An Ottawa based Family Restaurant and Sports Bar founded in 2006. Currently has 2 locations:

EAST = 900 Watters Road (corner of Trim)
WEST = 3050 Woodroffe Avenue (corner of Queensbury)

Jonny Canuck's
Foods from Jonny Canuck's

2013 Jan 12
My buddy being a big breakfast fan we tried Jonny's. The Danger Bay with it's three eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, and homefries was aptly titled with the word danger. Home fries were frozen from a bag needing seasoning and onions. Bacon,see through so it was hard to get any flavor,sausage from a box and the french toast was wonder Texas toast dipped in egg and milk,a little vanilla and cinnamon would have brought this dish to life well at least the substituted french toast. Really margarine instead of butter. Syrup of the faux variety. My buddy enjoyed it so I am guaging this must be the norm for breakfast at chain restaurants. On the bright side the eggs were ok. Guess this is why I'm not a breakfst fan in Ottawa.

2012 May 3
Visited New Jonny Canuck's last week and again Tuesday evening. Lots of large TV's, great for watching any and all sports. New items on the menu including Mussels which looked really good. We just dropped in for a drink and did not eat this time. Choice of wines was good and lots of beer. Will definately be back.

2011 Jul 30
Barrhaven location is a joke.... They serisouly need to hire new staff that are excited to serve and get rid of the older girls that seem to have no desire to be in the business anymore....Everytime I have gone in there and yes it has been multiple times as there isnt much in Barrhaven I have had the worst service, I do not go in there with high expectations of actually getting a good server who likes her job... They are all either snotty and rude, or they look like they have better places to be than work... The manager really needs to consider firing all the servers there and hiring new girls who are actually excited to serve and feel the need to socialize with their customers for money, It has happened twice that service was so horrible I didnt leave a cent extra for the server and I do normally do that.... would not recommend this place to anyone unless all they wanted was a beer

2009 Dec 31
We usually eat at this restaurant about 4-6 times a month. Our last visit we sat at a table that enabled us to see inside the kitchen. The cooks were not wearing aprons or gloves, they had no hair nets and one of the cooks handled french fries with his bare hands.Tossing cooked fries onto customers plates. They were coughing without covering their mouths. It was not a site we wanted to see. It would be nice to see the owners take some actions on this, after all it's their reputation at stake, and please don't just add a wall or curtain!!This occured at the Watters location.

2009 Oct 25
We often end up at the Barrhaven location for drinks after an evening out or just to watch a game. Great TV's for watching a game or two. The evening staff is always willing to try to find a game we would like to watch. The service is always good, fast and very friendly. Great conversation. The food is always consistent, it's bar food after all. A better choice of wine than most bar and grills.

2009 Oct 23
okay, so it's not exactly the kinda place where you can impress that first date with yer perfect pronounciation of dishes originating from Umbria or Bouche du Rhone, or entrench yourself into the Barrhaven bourgeoisie by ordering that just-so must have bottle of Aussie Chardonnay, extolling the virtues of vitis vinifera...but hey, it's walking distance...and it's your own fault if you order the house plonk.
It's a sportsbar. And it's kid friendly around the dinner hour. Sad to admit, but these days that's a "thumbs up" for a guy who's moved to the suburbs and relies on packed 77's to get home at a decent hour.
If you order wings, ask for half hot/half honey mustard (the sauces mixed together). It's not on the menu, but a friendly server once suggested it. You'll have about a 40% chance that they won't be cold. If they're not cold, they're awesome.
Can't suggest much else, other than leave your foodie badge at the door and enjoy yourself. Someday folks will enshrine crappy bar food much like the nostalgia that exists today for greasy diner offerings.
And for some reason the conversations end up being great.

2008 Nov 22
Met some friends here last week for drinks and quick bite after being out for the evening. My glass of wine was ok (nothing special on the menu here). We ordered some Chicken Nachos, I have to say they were absolutely awful. Seems to be a sort of "hang out" in Barrhaven for a younger crowd... probably because they have longer hours than most spots (close at 2:00 AM). Overall not the best experience.

2008 Aug 31
Finally had an excuse to check this place out... dropped in here for a "cold one" with my sports buddies after a recent work out. Service was friendly and welcoming.

As MUhrblock noted in his review (June 10, 2008) the biggest hang-up with this place is the decor. They did very little in the way of renovations after the last tenant, just a few big screen tvs hanging on freshly painted walls. It's hard to get past the thought that this place isn't still the Terra Grill. It just looks and feels too much like a sit down restaurant vs a sports bar.

2008 Jun 10
I visited the new Johnny Canuck's in Barrhaven last night. As mentioned, this location is in the former location of Terra Grill and Austin City Grill. While I never visited Austin City, the decor has changed very little since Terra Grill so if you ever visited there, it will feel familiar. It has the same setup, and all the same tables etc. The only difference is the LCD TVs that have been added to the walls.

I went for a bite and a beer with a buddy of mine and on Monday to Wednesday they have half-price appetizers. We ordered a few standard things; nachos, chicken wings, potato skins and mini-burgers. The service was prompt and friendly. The food, however, was just adequate. Nothing too special, and since we were sitting by the kitchen door, we could see everything coming out to the other tables. Nothing came out that I thought, 'wow, that looks good.' No complaints, since you can't beat half-price apps but I am not sure I would return for a meal.

It seems to me that this could be a great spot to watch sports except the bar area is so small. There are only three or four high-top tables and then the rest of the restaurant is more of a traditional sit-down affair. I am not sure how that will affect them but it almost seems that they are trying to hit both markets; the sit-down family restaurant and the sports bar scene. Perhaps the split will work out fine, as it clearly has for them in Orleans.

2008 Jun 4
My Barrhaven Buddies tell me that Johnny Canuck's is now open. This newest Sports Bar & Grill is operating out of the space that was shortly occupied by Austin City Grill after the demise of Terra Grill.



2008 Nov 22
Chicken Nachos

We ordered the chicken nachos, they come with the dark & light nacho chips. Toppings were the standard mix of things. Nothing new, interesting or tasty here. Might be the WORST nachos I've ever had.