Where to get Butter Chicken Poutine

2012 Jul 16
Had the butter chicken poutine on Sunday. It was not even close to what I was expecting. Normal fries, very very thin and bland butter chicken sauce, a few juicy pieces of chicken and curds added last. (It's my preference to add them before the sauce / gravy to encourage melting...). Anyways. The sauce was bland, the fries were average, and it was $10.30 for a plate of it!

Not going back here.

2012 Apr 14
I really enjoyed the butter chicken poutine. Not an authentic dish, of course, but the butter chicken had great flavour and the cheese and fries were wonderfully decadent additions. The veggie samosas were very good with a nice kick of heat. The service was fantastic.

2012 Mar 20
best butter chicken I've had - feels more tender and lighter than others I have tried (and I actually prefer eating vegetarian, so getting me to like butter chicken is actually quite a feat :-))

I'm not a huge fan of poutine, I prefer the butter chicken on rice...but I did get a sample of poutine and it was good.

This restaurant and owner was featured on CBC's All in a Day for their butter chicken poutine. I can't seem to share the link here but if you search on www.cbc.ca within allinaday, then "D is for butter chicken poutine" .