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2008 Mar 13
Beers fall into 2 general categories : ales and lagers. These correspond to two fairly broad families of yeast. Hundreds of years ago there was only Ale yeast, which stops fermenting when the temperature gets too cold (around 55F / 11C, but varies by yeast). Round about the 1300s, the Bavarians figured out that beer kept better when stored in Alpen caves. The German word for "to store" is "Lagern". So over time natural selection allowed yeasts to develop which kept fermenting at these lower temperatures. Thus were born lager yeasts, and Lager beers!

Today, Ales are typically fermented in the 65F to 70F range (18C-21C). Lagers are typically fermented much cooler than this - primary fermentation for the first few weeks around 8C-10C (46F-50F), then they get conditioned for up to 3 months at about freezing (or a bit below - the alcohol keeps them from freezing)

When a beer ferments at a lower temperature (i.e. Lagers), there are less yeast by-products produced, so the yeast contributes less to the overall flavour profile of the beer. The opposite is true when fermented at higher temps (i.e. Ales). Since yeast by-products are actually a desirable part of the flavour profile of Ales, they are also served at warmer temperatures so as to better be able to taste those by-products. Proper serving temp for Ales is "Cellar Temp" or about 50F-55F / 10C-13C. Lagers on the other hand should typically be served cooler than this - about 5C.

Note that most North American "aficionados" (ahem) like their beer served closer to the freezing point, which quite frankly is too cold even for a lager. It's so cold that it numbs your taste buds such that you can't even taste properly.

Beau's 3




2015 Aug 18
I was here last Saturday afternoon for a meet and greet. It was a fun gathering, with lots of Jodi's family, friends, and followers/fans/foodies.

First visit to Mill St. It's a beautiful location with lots of covered parking. A few weddings came in while we were there.

It was my first time having Tankhouse Ale in draught form and it's pretty good! I also enjoyed the super refreshing Lemon Tea Beer (pic). Around $7 for a pint.. pretty normal.

2012 May 15
Valley Irish Red rocks my socks. It's a very smooth red with a hint of maple, dee-lish!

2012 Jan 26
Lots of pub brewed beers to try. You can also buy growlers in their retail store.



2009 May 17
As an addendum, the one thing that I found a tad frustrating when we went is that they have the wine listed on the menu, but no cocktail or beer menu. Hopefully this is something that's in development.

Also, Sweets, I'm rather excited about trying the Peroni. I'd heard about it, but didn't think to ask because there was no menu.

2009 May 17
In addition to the beer's on-tap they also carry Peroni in the bottle. It is a high-end very light, refreshing, almost champagne like beer from Italy. Can't wait to have one with my pizza when I go!

2009 May 16
Beers on tap were pretty solid: Grolsch (Holland), Stella (Belgium), another import (possibly Heineken?) and four beers from Mill Street in Toronto. One of these was organic, and another a wheat beer. Their strength seems to be in a good wine list and offering cocktail options, but for those of us who like beer with our Italian food (Hi!), the selection is indeed quite good.



2010 Aug 12
ashley - i'd suggest having them try some of the microbrew options on tap. you can order 1/2 pint sizes if you want to try a variety of options - i find their 1/2 pint pours are usually very generous (unless they use the 1/2 pint glasses). the manx staff is really helpful at navigating the beer selection based on what your friends like. i could tell you to give your friends a pale ale, but if they don't like bitterness in their beer, they would be unhappy. an easy selection is beau's lugtread (ottawa), i find it fairly mild and pleasing. i am not a big beer drinker though. i like stuart's natural session ale (it's organic). it is slightly hoppy, but not too much.

if they like a light fruit flavoured beer (my husband would call it a girl beer), i'd suggest the mcauslan apricot wheat. also on tap (sometimes) is the waupoos cider (from picton area) which i find less sweet than british ciders.

2010 Aug 12
Can I get a list of MUST TRY beer list here? We will bring our out of town friends here for the beers.

2009 Feb 25
Was here on Monday for a few drinks with a friend from DC. Definitely an credible selection, very yummy, and super quick service!

2007 Aug 26
The Manx is the best place in Ottawa for drinks when the patios close for the season or it is raining in my opinion. Cozy atomosphere.
Only place in the city where you can get a Churchkey, delicious! Lots of other great choices aswell.
People are nice too which of course makes the beer taste better :)
Love the potato wedges, make it possiable to have just one more beer.

2006 Oct 17
One of the few places in Ottawa where you can get beer from the Church Key brewery (near Campbellford) a (relatively) local brewery that we enjoy. Great selection of beer overall and great food. The only downside is that it is often too crowded to get a table!

