Café Du Petit India
727 Ch Riverside, La Peche, QC J0X 3G0
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Café du Petit India
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2012 Aug 15
Didn’t love this place.

My band played at the Blacksheep last Friday, and during set up time, I ventured to this indian place rather then eat the pub food at the blacksheep. The lady who worked there was really nice and friendly, a little over the top though. It was the end of the day and she didn’t have much left. She said she didn’t have any of her famous butter chicken left because she was saving it for a food critic who was popping in later that evening (little did she know… hehe). Funny thing is, she said this before I even asked for it.

So I said, “what do you have?” She had spinach and chicken curry, and channa masala left over. So I said, sure, lets do it. She gave me a discount (of 2 bucks – 8 instead of 10) because I’m in a band and “she always gives band members a discount”. Again, very nice lady, so I really wanted the food to be stellar.

The food was sitting in 3 different crockpots behind her, and she served up rice, chickpeas, the chicken curry and some yoghurt (raita). They were all luke warm (to the point where I questioned the food safety), the yogurt was room temperature (not refrigerated), and the rice (which I don’t think was even basmatti) was a bit soggy/mushy, and just not good. The currys, despite their temperature, were regrettably bland.

I guess I should have second guessed the place because there are big signs in the window saying “best food here”. I remember chef Ramsey chewing out someone on kitchen nightmares for doing that very thing.

All in all, I understand it was the end of the day, but, I would have preferred a burger and chips from the black sheep. I won’t be back, on account of the food, and also since I only find myself in Wakefield once a year or so.

2012 Mar 20
greetings the best butter chicken I have had is at Cafe du petit India (Wakefield, QC). Family restaurant, and the family's secret recipe is very different from others - lighter, yet rich and smooth tasting (no thick tomato paste texture). The chicken melts in your mouth, and the sauce and rice are divine. A lot of love and pride go into their work. They also have butter chicken poutine as well. Their vegetarian options are excellent, chickpea curry is nice, and their veggie samosas are amazing.

Small restaurant with view of lake (maybe only a handful of tables), but you feel like you are eating at their home.

2012 Jul 16
Had the butter chicken poutine on Sunday. It was not even close to what I was expecting. Normal fries, very very thin and bland butter chicken sauce, a few juicy pieces of chicken and curds added last. (It's my preference to add them before the sauce / gravy to encourage melting...). Anyways. The sauce was bland, the fries were average, and it was $10.30 for a plate of it!

Not going back here.

2012 Apr 14
I really enjoyed the butter chicken poutine. Not an authentic dish, of course, but the butter chicken had great flavour and the cheese and fries were wonderfully decadent additions. The veggie samosas were very good with a nice kick of heat. The service was fantastic.

2012 Mar 20
best butter chicken I've had - feels more tender and lighter than others I have tried (and I actually prefer eating vegetarian, so getting me to like butter chicken is actually quite a feat :-))

I'm not a huge fan of poutine, I prefer the butter chicken on rice...but I did get a sample of poutine and it was good.

This restaurant and owner was featured on CBC's All in a Day for their butter chicken poutine. I can't seem to share the link here but if you search on within allinaday, then "D is for butter chicken poutine" .

2012 Mar 20
really good butter chicken sauce - light, not too sticky, golden in colour, goes excellent with rice or poutine