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Bistro-bar located in the hot district of Hull (Laval Street, close to Promenade du Portage), "Aux 4 jeudis" is known for its "happy hours". The café-bar is also involved with the local cultural scene and artistic community (exhibitions, shows) and projects movies (some "repertory" and some "blockbusters") on the patio by summer (Monday and Tuesdays; the schedule is online). The beer selection includes some micro-breweries products and imports.

By the way, it's only place that I know in the region where you'll find a "bison & chèvre" burger (yes, an actual bison and goat cheese burger)...

Quebec Tourism Awards (2008):
- National award winner; and
- Regional award winner.

Foods from Cafe aux Quatre Jeudis

2010 Mar 4
Nice after work place - I had a cider "verger de Minot". It was quite delicious. Next time will have to get to know the food. Extensive beer menu and happy hour drink specials. The place is busy and loud though (who knew, bureaucrats having fun!) so if you feel like a more adult post-work atmosphere I hear Le Troquet across the street is a good bet.