Pizzeria specializing in organic ingredients including vegan cheese

Tuesday to Sunday 11AM - 7PM

Pizza at The Place Organic Pizzeria
Foods from The Place Organic Pizzeria

2009 May 20
My guess - pricing. Not operating on the same scale as a larger pizza chain, coupled with higher quality ingredients results in the passing along of costs to the end consumer.

I think some of their pizzas were $40+ (!) for a large which is a little out there...

2009 May 20
Why did this place close?!

I didn't make it back to town in time to even try it...

2008 Sep 13
Q - What are your hours?
A - Tuesday to Sunday, 11AM - 7PM. The hours will expand soon, but while we shake down and figure out exactly what we're doing, the hours are relatively short.

Q - Do you deliver?
A - Not yet, but soon hopefully.

Q - Are all your ingredients Organic?
A - Almost. The vegan pepperoni isn't, but everything else that goes into our pizzas is.

Q - Do you have a gluten free pizza?
A - Not yet, but one is planned for the future.

2008 Sep 13