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2015 May 11
The Round House Pizza - spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, green and red bell peppers, pesto, garlic, oregano, Monterey (although I think they may have subbed cheddar) with added pepperoni. Yum! Crispy crust goodness.
You don't just get a pizza you get a conversation with Pete, owner with his wife, and you just might find out that between the 2 of them they recently celebrated 142 years of birthdays between them, as well as the answers to all the problems in the county, the province, the country and the world.
Old-fashioned pizza, done good, still with an edible pizza dough bun in the middle to keep your fixins off the lid.

2009 Jun 9
Mountain Station Pizza has a long-held reputation for making good pizzas. It also has a rep for expensive pizza, but really good ingredients aren't cheap and their pizzas have really good ingredients with a really good thin-ish crust with a thick edge, lots of cheese, and tasty veggies. Take the Combo we ordered tonight, sans olives (had I been doing the ordering there would have been olives on it too, although I really wanted my dw to get a cheese and mushroom only). The combo has good pepperoni, red and green sweet pepper slices, nice big tasty shrooms, and large dice onions, and a more-than-healthy dose of cheese (a mix of brick and mozzarella). A medium at $19.00 has 6 slices and we have 2 leftover for lunch tomorrow.
They have some triple cheese specials that include one with 8 kinds of meat (my son's fave) and what looks to be all the veggies in the house (XL - $56.50!). There are also some unique offerings including one with herring and anchovies, one with Hungarian hot salami, pickles, Polish sausage and Havarti, and one with roast lamb with shrooms, onions, mint sauce and stilton (they're all $40 for XL). The (third) cheeses offered are feta, Parmesan, Brie or blue.

In the fall you can pick up a pizza, continue down Clark Road to Mountain Orchard and pick up a jug of fresh cold cider and some hot apple doughnuts and have yourselves quite the Mountain-style picnic.