2 for 1 Ottawa Pizza
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2012 May 15
Ugh, totally gotta agree with Niall. Their freshly-made pies are actually not half-bad, but the warming tray slices should strictly be left for the drunken stumble-ins who at that point don't care about freshness that much anyway.

2012 May 15
I like the Bank St location, but almost never get "a slice" from the round heater. They're dried up and famelic compared to their fresh offerings. I've been having way too many of them delivered lately (yay stuck home for a week for bronchitis), but now I'm tempted to get another one with good photos to show what it can be. :)

2012 May 3
bacon, perhaps you did not read this:

"This is by no means a fine piece of pizza, but it was nostalgic and cheap...it is what it is"


PB&A, you nailed it. "Almost always decent" is probably the best way to describe it.

2012 May 3
No but seriously, Tina, look at that thing. Anyway, FF delete these posts if you want. ILRF's photo speaks for itself. My review is unnecessary.

2012 May 3
Yeah... this is exactly the pizza that I grew up with too. I appreciate the tip towards what I think of a style of pizza that is rarely better than good but which is almost always decent. Plus, I get nostalgic sometimes.

And I like the browned cheese.

2012 May 3
Bacon IV-that's kind of a crappy thing to say. He said he liked it and that it was tasty. I think you're free to write as many bad reviews of places as you want, but I don't think it's cool to essentially tell someone their review is wrong.

2012 May 3
That's a crappy pizza, man. No toppings 2 inches from the crust edge, plasticky looking (yet mercifully sparse) pepperoni, sauce stingily brushed on instead of ladeled. The Toronto chains are worse than the Ottawa ones, which are already bad. Anyway, no surprise, Ontario for some reason has no decent fast food pizza.

2012 May 3
Like burgers, I’m not a big fan of the pizza commonly offered in Ottawa. This is not an objective fact, since I imagine many of you like that thick, extremely cheesy ‘Lebanese’ style pizza (as I have seen it called elsewhere on this website). I like a thinner, more Italian style pizza.

Today I had a slice of pizza from 2 for 1 on bank st. Ok, I’ll start by saying, this is not Italian style pizza, but rather GTA style pizza. In the Toronto area, pizza joints are mostly run by Indian folks, so maybe this could be called an Indo-Canadian style pizza – in the same spirit of calling Ottawa pizza, Lebanese style pizza. I have eaten this exact style of slice at different establishments in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and Hamilton. This is the stuff I grew up on, that is, when I could convince my non-pizza eating parents to let me have a slice. I find it is leagues better then 1 for 1 (not to mention the fact that the name 241, makes a lot more sense then 1 for 1), and I recall pizza pizza used to taste like this (in the 90s), before they went all sysco-cardboard foods.

The pizza is thinner then the Lebanese style throughout, but it still has a pretty large crust; the slice holds its integrity (no cheese avalanches), the crust gets delicious bubbles in it, the pepperoni were actually very tasty (noticeable garlic flavour), the cheese is better quality then 1 for 1, and they don’t over do the cheese (which is a huge pet peeve of mine – hence why I avoid Gabriel’s, ick). It’s greasy, but in a good way – if that even makes sense.

This is by no means a fine piece of pizza, but it was nostalgic and cheap, 2 rather large slices with a can of Dr. Zip (asked for Dr. Pepper lol, but believe it or not, it was a passable knockoff of Dr. Pepper) for under a fiver.

It is what it is, GTA style pizza.