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A classic Québecois fast food treat. French fries topped with squeaky cheese curds and piping hot gravy.

Poutine at La Pataterie Hulloise
Poutine at The Koven
Poutine at Chips and Dairy Fast Food
Poutine at Fitz's Fries
Poutine at Elgin Street Diner
Poutine at Burgers n' Fries Forever
Poutine at The Koven
Poutine at Burgers n' Fries Forever
Poutine at The Brig Pub
Poutine at Bob Patate
Poutine at Starfries
Poutine at St-Albert Cheese Co-op
Poutine at St-Albert Cheese Co-op
Poutine at Le Foubrac
Poutine at The Corny Dog
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Joey's Urban
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at The Bacon Factory
Poutine at Elgin Street Diner
Poutine at Patty's Pub
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium
Poutine at JP's Crispy Fries
Poutine at Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium
Poutine at Taters
Poutine at World Burger
Poutine at Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium
Poutine at Absinthe Café Resto Bar
Poutine at Crispy Spring Roll
Poutine at Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium
Poutine at JP's Crispy Fries
Poutine at Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium
Poutine at Taters
Poutine at Taters
Poutine at Taters
Poutine at Taters
Poutine at Taters
Poutine at Vanier Snack Shack
Poutine at Crispy Chips
Poutine at Bidding's Fries
Poutine at Zolas Restaurant
Poutine at The Poutine Queen
Poutine at TV's Fries
Poutine at S&G Fries
Poutine at S&G Fries
Poutine at Bexx Eatery
Poutine at Jack's Chipwagon
Poutine at The Sweet Potato
Poutine at Jack's Chipwagon
Poutine at New York Fries
Poutine at Crispy Chips
Poutine at Crispy Chips
Poutine at Terra Grill
Poutine at Crispy Chips
Poutine at Crispy Chips
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Burgers n' Fries Forever · The Koven · Pong's Poutine · Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium · JP's Crispy Fries (Baseline near Clyde) · Le Foubrac · Absinthe Café Resto Bar · B & B Chip Truck (Bank & Cooper) · Abides West-African Restaurant · Bidding's Fries · Bob Patate · Lou Patate · Capitol Burger · Little Bear Express · Zolas Restaurant · Le Twist · TV's Fries · Milano Pizzeria · Spuds Potato Bar and Poutinerie · St-Albert Cheese Co-op · Taters · Fitz's Fries · The Brig Pub · Kim's · The Corny Dog · Law & Orders · Joey's Urban · The Bacon Factory · La Patata Glacée (Aylmer) · Starfries · World Burger · Crispy Spring Roll · Patty's Pub · Betty's Chips · Vanier Snack Shack · The SmoQue Shack · Double Decker Diner and Dairy Bar · S&G Fries · Summerhays · The Hot Potato · Terra Grill · Frenchie's Chip Wagon · Nate's Deli Express · Spuds (124 Osgoode) · Sasha's Poutine · Mellos Restaurant · Heart and Crown (Market) · Crispy Chips (Hunt Club at Merivale) · La Pataterie Hulloise · New York Fries · Lick's · Elgin Street Diner · The Works (All locations) · Glen's Chip Wagon · Basmati · Bexx Eatery · Sweet Rosie's Food Emporium · Smoke's Poutinerie · Farbs Kitchen and Wine Bar · Hintonburger · Garlic Corner · Jack's Chipwagon · The Poutine Queen · Golden Fries Chip Wagon · Grace O'Malley's (Merivale) · The Sweet Potato · Chips and Dairy Fast Food · Brasseurs du Temps · King's Pizza · Famous Frenchy's · Broadway Bar & Grill

2016 May 7
@Poutine Fest - 1 General Tso Poutine and 1 traditional. Both were tasty but the traditional was my preference. Forget the names of the vendors


2018 Mar 25
I had that same poutine at the beginning of February when it was the poutine week special. I found the chicken to be completely un-spicy to the point of being bland. The fried part fell right off the meat, and the lack of spice coupled with the white gravy made for a filling but unsatisfying meal. It's designed to be a good combination but they really need to figure out what real hot chicken tastes like before releasing it to the public. Although, perhaps the title "Not Hot Poutine" makes more sense now? (It makes no sense)

2018 Mar 24
The Nashville's Not Hot Poutine ($12) at the Dalhousie location was over the top! It's much like the Spicy Bird I had last time, except the fried chicken is spicy, there's no samurai mayo, and they use a white gravy instead of the traditional brown kind. This is the special of the month for March only so don't expect to see it again for a while.

The chicken and fries were excellent as always but I found the white gravy was too rich for a poutine. I expected there to be some brown gravy in there too but there was none. It made an excellent lunch nonetheless but I'll go back to the Spicy Bird as my go-to poutine there.

2018 Feb 11
The Spicy Bird (around $12) is described as Handcut fries, crispy fried chicken, pickles, samurai mayo, St. Albert's cheese curds, and veggie gravy.

Amazing! Certainly one of the better specialty poutines I've ever had. The chicken is juicy white meat, in generous quantity, and with a nice crunchy coating. The spicy mayo has a nice kick to it and the pickles go really well with the whole thing. I had the Regular size and was absolutely stuffed. The Large ($18) would be a feast for two.


