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Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Al's Diner
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
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Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
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Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Ralph & Sons
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Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Al's Diner
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Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Al's Diner
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Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at The Burbs Pub
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Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
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Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Main Street Cafe
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Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at John's Family Diner
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Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Ralph & Sons
Where to get Bacon and Eggs Breakfast



2011 Mar 24
KatieButtercup said
"Cute restaurant, cute tables, but my single breakfast experience was bad. I have the eggs florentine, they were bizzare, the hollendaise sauce was AWFUL and the english muffin was soggy. Not going back, ever."

Well, obviously the hollandaise sauce was bad. It wasn't Hollandaise sauce. Eggs Florentine comes with Mornay or cheese sauce.

The Mayflower is a great place for brekkie. I've been going there for decades and they've been consistently good.

2009 Mar 14
Visited on 2009-Mar-3
Good Breakfast
I've been there now for probably 7 times since they opened for the $4.99 (+ tax) breakfast special. You get 2 eggs (whatever way you want done, choice of 3 sausages, 3 strips of bacon, or ham. Comes with restaurant-type home-fries- if you wish, you can ask instead for 3 slices of tomato and just a small fries portion, or no fries and tomatoes & lettuce instead. Toast is white or brown-for 49¢ you can have rye. Coffee (endless) comes in nice big mugs. Service, at least in my experience has always been attentive. To me, that breakfast is a good breakfast at a very good price. They also have a variety of other breakfast offerings-one acquaintance of mine (he's a butcher) had their "Steak & Eggs" and liked it-his wife was happy with her "Eggs Benedict". You often see a goodly number of seniors there on the weekdays, and that's usually a good sign.

2009 Feb 24
I visited this place in Lincoln Heights mall on a whim for breakfast today (Tuesday). They open at 7am and offer one of the better breakfast deals in the west end. Full breakfast special for $4.99!

This gets you coffee (free refills), 2 eggs, 3 bacon or sausage, 2 toast, and home fries. The portions are generous as you can see in the photo. I usually get the big "everything" breakfast but here that would cost $5 more for just an extra few meats and some pancakes, and what I got was certainly big enough!

Kudos to the server, Sheila, for helping me choose between bacon and sausage even though she doesn't eat meat. The sausages are above average, although they are deep-fried (like at most places). The home fries were very standard and benefited from a good dose of ketchup. Eggs were done perfectly over-easy. The coffee was not too bad for what it is. Toast was thick-sliced and done at high heat (crispy outside but not dried inside).

It's pretty empty in there on a weekday morning, but there's a steady trickle of blue-rinse regulars and tradesmen taking advantage of the special.


2009 Feb 11
Hands down the worst bacon + eggs breakfast i've ever had. Twice. Eggs have been incredibly runny both times--even though they were scrambled. How do you make runny scrambled eggs? Further, their sausage was possibly the sweetest and saltiest I've ever had. Yick. The bagel: I figured they do bagels well, at least that would be something, right? Wrong. Apparently, they do not use the freshest of their bagels for breakfast, or at least not when we went. Worse still, both of ours were so heavily toasted that they tasted like over-buttered burnt popcorn. I asked if I could get one less toasted than that and the server just shrugged and said "that's how we toast them".

I left hungry and I won't be back for breakfast anytime soon.


2012 May 4
After seeing the line up at Baker Street around noon, we were casting about for another place for breakfast/brunch on Saturday morning so we continued driving west on Richmond Rd. and came upon Kristy’s family restaurant (yes – the very dark, carpeted restaurant with the pink sign). After quickly checking reviews on this site in the parking lot, we decided to give it a try.

We were lucky to get a table in the front room which has wrap around windows solving the “dark” aspect. As for the food, they make a pretty good western sandwich. The bacon ordered on the side could have been a little crispier but I would still put it above average. Coffee is delivered in an insulated carafe that was left on the table - taste was so-so. The service was friendly enough. I would not consider this one of the best breakfast experiences I have had – but it is on the back-up list.

2010 Oct 20
It has soft lighting, a carpeted floor and lots of room around every table (to accommodate for walkers, etc.). Yes folks, this is senior central for breakfast. But they're not just coming back for the reduced chance of taking a spill getting in or out of the restaurant. The menu is pretty good. It's extensive, for one, the wait staff are very attentive, efficient and don't mind adding a little colour to your experience, and coffee is served by the carafe.

The eggs are cooked to perfection every time I go... And I've been often. Usually once a month, with friends or family.

And try the strawberry waffle, but skip the powdered sugar and ask for real maple syrup. Delish!

2008 Dec 21
Each time we drove by this place on Richmond Rd, I'd say to my wife, "We really should try the breakfast there." Well, we finally went and I'm happy to have that urge out of my system.

I went for the Lumberjack Special: eggs, all meats, homefries, toast, and pancakes. The eggs were done just fine, but the meats were all kind of inferior. The homefries seemed especially bad, with too much seasoning and big chunks of undercooked sharp white onion. The pancakes were good but tiny (albeit slightly larger than they appear in this photo -- maybe 4 inches across).

Coffee was charged for on top of the meal, but it was pretty good coffee and they leave the thermal carafe at the table for you. Thumbs up for that little detail!


2013 Feb 8
Hey, New User 3441 from last month...

Twice I've had eggs florentine there and enjoyed the dish both times, although the spinach is simply cooked, no seasoning to speak of. Nice bacon, nice fruit. But on the 2nd visit, on New Year's Day, the hollandaise sauce was lighter than a cloud, absolutely 5 star! Hope that happens again next time!

2011 Jan 13
The breakfast at the HuntClub/Bank location is wonderful! I get the Rise and Shiner which is 3 eggs, homefries, 4-5 strips of bacon and toast. My fiance and I eat everything, even the fruit on the plate is fresh, the over easy eggs are perfect.

My only complaint with this location is most of the time there are tons of servers but no one dedicated to you and they always seem confused. I think this is because they share the tasks and no-one knows who is getting what for whom. I think one time the service was excellent and it was because there was one server there.

Tip my hat to the chef though, best breakfast ever..i even tried other locations and we go out of our way to have breakfast at this location!

2008 Oct 15
You wouldn't think a pizza joint would have a good breakfast, but you would be wrong - these guys are probably the most unknown breakfast joint in town, and it's good, really good.

Fast - BIG PORTIONS - diner coffee as expected, but they keep fillin it, so thats good-many dishes include lotsa cheese surprise surprise, it is a pizza place.

I had the Farmers choice, which makes any big breakfast look measly next to this monster!!
3 eggs with 2 pancakes or Pain Doré with 3 strips of bacon and 3 sausage,i think you can get ham if you want, plus homefries and toast. It's a hangover special for sure!

