In the parking lot of the Canadian Tire by the Kanata Centrum.

Foods from Glen's French Fries

2012 Mar 28
Hi my name is Steve and I just had a medium fry on Monday March 26,2012 and today is Wednesday March the 28,2012 and just wanted to say they are the best in Ottawa for me.
The original Glen's Fries is the one on Richmond Road across from the old Canadian Tire(no longer there),Glen sold that to two guys,I think they might be brothers,They then opened a trailer with the name Glen's on it.It was first located on Carling and Churchill.It didn't do well so it was moved to the Canadian Tire parking lot in Kanata.The guys would alternate with each other one being at one while the other at the other for a week each.Now the original ship wagon has been sold to who I don't know cause I don't go there I'm living in Kanata now and not on the road any more.The one in Kanata is the only real Glen's left,so I was told and some times nether guy is there and girls running it,but when the guys are there they remember me.Glen himself use to come back once in a while a cook fries at the old fry wagon on Richmond Road to show he still cared.

2012 Mar 20
Hi: I'm Ken and live in Richmond, at least once a week I travel to Glen's French Fries.

Unfortunately, Glen has made some changes, he's increased prices. I can live with that BUT the quality of his fries has slipped badly. The last four trips to his wagon, the fries were so bad that I threw them out. To put it bluntly, they were tastless and as hard as rocks.

I take my fries seriously and will give Glen one more chance, then I'll go elsewhere.

Come on Glen!

2009 Sep 14
Hi Fresh Foodie

I am sure they taste much better. I have seen the difference of frying in lard vs. veg oil and it even looks tastier -but I personally don't like lard because I "try" to stick to a vegetarian diet.

Thanks for letting me know about the one at the Canadian saved me a trip as I have been eyeing that chip wagon lately. :(

BTW, Sikhs follow a completely vegetarian diet. Just thought I would add it to your list. :-)

2009 Sep 14
LWB, I have no reason to believe they are connected in any way. In this case the "see also" link is meant as "perhaps you were looking for this similarly named vendor."

MmmmJ, yes, they risk turning away vegetarians, Muslims and Jews. But the lard really does make a difference, and it's certainly no less healthy than shortening (which I'm sure some of the other awesome chip trucks use).

2009 Sep 14
I have been to the one in Westboro (across from the old Canadian Tire) and I am sure I would have asked them what kind of oil they use to fry their fries in. If I am not mistaken, I believe it is Vegetable Oil.

I would never have eaten them if I knew they were fried in lard.

2009 Sep 13
FF: Is this Glen's related to the one in Westboro, hence the "see also" link, or do they just have the same name?

I'm curious as to whether Glen's in Westboro uses Tenderflake as well.

Fries 3



2009 Nov 5
These are great! I'm not surprised they use lard--so did McDonald's until they succumbed to the hype. I only do fries rarely but might as well have the best. For the couple of times a year I indulge I want the best. And any oil heated high enough to deep fry is never healthy. Please treat deep fried foods with respect and as a treat! (But enjoy when you do!)

2009 Sep 12
These are the best chip wagon fries I've found in Ottawa! The secret to their delightful crispiness and magical flavour is that they fry in lard (Tenderflake, to be exact). I've been several times but learned this only during my last visit.

This isn't the place to have poutine because the gravy is just okay. Go for the plain fries with vinegar and ketchup!