2006 Oct 4
Great beer selection, including (last few times I went) the new "Lug Tread" ale from Beau's All Natural Brewing Company -- very tasty.




2010 Mar 11
Two words: Hobgoblin draught!

A very nice selection of beers. They even carry Beau's for all you Lagerboys. :P



2019 Jun 6
The famous BdT beer flight! So much beer hubs and I usually share it.

2010 Jan 18
Oi! I noticed when I was there the other night that way down in the basement they had huge oak casks with fermentation bubblers in them. I asked around and it turns out that the tour I missed the other day included some comments on the oak casks - yes indeed they do use them for some of their beers. The tour guide said it gives the beer a certain (kissed his fingers) - I say this has to be why the ones I've had were so mediocre. Fermenting in wood is a risky business at best and is highly prone to infection. It is a nice, romantic notion of the old days, but some things are done differently today for good reason.

If someone from BdT is reading this, I would strongly recommend you nix the oak and just work on the beers themselves without wildcard variables like this. The couple of British beers I've had so far definitely need some work, and this could explain it all right here.

2010 Jan 17
In addition to the 12 beers they brew on site, they also have 1 "guest beer" from another microbrewery in Quebec. So I started off with a Pale Ale from Dieu du Ciel in Montreal, and it was absolutely incredible! I wanted to follow it up with their own Pale Ale for way of comparison, but there was a mixup with the waiter and he brought the Nut Brown.

The mixup was kind of interesting in that it had to do with something I'd noticed right from the start - the waiter spoke perfect English without the slightest accent, but he did not seem to understand it very well and in particular did not know their English menu very well. It was a bit off-putting and a bit funny too. It reminded me of a girl I used to know while living in Germany, who grew up in Italy with an English father. She was the same - spoke perfectly without the slightest accent, but still did not understand English very well.

The Nut Brown was disappointing. It was a good beer, but just good. Not absolutely fantastic like the one from Montreal. They've got some work to do on their British beers.

2010 Jan 14
BTW, they guy was saying that they are so busy they are turning people away on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, so if you are going then, make reservations! I just made some for the family for tomorrow evening :-)

2010 Jan 14
They brew their own beer and have 12 different ones on tap at the moment. I tried 2 of them - the ESB and the Belgian Blonde (I forget what their brand names are for them)

The ESB was OK but not great. Given that Quebec brewers are very strongly influenced by the Belgian brewers and not so much the British, my take-away lesson is : "don't go to Quebec for beer and buy a British style". Rightly or wrongly.

The Belgian Blonde on the other hand was absolutely spectacular!

They have a full industrial license one of the owners was telling us, and hope to be selling their own bottled beer by year end. They are already negotiating with other establishments to get their beer on tap there.





2009 Jun 2
They sell Beau's and Steamwhistle.

I had Beau's lug tread and it was great in a pitcher :)

2009 Jun 1
I must have emailed when they first opened. Because they wrote to me and said they only had Beau's. I guess it makes sense that they've expanded.

2009 Jun 1
Beer, wine sprtizers, house wine all listed on chalkboard menu. Regular menu items.

2009 Jun 1
i always thought it was a personal decision by the owner to just serve beer. they do have lots of food choices - sandwhiches, lots of desserts, dips, dolmas, feta pies. we have often stopped in for a beer and a cupcake on a weekend afternoon.

2009 Jun 1
I'm actually pretty sure they DON'T serve other alcoholic beverages (maybe at private events). I actually emailed and inquired once about this. I have wondered about their liquor license though. And I don't see why they should need to serve "more substantial food" what about nightclubs, etc? There are lots of places you can go for dessert & drinks. How is this different?

There might be some kind of loophole given that Beau's is a microbeer, local, etc. But I greatly doubt that.

2009 Jun 1
To be honest, I'm not sure what other sorts of foods they serve, since this event was catered by them and it was a private party. They serve other alcoholic beverages, so a liquor license they must have...

2009 Jun 1
Raw Sugar has a liquor license? Seriously? I thought there was a requirement for more substantial food before one could gain said license and thus serve beer.

2009 May 31
They serve Beau's, as well as some stuff in bottles. I had three pints of Beau's and was one happy camper.

2016 Jun 1
Good gawd don't go here for the beer! It is difficult for me to comprehend that places like this still exist with not a single craft beer selection.


2011 Jan 28
They just got Hobgoblin in on tap. Great
Ruby beer from Britain
Not on tap anymore but available in 1 Pint bottle.


2014 Jun 19
Last week I paid another visit to fill in the gaps of my exbeerience.

The Dirty Blonde is their beer for the masses. If you were hosting a party for a diverse crowd, this would be the one to get. I found it refreshing but I look for more darkness and depth in my craft beers.