My girlfriend had the chicken broccoli and swiss omelette, also massive, 3 eggs, toast and homfries or tomates, she loved it.

Open 7 days a week at 7 a.m. definitely reccomend this place, friendly, lotsa seating, wicked food, its got it all.

2008 Sep 28
We are the owners and operators of Jean Albert's Restaurant, and we would like to introduce to Canada our $1.00 Menu Breakfast. Everything on the $1.00 Menu is $1.00 each!!!!


2008 Sep 13
Just my choice for best greasy spoon bacon and egg in the region.



2008 Jul 21
New User 1144, I have to ask. Did you point out any of your concerns to the waitstaff? It sounds like most of them would have been addressed quite readily.

Underdone eggs would likely be replaced. Unless it's a Montreal-style deli, not having rye bread on hand doesn't seem too surprising. It seems quite accommodating of them to offer a bagel or english muffin when the toast selection was not what you wanted. Since they gave you special treatment in this sense, it's really no surprise that the butter slipped through the cracks. I'm sure if you'd asked for some they would have obliged!

The twice-baked bacon isn't really excusable (and certainly couldn't be fixed). But I'm guessing many higher end restaurants that serve breakfast or brunch have a different set of staff, standards, and (hopefully) prices for those meals compared with dinner. Anyway, Mediterranean cultures are not really known for their bacon and eggs breakfasts! I don't think I'd want Kalamari from a North American pancake house either... ;-)

2008 Jul 21
Hmmm... I'm surprised by your experience. We went for breakfast a week ago and were quite pleased. Nothing mind-blowing, but reasonable prices, a great patio that's so large you're practically guaranteed a seat, a plethora of choices ranging from standard breakfast fare to more creative items, and pleasant and efficient service.

I had a 3-egg veggie omelet with a large helping of breakfast potatoes and 2 slices of buttered toast. My husband had the traditional breakfast and found the bacon to be on par with most other places in the city. His eggs were also poached to medium as requested. As a side note, all breakfast entrees come with a "starter" fresh fruit plate, which I thought was a nice touch -- the fruit took the edge off while we waited for our orders, and the fruit didn't get warm as it often does when served on the same plate as a hot breakfast.

We won't be rushing back, but we will make it a regular stop as its only 2 blocks off the bike path at Dow's lake so a great stop after a morning bike ride -- just park your bike right outside the patio.

In the spirit of objective reporting, please do comment on your "VERY enjoyable" dinner at Trella -- we've been curious about the dinner menu so would love to hear your experience!

2008 Jul 21
So Trella is right across the street from our house, and I have been there for a VERY enjoyable dinner. We figured that we would check it out for a Sunday breakfast. BIG mistake.
I must admit that I am quite particular about my orders, I had worked in the service industry for many years, and I know that it is not THAT difficult to get orders right.
At Trella, I had ordered your basic 2 eggs (over medium) with bacon and toast - nothing spectacular. What I received was not what I expected for this place. My eggs were runny, REALLY runny. I poked the yoke and it bled all over my plate. I order OM for a reason. I traded eggs with my boyfriend who had the bagel sandwich and therefore had cooked eggs. When ordering, I had requested rye bread and was unfortunately told that my options were white or brown, I was then offered a bagel or an english muffin (which I chose) as a substitute. My english muffin arrived with no butter, yum. My bacon was twice baked. Most restaurants (except real breakfast places) bake their bacon prior to opening, so all they have to do is warm it. This makes for shite bacon, which Trella served.
For this place - "upscale", I was severely disappointed in their breakfast offerings and unfortunately will not return for this meal EVER.




2012 Apr 29
I've driven by this place for years and have always been intrigued by the fifties style neon sign. Yesterday I decided to give it a shot for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised.

Fontenelle looks pretty much the way diners and coffee shops have looked since the 50's. Patterned Formica tables, turquoise vinyl banquettes, bad art on the walls and a coterie of what appeared to be regulars huddled at the back chatting with the staff over coffee. The atmosphere is pretty much the way I imagined it must have been when it opened decades ago. I really prefer this kind of shopworn authenticity to the newish/retro diner thing featured in places like Zak's or Johnny Rockets.

I chose the hot chicken sandwich. Not sure if they roasted the chicken in house or not, but it was real chunks of roast chicken, complete with a bit of skin - not deli chicken slices. Coleslaw was really nice; A vinegary style, and served with two slices of red tomato. The french fries really impressed me. They were definitely hand cut and tasted as if they had been precooked before being fried - evenly golden and crispy outside with fluffy interior. Very nicely done.

Other half had the lunch special of the day which was a soup/sandwich for $5.95. Toasted bacon and tomato sandwich with crisp bacon and the aforementioned red and juicy tomatoes. French canadian style pea soup, not sure if it was house made, but was thick and tasty. Both very well reviewed.

Including cans of coke lunch was $17 and change. From the menu, offerings are pretty typical, sandwiches and burgers, but it seems they do have daily specials (sole and baked ham were two that I saw on the board from the previous day).

And it opens at 4 am for breakfast if you're an early bird.

I look forward to checking out the daily specials again next time I'm in Vanier.

2008 Apr 20
I tried this place for the first time this weekend. There are 4 or 5 diners within easy walking distance of my house so I'd never tried this one before.

I chose the 2 egg breakfast with meat and 2 sides.
The choices:
Meat: bacon, sausage, ham or bologna
Sides: homefries, beans, salad or tomatoes.

I went with homefries and beans. The eggs were nicely cooked, the portion of bacon was fairly generous, 4 or 5 slices. The homefries could have been fried a little more, but they were actual potatoes that had been fried, not frozen things dumped into a fryer. The beans were the big surprise...they were really good. I don't usually order beans with my breakfast...I've had too many crunchy or mushy and tasteless ones. They were a little sweet for my taste, but my french-canadian stepdad would have approved.



2012 Feb 16
I brought the family here after a hearty recommendation from a salesperson at an Esprit store.

Service was warm and friendly, with extra care given in silencing the expletive-laced conversations of the regulars for the benefit of our kids' ears. ;-)

There's a kids' menu including waffles but they turned out to be commercial toaster waffles -- my daughter loved them.

Bacon was really nicely done and the potatoes are the pan-fried not deep-fried variety.

The restaurant was surprisingly empty, possibly since we were there at noon and they raise breakfast prices by $1 after 11:30.

Service and food are right where they should be for this place!

