Foods from Denny's

2013 May 29
My boyfriend wanted to go to the Merivale Denny's for old times' sake and this Denny's just renovated. Probably should have left it in "the old times" because we didn't have a pleasant experience. An unpleasant experience to add to our last two or three bad experiences at Denny's which made us stop frequenting this place to begin with.

The renovations weren't extensive. They just removed the yucky carpets and made the restaurant smaller (back area and bar area are gone). The cute aquarium is also gone.

My favorite burger, the Western Burger, is no longer on the menu. They also changed the fountain drinks and the Cherry Cherry Limeade was missing. I got a quesadilla and requested no peppers, as it tends to be too spicy for me if they add the jalapenos.

There was maybe two other customers in there at the time and it was a really long wait.

My quesadilla came with no pico de gallo at all. At places like Mucho Burrito, the jalapenos are added separately so if you prefer you can have the pico de gallo without the burn. In the distant past at Denny's they would also do this for me, because there really isn't much left in the tortilla without the pico the gallo. My quesadilla this time was a hollow-ish shell with over-melted cheese, tiny bits of chicken and a lot of onion. So disappointing, especially for the price.

Upon leaving we found out that a coupon we were hoping to use had ultra fine print clause that made it invalid on our meal. Obviously we should have been more careful but this is where I felt tricked: A quesadilla is now considered an appetizer and not a meal. It's huge, it's next to the dinner menu (not at the front with appetizers), and previously it was a regular item on their late night menu. It's also the same price as regular dishes! Not pleased. With the previous problems with (possibly drunk) servers this is really the nail in the coffin for us and we won't be going to Denny's unless our life depends on it.

2012 Aug 2
I do not know what they put in those pancake puppies to make them so addictive but i suspect the secret ingredient is crack and i would send them for forensic analysis but for my inability to not eat them all.

2012 Aug 1
There's a time and a place for Denny's and I usually get what I expect from it. I get sodium overload from the food every time so I try to avoid going, but when working night shifts, pulling all-nighters, or needing to chat with someone late at night it's the unassuming place for me to go.

The one thing that makes or breaks a Denny's for me is the service. We stopped going late at night (12-3am kind of late) to the Merivale location because of a couple of weird servers. This one same guy seemed kind of drunk (or just very very awkward) three times that we went late, and this other woman was always cloaked in a cloud of cigarette smell and didn't seem like she was taking her job seriously. I don't know if they've been replaced by now because I haven't felt like going back and potentially dealing with more awkwardness.

I miss the quesadillas, the burgers, the chicken salad, pancake puppies, and the sugary fountain drinks... my diet thanks me.

2009 Oct 8
lumberjack slam @ denny's. after clubbing the night away and pumped from the loud music, body slamming and good sexy times, the saddest part is deciding where next to go as the club lights come on and the fantasy and allure of the nightlight switches off. you pile out and you're desperate for hangover breakfast... well this time we were in the mood for a full breakfast and somehow made it to denny's. meh, it was ok but complete. if we could have stayed up for a few more hours for better fare at broadway's to open, we would of.

2009 Sep 2
Snoopy Loopy - there's always a time and a place for the Denny's buffalo chicken sandwich with hashbrowns, extra hot sauce and a side of ranch dressing, and it usually resembles something straight out of Harold & Kumar.

2009 Sep 2
Denny's Meat Lover's breakfast at 3 am after a long hard night out is pretty delicious if I recall correctly... memory could be a bit hazy :)

2009 Sep 2
My ultimate team came here on Sunday after finishing tenth in the league. It was a decision between here and Broadway's and Denny's won because it was closer to where people needed to go.

We got there around 1:30, and there was a ten minute wait. We were a table of nine. Orders were placed quickly, and were received fairly promptly.

I had the grand slam. There was nothing grand about it. The sausage was more filler than sausage and the egg didn't taste like egg. Nor did the cheese that was in the egg. The potatoes were grated and fried and not at all flavourful.

And, all for more than what you'd pay at Elgin Street Diner.

Unimpressed I was, and not without reason, though I do recognize that this was Denny's.

A good reminder why I never go to chain breakfast places...