Foods from Hamie's Diner

2007 Feb 11
I had the eggs benedict for a late breakfast. The poached eggs were cooked competently, and the flavour of the home fries was relatively tasty. Unfortunately the Hollandaise was very thin and had little flavour. The ham on the english muffins was...ok. The potatoes could have been fried longer, and arrived somewhat cold.

All in all other places have done it better.

As an aside, the boothes are a very tight squeeze for four, and should come with a warning to ensure you all keep your elbows in.


2007 Sep 25
Retro 50's style diner on Beechwood. Seating is limited inside, and I agree with the comment of the small booths. The good thing is the service is quick and the breakfast special is quite inexpensive(~$4).