2010 Jan 23
BF and I went here for breakfast this morning around 11:30 (which is miraculously early for us considering we both work bar jobs).

It was quite busy when we got there, but there were a few tables available. My dad had taken me here before, it is quite a blue-collar establishment during the week.

Service was great, seems like a family-run place.

Breakfast was just fabulous. I had sunny-side up (sorry for the low quality pic - blackberry was all I had) - which were cooked to perfection, not slimy but still hot.

I was given the choice of home fries with or without onions and I always choose without. When they came I was happily surprised to see they were actually fried potatoes - my favourite! I can't stand deep-fried home fries. I wolfed them down quite quickly.

Toast came on a separate plate - choice of brown, white or rye.

Breakfast came to just under 12 dollars for 2 breakfast specials - and it was worth it.

BF and I will definitely be returning.


2016 Feb 3
This is the best breakfast I've had in town. Service is fast and efficient and everything is exactly what you would expect from a bacon and eggs breakfast. 8 dollars with taxes included for bacon (or sausage/ham), awesome greasy homefries, toast and coffee. Can't find that too many places anymore, much better than the expensive breakfast places I've been too on Elgin and Wellington/Richmond (Baker Street is awesome but I don't like waiting in lines) and cheaper, no complaints here!

2015 Jul 22
This is my favourite cheap breakfast in town. The quality of everything is perfectly decent, and it's the only place I know that doesn't gouge you for a pancake. This is Al's Big Hit -- a full two-egg one-meat breakfast with potatoes, toast, and coffee PLUS a pancake with butter and syrup, for $7.95. I may have paid an extra fifty cents to get an English muffin instead of toast. Gladly!

2012 Feb 16
Very decent and well assembled breakfast in this hopping establishment.

2012 Jan 8
Al's Big Breakfast


2012 Jan 29
This place clearly got off to a rocky start based on the other reviews here. I'd also probably still generally steer clear for dinner unless I was just looking for a burger and a few beers.

However, I've been really pleasantly surprised by their breakfast. Granted I wasn't expecting much given how meh the dinner food is, but this is a solid set of bacon and eggs. Comes with some nice multigrain toast, baked beans, banger, crispy homefries, and a little garnish of ripe fruit. The picture speaks for itself, I think. Given how dead the place is in the morning, you also get great service.

Don't waste your time lining up at the Tutti Frutti across the street when the Firkin and the Knight has better breakfast and no lines. Old Nepean is short on half-decent breakfast spots, so I say give this place a shot if you're tired of hob-nobbing with the elderly at Chances R, or slumming it with the college kids at Summerhay's.


2013 Apr 16
I think the construction on Hazeldean hasn't helped. I've been organizing a group breakfast there, normally on a Tuesday. It was usually empty. Last time we were there on a Friday and it was packed, so maybe also related to dining trends. Hope to try Kal's soon, as breakfast dining options for a group is limited in Kanata.

2013 Apr 16
This used to be the go-to breakfast place for a group of coworkers but the food went downhill a bit (potatoes were no longer homefries, etc) so they started going to Kal's instead. Perhaps it was the reduced weekday breakfast business that caused them to delete Mon-Thu morning service...

2013 Apr 15
Note, they are no longer serving breakfast except for Friday - Sunday.

2012 Mar 4
I've been to the Burbs Pub twice for breakfast since FF posted about it.

Both times I had the 2 egg breakfast with crispy bacon, home fries and rye toast. Perfectly cooked bacon and eggs. Coffee is quite good.

The service is very good. The two guys serving are friendly and just generally nice all round.

I wish lived closer, I'll have to make a point to come out to Kanata for dinner.

2011 Dec 8
Continuing breakfast success! Same as last time, but with sausage instead of bacon (asked for well done, split down the middle). The sausage was good but I will revert to bacon again next time as it was spectacular. :-)

This breakfast is really a cut above!

2011 Dec 1
My latest quest for breakfast turned up a fresh gem! Prices are a little higher here but the quality is kicked up to match.

The Two Egg Breakfast is $8 and includes:

* Coffee - not bad compared to diner coffee, frequent refills
* Eggs - perfectly done, darker yolks than usual!
* Bacon - asked for extra crispy, beautifully done!
* Hash browns - the deep-fried kind, but nicely seasoned, crispy on the outside, and moist and fluffy on the inside!
* Toast - asked for brown, got a very nice multigrain!
* Fruit salad - a nice assortment, reasonably fresh.

I can't complain about anything here. Top-notch really!

There's also a One-Egg breakfast for $6, but presumably the $2 price difference means it comes with fewer hash browns or something like that.


2018 Jun 2
The price has jumped to $9.95 now but the quality is still as great as ever!

2015 May 29
Still excellent. At 7:45 on Friday morning it was pretty easy to get a seat, but I'm told there are lineups out the door on the weekends. I hope they never change what they're doing here!

2015 Feb 28
My wife and I dropped in for a weekday breakfast and it was excellent as always. Seriously the best diner-style breakfast sausage in town and the eggs are done to perfection.

They recently underwent a makeover via Ottawa's now-famous Shannon Smithers-Gay of One80 Design. Her characteristic look of wood and warm lighting are present here, and the new bar looks quite inviting. A greater number of booths, with some removable dividers for flexibility, enhance the utility and comfort of the table area.

2014 Jun 11
Like I need to post yet another picture of Kal's breakfast. But just check out how perfect the plump little sausages are here!

Poached was a nice option for the eggs too.

2013 Nov 16
Opted for the premium priced Smoked meat and eggs breakfast. This turned out to be a regular bacon and egg breakfast, but with Lester's smoked meat instead of bacon for a $7 premium. It was very tasty but not at all worth paying double for!

2013 Oct 23
I was here for a breakfast with a group this morning. Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast and coffee came out to $8.00 with tax (before tip). Service was good for our group, and the food was top notch. The standout for me were the hashbrowns. Homemade, fresh and piping hot on the plate. Super tasty.

2013 Mar 21
The two-egg breakfast is still an excellent choice here. This is the best value (quality/price) breakfast I know of in the Kanata/Stittsville area.

It's hard to choose between the crispy bacon and the fat little sausages. Sometimes I get both.

Pictured is my 2-egg over-easy with sausages and rye. $6.99. Bottomless coffee included.

2011 Nov 25
I tried Kal's standard breakfast this morning. $6.50 gets you:
* Coffee/tea
* 2 Eggs
* Bacon OR sausage OR ham
* Homefries
* Toast

My choices were:
* Coffee - standard diner fare, large mug, refill offered
* Eggs over easy. Nicely done.
* Bacon, asked for crispy. Got the *crispiest* bacon I've ever encountered. Not burnt, just awesomely crispy.
* Homefries were authentic home-style, not deep fried.
* I opted for brown toast and it was toasted and buttered perfectly.

