Mooney's Bay Bistro
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2012 Jul 5
Save your money...the food has had me sick for well over a day. never going's that bad.

2010 Dec 4
After reading your comments, we tried Mooney's Bay Bistro for Saturday morning breakfast today and loved it. We've been on the look-out for a new breakfast place and I think we've found it. We both had the "original breakfast" and although it wasn't very hot, the eggs were cooked the way we wanted them and we'll definitely go back and try it again. Good friendly service.

2010 Dec 3
My husband and I are weekly regulars at the Bistro on Tuesdays. It's Half Price Pizza night. We originally went for the bargain, and we have returned again and again. We even have our own standing reservation and table. Friends know they can find us there on Tuesday nights. The reason is only partly the pizza, which is fantastic. The dough is made in-house and you can taste its freshness. There is sometimes a bit of a wait, as the oven can only handle so many pizzas at a time, and the restaurant is packed by 6:00 p.m. But the pizza is worth the wait. We also love the owners, Don and Karole, and the young women servers are all friendly and efficient. There is a seniors' residence nearby, so most of the clientele is mature, but you'll find university students and couples as well. The Bistro is a real family restaurant, and I look forward to Tuesday evenings for the food AND the atmosphere (their breakfasts are good, too!).

2009 Aug 29
zucchini sticks @ mooney's bay bistro. ultra fresh large honkin' zucchini batons and golden breaded. so far it sets the bar high for your fried zucchini fetish in ottawa. don't say i didn't warn you that they're 110% KICK ASS.


2007 May 2
I do understand the "theory" behind such an action, I just think its a little old school. :)

My main point was, was that they could probably offer a special between the original and the hearty. I found that having all of this information to process first thing in the morning (no special for my appetite, ordering sides to buff out my breakfast, 2 dollars more after x oclock) is a little overwhelming. Of course ymmv.

Like I said, thank goodness their coffee is good. A definite draw for me in the morning.

2007 Apr 28
Just a note to explain why restaurants charge more for breakfast after a certain time. It's because you're taking up a seat that *could* be filled with someone ordering a fully priced non-breakfast meal. So it makes sense but of course doesn't make it less annoying -- especially if you're there 10 minutes after the switchover time! ;-)

2007 Apr 28
Went for b&e breakfast this morning at this location. Typical strip mall restaurant decor and service. And while they do serve breakfast all day, I do think it a titch arrogant to charge $2. more for the same food after a certain time.

Their lunch and dinner menu's are surprisingly extensive, but if you are of a mind for something other than the standard choices for breakfast, go elsewhere.

I was feeling somewhere between their "Original Breakfast" @ $3.99 and their "Hearty Breakfast" @ $6.99. They offer nothing in between, so I checked out their sides. And just about snorted coffee out of my nose. For 3 pieces of bacon it is an additional 3 bucks! For 5 or so pieces of potato, 2 bucks! Now I know why they charge $3.99 for the Original.

All in all there was nothing wrong with the food, just the portion size. 2 small eggs, 2.5 slices bacon, 5 little pieces potato and a slice of toast.

I must mention too that their coffee is very good.