Eternally Hoptimistic was a pleasant surprise for me, as I tend to favour maltiness over hoppiness. This beer has a wonderful nuttiness and a tastefully done hop component. I think this might be my favourite beer of the bunch and I'm hoppy to say it will be my next growler purchase.

The Bridge Over the River Chai was not available for sampling, but they had a few growlers left in the fridge from the winter season. I took a chance and took one home. This is a fun spiced beer that soothed my nerves through a few World Cup games over the weekend. Nice!

2014 Jun 5
I dropped in to sample some of the offerings here.

The Amber Rose (foreground in pic) is an agreeable beer, with a pronounced sweetness that is cut by a pronounced bitterness. Anyone looking for a hoppy dessert beer will be thrilled with this.

The MSB (at rear in pic) is big and malty but was too bitter for my taste. Then again, Guinness is also too bitter for my taste. Worth a try!

The Covered Bridge Double-Double is really something else. This is one of those beers that beer drinkers and non beer drinkers can both appreciate. The coffee (from Gaia Java ) is quite forward while the chocolate is subtle. I bought a growler of this and can't wait to crack it!

La Cabane ŕ Sucre was one of the most fun beers I've ever encountered. The strong presence of woodsmoke along with the maple sweetness evoke a sense of bacon! Yes, people... this is bacon beer.

CBB is a great addition to Ottawa's craft beer scene.






2013 Feb 8
I rarely enjoy a beer as much as I enjoyed the seasonal Scotch Ale here!

Rather than try to describe how it tastes, I'll list other beers I've enjoyed so you can see how our tastes match up. I'm not a big beer drinker and I like relatively malty and usually red beers. The beers I have loved in the past include: De Koninck, Boreale Cuivree, Kilkenny, Caffrey's, Beau's Nightmaerzen, Kichesippi 1855, Rickard's Red (draught only), Muskoka Cream Ale.

Most other beers I just don't like very much. :P

This Scotch Ale is something else. Good to the last drop, whereas I often grow tired of a beer half way through the pint.

2012 Nov 2
I picked up a growler of their IPA. Very good on its on. Not so good when your 3 year old pours strawberry yogurt drink into it. Beer + Strawberry Yogurt != Lambic


2012 Aug 6
The beer selection is not huge but it is very good - clearly there was some thought put into it and they made some good choices that include 2 local micros on tap and other Ontario micros in bottles. Well done.


2012 May 25
Never eaten here before but they always have a pretty decent selection on draft. A few standard macros, a good number of Canadian craft beers, and a variety of imports as well. They also seem to rotate a couple taps to feature new beers and seasonals. They have a patio too, which is kind of rare on Elgin.

2012 Mar 3
Muskoka Cream Ale on tap here. For some reason I've never tried it... totally a new favourite!






2008 Jan 21
If you like craft breweries then this is a great place to visit as all of their draft selections are from microbreweries. McAuslen, Mill Street, Heritage, Wellington among others.If there is a place like this in Ottawa for beer, I would love to know about it.


2006 Nov 3
A good selection of excellent Asian beers including:

Tiger, Tsingtao, Asahi, Saigon, Sapporo and Singha

There is also an awesome selection of beer on-tap:

Heineken, Stella, Keiths, Bud, Coors, and Ricards.

They also have: Guiness, Ex, Moosehead, Blue, Bluelight, Sleemans, and Corona by the bottle.


2012 Feb 17
I haven't eaten here but they have one of the better beer lists in town, by my approximation. They also offer tasting flights, which is awesome. I'm not sure exactly how many beers they have but there were about 3 or 4 cask conditioned beers available (Mad Tom, Bolshevik Bastard Imperial Stout, an ESB).

Beyond that they carry some of the usual suspects in this town (Beau's, Kichisippi, Waupoos, Mill St.), some more eclectic choices (Wind and Sail Dark, some Nickel Brook beers, a house Loon Lager), as well as a changing list of specials (Wellington Wheat, Mill St. Vanilla Porter, St. Ambroise Scotch Ale, Beau's Beaver River).

Prices are maybe slightly above average, but I'll be back for the beer.

2007 Mar 14
EDIT : this really has more to do with "beer at A&L" than just "A&L" so I've deleted it from the general section and pasted it here verbatim.


Well, I just called to ask them to rhyme off the beer menu for me so I could update my previous post with the name of the beer that my buddy had that was cloudy. OK, admittedly an odd request. so I wasn't starting out on the right foot here.