All in all a great find and my current choice for Kanata/Stittsville area breakfast!

P.S. Thursday mornings, they are closed for a private function until 8:30am. I waited outside for 10 minutes for the function to end, but things were incredibly fast after that:

8:32 - I entered the restaurant and was seated. Was given a menu and asked about coffee.
8:33 - Coffee arrived and I ordered my breakfast.
8:38 - My plate arrived. (!)
8:52 - I paid (at the cash as instructed) and left.

2011 Aug 24
We went for the breakfast here on the weekend and were generally pleased. The service was friendly and very prompt, and the inside looks pretty nice. The sign out front advertising their weekend breakfast clearly worked because the place was full.

Prices are decent ($4 for a simple 2 eggs + toast + a _mountain_ of hash browns, $5 for the same plus bacon or sausage or ham). Note, however, coffee is not included in those prices.

My one complaint is that the floors were very slippery and felt overwaxed. As I walked in carrying my son, I turned to follow the server towards our table and almost had my feet slide out from under me. They should probably scuff up those tiles a bit to provide a bit more traction.

Otherwise, we were very satisfied and will return. It's nice to have a good new breakfast option in Orleans.


2010 Nov 17
This is all about quantity over quality! $5.99 gets you a huge plate of eggs, home fries, toast, choice of 2 meats (bacon, ham, sausage, bologna), and tea or coffee.

I asked for 2 scrambled eggs and received a mammoth portion of what I estimate to be between 4 and 6 eggs. Most likely they do their scrambled from a pre-blended liquid egg mixture, so "two eggs" translates to a generous pour. ;-)

The meats were decent. Two fat little pork sausages and two pieces of crispy (as ordered) bacon.

Home fries were nothing to write... uh, home about. They had an odd and slight flavour of plastic, but they were uniformly browned (deep fried) and were seasoned with a tastefully subtle hint of garlic powder.

The toast was thick and well toasted, with a generous coating of margarine. I had no need for the peanut butter or jam that accompanied it.

I ended up leaving about 1/3 of the egg, half the home fries, and a piece of the toast on my plate. I rarely leave food on my plate, but here I felt that the mediocre flavour didn't justify the consumption of excess calories.

So... Recommended if you want a big feed! Not so much if you value high quality.


2011 Nov 27
We visited for the first time ever on a Saturday for late breakfast. This is a pretty good breakfast and the price is reasonable for what you get. The feel of the place is that of an old diner (this is both good and bad of course).

The bacon (I asked for crispy) is really quite wonderful. The eggs were properly done. Toast was good. The fruit salad was quite nice -- fresh, not canned, but it had been sitting for a while. The pancakes, homefries, and coffee were the low points. Beans were great!

So with some judicious selection, you can have a great breakfast here at a reasonable price point.

2009 Jul 26
My friend seems to really like this place, and for a greasy spoon it's not bad.

2 eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, beans, homefries, toast, and coffee for $13 including tip.

Eggs were supposed to be over medium, and I will give them that I ordered them over medium because I know that over easy is hardly cooked. That said, these were way-too-runny in my opinion.

All three meats were pretty good, and I was very impressed with their ham.

Beans were excellent, as always. As was the rye toast.

Homefries had no seasoning to them, and were just kind of boiled and then fried potatoes. No coating, no seasoning, no flavour really.

The coffee was rather ho-hum, but then again, what do you expect.

Service was okay--they were fairly busy, so our coffee was rarely refilled. I also asked our waitress to bring me a spoon for the coffee, and she misheard and brought me Sweet and Low. There was, however and extra spoon at our table, so I didn't make much of it.

I don't mind this place, but I find that there are other places that I choose to go to first.

2007 Mar 22
Stopped here for breakfast sunday morning. Restaurants located in hotels usually have a good breakfast since they have to serve breakfast seven days a week.

The breakfasts here have cutesy sports themed names i.e. The Hat Trick etc.

For some reason I thought that I was hungry enough for the "Two On Two".

Two eggs, two pancakes, toast, bacon and sausage.
Pancakes were good, but probably from a mix. Eggs were a little undercooked for my taste...I think eggs done "over" should have a bit of colour on the top, these didn't. Bacon was cooked perfectly, sausages were okay. Potatoes were deep fried but dressed up with a little fried onion...better than bad hash browns, but not as nice as really good ones.

Service was speedy and coffee was decent (if I don't have to put more than 2 creamers in it then it's pretty good). All in all, good service...and a decent breakfast, but I've had better.

Oh..and me vs. the Two On Two? It won, I couldn't finish it all.


2011 Apr 29
My favourite pub breakfast. I've been there several times in the past few months and tried it with bacon, ham, or sausage and they're all great. The toast is perfect, the potatoes are the best I've had at any pub, and the service is always friendly. At $4, it's a great deal.

2011 Apr 17
Good cheap breakfast. We go nearly every weekend. The home-fries are consistently good. They also serve a decent fruit salad (large bowl $4, side $2). The menu expands into fancier, more expensive selections, but I haven't found anywhere to beat the bacon & eggs deal at the Rooster. Most of the time, the service is blisteringly fast too.

2009 Sep 21
Excellent. Just $3.95 for the one-egg, $4.95 for the two-egg. Delicious potatoes, extra toast for just $1, and the small orange juice is actually a very respectable size (the glass was about the size of one of those Stella "chalices").

2008 Apr 12
On a rainy Saturday morning, my partner and I ventured out for a delicious brunch, our mouths watering for a classic Mayflower breakfast. Upon arrival, it was packed solid, and we just were not in the mood to be crammed into one of their tiny two-person tables...So we hit the road!

Walking down Bank street we were inspired by the fresh, renovated look of the Atomic Rooster and their billboard out front advertising a three egg breakfast for a very decent price. Exchanging glances of "Why not give it a try?", we went in.

Not wanting to ruin the ending of this post, but brunch was delicious!

The lovely servers kept our cups filled with freshly brewed caffeine-laden coffee, while ensuring our meals were brought out hot, made to order, and beautifully presented.

Even though we both got the simple two egg breakfast with toast and house salad and homefries, everything was great - Eggs perfectly prepared as requested, toast toasted to perfection,and homefries tossed with sauteed onions. The kicker - combined check for two people: $11. Splendid.

The plates coming out of the kitchen for the other hungry patrons also looked superb,enough so to entice me back to give those a try.

