Foods from Glen's Chip Wagon

2010 Jul 20
Oh Glen's Chip Wagon. What a horrible addiction I have for your fries.

I'm still not completely sold on the whole poutine thing yet, but I'm more for it than the whole malt vinegar thing.

They also serve burgers and sausages and they are generally a half-step below what you'd get from the street-meat vendors out in Toronto or even the few they allow on the streets here in Ottawa. But you go there for the fries, really.

Glen's wagon is out in front of the Canadian Tire out here in Kanata, and I usually make a weekly stop.

2009 Feb 19
Golden Turtle's review reminds me {because my SO frequents Glen's quite a bit}, he's off for February, but will be back in March. It's their annual holiday because it's just not worth it financially for them to stay open. He is, however open March to January, rain or snow.

2009 Feb 19
I'm not a fries all the time person they're a bit too heavy but if I am looking for that sort of thing and I'm within a few kilometers of it it's Glen's I will head towards.

The wagon or a variant of it has been on Richmond just past Kirkwood for something like 15 years give or take in front of what was until recently a Canadian Tire (now in the process of being demolished)

Shepody potatoes = great fries and like S & G they can stick in ketchup or salt and vinegar for you "halfway" if you like.

2008 May 11
Our regular truck near our house wasn't there today and my wife absolutely wanted a poutine fix for mother's day, so we went to Glen's. I like the long flat containers better than the narrow, deep ones that most other places have. There seemed to be more there as well. And to top it off, I do believe it was just a bit yummier than our regular (Frenchy's). I think the gravy is a bit better.