But I got into an argument with the woman on the phone about how many beers are on tap. She insisted they have 25 and it would be too much to rhyme off. OK, I'll accept that. But I asked why if they have 25 on tap did the beer menu I had last night only list about 12 (I didn't count, but there was no way that was 25 or anywhere even close). I pointed out that there were only about 12 on the chalk board, and that the beer menu that stands on the table listed the same selection of about a dozen. She insisted the beer card lists all 25 and to "nevermind the chalk board" (OK, so why is it there?)

Obviously I'm not questioning how many taps they have - I'm sure she knows that well. I'm just wondering whether or not they are all connected to anything at the moment. And if they are why they were not all listed.

Anyway, one of us is obviously wrong. I'll admit there is a small chance it is me but I'll count that as extremely unlikely. Beer is my 7th sense (balance is all of our 6th sense).

I will try to get back there tonight just to figure out whether or not I'm crazy.

EDIT : Went over around 6:20 to check the menu and discovered several important things : (1) they had 18 beers on the card at the table so my estimating skills are not as good as I would like to think, and (2) the beer my buddy had was not on the list. This means that (3) at least they ARE keeping their beer list up-to-date (a very good thing in any pub) because it seems the beer my buddy had must have been emptied. That means that the cloudiness was likely just end-of-keg protein, and since my buddy Klaus is Schwaebisch and really loves Hefeweizen it probably tasted fine to him. This BTW also means that there very well could have only been 12 on the list last night when we were there.

There were BTW 16 on the chalk board tonight with 2 half wiped out.

Even with 16 beers I suppose it was not realistic for me to have them read to me over the phone. But it's not hard to keep a website updated as any of we should know. Knowing what's on tap ahead of time can be an important part of making a decision on where to go. On their website they do have a long list of beers they carry in rotation which at least gives you an idea, I'll admit. Which is why I like brewpubs because you always can be assured of at least 1 or 2 reliable mainstays :-)

EDIT : btw, this also suggests that my 'foul' Arkell Best Bitter may well have been the cask conditioned by mistake. But still unlike most beer geeks I really don't like a lot of cask ale just because so many pubs don't know how to do it properly ... A&L used to, not sure they still do but I'll at least be back once or twice to determine whether or not that's the case just because their beer selection is still one of the best in the city. And that burger menu pretty much seals their title as "best burger in the city". See my post under "Hamburgers at A&L" for details.

2007 Mar 14
Went last night for supper. The beer selection is not quite a eclectic as I recall it being (it's been a couple of years since I've been here), but they still had about 10 or 12 beers on tap, with 4 from Wellington, 2 from McAuslan, another Ontario Micro whose name I forget (ug), along with more mainstream like Upper Canada (Sleeman), Moosehead, Keith's and Creemore (recently bought by Molson)

I started with one of my old standbys Wellington Arkell Best Bitter, and I was fairly disappointed with it. It was cloudy and going off, and very undercarbed. Yes, I am well aware that some beers are supposed to be cloudy and that cloudy is not necessarily a bad thing. In this case it was. I will entertain the idea that someone accidentally served me the cask conditioned version since they also had that on tap. So either they aren't taking proper care of their beer, or they aren't paying enough attention to the customer's order.

My friend had a light lager from the Micro whose name I forget (I'll call them and update this afterwards) and it was also cloudy, though obviously I did not taste it.

I followed up with the McAuslan Pale Ale and it certainly did not disappoint. Great combination of malt and hops balanced a bit towards the latter, and not cloudy thank goodness.

2006 Oct 29
Just went back to this place for the first time in years to discover they have several cask ales on tap. Two of these were done by local brewery Scotch Irish Brewing Company: Dry Hop Boarder Bitter, and Sgt. Major's IPA. The other was by Wellington Brewery: Arkell Best Bitter.

There are a number of places in Ottawa you can get these beers, but most offer it in the bottle, which gives a very different flavour and experience. Trying it on tap recommended for the beer connoisseurs among us!



2007 Mar 11
I've only been here once about 5 or 6 years ago and the selection was good. But the venue is well-known amongst local homebrewers as a spot for great beer.

2006 Oct 16
Besides the usual suspects, the Black Tomato usually has a few gems from nearby microbreweries available on tap (notably Church Key and Scotch Irish).


2009 Jul 16
two new taps were added recently.

waupoos cider from county cider in picton, ontario
Made from late harvest and European cider apples, Waupoos Premium Cider is semi-sweet and sparkling. Perfectly balanced, it offers a lively body, full fruity flavours and refreshing finish

corporal punishment from scotch irish brewing company in fitzroy harbour.
Our bitter brown ale is our most complex beer to date. This ale is wonderfully bitter and incredibly malty. This nicely hoppy brew is a rich mahogany in colour. This ale blends flavours of fresh bitter coffee, dry caramel, nuttiness, light dry chocolate with woody hop and citrus notes.

rochester also carries stuart's by scotch irish, creemore, mcauslan...