So, with friendly service, relaxing ambiance, and fresh, delicious food, I will definitely return to the Atomic Rooster another Saturday morning for my first meal of the day.


2007 Oct 15
Small 'hole in the wall' greasy spoon restaurant tucked away on Tremblay Rd, near the VIA Station.

Breakfast (all day?) is super cheap ringing in at ~$3.50 for your standard special (2 eggs, meat, potatoes, toast). Breakfast purists - they serve real potatoes fried in a cast-iron pan, not the deep fried variety. Other hearty choices include rib steak/eggs and corned beef hash.

For all you early birds out there - they open at 5AM!

* image taken from www.breakfastblogger.com


2008 Mar 13
Went for Saturday morning breakfast for three people. Places was packed and sat near front door (cold!~ but oh well). The servers are very good, we noticed that when we had the dinner as well. Coffee refills come very quickly. We normally eat at chances r , but find it's a getting a bit pricey. The breakfast special I had, scrambled, sausage, white toast, hashbrowns. The eggs were good, the rest tasted deep fried, the sausage tasted deep fried, (even bacon from other person) The toast was undercooked(almost like bread with faint cooked lines on it)very odd for them to let it leave the kitchen like that~and stone cold. (all three servings of toast were like that, even the kid's who came out five minutes before our breakfast). The hasbrowns are the typical deep fried .5", curious thing is that the review below lists garlic and onions, and we had zero. Overall we'd go back for dinner but not for breaky.

2008 Mar 5
Weekend Breakfast – Served 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM

We arrived about Noon after weekend errands. There were a fair number of people seated, including families. We were immediately greeted, seated and served coffee (tea or coffee is included with the Breakfast Specials). "The Man" and I both ordered the PJ Quigley’s Special – 2 farm fresh eggs, bacon, ham or sausage, baked beans or homefries, and 2 slices of toast. Eggs were done exactly as ordered, and the bacon was nice and crispy (how we both like it). Homefries were more like a mini french fry, lightly cooked on the outside (not crunchy like some places) and soft potatoe on the inside, garlic & onions were not over-powering. We cleaned our plates, but only got half-way thru the order of toast (2 slices each). Coffee refills were generously offered.

A nice relaxing experience, and perhaps due to the time not crazy crowded, we'll be back!

2006 Dec 12
I had the "Hungry Man" breakfast. Quite satisfying but nothing too spectacular. The scrambled eggs were very dry (but lightly seasoned), the bacon was fatty (but nice and smokey), and the sausages were better than average.

Service was really nice in a friendly, informal way.


2008 Mar 19
For sure you can't go wrong for the price. I always upgrade to a custom coffee beverage(espresso, cappuccino or latte) as the coffee is a little maxwell house for my liking.

2006 Nov 25
Farm-fresh eggs!

For the basic, cheap breakfast special, this place is hard to beat.


2007 Jan 20
I had French toast with fresh fruit and baked beans for a late breakfast. Presentation was much better than I would expect at a diner, with nice dishes and a good dusting of cinnamon. It was well cooked, not too soggy in the middle which can be a problem sometimes, and very good. The beans were not as thick as I'm used to, but still good nonetheless.

2006 Dec 3
I had the western omelette here and was fairly pleased with it. Sure, it takes and Englishman to properly mess up breakfast, but this was pretty good. The fillings for the omelette were plentiful and the onion was cooked nicely. The potatos it came with were larger slices, lightly fried and dusted with paprika. My only complaint would be in the selection of jams, which were low end and very jelly-like.


2011 Aug 21
Breakfast is now $5.95 -- 2 eggs, meat, fruit, potatoes and toast -- and I'm not sure if coffee is free or not as I don't drink it. It's a fine breakfast considering some of the others around. Extra charge for any bread that's not brown or white or for some other substitutions as well.

Service was very friendly and quick, for the most part. One of my friends endured quite the delay but the meal was comped at the end so I'll give them a tip of the hat.

2006 Oct 11
I'm an avid breakfast hunter, and I have to say Lieutenants Pump has the best breakfast I've tried in Ottawa.

I usually order 2 over-easy, ham and salad instead of potatoes.

The ham is lean. The eggs are fried to perfection without any "debris" from other foods stuck in them. The salad is delicious with fresh mixed greens, and plentiful. You get at least 2 servings of fresh fruit on your plate, including melon, pineapple and strawberries.

Presentation is beautiful with a chocolate for dessert, and all you can drink rich coffee. All for $4.50.

Highly recommended to those of you who love a "healthy" pub breakfast.



2007 Sep 18
As a previous reviewer mentioned - the home fries are of the deep fried variety which is a shame. Although the BEST part of the breakfast here is the sausage - they give you a full sized bratwurst instead of 3 little breakfast links! Breakfast is reasonably priced and if you look like a student (not sure if everyone on this site could pull this off!) then they have a student breakfast special which is $1.99!

My only complaint is service here can be quite spotty as the restaurant is usually packed. On some occasions I've came in and sat down, and haven't received acknowledgment of even being there - which is almost unforgivable in the restaurant 'biz.

All in all - great value on some items. Just try and pick a quiet morning!

2007 Aug 13
Went there during weekday, lots of cars in parking lot but still tables available. The service was quick and good timing on coffee refills. The 1.99 student breaky (plus a $1 coffee) was given to me, even though I'm obviously not a student. The scrambled eggs were the type where they must lay them thin/flat on grill and let cook quickly then cut in to strips or whatever, and they had an old dirty grill taste to them. What seems to be the standard deep fried hashbrowns (GOD WHERE ARE THE GOOD HASBROWNS ANYMORE< LIKE Chances R used to make with real potatoes?), the toast was great. The standard bacon everone seems to be serving at all the restaurants that tastes like precooked, hard to eat Bacon.

Bagel and cream cheese was good, with two balls of cream cheese on the plate that you could spread yourself. Good sized balls of cream cheese.

2006 Sep 26
Ha.. we almost went there for brekky the Sunday before you but bailed at the last minute because their parking lot was so full. I've been once before and remember it being a decent place inside but the food was unmemorable.

2006 Sep 25
Saturday morning wasnt very busy, and I had Bacon & Eggs with Fresh Fruit. The bacon was good, the eggs were way underdone & really had no flavour, and where were the homefries?



