moved into. I was used to the "hole-in-the-wall retro diner" feel. Frankly, I missed it. So I decided to court disappointment. One whiff, crossing the threshold told me that K S was still around, at least in spirit.

Well, they've added a dizzying array of other items I had no interest in. The usual fare really that you'd find at milestones or some other upper scaled sports resto-bar. Thankfully, they now serve a better selection of cold beer ;).

It's hard to put my finger on why I think their pizza is the best. The sauce is a fresh classic tomato, nicely balanced. The crust, though a bit thicker then I normally enjoy, is airy and less dominant then you'd think by looking at it. It's crispy around the edges with a soft steamy interior. The cheese has this thin layer of “crispy goodness” on top of “stretchy gooeyness”. LOL, I just read that back ... silly, but i'll leave it.

I don’t know really, maybe it's simply each fresh quality component adding to the whole. Though, I sometimes eat it by separating each element and enjoying them on their own. Ha, I even separate the soft fragrant dough from the crispy outside.

Service was o.k., not exceptional.

Fortunately, the move and new digs didn’t diminish their talent for making great Pizza one bit!

I do feel strange commenting on pizza from a "Chinese Restaurant" of course, ive never had the chinese. With pizza like this why would you?

2007 Jan 28
Typical greasy diner, but they make awesome fat pizza. Nothing new age or fusion here.


2009 Apr 7
After a couple of recommendations, we decided to check out the pizza at K S Restaurant (Bank and Albion). We were not disappointed! We enjoyed a medium pizza with ham, bacon, green olives and mushrooms. The pizza was a combination of what I LOVE about Colonnade and Bella Vista pizza; thick airy crunchy crust, loads of cheese and toppings, quality ingredients! OH MY!! Time will tell, but this place may be my new favorite!!

2007 May 18
Absolutely true. You can order something besides Pizza at KS, but why would you?

We asked for extra cheese once, and the answer was "No, I use enough"! Hands down best tasting "old school" pizza in town.

No artichokes, or Feta here - piles of Mozza, thick crust, pepperoni, onions, green pepper... mmmm

Pizza Pizza is next door, and you can get three Pizza Pizza pies for the same price, but I can personally vouch that KS's single pizza will leave you fuller and more satisifed than Pizza Pizza's cardboard inspired pies ever could.


Oh, and they don't deliver, but it's worth the trip.