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Le Restaurant Barbe
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2011 Sep 6
Unfortunately, I don't seem to have a picture of my food (even though I thought I took one?...)

Anyways, girlfriend and I went here on the weekend. I was looking forward to it cause I was hoping it was going to be one of those places that don't look like much but make great food. Unfortunately, we didn't really get great food.

We both ordered the Barbe breakfast. From memory, it had 3 eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, homefries, beans, slice of tourtiere, jam (seemed to be homemade), and some sort of tomato relish (homedame as well I think) and toast. Certainly tons of variety! I kind of feel bad saying it wasn't great food cause it seemed to be all homecooked stuff. The eggs were really overcooked (brown). The homefries were very bland. The type that are parboiled and fried on the griddle. I usually love this if they are fried with some falvourful fat(butter). Unfortunately, these just tasted like warmed up boiled potato cubes. But improved when I added some salt. Beans also lacking flavour. No hint of sweetness or pork fat flavour. Pretty much the same comment for the tourtiere and the homemade relish, ...bland. The pastry for the tourtiere was pretty good but meat filling didn't really seem to have much seasoning. I was hoping for a nice sour bite to the relish but it just tasted like stewed tomatoes :-\ I did however like the jam, wasn't too sweet. The meat was good. Bacon slightly crispy, sausage not too greasy and the ham was pretty thick and tasty. I'm all for a big plate filled with tons of stuff but it kinda has to taste good for it to mean something. I certainly didn't go looking for a gourmet meal. I was just hoping for a big greasy plate of tasty food, and for the most part didn't get it :-(

The service was very friendly. Our waitress was actually anglophone but spoke french very well (we are bilingual). We were overcharged $10 at the cash. We only noticed after we paid. We made note of it and they gave us back the $10, so it's all good :-)

2011 May 24
To finish off my wonderful, gluttony filled Victoria day weekend, the lady and I went to Le restaurant Barbe for breakfast.

This really is a special restaurant. The food is consistent, prices are fair and this establishment is older then confederation. There is little placard explaining this on the inside of the restaurant. If there is any place in Ottawa to get authentic Canadian food, this is the place. Their tourtier is phenomenal.

As a 100% anglophone, I often feel a bit weird at Barbe. Although all the servers speak English, every time they return to the table, they speak french. Seems like I have to remind them 3-4 times a sitting that "I don't understand a word you are saying". But I suppose that is my ignorance for not knowing one of Canada's official languages.

Sorry for the off colour blackberry photos they do not do the food any justice.

I opted for my usual "Helene", which is 3 eggs, toast, beans in lard, sausage, bacon, a slab of ham and homemade jam. A meal fit for a man. If you are really gung ho, try the "barbe". Same as the above, but it comes with 4 eggs, more sausage, cretons, a slice of tourtier and I think it may even come with a pancake. I have tackled that before!

The bacon and egg breakfast is good. It is fast, and they are not skimpy with quantities. The bacon is thick, the ham is tasty and the sausage is not maple leaf! It’s a real sausage, not that ‘bangers and mash” type stuff. They also have crepes and other creations which are similar to Cora type dishes, with lots of fruit and such. Much better then Cora's if you ask me.

2011 May 24
Amanda had a western Omlett. She enjoyed it very much. The jam is especially yummy, as it is homemade and you can taste the fact that it is. I highly reccomend this place for breakfast or even a real Canadian lunch.

Our bill for these two plates of food plus unlimited coffee was about 20 dollars. It’s not the cheapest greasy spoon, but this place has character and they are generous with portions. And check this out! They now open at 3 am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I reckon this is to draw the pub goers from Hull when the bars close. Barbe is licensed, so I wonder if they are able to serve booze at 3 am? Another tid bit of information: they are only open for breakfast and lunch. They close at 2 pm.

Anyways, check out this place for a nice greasy spoon experience. I for one love to boycott Cora’s (since the quality there has gone down exponentially), and thus I patronize Barbe in Vieux-Hull. It helps that I live right around the corner. hahaha


2010 Oct 9
Well, service is very good and so is the
food. Nothing fancy but always tasty. The reason
why I keep going back? Service and of course
the dessert...pouding chomeur...a must! Makes
me wanna go there right now. YUMMY!!! :)


2008 Sep 13
Just my choice for best greasy spoon bacon and egg in the region.