2009 Oct 4
Fast service is not in my experience, I arrived there one night after being at work till midnight, got my table no problem and ordered up the steak and egg breakfast. I watch 3 tables fill up around me as I drank coffee, 2 of those table eat, paid and were refilled before I even saw my waitress again. And when I asked about my food she took 10 mins to find out they hadn't even started it yet but they put it on right away. 90 mins and they hadn't even started cooking the steak and eggs. I asked for the bill as I would find somewhere else to eat, so she brought me the the bill, for the entire meal that they hadn't even cooked yet, even the manager came over and insisted I pay the entire bill, and only backed off and settled for payment for the coffee when I told him not to call the cops like he was saying he would and grab the 4 cops that were standing outside the door.

Worse service I have ever seen, backed up by the worst management I ever encountered, as for the food, if it ever gets cooked I'm sure it would be good, they certainly take enough time to prep it.

**the experienced users are claiming my experience to be questionable, LOL, I shared what happened and they basically call me liar, just pray you don't get the waitress I had. I usually hit 3 or 4 places a week, and just found this site this morning, but obviously people only want to hear about good and wonderful experiences, honest opinions are obviously frowned upon, so this will be my only post to your site.

2007 Sep 20
Home fries are of the deep fried variety but come with diced green pepper and onions which add a nice touch. Endless coffee, quick service. Not a bad spot for a late night breakfast after you've hit the town.



2016 Sep 2
I visited again with my wife a few weeks ago, since this place is in our neighbourhood and we really want to love it. Alas, this breakfast is just a ripoff now. The prices keep going up and the quality hasn't kept pace.

$9.95 for a standard breakfast: 2 eggs, 3 bacon, home fries, toast, small OJ, coffee. I paid $0.50 extra to get rye bread as the regular sliced bread makes me sad. The home fries aren't as tasty as they used to be and I think we're done.

For the best basic egg breakfast in town we'll continue to go to Kal's Place and for the cheap-eats version we'll choose Al's Diner.

2015 May 29
I've been twice since my last visit, and the home fries have changed for the worse. They are no longer ripple-cut and both times they were undercooked on the inside and blackened in parts on the outside. For an expensive breakfast, this is not good.

2014 Apr 23
Took this photo at breakfast today! This is the Breakfast Combo for $9.95. Two eggs, two bacon, two sausage, home fries with onion, baked beans, two toasts, coffee (with refills), and orange juice.

It's just really well done. Everything is tasty. I think I'm back to calling this the best standard breakfast in town again, but certainly not the cheapest. The sausages aren't as good as those at Kal's Place, but everything else is a little better, right down to the coffee.

2012 Mar 3
Prices have gone up a little and the quality has suffered a little, making this place no longer the best breakfast in town. It's still way above average though, and those homefries are still magical.

2011 Sep 3
I'm posting this pic (with permission) from twitter.com/cestboncooking because I thought it was particularly appetizing. It shows the more usual bacon (not extra crispy like I always request) and I like the idea of getting the potatoes on a separate plate! [EDIT: it turns out this is a side order of homefries, ordered separately.]

2009 Sep 4
I go to Ralph's every Sunday...and while not every Sunday is identical, I can say that I believe it to be the best bacon and eggs in the city. Now..the homefries are sub-par, and the beans are about average....but the bacon and eggs can't be touched! Farm fresh eggs are notably tastier than regular eggs....I love their coffee too!

2006 Sep 23
Here it is, baby! Again, the bacon isn't this crispy unless you ask for it that way. I was so excited that I dug into it before taking the photo -- hence the scoop taken out of the ketchup pile. ;-)

2006 Sep 17
Not the cheapest or biggest egg breakfast in town but quite possibly the best. Cooking this stuff isn't rocket science but it's amazing how many places screw it up. Here the quality is always good. The homefries have a bit of diced onion and the bacon is top notch (I specify "crispy" when ordering).



2008 Mar 16
went in on a sunday afternoon and it was a short wait and was a little bit busy. Was given coffee and promptly and ordered food after 5 minutes. We ordered the specials and combo from the menu. After 45 minutes of waiting, they told us that the poached egg for the benedict would take a while. After an hour of waiting for our food, we got upset as they started serving people that had come in 15 minutes after us. We left after they served the table of 6 poached eggs that had come in 30 minutes after us. This was very rude and they did not apologize but only stated that it takes a long time to poach an egg. It does not take an hour and 15 minutes of waiting to poach an egg. Service was horrible and the food did not look apetizing. The washrooms were dirty. Would not recommend this place to anybody. We are respectable and were well dressed, either the waitress or staff were racist or incompetent. I do not know why they provided such terrible service. If you want to wait an hour and 15 minutes or more to get breakfast...this would be the place. We are never going back.



2010 Oct 20
The best thing on the menu at John's is their three cheese omelet. Actually, it's not on the menu. It appears as a special from time to time. And if you ask Suzie (one of the waitresses) if they have all the ingredients, she'll convince Peter (the chef) to whip one up, even if it's not the special of the day. Yu-um! It's gently melted cheddar, mozza and jack cheese wrapped in a fluffy tortilla of eggs, accompanied by the usual - beans, potatoes and toast. I always preferred it with rye toast, personally.

2006 Dec 29
Wifey had the "Combination," which is identical to the "Gigantic" but without pancakes. Well, not really identical because it seems like they gave her more beans and hash browns to fill the plate. She agreed that Ralph's makes a better breakfast.

We also agreed that if we lived in Westboro (walking distance from John's) instead of where we are now (walking distance from Ralph's), then we'd probably come back for breakfast. Something without streaky bacon though. :-)

2006 Dec 29
Here's my "Gigantic" meal:

Eggs - okay
Toast - okay
Hash browns - good taste but kind of dry
Beans - good but very small portion
Ham - good quality but a bit sweet
Sausage - good
Bacon - awful (so fatty that I had to leave a piece untouched, and I never do that! You can see the piece with lots of white in the photo...)
Pancakes - excellent!

Eggs, toast, bacon, and hash browns (the staples for me) weren't quite as good as my gold standard (Ralph's Diner Ralph & Sons). Pancakes were possibly the best I've had at an Ottawa restaurant.

2006 Dec 16
I LOVE breakfast at John's, best I've found in the city so far! Boyfriend and I wandered into this place one day and have become regulars - it is our fave for breakfast.

Breakfast platters come with hashbrowns AND beans AND thick-sliced toast (gotta love a place that adds the beans!).

Eggs are always cooked perfectly, (not too runny, not too hard for over easy, not too dry, not too wet for scrambled)

Bacon very good quality also cooked perfectly (crisp, but not too overdone).

Hashbrowns are real potatoes chunks, not deep-fried nuggets.

Peameal bacon breakfast platter available - 3 big slices on the platter!

Will post pic ASAP.

