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"Foodsmiths in Perth, Ontario is one of Canada‘s leading natural food stores... Full-service natural food store that provides products in every category found in a typical supermarket." -- from the web site

Pizza at Foodsmiths
Foods from Foodsmiths

2009 Apr 11
... and one more.

A lady told me to stop taking pictures in the store. I said I was NOT the competition but was going to post on a Foodie Site.

Oh well.

2009 Apr 11
Another photo.

2009 Apr 11
Was in Perth and took a few photo's of Foodsmiths.

The history on their website is interesting. I wouldn't be suprised they were US draft dodgers back in 1976 ...certainly 'hippie types'.

Peace !!!

2006 Dec 16
Worth a visit if you're going to be in the area.

I sort of squealed when I found it; it's not the sort of thing you expect to run across in a small town.

Huge bulk selection. Great produce, with loads of organic stuff.

Tasty little deli/take-away counter.

A bunch of interesting health-foody stuff I hadn't seen since I'd been in a Whole Foods. Good cheeses, too.

Check out their 'About Us' page --
-- pretty accurate.

Sparklingly clean, too; quite a nice place to shop. They do mail-order, with free shipping for orders over $100, but it's way more fun to go in person. I took home all sorts of things I don't usually think about or see elsewhere, like nutritional yeast flakes. Which I'm still trying to figure out what to do with, but no mind.

2008 Jan 29
I finally found some blue cornmeal that I've been looking for forever. I got the last package of it at Foodsmith's in Perth.


2008 Feb 25
If you can arrive around 11 to 11:30-ish. The vegetarian pizza slices they package up, will still be warm. They don't have a pizza warmer and I don't think they offer a re-heat, so timing is critical.

Quite a nice and inexpensive early lunch.