2018 Nov 17
I can vouch for the medium ("rock") size Cheesus Krist Poutine ($10) being an incredible feast.

The more I visit The Koven the more I love it. It's the sort of quirky unique restaurant that you expect in a larger, less conservative city than Ottawa. Next time a visitor accuses you of living in a boring place take them here! 🤘

2018 Mar 10
The small ("punk size") Cheesus Krist poutine ($8) was epic! This is a normal poutine with gravy and cheese curds, but with an extra load of Brie chunks, sliced Cheddar, and powdered Parmesan. Cheese lovers rejoice!

I was happy to see that it was reasonably busy at lunch on a Friday. Tasty food and thrash metal are a mighty appealing combo!


2016 May 19
Crispy Chicken and Bacon Poutine (plus sriracha). In case you needed a reminder that they're open for the 2016 season! :-)

2015 Oct 18
General Tso's Poutine at the poutine fest. This was a delicious mess. The chicken was remarkably crunchy despite its bath of sauces and the curd to fry ratio was particularly impressive. Great deal for $8, hope to try more from them.

2015 Oct 9
Crispy chicken and bacon poutine with Sriracha from a couple weeks ago. Love to see them so busy here towards the end of the season!

2015 Aug 11
This week they have the Porky's Revenge poutine, with sausage, hot dog, and bacon topping. Epic and delicious!

2015 Jul 21
This week's special, the Breakfast Poutine with egg done to order, smokey bacon, and sausage patty. Very tasty!

2015 Jul 10
Came here after drooling over all the other pics and reviews, so time to share my own.

Ordered the regular poutine, and it was good stuff-- enjoyed the different take on fries, which were thinner and crispier (aka sog-resistant) than the usual standard chip truck fare. Super generous with the curds, too. If I had one complaint, it's that the curds were still pretty cold and didn't melt in all that smoothly along the top. In the middle, though, it was glorious.

If this truck was closer to me, I'd probably make it my regular spot, but alas.

2015 May 7
FF's pics of Pong's offerings are so enticing, I just had to try.

Chili poutine.

Not too shabby. Lots of toppings. The fries seemed to be between shoestring and regular size. Unique.

Massive portion had me on the couch for an afternoon nap.

2014 Nov 19
Hungry Pete, I did eat all these poutines... albeit on separate occasions. They have a different specialty poutine each week.

Last week's was a Chili poutine. The chili was one of the best I've ever had -- lots of meat, a few beans, excellent spice. But I didn't take a photo because it looked like a pile of gloop.

2014 Nov 5
You did eat all those yourself didn't you?

2014 Nov 5
I'd just like to thank you, Fresh Foodie, for rendering my nice healthy salad for lunch utterly worthless with your poutinography.



2014 Sep 9
Tried the Nacho Libre poutine during Big D's last week at the semi-permanent location in Stittsville.

Starting next Monday, September 15th, they will be truly mobile, announcing their location daily via Twitter and Facebook.

They are now offering a reduced "Special Events" menu. One-size poutine for $8.

2014 Jun 23
I'm not sure if I should comment on FFs ability/metabolism to put away poutine, or coney island poutine. I picked up the small while getting my car sprayed today. The poutine was very good - big fries which hold up to the toppings. The chili was very nice - I wouldn't mind a bit more spice, but it was tasty enough without it. The small was HUGE. I can't imagine an individual eating more. I am not a small person - I was/still am stuffed. I am looking forward to trying some of their other toppings. They also have a buy 5 get one free card for hot dogs/gourmet poutine.

2014 Jun 11
After watching the OttawaFoodie TV video, I had to try the Coney Island Poutine. Absolutely fantastic! I got a small, which turned out to be the perfect size for me to eat without any discomfort whatsoever.

Big D told me again how he makes his sauces and toppings from scratch. While I forked my way through this pile of fries, Coney Island meat sauce, curds, onions, and mustard, there were times that I felt like I was eating homemade roasted potatoes with delicious stew. This is unusually real food to get from a chip truck.

2014 Apr 3
I started the season with another Kicked Up Mac poutine. Prices have risen slightly: $7 big, $8 bigger, $10 family. I opted for the "bigger" and it was positively massive. Really, way too much for me. But I ate it all anyway.

Big D will be at PoutineFest this month, for those of you who would rather stand in line than go out to Stittsville! :D

PoutineFest deets: www.sparksstreetmall.com

2013 Oct 29
I never need to eat again! The Kicked Up Mac poutine -- a mountain of fries, curds, gravy, Kraft Dinner, and jalapeno cheese sauce -- was pure genius.

This place is like the best hangover food ever, 7 days a week. And Big D is one standup guy.

2013 Oct 16
I shied away from ordering a Large Classic Poutine after Big D told me it weighed 2 pounds. The Medium ($5.50) proved to be extremely filling.

This isn't the best classic poutine in town but it's probably the best value. The boxes (and fries and gravy, for that matter) are similar to Smoke's Poutinerie but the prices are lower. And it's still pretty good!

