Burgers, Fries, Pizza, Poutine. On the southbound side of Hwy 7, between Carleton Place and Perth.

Foods from Law & Orders

2016 Feb 3
This is very sad news. They are getting a bunch of help from the community.

I really hope they are able to rebuild, it was a great spot.

2016 Feb 2
Apparently, it exploded last night. :-(


Law & Orders was on my wish list of places to visit, and I never got around to it. Don't put things off, folks.

Wishing them all the best given the circumstances and hoping they are able to rebuild.

2015 Oct 20
Stopped in here on the way back from scout camp with my son. Son had tater-tot poutine, I had the 1/4 pound burger with regular poutine, and we shared a chocolate shake.

This is a great place - I'd go out of my way to stop in again. Burgers were excellent. Fries very good and homemade. Tater-tot poutine is exactly what you'd expect. They have a special - eat 2 of their 1 pound burgers, plus 1 pound poutine in 20 minutes and you win ... something. 2 people have accomplished this. Can't imagine trying this.

Website is:

Forgot to add that earlier.