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Where to get Fish and Chips

2008 Apr 5
Tx Chimichimi--We do get to The Glen-- rarely, but do love it & I only order 1 piece! Will definitely try Mellos's, it sounds like our style. Tx again!

2008 Apr 5
W.C. - I recommend trying Mello's Coffee Shop (diner style, don't expect fancy) on Merivale for their F&C, they're really cheap and the batter is wicked crispy, the fries are fresh cut & shoestring. It's the best F&C in town for the $ (I think it's $5-6 for takeout). Otherwise, try the Glen Scottish next and get a single order, the servings are HUGE there for the $. Merivale Fish Market is also very good but can be on the high $ side of things.

2008 Apr 4
Doing a tour of a few of Fish & Chip Spots! Times visited varied and hence we believe quality may have been affected by the day/time of arrival at the chosen destination. Hubby has also hit all same spots (never my date for these visits) and all factors considered he likes Joey’s Only best (I vote Lapointe’s). All in all quite difficult when you consider all options—price, fish! fresh fries, service, etc…To give OneFishTwoFish just consideration it was the one spot none of us hit at peak hours.

2007 Dec 3
My favourite Toronto food blog just posted a list of the top FnC spots in that city:


Jun 27
After putting the truck up for sale over the winter the owners decided to give it another go once the pandemic hit. I'm sure glad they did!

The two-piece meal is now $18 and the fish is cod. Perfectly cooked, succulent cod with a thin, crisp, tangy batter. This is fish perfection.

The chips are also nice as they stay true to their potatoey origins. Our meals didn't come with ketchup or malt vinegar (or forks) but we had all that in the car so no prob. Be sure to ask for any of those if you want them — they don't have self-serve condiments out during Covid!

My son isn't a fan of fish so he tried their beer battered sausage. This was a hit! All I can say is it sure smelled good.

2018 Aug 6
Thanks for this review. We are very fond of fish and chips and it is rare to find a place that does it well. We will have to try them.

2018 Aug 6
Wow! Ever since the Mobile Mayflower closed I've been trying to find a source of excellent fish and chips. And by gum I think this is it.

$15.50 gets you two good hunks of cod with tartar sauce on a bed of excellent chips. $1.50 more adds a nice portion of minted mushy peas.

Fried fish is a relatively simple dish but it's really hard to get right. The fish itself must be cooked enough so it burns your mouth if you eat it right away but not so much that it loses moisture and becomes chewy. More often than not in Ottawa, the fish I get is a dry brick of sadness requiring lubrication with tartar sauce.

When the fish is excellent, I skip the tartar sauce entirely or use it for the chips if they need it. Here, I barely touched the sauce.

Fish batters are often either crunchy and thick or thin and soggy. But the beer batter here manages somehow to be crunchy and quite thin. The light texture and wonderful tang mean I do not know of a better batter.


2016 May 19
I'm happy to report that there are still good FnC to be had here! $14.95 gets you this plate with a large hunk of fish, tasty batter, with a perfect (for me) balance of crunch and yield, excellent fries, and top notch pink slaw.

Real nice with an Ashton Brewing Company Amber ale!

2012 Sep 1
Stuffed myself silly with the two-piece again. I don't think I've had better fried fish in Ottawa, and definitely never a larger portion than this! If you like fish and chips, you owe it to yourself to try these.

Note to self: next time I get the two-piece, try to get a salad instead of fries. The fries aren't my favourite and there really is such thing as too much fried food on a plate. :-)

2012 Mar 27
The wife and I did the 2 for 1 Fish and Chips Monday evening. Place was quiet. I ordered the large and the wife had the single piece. Large pieces of Fish as FF mentioned earlier, nice batter and darn good fries. Even my wife helped me on my second piece of Fish which she never does This is now my goto Fish and Chips place in the Westend. Much bigger and better then the Glen - more like Lapointes style. Excellent and a couple Beau's always helps!!

2012 Feb 17
Excellent fish and chips here! Succulent haddock and super crispy batter. $11 for one piece or $15 for two. Great with a pint of Kilkenny of course. The tartar sauce is a little too herby for my taste but then I'm not a big user of tartar sauce anyway.


2016 Oct 3
Thought I'd better drop in for another taste of this hearty bounty while the weather is holding out. I'm happy to report that the fish is still great and the coleslaw was nice this time too!

2016 Aug 17
I had a lovely lunch of fish and chips here last week. I opted for the 2-piece (of course) and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the crunchy-tangy British style beer batter done really well. Moist hunks of cod... Just beautiful!