2007 Feb 24
I wasn't too hungry. So, I ordered the Classics egg favourites which includes 2 sunny side eggs, hash browns, 3 buttermilk pancakes and sausage (or bacon). I think it is a good deal for $6.89.



2007 Feb 25
What happened to the Grillman?

Having a busy day yesterday we decided to do quick and basic for breakfast this morning. Broadways was full so we headed for the Grillman, having not been there for a while.

First disappointment was how tired the restaurant interior now looks. Dusty cobwebs in the pot lights, chipped formica everywhere, peeling seats. But since they do a good breakfast I was willing to overlook these things.

Coffee (which was good) was prompt and the service was great up until the cheque, which required me to eventually get up and put my coat on…nothing…walking over to waiter on the phone and making eye contact….nothing, and finally having to actually ask him for it. At that point he made his way over to our section and after giving some folks menus and taking someone else’s order he managed to give it up. I should note here that when we arrived the restaurant was not busy, nor was there any threat of that happening anytime soon; but by the time we left it looked like the after-church-crowd was arriving so we missed the heavy time.

As for the food. Its pretty hard to screw up breakfast but it can be done. It arrived with breathtaking quickness for sure, but this was after staring at the menu that was vaguely reminiscent of Cora’s except their prices were higher.

I’m not too sure what you can do to bagel-yoghurt-cantaloupe-and coffee to warrant a $10.50 price tag but I wasn’t about to find out. So I settled for their basic bacon-eggs-potatoes-beans-toast. Tasty enough and not bad value considering the bacon was of the see-thru commercial cut variety and the nondescript beans could have been missing and I wouldn’t have noticed. Why do they bother? What we both received was a thick gelatinous goop with few beans in it. The potatoes were your basic garden variety and I’m not too sure what level of acquaintance their toaster has with bread, but it was a short relationship with mine. Barely toasted and then the jam/pb/marmalade pkgs were heaped on top. Yum. Why do restaurants do this? At the very least they could put them on the side.

For $4. more my partner ordered the Hearty version of my breakfast. Barely justified, the extras included 2 sausages and one and a half pieces of sliced packaged sandwich ham thrown onto the griddle to heat up. They may want to rethink this one.

While standing waiting for said waiter to get off the phone (see above), I was able to notice an unused salad bar standing in the middle of the floor. I recall bringing friends to the Grillman for breakfast/brunch and the salad bar was always an option. Today it just looked like an old forgotten relic, all covered up with plastic, waiting, perhaps, for dinner?

All in all, I wont be back for breakfast. There is far too much competition out there for my breakfast dollar these days and if you cant do it right I will vote with my feet.



2007 Sep 30
Sorry - I just can't get down with the fried mashed potatoes instead of homefries. I've tried to like this place, but there's much better value and food out there as far as breakfasts are concerned. The 24-hour breakfast special used to be ~$4 and it's probably twice that these days.

This restaurants thrives on it's reputation and location (OK the poutine is good, I'll give them that)


2007 Sep 25
Retro 50's style diner on Beechwood. Seating is limited inside, and I agree with the comment of the small booths. The good thing is the service is quick and the breakfast special is quite inexpensive(~$4).


2007 Sep 25
Great breakfast spot. Eggs cooked perfectly to order and home fries of the pan-fried variety. Price is above average at ~$6.50 but the quick and friendly service makes up for it.



2008 Oct 27
Stopped in here for the Weekend Breakfast. Had the standard Bacon & Eggs Breakfast. Ordered my Eggs Sunnyside, Bacon, and Brown Toast. Everything was tasty... eggs were perfectly done, bacon cooked thru and yet good and crispy.

As others have said the Hashbrown Potatoes here have to laced with drugs... they are super tasty and very very addictive... bits of onion and a hint of garlic. Crispy on the outside, smooth on the inside. You can't get much better than this.

As always the place was packed... if you go for breakfast on the weekend, expect a wait. Singles or doubles though can sometimes find a space to mosey up to at the bar. Service was good, fresh coffee was offered and refilled often. A great start to a weekend morning.

2007 Sep 25
The home fries here are incredible. Vegetarians beware - I heard the home fries are deep fried first, then pan-fried in a mixture of garlic butter, onions and chicken broth.


2010 Apr 28
And monty, don't forget the classic waitress calling everyone "honey" even if she doesn't know them ;-) love it

2007 Sep 25
This restaurant is textbook greasy spoon. Small dingy diner on Dalhousie with a very cheap satisfying breakfast and friendly service.

There's certainly an interesting crowd of people here late at night, those who have been will know what I mean :)

Not to be confused with Mello's Coffee Shop on Merivale.


2007 Sep 16
My wife and I used to go here a lot when we lived in that area. Great service and a dependable no-nonsense breakfast.

2007 Sep 16
This is a great little greasy spoon tucked away in a strip mall on Merivale. Style-wise it is reminiscent of a 60's diner and the clientele tend to be on the older side - which gives the place a special old-school charm. The lady at the cash gives me a funny look everytime I step in, almost like I've discovered their secret breakfast paradise and I'm intruding upon it.

Your typical 'breakfast special' can be had for < $4 taxes-in, including tea or coffee. Service is lightning fast and very friendly.



2007 Sep 2
Was so excited today as my financee and I were taking my daughter to a restaurant we both loved and talked about so much-Baker Street Cafe. Well, I guess I should`t have as things did not go so well and basically I was made to feel like the bad guy for complaining. The first disappointment was that there were no more cinninamon buns, oh well we could live with that as I did not need the calories anyway. We waited and waited and noticed that others that came in after us were now served. When I called the server over, she hastly told me that ours was in the cue and would be up soon. I would also like to add that while I was waiting , our server was over folding napkins for a very long time. As you can imagine, when the food did come it was yes, at no surprise dirt cold. As I assumed that this would happen, I checked my food before she left my table and asked her to take not only mine but all three of our`s back. With an attitude she did so and brought back what was probably the same plates with hot potatoes and not nuch more hot. We sucked it up and ate the food expecting the server to appologise. Ooops, wrong idea on our behalf. All we received was mor attitude, plates rushed away and a very cold treatment. Well, you imagine the rest of the story. I paid, no tip and proceeded to tell the server that her customer skills were lacking. She then proceeded to tell me that it was not their fault and the food was OK. Her father was the cook and owner and did all they could. I told her that other places would have taken something off the bill as a gesture of good will and welcome me back. Aparently they did not have a microwave to heat up the food, so they must have tried other magical things.We have so enjoyed our other times at this restaurant,but it certainlt has left a bad taste in our mouth.