2006 Oct 15
Surprisingly good selection of beer here: among others, Steam Whistle, Creemore, McAuslan (Griffon extra pale and red ales, plus the oatmeal stout). Reasonably priced, too (before tax, under $5 for a pint, $14ish for a pitcher, even of the good stuff).


2008 Jul 4
"The Man" was very impressed by the selection of Beers "on tap". By our count there were four craft beers... Heritage (Carleton Place), Blanche de Chambly (Chambly, Que) and St. Ambroise & Griffin (Montreal). As well as Boddingtons, Kilkenny, and Stella (there may have been a couple more, but we couldn't read the taps from where we were seated).

Unfortunately, they don't have Beau's, I would think that this would be a good location for them to get into though, because management obviously supports craft beers, and afterall Beau's home is half-way between Ottawa and Montreal, so it would be a good fit with the atmosphere at Chez Lucien.

2006 Oct 10
And don't forget the Kilkenny! They have 8 beers on tap, and a whole whack of them in bottles. Beverage prices are shown with tax included, which is very cool.

2006 Oct 10
From memory from my last visit: among some more common offerings, there are a couple from Macauslan (Griffon Extra Pale Ale and St. Ambroise Pale Ale), plus Blanche de Chambly on tap.



2013 Jul 17
The Wellington Gastropub now has their own nanobrewry on site - Stock Pot Ales! (

2010 Jun 10
Ottawa's own beer finally, Kichesippi on tap. Full aroma and a tad on the spicy side...highly recommended!

2010 Mar 25
I particularily enjoy saddling up to the bar at the WGP. The service is always friendly and helpful.

Trying a flight of beer is a nice little journey into the Ontario breweries and a comparison of the tastes and smells and sensations of each one.

I have enjoyed plenty of great discussion about local products and sipped a few new beers whilst doing so at the WGP.

Highly enjoyable from my perspective!

2008 Sep 16
The beer I chose was an ale from the Robert Simpson Brewing Company out of Barrie, ON which is one of the many beer microbrewed beers they serve. I like the fact that they serve beers from local Ontario small breweries and in being a gastropub, compliment the food you eat as well.

2008 Sep 16
We ordered beers with our meals and this was the bf's choice. St. Peter's English Ale which is brewed in Suffolk, England and is organic. The bottle was the coolest bit....we were allowed to keep it! Very good beer.

2007 Apr 2
While not really a comment on beer from this vendor, I just had to respond to FF's comments on Guinness. If you don't like the relative harshness of Guinness, you should head over to Ireland. The Irish all swear it doesn't travel well, and I thought they were full of it. But it's true. Guinness in Ireland is as you describe: heavy, dark, but smooooooooth and creamy. It's just the perfect drink. Though "perfect" is a dangerous word when talking about taste.

The really big Irish fans insist it has to be sampled in Dublin, near the brewery, as even trucking it to the outer counties reduces the quality. This might be going a little too far, so to speak.

2007 Mar 24
I really enjoyed the Amsterdam Two-Fisted Stout (presumably from Toronto's Amsterdam brewing company). Although the waiter "warned" me that it's dark like Guinness, this beer is the way Guinness *should* be. Heavy and dark, but with a smooth and delicious flavour. No overpowering bitter burnt flavours like Guinness... A pint of Guinness is too much (hence the existence of Black and Tan). A pint of this Two-Fisted Stout is spot on!

The only downside of their beer selection is that the other four draught choices tonight were all yellow beers: three lagers and one pale ale. The beers I love most always seem to be red (or at least orange).

2007 Mar 11
The owners took a broad range of input when coming up with the beer menu, including the opinion of some local craft brewers. They serve an excellent selection of Ontario Micro Brews and British Ales which attracts beer geeks from all around the Ottawa Valley. Definitely go here for the beer.





2011 Aug 15
Love Pub Italia, but I was very disappointed that they are not able to pour a proper Black and Tan. The Harp and Guinness were mixed, rather than be their own distinct layers.

2010 Jun 14
I was thrilled to discover that they now offer De Koninck in 10, 20, and 38 oz sizes!! And the price has dropped to be in line with their other draught beers. Great news for De Koninck lovers. :-)

2010 Mar 11
Bar none, best beer selection in town. I am drooling a little bit just thinking about the Beer Bible.

2008 Mar 31
I had the most girliest beer on the planet from here the other day.
It was a belgian beer called a Fruli. Its made from strawberries. REALLY good. This is a good beer for anyone who likes the coolers and "girly" drinks of the world.
I can't believe their selection either.
I want to try every beer on the list.