The fries were good enough and the tartar sauce was very nice. The coleslaw had a bit of a fishy taste so I didn't eat it.

Fish and chips is really about the fish, and this fish is spot on!

When I was there, the fish and chips (and tartar sauce and coleslaw) were $7.50 for 1-piece and $11 for 2-piece. Totally worth the extra $3.50 to get that second piece of goodness!



2015 Jul 22
Four years later the price has gone up a little, but the McConville Special is still a worthy feast. These are two very large pieces of fish indeed. I struggled to finish my lunch here.

To the naysayers: this is perhaps a different style of fish and chips than you are used to. The batter is very thin and serves as a sort of blanket to seal in moisture, in contrast to the thick and crusty shell you're expecting.

The breaded haddock is more crunchy (and rich) of course, but it maintains a measure of thinness and also seals in the moisture. The result: delicate and simple flaky haddock that is somehow reminiscent of a wonderful wiener schnitzel.

2012 Apr 22
Yes i know, I was being a little facetious.

Being from Newfoundland, I prefer cod, but have had great fish and chips with haddock, and other fish as well.

I have had the fish and chips at the Glen a few years back and enjoyed them, and appreciate the different batter/breading options.

2012 Apr 22
Hey Pie Face,

Haddock is excellent in fish & chips; it is similar to cod (indeed, it is in the same family of marine fish as cod), just a little firmer and coarser in texture. Also, I have had great fish and chips in Florida and Bermuda that used Mahi Mahi and Grouper!

2012 Apr 22
@Rainman , Maybe I am biased, but Fish and Chips should be made with cod.

2012 Apr 22
After googling the best fish and chips in Ottawa and visiting the top 6 or 7 over the past few months, I have come to the conclusion that most people aren't aware of what constitutes good fish and chips. The Glen's version is definitely not a contender, the batter was soggy, when peeled away from the fish it was actually kind of slimy...The waitress let us know that the recipe for Scottish fish and chips does not include any leavening agent, so the batter does not rise and does not become crispy. Now I could be wrong but I think that the majority of us looking for good Fish and Chips are thinking of the English style consisting of a nice thick fillet of haddock or halibut with crispy batter, served with homemade fries with some substance to pair those up with salt and Malt vinegar and you have yourself a meal.

2011 Mar 24
Enjoyed the McConville Special for lunch today. $14.95 for two giant haddock filets, one battered and the other breaded. I still can't say which one I prefer so it's great to be able to get both! The half-chips half-salad option is an excellent one. The salad was a pleasant surprise, including carrots and corn. I opted for the Balsamic Tangerine dressing, which made for a nice accompaniment to the fried fish.

The fish is nicely cooked -- still moist, and without too much batter. I remembered having not-so-great chips at the old location (too dark and crunchy) but on this visit they were quite delightful! Light and crispy, with a nice potato taste. Great with malt vinegar and ketchup, or even the Curry Sauce that's available as an add-on.

The homey service here is warm and pleasant. The new location makes it a worthy addition to the Stittsville area. I like that they confirm whether or not you want tartar sauce and a lemon wedge. Waste not, want not!

And Rickard's Red on tap is always a good thing!

2009 Aug 10
After 18 years in Kanata, I finally went to this restauraunt specifically for the fish and chips. I ordered the McConville Special, for one piece of battered Haddock and one piece of breaded.

Best fish and chips ever. While the chips were not astounding, the fish certainly was. It was the most jucy and succulent fish, gently breaded or battered. Large pieces of real fish with excellent value for money. The lemon and tartar sauce helped lend the essential tang which complemented the savoury fish beautifully. It's not too greasy, has no chemical tang and are served piping hot.

Anyone in Kanata simply must try this place out.

2009 Apr 30
Undoubtedly some of the best Fish & Chips in Ottawa.

The Glen only serves "the freshest" Haddock (and in my experience totally boneless). One has a choice of having the fish Battered or both Battered & Breaded (dipped in breadcrumbs just before frying).

We both ordered the Fish & Chips, I the Small Battered (1 piece), and he the Large (2 pieces). You have to have quite the appetite to get thru the Large order. The Fish pieces are moist, huge, lightly battered and somewhat crispy (although I understand you can ask for extra crispy if that is more to your liking). The dish comes with Fries (although you can sub for other items). The Fries are hand-cut and tasty, especially so when sprinked with vinegar (regular or malt is offered along with ketchup) or dipped in the homemade Tartar Sauce.

