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Located minutes from downtown Ottawa. A cozy yet modern Italian bistro with homemade classics. They have live Jazz on Thursday's and Saturday's, large summer patio, free parking, affordable wine and food menu, gluetan free options, unpretenious service, private dining area great for groups. Reservations recommended as they tend to fill up quickly.

Foods from Molto Restaurant

2011 Sep 13
Niall, it was a Saturday, but so were the other visits when I liked the food, albeit those other times, the place was busy.

I'm telling you, this was a complete disaster. To the point that, as I mentioned in my review, I suspect new ownership, or the original owner screwing things up.

2011 Sep 8
Then it's worth a lot. :) If it's a dip as can happen one night, it's still an unacceptable dip.

2011 Sep 8
For what it's worth, my (positive) July review below was from a Satnite visit, and most of my recent visits have been weekends.

2011 Sep 8
Bacon I.V.: Speaking as someone who grew up in Hull and has seen the Portage scene change over the years, as well as worked across from Molto for now 12 years, all I can ask is if the other times you went, and highly recommended the place, were on a weeknight? Even a Friday night would have, I would suspect, better service and food quality than Saturday night, where there's so few patrons downtown Hull that maybe that's when the rookie chefs are on, unlike most other places. "The Main" is not a place to eat on a Saturday; government workers have seen to that, alas.

When I went myself in August, the pizza was nice enough, if a bit dry - but the same thin style as Pi'za-za, so people like it. I believe I had the veal parm as well, and it was perfectly edible, not the mess you mention - however, this was for lunch, not supper. It may very well be a place to avoid on weekends, but fine on weekdays?

2011 Aug 29
Horrible. Went here with a Groupon Saturday night. The place was dead, and it is not hard to figure out why.

One of two things at work here: either 1) there's a new owner or 2) the same owner decided to ruin a good thing.

Even with the Groupon, we ended up paying almost $60 for what was a terrible dining experience. We are never returning.

My girlfriend had a salad, which was basically slices of the hardest, most unripe tomatoes you have ever tried (think apple hardness minus the flavour), with rough whole leaves of basil and bocconcini. Brutal. No olive oil anywhere, and the balsamic was sub-par at best. But the cardinal sin of course was the horrendous tomatoes. As far as I'm concerned, it is inexcusable for any place to serve bad tomatoes this time of year.

I added 'pizza' as a food for this restaurant, because that's what the meny calls the thing they served to my girlfriend. Picture a cracker-thin crust, but drier, dried sparse bland sauce, a sprinkle of cheese, and the same lousy tomatoes as the salad cooked to a crisp. $15 thank you very much. This thing was not even worthy to call a focaccia let alone pizza.

My veal parm was horrible. Tasteless, slimy batter, not properly fried and/or baked. Cheap mozza cheese, no trace of parm. The pasta was overcooked cheap pasta, worse than the quality I get from the supermarket, topped with the blandest, pale pink, watery, poorest excuse of tomato sauce you can imagine.

'Please don't waste our time with the dessert menu, or coffee, we just wanna get the hell out of here.'

Portage is once again without any decent restaurants. Even with a Groupon for a free meal, I would not step foot in this place ever again.

2011 Jul 20
Since i pre-empted BaconIV, i'll follow-up to agree that the beer selection is indeed quite good, and the fries and parmagiana do look excellent and if i could stop myself from having salad/pizza i would certainly try them. :)

2011 Jul 20
OSoloMeal always beats me in reviewing my favourite hidden gems. First Greek Souvlaki Shack, now this.

Been to Molto several times. Parking is pretty easy in the neighbourhood. The restaurant is nice, and the service is excellent. Very professional. There is sometimes a jazz singer and pianist on the entrance side of the resto. Behind the bar there is access to a separate, quieter dining room.

I have to say Molto makes the best fries I've had in the Ottawa area. Fresh cut, perfectly fried, tasty, perfect texture. I can eat them without the mayos they are served with, although these are good too.

The veal parmigiana is also very good. Generous size and good side spaghetti portion with a nice sweet sauce. The cutlet is nicely breaded and coated with melted cheese, fried medium, so very juicy and not at all chewy. Kinda pricey at over $20, but the best I've had in the city. We usually do Groupon, but even at full price, we leave satisfied.

Decent wine list, and good cold draught Kronenbourg, as well as some Quebec micros, if I recall.

Highly recommended.

2011 Jul 20
Back in 2009 i posted the below on another review site...

---"over the bridge we gooooo....

Had a great dinner here Friday night, early August 2009.

Sat on the patio and enjoyed the view of the promenade but the inside with the exposed rock and hardwood is really modern/cool/comfortable looking.

Service was friendly, prompt and unpretentious. The waitress checked on us, kept water full and was totally pleasant to deal with. She mentioned that she had just started there - it didn't show.

Fresh bread with three oils & vinegars and some olives and nuts were a nice touch on arrival.

Wine list has a good selection by the glass.

Ceasar salad was fresh, tasty and enjoyable.

The pizzas. were awesome. Seriously - homemade tasting crust, good amount of cheese and sauce without Ottawa-overkill. Quality ingredients. I wish they delivered but pizza this good will never arrive in an insulated carrier.

Maybe it's not fair to compare, but i rank this place over Pizza'za around the corner for sheer quality 'za.

Will be back, will send others, will crave more pizza."---

Was back a few times since then, most recently Saturday night, early July, 2011.

...And Molto is still hitting all the right notes for me.

They've started providing the bread/oil plate only on request, but i'm cool with that considering the yummy crispy things that come with the cesar and the pizza crust itself.

I really wish i could provide you with more insight into their menu, but every time i go i consider other options and then have a salad and pizza.

So within that narrow range, the garden and boc/tomato salads are both ample, fresh and all good, with what tastes like a homemade dressing. As good as anything i've had at other italian restaus in O-town and better than most.

The margarita, pollo and carnivore pizzas are all enjoyable and nicely done. Good amount of ingredients, no overcheesing, nice sauce that's more background for the rest of the 'za rather than the primary taste.

Molto does thin crust, a bit less crisp than the Grand with edges that remind me of Tennesy Wiliams but not as thick.

Service has been consistently good and i really enjoy that patio.

Will be back, will send others, will pretend to consider the steak, pasta and other things people at other tables seem to be enjoying before reverting to habit and ordering salad/pizza.