2008 Jan 21
I don't have much to add to the comments already made here. Yes it is a beer haven, especially if you like Belgian beers. If you are looking for good Italian food then you it fails miserably. You can make it at better at home with out much effort.

So go for the beer and eat somewhere else.

2007 Oct 16
My favourite beers are all red, so I was eager to try the exclusive-to-Pub-Italia Satan's Red. Our kind server offered to give me a little taste, warning me that some people like it and some don't. I quite liked it but didn't love it so I decided to try something else -- Der Koninck. It was really very nice and worth having again!

After Der Koninck, I went for a pint of something I really love -- Kilkenny. It was poured perfectly, with a beautiful 3/4" head of creamy foam. Ahhhh!

2007 Sep 19
I love reading through their Beer Bible and picking out something new when I visit. Great little watering hole with a cool decor and vibe. Try your beer with a side calamari and zucchini sticks.

2007 Jun 23
The beer selection here is nothing short of fantastic, as always. I started out the evening with a Beau's All Natural, then a Hacker-Pschorr Munich Lager, and finally an Erdinger Hefeweizen.

Pet peeve time - Hefeweizen is adamantly not served with a wedge of lemon! Grrr. It's close cousin Krystalweizen often is, but Hefeweizen never! And when I went to remove mine I accidentally knocked it into the glass so it did end up flavouring my beer a bit. Normally not a big deal but given the bad experience we were having here last night (see my other comment) this was just adding insult to injury.

2007 May 23
This is one of my favourite places to find some delicious beers.

2007 Mar 11
26 beers on tap and over 100 more in the bottle - what's not to like?!! Ok, my wife reading over my shoulder right now says "What's not to like - they have no accommodation for kids - no booster seats or anything". OK, aside from that what's not to like?

As for the food, I've only ever had the pizza and find it to be extremely good thin-crust pizza.






2007 Mar 11
While they do have a decent selection of imports, most of them are considered fairly "mainstream" these days amongst the local beer geeks. Though I still go here often because they are good beers, and the food is pretty decent as well. Fuller's ESB and London Pride find their way onto my table fairly often. Would be nice to see them carry some Ontario Micros, though.

2006 Nov 29
kmennie, the downtown Oak is the only one to go to. Just not for the food. Sketchy patrons are all part of the fun (think of it as street theatre), and the service is usually good there, although I haven't been in a while. The food sucks, as it does at all the Oaks but there is nothing wrong with the beer.

2006 Nov 21
I do not want to send anybody to the original Oak in Centretown; it's filthy, in more ways than one, but.

The one in the Glebe is quite nice nowadays. The Guinness even comes with a 'shamrock pour,' a bit gimmicky, but certainly appreciated after getting half a pint of foam, etc, at other places.

And my god, my pictures are awful. But. Good beer.


2007 Mar 11
They've only got 5 or 6 taps but they really go out of their way to make them the highest quality beers. The food here is authentic German and Bohemian, so the combination of the two is spectacular!

Go here often! Especially during Oktoberfest when they have live oompa bands.


2008 Sep 28

Exclusive to Elmdale House... as a result of the Beau's Party, and the first gig by the "Oh Yeahs!" and of course the "festive" mood of the evening... A keg of FESTIVALE PLUS (the red beer) was delivered to Elmdale House for the event. But when it's gone, it's gone.


2008 Feb 25
Beau's Bog Water is now on tap.

2007 Dec 7
Cpn. Caper, FYI - Lug Tread is brewed by Beau's, located not very far from Ottawa out in Vankleek Hill (think just south of Hawkesbury)

2007 Dec 7
Just to be a nit-picker ale is top fermented and lager bottom.

The style is called Kölsch, and it is the much better known of the two unique beer styles brewed in and around Köln, Germany. You can read further into the style in a fair bit of detail on this page of my site "Kölsch" is an EU-wide geschutzte Herkunftsbezeichnung or appelation controllee or however the French spell it. Same as how Champagne can only be brewed in that area of France, Kölsch can only be brewed in and around Köln.

And of course there is my beer-drinker's guide to Köln which I've already posted in the forums section of this site where you can learn more still.

2007 Dec 7
Finally got to try a pint or two.... last night.

The Lug Tread Lagered Ale is a treat..... Fresh and crisp on the palatte .. Mild hopping... lingering straw-like finish... no additives or preservatives ... and at $5.50 (INCLUDING taxes)a pint , it's a steal !!

Anyone know of a fancy-pancy beer (cottage industry, import, or microbrewery) for $5.50/pint in Ottawa ... please let me know. I'm so there.

