Foods from Garlic Corner


2010 May 26
Yeah. I had a similar experience about three months ago - fancy plates (for a Lebanese joint) and a nice spot to sit, but the food was a real disappointment.

Not sure I'd go 0/10 on the experience, but I recall being underwhelmed by the food and the selection of items included in the 'platter', and a similar tab of around $15 for lunch. Add a less-than-excellent service experience, and that's enough for me. I won't be visiting again.

Too expensive and not very good.

2010 May 26
Zero Hummus, Zero Tahini, Zero Eggplant, Zero Cauliflaur, Zero traditional shawarma condiments except the bad sauce, and the turnips I asked for.

In other words, Garlic Corner, Zero out of 10

It wasn't just mediocre, it was missing staple ingredients and just plain bad.

2010 May 26
The disappointing garlic sauce seems to run across most of Ottawa! :( Did you get deep fried cauliflower or hummus? +1 if you got hummus, but I've never liked that deep fried cauliflower stuff.

2010 May 26
After eating Shawarma here I am very sorry for my review of Shawarma Palace - in which I refer to it as over priced and mediocre. S-Palace isnít the best, but Garlic Corner is soo terrible - at least from my experience their two nights ago.

I had heard good things about this joint from a few friends of mine, and I have always walked by wondering how it was (but always heading for Maroush, Shawarma Palace or Castle). After 4 years of living in Ottawa I gave in, and with a name like "the garlic corner" I was expecting some decent 'garlicky' goodness.

Oh boy was I ever disappointed. To begin, the platter was expensive. 14 dollars after tax. NO POTATOES were given to me. I wasn't paying too much attention when the guy was making it, thus I only noticed when I got home. Initially I thought the potatoes would be under the rice, but there were no potatoes :( SHAME!

Also included in the platter was a tasteless white chick pea salad with a bit of parsley. Awful even though chickpeas are one of my favorite foods. And if I may add, unorthodox for a shawarma platter in Ottawa. The tiny bit of fatoush Iwas given, had no fried pita's, very little dressing, old tomatoes, and funny tasting red cabbage (almost like they used a dirty knife cause it tasted like "dishes" - in addition, I was given part of the heart of the cabbage, which I didn't notice until almost breaking my jaw).

No pickles, no onions, no hot peppers, no tabouli, no anything. I did however make sure the guy gave me some turnips, but he did so with attitude. I have to mention, that during this whole process the server was womanizing with ladies instead of paying attention to serving up a decent platter.

Now for the chicken, completely dry, completely tasteless and not edible if it wasn't for the bottle of water I had handy. The garlic sauce was just as weak as the chicken. So weak in fact that it is hard to describe... just BLAND. And I was thinking it would be the best garlic sauce around - since the joint is called the garlic corner.

In sum, the platter was half full; the chicken was terrible, it included weird side dishes (chickpeas), the platter had no tabouli/standard shawarma fixins, weak garlic sauce, and NO POTATOES. WTF?

Maybe I got this place on a bad day, or the particular servers were concerned with other things. BUT I WILL NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN, and I urge YOU TRUE SHAWARMA LOVERS TO AVOID this place - it was unacceptable (even if it was an off day).

Thus, please take my previous post about Shawarma Palace with a grain of salt. If you are around the market, AVOID the GARLIC CORNER. They do have shisha smoking tho, but meh - i'll skip the lung cancer.

When Maroush and Castle Shawarma are around the corner, save your money and get a proper shawarma.

I wish I could get my 14 bucks back. Nothing is worse than being completely disappointed with fast food - especially in terms of Shawarma,which I find Ottawa to be pretty consistent with.

Boooourrns Garlic Corner.