Taters in Kanata [General]

2013 Jun 26
I recently tried the new chip wagon in kanata-taters, a couple times. At first I went when they had just opened, it was a little hectic-lots of people in line. The poutine was amazing; they reallly load the st.albert curd on. The second time I went I got a hamburger and my wife has a salmon burger, the hamburger was home made my only regret is that I didnt order bacon and cheese. Apparently they said the salmon burger is pure salmon no additives- it doesnt really look like anything but its delicous. I had a chance to go back and speak with the owner- young, beautiful woman, she works there 7 days a week! Really pours her heart into the place. Anyways, after talking with her, I thought I would leave a good review.. not just because shes very pleasant to speak too, but the food was really good and good prices

2013 Jun 26
Where in Kanata is it located?

2013 Jun 27
Looks like it's on Michael Cowpland Drive, behind the Shopper's Drug Mart on Eagleson.

I'll put it on my list of places to check out. ...because of the mention of generous curds and in spite of the somewhat creepy commentary!

[EDIT: Tried it! Taters]

2013 Jun 28
I've been to that truck before, but it was owned by an elderly Asian couple. Drove by on the way to wild wings last night and it has a new sign, so I'm guessing new owners. I'll have to try it out next week. Thanks for the heads up!

2013 Jun 29
"What's taters, Precious?"

2013 Jul 9
I also tried it today, and had the Deep Fried Pickles, thanks to the owner after we told her we were trying the Poutine out for the first time after reading some reviews online.

This is a really, really good chip truck. I've added some photos and comments to the vendor page and will definitely be back.

2013 Jul 12
I tried it out yesterday and enjoyed it.
I got a medium, thinking it would be a managable one-person. It was enough to feed two people (I still finished it *cough*).
My co-diners got the fried pickles ("Very good"), the sausage ("Excellent") and the poutine. My friend is picky about her gravy, so she didn't enjoy it overly much, pronouncing it average. She did comment about the large quantity of curds, however.

2013 Jul 12
collision, medium is enough for two?! :D You make me sound like an absolute glutton. I was actually hungry after my medium poutine. I'm getting a large next time!

Or did you mean the plain fries? Because those were positively massive in the medium format...

2013 Jul 13
Yeah, if there was one thing I'd say could use some work it would be the gravy. I found the medium Poutine to be the right size...but my 17 year old couldn't finish the large which is a first for him.

2013 Jul 13
FF, there's a BIG difference between the medium fry and the medium poutine!

The medium fry is basically a paper lunch bag filled to the top. They overfilled that bag more than Five Guys.

[edit] I didn't read the second part of your comment.

Yes. Yes it is. And I came within 10 fries of finishing it. I'm rather proud of that.

2013 Aug 3
Anyone know if they are open on Saturdays?

2013 Aug 3
Normally yes, but they are closed today (Aug 3). They will be open again tomorrow.

2013 Aug 4
FF, I'm pretty sure we are on allot of the same Facebook pages...