Foods from Heart and Crown

2014 May 25
It's a good place to go if you want to enjoy a few rounds with friends. I've only ever had their share plates (Nachos and the Pub Platter), which were good in the same way that all pub food is good when you've had a couple of drinks. The drink selection isn't vast, but they've got their bases covered. The service wasn't great, but every time I've been it's been pretty packed, so it's understandable that they're busy.

It's cheap and cheerful; go there to hang out in a pub, but don't expect haute cuisine.

2012 Dec 17
Date of Visit: December 5, 2012

The Heart and Crown is one of a group of twelve associated pubs, one of which is the Auld Dubliner Pub, reviewed by myself earlier this year. I seem to recall stopping by the place with my wife some years ago for a drink, but this is the first time I have ever visited for a bite to eat. The menu is typical pub fare, including burgers and a shepherd’s pie, but they also feature a Guinness beef stew and a ‘Chicken Curry with Chips’, which, interestingly, they describe as an ‘Irish Standard’. I rather wish, after sampling their steak, that I had chosen the curry instead…

The Steak: Rating 2 out of 5

I liked the pub itself, on the whole. It is the sort of place I like and I would be happy to make it a regular watering place if I lived locally. Unfortunately, I really was a bit put off by the meal I had and, while it would be unfair, to completely dismiss the kitchen offerings on the basis of one bad meal, I can’t say I am in a rush to go back there to eat any time soon. I would, maybe, like to try their Guinness Beef Stew sometime, but, at present, I can only hope that it will be bit better than this rather poor showing…

See full pictorial review here:

2012 Sep 23
Last night, I went here with some friends as a "Cancer sucks, so let's party" thing to raise my spirits. Coming here was a vast vast mistake. We arrived at 9, and the place was pretty full, so we waited until a table opened up, and we snagged it. Our table was right near the main bar, so we were seen by every waitress. After 20 minutes of sitting at the table, security came by to ask if we needed chairs, which we didn't so they removed. At this point, they were the only staff to even talk to us. After 45 minutes I went to the bar, to politely inquire if we had to come to bar to order or if we had a waitress. The manager I believe sent over a waitress to us, who gave us some menus and told us that in 15 minutes the kitchen was switching to snacks. She then left, and did not return for another 14 minutes (We timed it because we really wanted food). Finally we placed our orders, which was actually delivered quickly. I personally had their 20th aniversary beer which was nothing special, and their prime rib sliders.


Disgusting. The meat was dried out and flavourless. The onions were slimy and felt wrong in the mouth. The pretzel bread bun was likewise dry, and flavourless. Just tasted like a mouthful of crud.

While we were trying our food the band started playing. not to belittle them, but it was not good music. Also, it was so loud that the person sitting next to me couldn't hear me unless I shouted. We decided we had enough at that point. Trying to get our bills took another 20 minutes, where once again the waitress disappeared. Finally, we got them, got ready to pay, and shock, no server. We went to the bar to pay, explained we had no idea where our waitress was, and left no tip at all.

I will never go back here after the terrible service and food I recieved.

2009 Jun 2
yea, i agree as well, and am giving them an "overall" thumbs down for their beer selection.

2009 Jun 2
I agree with lady who brunches on the beer selection. Anywhere in the market is like that because Molson pays them not to carry anyone else!

2009 Jun 2
Came here last night with a handful (three, so many not a full handful) of friends.

Service was polite enough, but a bit fussy. We each ordered a variety of eats (dessert, dinner, appetizer) and drinks (beer, wine, tea, irish coffee) and the server seemed a bit inconvenienced by it.

My friend had the anjitos, which were tiny as all get out and there were only 4, for $8. It didn't seem like there was even $4 worth of ingredient involved, nor did they seem that complicated.

I had the nachoes (post-workout, and only veggies for lunch). The portion was huge, and rightly so for $13 (no meat). My only complaint with these is that there should be a side of salsa with them. I didn't ask, because I didn't want to be charged for it.

Friends had ricotta cheesecake to share and were content with it.

The beer selection is quite sad, even if there are 21 of them. It's just that they have 7 Keith's, 7 Canadian/American standards, a few European beers and some cider. So, cider it was.

I'm not here that often, so I don't mind it when I go, but it's not a place that I seek out...

2006 Oct 2
Everything about this poutine was average. The fries were okay (not crispy or tasty enough to be great), the cheese curds were okay (insufficiently squeaky), and the gravy was okay (a touch powdery). I didn't regret ordering it, but I wasn't exactly thrilled either.


2007 Mar 18
We have found that the Fish and Chips are consistently good here. The fish is moist and tender and the batter is crispy, just dense enough and not greasy. Mmmmm.