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Organic fries.

Foods from Spuds

2007 Oct 5
I went by here the other day and it's now called Sandrella's Shawarma, OR Shawarma Sandrella's depending on which sign you read. It was absolutely packed with about 8 people lined up on the sidewalk and all their booths (4) full.

I was surprised.

As far as renovations, they put up a back-lit menu board and some new cooking equipment as well as a couple signs but the spuds sigh is also still up as is all their decor. It's a weird mix.

2007 Sep 17
That's too bad. The one time I went into Spuds I waited around for 10 minutes for someone to take my order but no one ever appeared. That put me off going back.

There was a bakery in this location previous to that but the hours were inconsistent and so was the stock. It didn't last long either.

No doubt the shawarma place will do a thriving business. Sigh.

2007 Sep 15
I went by this place the other day and it's closed. Apparently (yet another) shawarma place will be opening soon in the same location.

2007 Jul 4
I went here yesterday to indulge my poutine tooth and was disappointed. The gravy was thick like it was leftover from the day before and there was barely any cheese.

I guess one bad visit out of 5 isn't bad...

2006 Nov 22
They've got thick sweet potato fries that are awesome and surprisingly filling.

2006 Nov 13


2007 May 8
I went by today to try the poutine and was totally floored by how good it was. The gravy had herbs and spices (not sure which ones but it tastes lovely). The ratio of fries/cheese/gravy is perfect. No cheeseless bites! No dry fries!

Best of all it's a block away from my work...or maybe that's worst of all.