Next time I'd probably try the "Scotty Dog" (smoked meat, bacon, ham, jalapeno cheese sauce) or "Le Montreal" (smoked meat, sauerkraut, spicy mustard, diced onions) or "Kicked up Mac" (KD, jalapeno cheese sauce).

If you want to try them but don't want to come out to Stittsville, Big D's will be at the Ottawa Poutinefest on Sparks Street November 15-17: www.sparksstreetmall.com



2014 Aug 29
The fries have that magical crispy quality that is hard to come by. Still one of the very best poutines in town in my books.

2013 Oct 22
Yes, they're frozen fries and they're positively drowning in gravy now, but it's still a tasty poutine with lots of curds. I couldn't believe the size of this Small ($5.50). Honestly, after opening the lid I'm pretty sure I couldn't have closed it again. It's pressurized poutine! :P


2016 Aug 4
A bit salty but oh very satisfying poutine with warm sauce and chewy cheese curds!


2014 Jan 19
Crummy iPhone photo of the benevolent burger with poutine and Caesar salad sides. For your consideration. :)

2014 Jan 19
Can I go out on a limb and name the poutine at Absinthe best alternative poutine in Ottawa? Ok it's painfully rich, served with mushrooms and bacon, and it's a SIDE to a delicious BURGER!? But it is super satisfying and I think I like it better than my previous favorite alternative poutine, the Murray Street spaetzle poutine. Thoughts??

PS - For reference, my favorite classic poutine is a tie - stand beside the Dom, stand at Bank and Sunnyside, and Mellos, although its been a while since I've had any of the three.

2012 Sep 5
This was a slightly above average poutine. Probably the best available near Stittsville, lots of business from the chip truck savvy pickup truck crowd. Prices are good here.

2017 Feb 5
Their poutine is very traditional: well-browned fries with squeaky cheese curds layered throughout that held their shape and didn't melt, even at the bottom of the container. Pictured is a large serving which, with a can of pop, cost $9.00. Worth it and oh so delicious!


2012 Aug 11
The most addictive, fattening and satisfying poutine ever. Dieters: BEWARE! You will be addicted and your waistline will never forgive you...



2012 Aug 3
We had lunch here yesterday and it was possibly the best poutine we have ever had! We all loved it and really recommend this chip wagon. Definitly the best chip wagon in east of Ottawa if not all of Ottawa. They have a chicken finger poutine that is to die for, i had never tried it before but when i did wow it was delicious. And they plan to be open all year round!!!! Sweet!!!



2012 Jul 31
Bcheese, if not for the pic, I might be inclined to believe you.

2012 Jul 30
Zola's shills: please don't force me to compensate for these overly positive reviews by posting my own review of the dismal breakfast I had at Zola's a couple months ago. ;-(

2012 Jul 30
Amazing, delicious and unique poutine making Zola's porchetta poutine my favorite and number 1 choice in ottawa.

2012 Jul 29
Zolas Porchetta Poutine topped with a fried egg is truly unbelievably unique and one of the best in Ottawa...Yummay!!



2012 May 23
While not the best poutine I've had in town, this one was definitely up there. The Large was stupidly large... really, I have no business eating more than a medium here. The gravy and cheese were good, my only issue is with the fries. The insides had a bit of a funny dryish creamy texture, almost like mashed potato. That's probably a plus for some people but I prefer my poutine fries to have moist innards.

2011 Nov 10
Milano at Iris and Baster has one of the best poutine's in Ottawa. They don't use cheese curds but there is something about that gravy. Decent fries too. This Poutine is the best from this Milano's location. I have tried it from each location in Ottawa, however the gravy is never the same as at Iris and Baxter.

2012 Jan 9
Had a small poutine which was MASSIVE that had pulled pork, bbq sauce, gravy and cheese curds. The fries were good! poutine had a bit too much gravy for my liking tho, but thats just preference.Pulled pork was not fantastic.Staff was super friendly!! All together i liked the experience, except for at the next table there was (who i was assuming to be the owner) having a meeting with a manager, and they were arguing and speaking loudly about store issues. that kinda ruined it for me.i will be going back eventually tho!

2016 Sep 2
This was the "St-Albert" Poutine: a normal poutine with ground beef, onions, and green peppers. Super tasty! A perfect meal for $6.99.

2016 Sep 2
There is an order-at-the-counter-we-bring-it-to-you restaurant on site that specializes in various poutines but also offers sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, etc. My daughter was pleased to be able to get a hot dog *without* cheese. ;-)

The poutine is pretty decent with great fries, unmemorable gravy, and excellent cheese curds (as one would hope). Lots of squeak and not melted beyond recognition.

$5.99 for a pretty generous plate.


2014 Apr 30
Open for the season in the same location! This is likely still the best classic poutine in the west end of town. The medium, pictured here, makes for a hearty snack or a light (haha) meal.

Noticed that they have a wider than usual variety of condiments on their counter, including Nando's Medium piri-piri sauce. That would be fantastic on a burger!

2013 Sep 27
The quality is still going strong here! Beautiful fries, generous curds, tasty gravy. The large is still huge. The fries now seem to be lightly pre-salted, meaning the gravy could push you beyond your sodium comfort zone. I loved them anyway though.

