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Mikis Prima Pizzarian
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2011 Jul 9
@ chinabum welcome to most Ottawa pizza

2011 Jul 9
We received a flyer of their pizzeria in the mail and thought we give them a try. Let's just start by saying I'm pretty picky when it comes to pizza..I called to place my order
"hi, I'd like to order a large pizza with bacon, hot peppers & pineapples, I'd like to pay with my visa please."
man on the phone.."sorry no visa."
me.."ok, debit please."
man on the phone..."no, debit either."
me.."cash it is."
30 min's later the pizza arrived, $22.00 + tip. I took one slice of the pizza and could tell there was something wrong...the bacon wasn't bacon ...but rather looked like some strange pork sausage substitute. The flavor was unpleasant. I called Miki's Prima back to let them know of their mistake. I was told that it was bacon but if I wanted sliced bacon that I would need to ask for it next time, that's when I told them there would be no next time. He was kind enough to offer me another pizza (at their expense). I love when restaurants try and correct such a my mind all is forgotten.
The 2nd pizza arrives by this time my family & I are quite hungry. Unfortunately they put the same mystery meat on it. Needless to say we will not be giving them a 3rd chance. If you enjoy incredibly doughy pizza with unknow meat products on it that this is your pizza. Otherwise steer clear.