Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Reynold Restaurant
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Reynold Restaurant
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2013 Apr 14
Went here yesterday and used a Groupon. I had the liver which sadly, was somewhat burnt. Also, I ordered it with bacon and onions and only got the onions but to be fair, when this was pointed out,the waitress immediately offered to get some. The fries were good, the corn a bit water-logged. Also, if you are ordering this, the liver comes swimming in gravy so if you don't like it that way, make sure you order accordingly. Hubby had the club sandwich which he thought was only so-so. His biggest beef with it was the "floppy" toast and a less than generous serving of chicken, although it was real chicken, not the processed stuff. The service was great - very friendly. We have a Groupon left and will use it to try their breakfast.


2012 Feb 16
I brought the family here after a hearty recommendation from a salesperson at an Esprit store.

Service was warm and friendly, with extra care given in silencing the expletive-laced conversations of the regulars for the benefit of our kids' ears. ;-)

There's a kids' menu including waffles but they turned out to be commercial toaster waffles -- my daughter loved them.

Bacon was really nicely done and the potatoes are the pan-fried not deep-fried variety.

The restaurant was surprisingly empty, possibly since we were there at noon and they raise breakfast prices by $1 after 11:30.

Service and food are right where they should be for this place!

2010 Jan 23
BF and I went here for breakfast this morning around 11:30 (which is miraculously early for us considering we both work bar jobs).

It was quite busy when we got there, but there were a few tables available. My dad had taken me here before, it is quite a blue-collar establishment during the week.

Service was great, seems like a family-run place.

Breakfast was just fabulous. I had sunny-side up (sorry for the low quality pic - blackberry was all I had) - which were cooked to perfection, not slimy but still hot.

I was given the choice of home fries with or without onions and I always choose without. When they came I was happily surprised to see they were actually fried potatoes - my favourite! I can't stand deep-fried home fries. I wolfed them down quite quickly.

Toast came on a separate plate - choice of brown, white or rye.

Breakfast came to just under 12 dollars for 2 breakfast specials - and it was worth it.

BF and I will definitely be returning.