2013 Aug 12
Read all the good reviews and decided that since it is only 10 mins away from my work I would go try the poutine at Taters today. I found that taste-wise that the poutine was pretty good. The fries, cheese, gravy ratio was perfect and the fries were nice and crisp. I did find that the poutine had a little bit of a powdery/gritty texture to it. I don't know if that was from the gravy or if the potatoes weren't rinsed enough. Regardless, the flavor was great, so I will have the poutine again, and hopefully the grit was a one time occurrence. Size-wise I found that the difference between the medium and large was substantial so I stuck with the medium since I figured I could finish that.

Overall, was very impressed with the flavours and the cost. I will definitely be back to try some other items on the menu and to try the poutine again!

2013 Jul 18
I can't believe I ate the whooooole thing! :O

Surely my poutine-hungry liver from last night's food and drink crawl Forum - Any interest in Wellington food crawl in July? Maybe 3rd week? is a valid excuse for inhaling this giant tray of gooey goodness. At $6.75 for this Large, it is probably the best dollar per forkful poutine value in town. And the quality is very high too.

It really is too big though, so I think next time will see me getting Small/Medium poutine with a hot dog or something like that.

Taters continues to impress!

2013 Jul 9
Cheese for days.

2013 Jul 9
Went to Taters with the family today at lunch after reeding the positive reviews on OF.

This is the best Poutine in Kanata, by far. Lots of curds, really good gravy and the fries are crisp. Ordered a medium and it was the perfect size for me. My 17 year old ordered the large and couldn't finish it...which is a first for him.

Will definitely be back, and I can see all the folks from our office in Kanata starting to frequent this place.

2013 Jul 5
Finally visited this new place today after the discussions in Forum - Taters in Kanata.

The poutine is very good, possibly the best in Kanata! I won't gush quite so much as gottalovefood did, but the fries, cheese curds, and gravy are all as they should be. There was a small puddle of gravy left in my cup and the curds might be a little skimpy for those accustomed to the JP's/Crispy Chips portions.

My only real complaint is that the small is tiny, the medium is small, and the large is massive. At $5.25 the scant medium is a bit of a rip while the large is well priced at $6.75. Guess I just have to get the large next time! :D

The guy at the window was friendly and efficient. Customers were mostly construction dudes at noon on Friday. Watch out for the mountain in the middle of the road on the way in!

2018 Jul 29
This was a pretty good poutine. The fries weren't as crispy as I like but the gravy was decent and the cheese was in very good supply. They load cheese and gravy in as they build it up so there's lots of goo in there.

This was a Large for $8. If you're sharing with someone else you will need the Family size for $12.

I had a bite of my wife's burger and it was really good! Lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, pickle.

2017 Dec 7
The Duck Confit Poutine ($14) was exactly as it should be: excellent fries, lots of tender duck leg, generous gooey cheese curds, and a nice meaty gravy. It was easily enough for my lunch although our server mentioned that she didn't remember it being so big. Highly recommended!

2016 May 23
Here is the Bacon Me Crazy poutine, personal size. There are 2 sizes larger than this. I believe they are the Family and the Warby.

The fries were perfect. Just the right thickness that when they're cooked they get nice and brown on the ends and have a good crunch.

2016 Feb 19
They have a number of specialty poutines on the regular menu, as well as a special limited time option. The special (until the end of February I was told) is the Stroganoff Poutine. A base of regular poutine is topped with tender strands of slow cooked beef, a rich dark gravy, and sour cream. Yum!

The Large (around $11) was most satisfying as a meal. Monkey not included.

2015 Jul 8
Wednesdays the Bacon Factory has $5 poutine and based on my understanding of economics and poutine, this seemed worth trying. Also, I work across the street.

Nice portion for $5. Fries were good and curds were curds but the gravy was heavily spiced with what seemed like thyme/herbs and had a underlying tomato flavour which I found unappealing.

Underwhelming but I will return to try other offerings including the $12 pitchers.

2016 Sep 15
The fries here are pretty unique. Crispy on the outside and downright fluffy on the inside; best when eaten right away.

This small poutine ($5.50) was very nice. The gravy wasn't particularly flavourful but I guess that means you get to taste the fries and curds. I saw a lady dumping salt and pepper on her poutine while I waited for mine. I quietly judged her for this but then realized later that she was right. :-)

2014 Apr 8
The poutine was excellent for a burger joint. Not quite chip truck quality but totally worth ordering. The small for $4.49 was generous as an accompaniment to a burger.

The fries are presalted, which makes for a verrry salty poutine. Not bad for a saltaholic like me, but worth considering if that isn't your thing.

My wife loved the fries here, declaring them to be better than Five Guys, but I think I prefer the extra grease of Five Guys.

2013 Nov 4
This picture is from May 2013. The poutine was very good--the potatoes being of especially great quality. Recommended if for some reason you don't want the Vietnamese food here. :P

2015 Jun 10
Great poutine mostly due to the very crisp fresh cut fries. Cheese was plentiful and the gravy was also delicious -could be a mushroom gravy. If you like crispy fries this is a poutine for you! Forgot to mention this was at Patty's Pub.

