Pizza at Art Is In The Market
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2020 Feb 1
I walked in, the first thing I saw was a fairly dry scone for $3.50, decided with no further research that this was not the place for me.
I may also have made an unintentional rude noise on the way out.

2020 Feb 1
This is quite good pizza, especially considering it is reheated to order. In the photo, you can see I opted for the standard slice ($5) with a topping of wilted kale ($1). Chili flakes and pecorino were complimentary.

There is room for maybe 6-8 customers inside, waiting to order or receive their food but there is no space to eat. I work nearby and can bring the food back to my office, so I wonder where other customers are eating their food on these really cold days. I guess Beavertails have the same problem and they're doing just fine.

P.S. I wouldn't recommend the "cruffin" ($3.50) as it was inferior to a proper croissant in several ways. A damp base, no crusty "ears", and this one had a weird aftertaste.