It's made in a Cologne stylee.. bottom fermented like an ale but lagered (cold aged) like a .... well.... like a lager. Best of both worls , I guess.

I'll try the Heritage products next time.

2007 Dec 2
Bloodshot Bill WILL be at the Elmdale House for his LP release party on January 12th!
And by the way Walter, I've already made sure we don't run out of Beau's or Heriatge again! ;)

2007 Dec 2

WHAT ???!!!??? All out of the fancy-pancy beers ???

Went Sat nite. They were already sold out of their Heritage and Beaus products, because of the success of their Grand Re-Opening this weekend.

The server in the picture is pointing to the Heritage tap with a "Sold Out" sign on it.

Will have to return soon, maybe for their Blues Tues:

PS: The new owners (really nice) are putting some spit and polish on the 'ol place. They started with the washrooms. Immaculately clean and modern !!

2007 Nov 30
Haven't been here in a million years or so! Bloodshot Bill is on their friend's does that mean he will be playing here?


Bloodshot Bill will be playing here January 18!

2007 Nov 29
The grand opening is this Saturday featuring the hip country swing band, Ball and Chain. Yeeehaa.

I'll report back on the beer.

Check it out :

2007 Nov 21
The establishment is under new ownership and they are now serving 3 different beers from Heritage Brewing in Carleton place.



2007 Oct 20
About 8 different beers on the menu, with 5 or 6 of them being decent choices. Choose a hoppier, higher alcohol, or even spicey beer to help cleanse the palate of the zing in the food. Thai Singha is nice and hoppy but average alcohol - still a good choice to help keep the bite of the spices subdued. They had some higher-alc Belgian beers too, including a Wit and a Brune. The unique coriander spiciness of the Wit is perfectly matched to Thai cooking, as is the sweetness of the Brune. Not a bad beer menu at all.


2007 May 17
At lunch today they had 21 taps going and only about 6 of them were megabrew crap. Though I would definitely like to see more Ontario microbrews as I believe they only had 2 (1 if you no longer count Creemore as a Micro since they were bought by Molson). I had the Wellington Cask Conditioned and unfortunately it was off - very, very off and sour. I got a 2nd and 3rd opinion from the brewers. But I just sent it back and did not get charged for it. And 10 minutes later 2 guys at the next table sent theirs back as well.

But still an excellent selection and still one of the city's best spots for beer.



2009 Oct 25
I almost always start with a beer when I visit Beckta's because they always have something interesting to serve. On tap, too.

2007 Apr 10
This is in response to Zymurgist's comment re: desired wider beer selection at Beckta.

This restaurant is owned by a sommelier and it is even titled "Restaurant and Wine Bar". The emphasis is intentionally on wine. The main reason to go there is to experience Stephen Beckta's amazing wine pairing with Chef Michael Moffat's scrumptious dishes.

If you are are not a lover of wine, you may not want to eat here. The food is delicious on it's own but the menu is designed around the wine.

The place is very popular and I can't see the format being changed any time soon. Although, even with the short list of available beer, you might go anyway and query Beckta on his knowledge and beer & menu pairings. Given his genius on wine, I bet he knows a lot about all types of alcohol!

2007 Mar 17
Website lists Steamwhistle, Amstel Light, Upper Canada .9, Blanche du Chambly, Stella Artois, Trois Pistoles, St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout. Small, but well-rounded selection. Though sounds like the sort of place that really could benefit from expanding their selection a bit and learning more about how to serve/recommend it like wine.

Based on some of the reviews especially from "Fat Cat" I really want to check this place out sometime. Fine dining and "non-pretentious" normally don't go together :-)


2008 Aug 28
Dropped in here "for a cold one" on a very hot Saturday in August after a visit to the Carp Farmers Market. It was great to find some shade and a nice breeze blowing on the veranda / deck.

The Swan has a nice collection of Beers on Tap, and many others from around the world are available by the Can / Bottle.

Two fairly new additions to the line-up: they now have our favourite local brew in stock. Beau's Lug Tread Beer ( Beau's ) is available both on Tap by the Pint or by the 750 ml Bottle. (First time I've seen the beer being sold by the bottle in either a Pub or Restaurant).

Oh ya, yours truly had a glass of Italian Pinot Grigio (sorry don't recall the name).


2007 Mar 17
What a shame. This used to be one of the real gems in the city for beer. They only had 2 or 3 taps but they were always serving something unique that was difficult to find elsewhere, like Hacker-Pschorr Hefeweizen and Edelhell. It was a bit of a hot-spot for local beer geeks. Sadly, they no longer serve draft beer at all. I hope they'll see this and bring it back.