2013 May 4
The search is over. This is by far the tastiest poutine we we have tried yet in Ottawa. Bit of a drive but worth it. The fries are a smaller cut yet something about the oil makes you crave them. I didn't detect much salt on the fries and it certainly was not needed.This is the first time in a while that some squeak has come from a curd:) The gravey is dark with visible herbs,rich without an overpowering saltiness. The medium left me wanting more. The positioning of the curd a bit different. Curd on the very bottom,fries and gravy then an ice cream scoop compacts more curd into the fries with a final drizzling of that magical gravy puts this compacted poutine above the rest.






2011 Nov 10
This is one of the better poutine's in Ottawa. I'd say it is probably my number 4 favorite.

2011 Oct 29
It's been years since I had poutine from S&G so it was high time to try them again! I picked up a "Regular" for $8.50 and brought it home to share with the fam as part of a nutritious lunch. ;-)

This is very classic poutine -- softish brown fries, dark brown salty gravy, and good sized cheese curds. The potatoes have an unusual tang to them. Maybe they have more Vitamin C than usual. Haha.. healthy!

This might be the most authentic poutine in town but it is not the best in my opinion. The magical crispy chips, sumptuous gravy, and generous curds of Crispy Chips and JP's Crispy Fries trump what I had here.

2011 Aug 1
I do not personally seek out poutine as a snack. But recently I was in the position of searching out the best place in town so that our 6 visiting European relatives could have that full Canadian culinary experience.

Darling Son says the best place in town is S and G Fries. He nailed it.

Being very healthy eaters, they weren't looking to go at this dish every day but they were very glad they tried and would happily go at it again. Though one dropped out early. She is super focused on eating well and won't be pursuing any kind of poutine again. There is no such dish in their home country.

Thank you S and G Fries for giving my Danes one more Canadian experience on their visit to Ottawa.

2010 Aug 6
I occasionally drop by for a poutine when I am in the area shopping at Produce Depot. I love how their gravy is slightly herbed and their cheese curds are big! They offer 3 sizes: mini, regular, and family size. Their titles are a little deceiving however, as the "mini" poutine is HUGE! Its more like a medium or large. I wish they offered a smaller size as I could never finish a "mini" by myself; I also don't like to spend $6-7 on something I can't finish. The place could use a bit of work; the food is passed to you through this small window and honestly, it makes it feel like a jailcell O.O!

Overall it is a good place to eat, although I still prefer to eat at the Fryz Guyz :)

2010 May 15
Yesterday my son had me stopping at S & G Fries for a poutine for him and a friend. They dug into the regular-size with glee. Both were pretty pleased with their lunch. My son has been there before a few times and swears it is the best in Ottawa. His friend says it is a very close second to the Blooming Onion. I got the small fry as usual but can say that from the 'Mom Tax' I took, the poutine is a hit and no one should be disappointed.

The fries are nicely done. You get a lot of curds (St. Albert). And the gravy is piping hot.

If you want to read the review on my blog and see pictures: ottawafood.blogspot.com

2009 Feb 5
Hands down the Best Poutine in Ottawa! Always a generous amount of delicious, squeeky cheese curds. The fries are made with real potatoes and not the crispy coated synthetic french fries. Brown gravy instead of the orange chicken gravy you sometimes get. The actual chip stand itself could use a little work, but I'm willing to overlook it because the poutine is so darn tasty!

2008 Jun 10
After finding out Perogies Takeout closes at 5pm on Mondays, my woman was pretty down. So I had to think quick, had to find a place to take her for dinner. Then it dawned on me, S&G Fries was just up ahead (just like the cartoons where the hero with the great idea has a light bulb appear above his head). So I made a quick right turn off Carling, because my idea came to me seconds before the entrance. We got out of the car and started making our way towards the chip wagon, greeting the annoying seagulls with a "shoo shoo". I also noticed their "Voted Best Poutine By The New RO Viewers" poster...why is it still up? New RO changed to The A-Channel in the summer of 2005. Should you be allowed to keep up Food Awards like that one, if it’s out dated? Anyways we checked out the Value Combo menu and got what we wanted; the food was so-so except for the server being on the phone the whole time... what’s up with that? (this is where I do the laser beam sound effect)

2007 Nov 6
S&G has my vote for best poutine in Ottawa. The fries are fresh and somewhat soggy, there is an abundance of cheese curds and the sauce is gently herbed and spiced and always piping hot! A delicious and addictive combination!

2007 Oct 6
The fries here are pretty good, so the other night I thought I'd get poutine. When I checked the menu, I was disappointed to see they use grated mozzarella instead of cheese curds.


2007 Sep 22
So good. If you are ever out in Embrun for some reason (lol) try some Poutine at The Hot Potato! Perfectly crispy but tender french fries, tasty gravy with a good consistency and the right amount of curds. Yum!


2007 May 23
This identical dish (Balderson, duck, frites) was on the Elgin Freehouse menu when it opened. Same chef? Coincidence? Blatant ripoff?