2007 Aug 6
A very standard "big breakfast" here. The eggs were nicely done. Toast was fine. Bacon was so-so. Potatoes were not good at all -- overdone, dry, and without flavour (ketchup is mandatory). They were also kind enough to give me the over-fried crumbs of potato from the bottom of the fryer basket (bleh). Jam packets were served in a separate bowl rather than thrown on top of the food like some other places do.

Pancakes were excellent. Fluffy and tasty -- possibly from a mix but good in spite (because?) of it.

A nice assortment of fresh fruit is an admirable part of this meal. Not the ripest most flavourful fruit I've ever had but they still deserve credit for bothering.

Coffee is not included and costs an extra $1.75, making the total charge about $10. This is a huge meal and could very well be the only thing you need to eat all day. They do have less gluttonous options on the menu!



2009 May 18
I ate here today for breakfast!

I had the wake up call and a large chocolate milk!

2 eggs - over easy - were perfect!

Ham was a little thin for my liking, but great taste all the same.

Toast was nice and thick! The home fries come with onions, but I asked for them without onions - it was no problem!

They came unseasoned and hot with no onions. They were amazing! I think I liked them better without the seasoning!!!

My meal came to about 8 something before tip!
Service was fantastic and helpful.

Ohhh and I had a bite of blueberry pancake which was delicious! We were a group of seven and they gave us a nice big table so we could all sit together:)


2007 May 2
I do understand the "theory" behind such an action, I just think its a little old school. :)

My main point was, was that they could probably offer a special between the original and the hearty. I found that having all of this information to process first thing in the morning (no special for my appetite, ordering sides to buff out my breakfast, 2 dollars more after x oclock) is a little overwhelming. Of course ymmv.

Like I said, thank goodness their coffee is good. A definite draw for me in the morning.

2007 Apr 28
Just a note to explain why restaurants charge more for breakfast after a certain time. It's because you're taking up a seat that *could* be filled with someone ordering a fully priced non-breakfast meal. So it makes sense but of course doesn't make it less annoying -- especially if you're there 10 minutes after the switchover time! ;-)

2007 Apr 28
Went for b&e breakfast this morning at this location. Typical strip mall restaurant decor and service. And while they do serve breakfast all day, I do think it a titch arrogant to charge $2. more for the same food after a certain time.

Their lunch and dinner menu's are surprisingly extensive, but if you are of a mind for something other than the standard choices for breakfast, go elsewhere.

I was feeling somewhere between their "Original Breakfast" @ $3.99 and their "Hearty Breakfast" @ $6.99. They offer nothing in between, so I checked out their sides. And just about snorted coffee out of my nose. For 3 pieces of bacon it is an additional 3 bucks! For 5 or so pieces of potato, 2 bucks! Now I know why they charge $3.99 for the Original.

All in all there was nothing wrong with the food, just the portion size. 2 small eggs, 2.5 slices bacon, 5 little pieces potato and a slice of toast.

I must mention too that their coffee is very good.


2007 Apr 26
This is what I got one day after ordering a Big Breakfast. Hadnt had one in years...now I know why.



2008 Dec 21
I can see the charm and appeal of this little wife and husband diner. Breakfast prices are average, but the quality of the standard breakfast items is not exceptional.

I went for the combo breakfast: eggs, home fries, bacon, egg, sausage, and toast. The eggs were perfectly done to order (over medium). I thought the home fries were quite nice (as LauraN said, "more potato, less fry") although they weren't to my wife's taste at all. The ham and sausage aren't worth having, and the bacon was fine but not stellar.

I'd go back if I lived in the neighbourhood and could walk there, but if I have to drive there are plenty of superior breakfasts to be had elsewhere.

2007 Mar 14
I eat this at least once or twice a month and really enjoy it. Their bacon is consistently crispy, but if you like it softer just ask and they'll do that too. By default it's crispy though and just done right. And his miss ratio on the over-easy eggs is very low (i.e. you almost never get them over-hard.)


2009 Jul 6
We were here fairly recently and it was the same food as always. If you go here expecting Cora's, check the price tag of both places and then check your expectations at the door. You get what you pay for, and what you are paying for here is, very respectfully, an average "greasy spoon". Same as just about any other low-priced place I'd ever been to : Fil's, Ada's, Mello's - the list goes on and on.

Will I be back? You bet I will! We eat here several times a year and have yet to be disappointed, since we set our expectations accordingly.

BTW if you want something more like Cora's, try their home made waffles. But warning : you'll pay for them! They are quite fantastic.

2009 Jul 6
New User 1378 - Tip for future reference, you'll notice that the last Reviews for this Vendor were from 2007... it might have been worthwhile asking in the FORUM Pages if anyone had been recently (or had other suggestions for the same general area of town) before you visited.

2009 Jul 6
Saw this place here - thought I would try it. A "Cora" - it ain't!

Eggs were over cooked. I would give it a *1/2 out of 4.




2013 Nov 30
Really good breakfast with all the usual items. Very good bacon and sausage. They also have excellent omelets and make their own sauce for the eggs Benedict. Really friendly staff and a nice family environment



2011 Nov 8
Switched it up a little this time with the Breakfast Special:

* Over-easy eggs
* Sausages
* White toast

The eggs were perfectly cooked. The sausages were butterflied for quick cooking, but still kind of mushy tasting. I prefer the bacon and will revert to that on my next visit.

The white toast is nicer than the brown toast. However, next time I'll try asking for the brown toast well done and see what happens.

I overheard other diners asking for onions with their potatoes. Will do that next time too!

This place is a perfect blast-from-the-past diner in every respect. Even though this was only my second visit I was clearly recognized as a repeat customer.

2011 Nov 1
Pictured here, the Breakfast Special for $5.95 includes:

* Coffee or tea, one refill. I had coffee.
* 2 Eggs. I chose scrambled this time.
* Home fried potatoes.
* Choice of meat. I went with bacon, extra crispy.
* Choice of toast. Brown for me.

Quality was standard diner style. The most remarkable thing about the whole meal is how non-greasy everything was. Even the bacon was almost dry. I think this is mostly a good thing.

The coffee is normal diner stuff.
The scrambled egg was fine, but more like an omelette.
The potatoes were really good and in generous supply!
The bacon was well-crisped as ordered and quite tasty. 4 slices!
The toast was fairly thick, but not toasted enough for me. I'll ask for well done toast next time. I'm becoming a toast snob thanks to the Dualit I have at home now. ;-)

Anyway, happy to have this not far from my work place. I'll be checking it out for lunch one day too!