2019 Jun 2
What can I say? They continue to make some extremely good beers. Go for the beer. Go for the food. Unless you are keto :-)

$5 house beers before 5 any weekday - that's a pretty sweet deal right there folks!

2015 Nov 27
So the oyster stout is back and delicious.

2011 Jun 10
Went with my Dad to the Clocktower tonight to watch the game with him. We delved into the beers there. He had a cask-conditioned red, and a bytown brown, while I had the Kolsch and the Raspberry wheat. Now, more the matter, I love dark beers with full flavour, and don't much like lighter coloured beers. So....yeah, shouldn't have ordered the Kolsch and Raspberry wheat. That being said, if you like lighter beers, I would recommend them, because, even though they were not to my taste, they were still pretty good. My Dad generously let me have a sip of his beers, and they were steller. The Bytown brown was hearty and had a nice coffee pre-taste, which means that the next time I go back, I will order nothing but it. So, to summarize, really really enjoyed the beer.

2010 Jul 16
Just got back from a Brewers' lunch at the Bank Street location. Had the new Organic Wheat, which I think is only a seasonal for the summer. It is fermented with a "normal" yeast, so does not have any of the funky flavours associated with Belgian or Bavarian Wheat beers (and their respective special yeasts). So it classifies as "American Wheat". It was an extremely good beer - very quaffable on a hot summer day. Crystal clear. Kudos to Patrick the brewmaster - very well done. It was so good that I had to have a 2nd :-P

EDIT : Oh, and got to meet Orleansfoodie for the first time (waves)

2010 Feb 18
Was here for lunch today. The Koelsch (sic) and Wishart's Bitter were both absolutely fantastic! Their beers have really improved since they hired a real brewmaster - go Patrick!

2008 Oct 13
I have to agree with Zym: The Kölsch here is a deadringer for the yummy Dom Kölsch which you get in Germany...Köln specifically. Might be my favourite beer. Then again, anyone from Köln will tell you that Kölsh stands alone.


2008 Sep 28
Went in for a quick beer and burger yesterday while my kids were in an activity nearby. The Koelsch was a dead-ringer for the ones I've had in Cologne - in particular I'd say Dom Koelsch with it's slight sweetness. For those not in the know, this is the same type of beer that Beau's is brewed after, so anyone who likes that, should love the Clocktower Koelsch.

2008 Jan 21
Just last week I had the ESB and the Brown and I enjoyed both. The ESB was especially flavourful. As far as brew pubs go, it's them and the Draught Horse out in Navan, and that's it to the best of my knowledge. But fortunately a lot of places these days are carrying micros. Click "Beer" on this site for some of my recommendations.

2008 Jan 21
It just wasn't good beer. Not flat to style, but flat as in stale. If you can recommend some good brews they make I'm always willing to give them a chance.

Frequenting brew pubs in Montreal Boston and Toronto for the past decade and a half I had high hopes for Ottawa. Are there any other brew pubs in Ottawa I can try? Localish breweries whose products I love are Millhouse, McAuslen, Heritage. From the New England area, Harpoon, Sam Adams, Dogfish. I lean towards complex hopped beers.

2008 Jan 21
Just curious which beer you had Shamus. If it was one of the cask beers that would explain the flatness since cask beer is often flat (by design)



2007 Mar 12
Haven't been here in maybe 2 years, but they always used to have a decent selection of beer available - specialising mainly in Ontario Microbrews. I understand they still do, and currently serve Beau's All Natural among others.



2007 Mar 12
Back August 2006 when we went here, the beer selection listed on their website was pretty uninspired. But we went nonetheless only to find a completely different list on their physical menu, most of which they did not have. Fortunately they ended up having a very good selection, with Amsterdam Blonde, Headstrong Helles, and two types of Warsteiner on tap. In the bottle they had both Heritage Light and Dark, Seargent Major's IPA, and at least one other I do not recall.

Their website seems to have since been updated and now lists Headstrong (yum!), Amsterdam (yum!), Steam Whistle (yum!), Warsteiner and several others.

In short, not a bad place for beer.



2007 Mar 11
Locally-brewed Heritage Light and Dark on tap - both are great beers that are nice and hoppy which goes well with spicy food.



2010 Feb 23
Times have changed and so has the beer - they now serve Beau's Lug Tread on tap! A large pitcher is about $18.

2009 May 16
I like this because you can get half-pitchers as for half-the-price of a regular pitcher.

Sometimes the half-pitchers are more costly - but not here!

Love this place :)

2007 Mar 12
Don't expect anything special here - just your standard big-brand offerings from Molson and Labatt. By default they serve quart bottles, which is kind of neat.