2007 May 16
@ terra grill for duck poutine which was composed of duck meat on fries, mushroom au jus, and balderson cheese. a very nice touch of class! definite reorder on future visits.


2007 Mar 12
I never used to be a big poutine fan but unfortunately for me my wife is. And with these guys practically in front of my house I guess I have become a fan as well over the last few years.


2007 May 8
I went by today to try the poutine and was totally floored by how good it was. The gravy had herbs and spices (not sure which ones but it tastes lovely). The ratio of fries/cheese/gravy is perfect. No cheeseless bites! No dry fries!

Best of all it's a block away from my work...or maybe that's worst of all.


2010 Jan 25
My friends and I call this place "Fry Nazi", because it is so damn good that you'll put up with the scowling service, and eventually you will love that too. Their gravy (brown) is good quality, and they use possibly refrigerated cheese curds (not too squeaky but otherwise pass the test), plus the fries are very good. Add some mustard and green olives on top (this is a strangely amazing combination), and you have an excellent late night snack for after the bar.


2006 Oct 2
Everything about this poutine was average. The fries were okay (not crispy or tasty enough to be great), the cheese curds were okay (insufficiently squeaky), and the gravy was okay (a touch powdery). I didn't regret ordering it, but I wasn't exactly thrilled either.


2012 Oct 4
stopped by a couple times this summer and would agree their fries have changed slightly. Ken V mentioned a thinner cut, but when i compare photos the fries look the same size. they are, however, noticeably crispier and not as 'fluffy' as they used to be.

don't get me wrong - this is still a very solid poutine with tasty gravy and a good curd:fries ratio - but i really hope they didn't jump the shark and start cutting corners on fry prep or choice of potato...

2010 Apr 17
My boyfriend is a poutine/french fry connoisseur, and while I tend not to indulge often, having tasted the glory of LaFleur's poutine out of Montreal, I am pretty critical of what Ottawa has to offer.

Crispy Chips good. Really good. "The connoisseur" claims it to be the best he's ever had, and I have to say this one ranks high on my list as well.

I've tasted their poutine from the Hunt Club/Merivale location a couple times this year, and was very impressed; the gravy had a great taste, the fries were (as the name suggests) crispy, but not overly so, and they don't skimp on the cheese curds which is often a problem elsewhere. I've only tried it once from the Value Village spot, but I was equally impressed.

Clog your hearts out friends, this place is worth it.

2010 Feb 8
Pigurd (RFD? lol) - yes, they usually close up shop for the winter.

2010 Feb 8
this is only open beginning of march?

2008 Nov 20
Fresh Foodie took me here on a recent visit to Bytowne and I'm very happy to be able to post a OF comment after two years of abstinence.

Great fries, perfect gravy with enough flavour but not too heavy, and curds, curds, curds. After my dear bro and family, this poutine would be the next best reason to move back to Ottawa.

2008 Jun 7
Had a poutine today at JP's and it was good as usual. There was loads of cheese curds, almost as much cheese as fries in the box! The fries seemed a but on the crispy side compared to normal, but were still quite tasty.

2007 May 29
But sssshhhhhh.... let's stop promoting it. The lunch hour line-ups are getting too long! ;-)

2007 May 28
Like pizza is to the Newport Restaurant, poutine is to JP's! This little clogged artery piece of heaven is poutine fantasia. I LOVE JP's poutine, best anywhere, period.

2007 May 23
My favourite Poutine in town. Lots of cheese curds and a nice light gravy.

2006 Nov 22
Back to the standard Medium Poutine. We just had to go twice in one month, seeing as they close for the winter on Dec 1. I had my real camera with me this time so the picture looks phenomenal at full resolution -- great desktop wallpaper! ;-)

If you love poutine you owe it to yourself to try this place!



Feb 23
Had to try this legendary poutine. I have to say poutine hits different on the North side of the Ottawa River. The clock is a Pepsi clock, only Pepsi products are served and the staff wore an array of footwear- steel toe construction boots, crocs and adidas. There was a line and the guy in crocs was seen a few times bringing fresh cut potatoes for the fryer. Ordered the small poutine and it checked all the boxes. Squeaky St. Albert curds which are the gold standard in these parts, crispy fresh cut fries and hot tasty gravy in a place with an atmosphere you wouldn’t expect a couple of kilometres from the peace tower.

2007 Jul 19
I lived within walking distance of this place for about 20 years and I've eaten their food about 5 times or less. In contrast, I eat poutine an average of twice a week or more.

A lot of people like La Pataterie, but I don't. Something about their gravy and cheese just doesn't sit right with me, it reminds me of the cheap junky poutine they serve in pizza joints. You can get a better poutine from most chip wagons for cheaper than this!


2011 Nov 10
One of the worst poutine's ever. Definitely enjoy the comment below that 'bad poutine is better than no poutine' but really...it's terrible.

2010 Mar 26
NYF poutine. just okay. shared with movie date @ cineplex odeon. spike it with roasted garlic and chili flakes.

interestingly new yorkers don't know poutine.

pros: it is a quebec delicacy. comfort food if you need emotional regulation by the wrong way.

potential ramifications: poutine phartz.

2006 Oct 27
I have this more often than I should considering it really doesn't compare favourably with good chip-wagon poutine. But it's often the best choice in a mall food court.

New York Fries poutine is just okay. The fries are all right, the cheese curds are scant, and the gravy has a strong beefy flavour that isn't quite traditional. Still, bad poutine is better than no poutine! :)


2006 Oct 2
The fries at Lick's are nothing special. They use grated cheese for their poutine instead of curds. But what really gets my goat is that this poutine is expensive!



2018 Jul 14
Late night indulging on a bacon and onion poutine at ESD. I understand there is controversy but I personally enjoy their poutine. Sure, it's not an every day poutine but they have great fries and they really don't skimp on the portion and toppings. This was $12.99 and easily satisfied two very hungry people

2015 Jun 28
Is there anything else on the menu!?
As a fan of shoestring fries I enjoy the fries here and the generous portion is adequate to soak up certain preferred beverages. Being open at all hours is also a plus. All in all just an average poutine that I would never eat sober.

2011 Nov 10
One of the grossest poutine's around. a disgrace to poutine...but when it's the only thing open at 4 a.m..what else can you do? lol

2010 Jul 20
The only time I eat it is when drunk.
I do like the fact it is vegetarian.
It is very salty and the fries are way too thin for my liking.

2008 Mar 13
Love it because it is VEGETARIAN! That's right, apparently it's a mushroom based gravy!

2007 Oct 6
The poutine here is way too salty and I find it has an aftertaste. The fries are often limp and get soggy too fast.

2007 Jul 19
I'm a hardcore poutine nut, and every time I go to ESD (at the request of my not-so-French spouse), I order the poutine; not because I enjoy it, but because I forgot how lame it was the last time.

Their fries are just too small and shriveled to adequately serve as a vessel for the gravy and cheese. If only they'd cut them twice bigger, it would be pretty darn decent.

2006 Oct 24
I had an underwhelming smoked meat poutine last Friday. The meat was not the problem (fairly average yet tasty), but the poutine itself just wasn't up to snuff. The skinny fries were off-putting, and it didn't feel like there were enough cheese curds. Still, where else is an inebriated person going to get poutine after midnight?

2006 Sep 27
I like it thin and salty - you can better eat it with a knife and fork. The gimmicky experimentation also kind of charms me. But really it's just the fact that they celebrate poutine and give it special billing on the menu that urges me to celebrate alongside. I think my fave for the actual food is the light blue fry truck that parks(ed) along Slater near Kent and Bank Streets.

2006 Sep 27
Count me in that camp too. I found it way too salty (and I like salt) and with the skinny little fries it's nothing like real p'tin. But... it's still better than no poutine!!




2007 Nov 29
The poutine at the work's is good enough to be a meal in itself. With all that ooey gooey cheese. And that gravy! Delicious! And its vegetarian gravy. Which is great for me.

2008 May 11
Our regular truck near our house wasn't there today and my wife absolutely wanted a poutine fix for mother's day, so we went to Glen's. I like the long flat containers better than the narrow, deep ones that most other places have. There seemed to be more there as well. And to top it off, I do believe it was just a bit yummier than our regular (Frenchy's). I think the gravy is a bit better.

2011 Sep 8
Yup. Definitely the best poutine I've had in a long time. I loved the slight spice in the gravy. Very good service, too. The woman working at the time was pleasant and chatty. She brought out a little sauce cup of fries for our toddler to eat on his own (which worked out well because I didn't want to share the poutine. Ha!) Yum yum yum.

2011 Aug 12
Tried the poutine here again today and enjoyed it more than last time. There's nothing exceptional about the gravy but it's decent. The cheese curds are in moderate quantity. And as I've said before the fries here are great! Andrea0102 reminded me not to eat the fork, which was very helpful. :P

Stittsville and Kanata have traditionally suffered from a lack of great poutine. I believe Bexx Eatery now offers the best option in that area.

2011 Jul 27
My first visit to a chip truck mandates that I order the gold standard. After seeing other people's Medium poutines, I realized that I would need to get a Large. As you can see, this large is sized more like a typical medium (although my pic makes it look smaller than it really is). Oh well, smaller portions smaller waistlines right? ;-)

The fries here are excellent! Soft and brown, with a crispy exterior -- perfectly done for those who like them this way. The cheese curds were good. The ratios of fries, cheese, and gravy were well planned and the ingredients appropriately layered. My only disappointment was with the gravy, which I found to have a slightly plasticky taste. However, I gave some to a coworker to try and he didn't taste any plastic. Anyway, there's something in there that didn't work for me.

I will probably try it again just to see if this was a one-off thing. Regardless, the fries are excellent and would be spectacular with ketchup and vinegar!

2011 Jul 18
One word - phenominal. Ive had poutine at various locations around the city. S&G Fries, MG chipwagon at Sunnyside, double decker bus in Manotick (winner of best chipwagon by CTV in 2010). But hands down, the poutine at Sweet Rosie's is the best in the city. I think they only serve the grill and fried foods just before, during and after lunch, and on weekdays only, but make the trip there for lunch, trust me its worth it.


2012 Jun 26
I tend to agree with the other posters, if you are looking for a traditional poutine then this is not the place for you.

However if like me you are in the market for something different then Smoke's fits the bill. Where else can you get pulled pork, bacon and sausage on a poutine?

I do recommend any of the poutines with the sausage, it is bursting with fennel and is just delicious. The portions are very large and a good bang for your buck.

2011 Aug 3
I was reminded of your comments, FF, when we had Smoke's for lunch on Monday.

And you're right on the money: the gravy is very heavy on the thyme.

This works out well for the dishes that pile the ingredients on top of the poutine, but not so well for just plain ol' poutine.

For my money, I'd usually prefer JP's or Crispy Chips, but sometimes a dude's gotta have bacon and caramelized onions on his poutine, you know?

2011 Jul 6
Being a big poutine fan, I've been wanting to try this place ever since it opened. Problem is, if I make my way to the Byward Market I'm usually eager to eat something that's more than a fast food snack!

Anyway, I tried a Small Traditional Poutine tonight and I was underwhelmed. The fries were nice and crispy (sounds like I was lucky) but the poutine-y ingredients were disappointing. The gravy was too herby, to the extent that its herbaceousness prevented any other flavour from coming through. And the curds were just dismal compared to the gold standard at JP's Crispy Fries and Crispy Chips.

In fact, if you find yourself tempted by Smoke's Poutinerie, go eat the Jerk Chicken Poutine at Island Flava next door. I wish I had.

I can see a market for Smoke's Poutinerie -- either tourists who just want to try poutine or for those who are interested in the quirky poutine variations offered here. It is not for poutine purists!


2011 May 27
Delicious poutine. Very fragrant with the mushrooms and caramelized onions. Hanger steak slices cooked rare (perfect), nice sweet and aromatic sauce lightly coating the dish. Not too much cheese or steak (would have preferred a bit more), not sure what cheese is used, not curds that's for sure. The potatoes were excellent.

$18 main

Very nice dining room, comfortable space. Good microbrews on tap, good wines (one very nice merlot from Washington state, Velvet Devil).




2011 Jun 27
I went to Jack's Chipwagon for the first time today to eat poutine, I was not disappointed. I got a small one, which was the perfect size for me. They pu just enough cheese and gravy on the fries. I would definitely go back.

2010 Aug 6
I really love their poutine. I frequently drop by and share a medium poutine with my husband. There's always just the right amount of gravy (for those who like lots of gravy, they offer FREE extra gravy on poutine). Unlike most other chip wagons I have been to that only put a full scoop of cheese on the top, "Jack's" put cheese curds both in the middle layer and on top. Very oishii(delicious/yummy) indeed!

2012 May 23
I also like caramelized onions in poutine and luckily an amazing creation is available at the Poutine Queen in Almonte. I head by here on the way to/from the cottage and a stop is guaranteed most times. There is of course fries and regular poutine, as well as burgers, etc, but the stand out for me is the specialty poutine. There is a turkey stuffing poutine, a chili poutine, and my favourite, the Burger n' Onion poutine. Diced hamburger patty and fried onions grace this poutine which features a very good gravy and, in my opinion, good fries. They look hand cut, are on the skinny side (which I like), dark, and hot. A large is a heart stopper and runs around $7. They also have fried pickle spears which I need to try next. The truck has moved and changed colour since it was first established. It is now a large, new, yellow trailer in the Esso parking lot at the West end of town, at the corner of Almonte Ave (county road 16) and Christian St (county road 11).




2011 Apr 19
The price has risen slightly ($5 small, $7 large) but they offer combo deals to ease the pain. This time I was really happy with the taste of the gravy! Honestly, I can't say whether it's me or the gravy that's changed since last time. Anyway, I don't believe I've had a better Poutine west of Merivale Road.

2010 Aug 31
This was a Small Poutine ($4.50). While not bad overall (I've had better curds and gravy at other places) the fries were really top-notch! I'm totally looking forward to eating more of them next time I go. Vinegar and ketchup FTW!


2018 Aug 6
Fries are crisp and stand up well to the gravy and they don't skimp on the curds. Gravy is your standard chip truck sorta gravy. They go heavy on the gravy so ask for half gravy to avoid a poutine soup...unless that's what you like!

They also make fine examples of Canadian Chinese food if you're into chicken balls, fried rice, spare ribs, etc.



2010 Jan 15
Blue Cheese Poutine.

'nuff said.

2010 Jan 14
There were 3 different specialty poutines on the menu, each ringing in at about 12 bucks which on the surface is a bit on the expensive side for this dish. One of my friends was unable to finish his huge portion so dumped a generous amount onto my plate. It was very different from any poutine I'd ever had before in that the gravy was some wonderful concoction with the same mesquite flavour that I was so fond of in my hamburger.

To. Die. For!

Really and truly! Definitely taking the wife and kids back here for poutine!






2006 Sep 4
The menu claimed it was large and... it was! I had a salad and a diminutive milkshake with it and was holding my gut together on the way out. Their poutine isn't quite chip wagon grade but is certainly good enough to order again!