Very very Yummy!

2008 Aug 9
Fish 'n' chips is something I always enjoy eating out since I refuse to own a deep fryer. I went with fairly high expectations having read your reviews, I was a little disappointed.

The chips - were great.

The batter - not what I was expecting. It wasn't crispy at all, and I think the colour came from a little paprika rather than the frying process. I will say the portion was huge for the price, but I prefer the golden crispy batter at Merivale Seafood. I mean it wasn't terrible, I ate it all! My boyfriend said his breaded piece was crunchier, but he asked me in the car if the battered one 'was supposed to be like that', he likes to get me going.

Side of bread - I like a little bread to absorb the grease. It came with the butter already on it, which I don't think I have ever seen before! And it was burnt. I am not kidding, it was burnt bread and butter! The top of the loaf was burnt and someone accepted the delivery. I had thought maybe they baked their own and I would have forgiven it. But I asked (I didn't complain since we were eating with the future in laws and I didn't want to make a "scene"), and the waitress said it was from a local bakery but not who. The rest of the bread was good, just thought it was too funny to not share.

My Two Questions
Was it worth the calories? - Yes
Would I go back? - Yes. But I'd stick with Merivale for fish and try something else.

2007 Mar 18
Wow these guys are awesome! I have to have them at least once a year, and every single time they are spectacular. You can order them breaded or fried, or mixed if you get 2 pieces, but as someone else mentioned 1 piece is a lot of eating, and the 2 pieces is too much for a lot of people. Fries vary somewhat but are always good to excellent.



2016 May 19
You can upgrade your fries to a salad (Greek or Caesar) for a small surcharge... and if you ask really nicely, they might do half-and-half for you! 😊

2016 Feb 7
I've been enjoying the 2-piece lunch special regularly here! Be sure to Like them on facebook and get your loyalty card for free food after 8 meals purchased.

Soon I'll take a break from the fish and chips to try one of their poutines and get back to you all on that. One day...

2015 Jul 9
Lunch special $11, 2-piece fish and chips with refillable fountain drink. My pet peeve is overcooked fried fish... something this was NOT. Truly perfect fillets of succulent pollock, incredibly crispy (if slightly overseasoned) batter contrasting with the delicate juicy flakes of fish within. Nice one!

The tartar sauce, ketchup, vinegars, hot sauces, and salt are all self-serve. Thumbs up!



2017 Aug 19
The lunch Haddock and Chips ($15) was good! The tartar sauce and fries are excellent. The coleslaw is made interesting by the use of what tasted like celeriac.

The fish itself was cooked a little more than necessary but didn't suffer much from that. The batter was light and crispy (yay) with some addition of herbs (oh no). I'm a bit of a purist and nothing beats a good crunchy beer batter in my books but I could see how this batter might be more appealing to some people.

Also, great patio! 👍

2014 Aug 4
Haddock in beer batter with fries. The fish was big and really fresh and the batter was not thick, which I think is good. Everyone at our table loved this. Is it as good as Whalebone's? Not sure. Would have to try both closer together to compare.

2009 May 17
Love the wide selection of fish for the fish and chips at the market location. I usually go for Halibut with extra tartare sauce and leave the restaurant extremely happy. The batter is light, the fries hot, the halibut fresh. No room for complaints.

2008 Apr 4
Bell's Corners--2 of us came here for lunch on a Friday. We arrived at 11:45 and got the last table—when we left 1 hour later they were still lined up (there were a couple of large reserved tables for company lunches). We both had the fish & chips special, one upgraded to haddock for $2 extra—basic was pollock. Perhaps a mistake was made but we could not tell the difference! I had the cup of clam chowder which was delicious & loaded with goodies but left me overstuffed. Coleslaw was crisp and tangy, chips were not the seasoned style—very crisp and good, and the batter on the fish was crisp and light. Fish was flaky and fresh. 19 year old date noted that “when there are a lot of white-haired people you know it’s a good place”. Service was prompt & efficient—back after about 3 minutes to see if all was good, checked at 20 minutes; asked about dessert & coffee and then brought the bill. Altho’ it was very busy, food and service were excellent and we’ll be back. *Liked the open kitchen.

2007 Apr 3
Blah - no flavour at all. Soggy fries. Not worth it all. This was about 2 years ago when I last ate a Lapointe's. I haven't been back since, so it might be better now - but I won't find out. I did have the fish and chips here about 7 years ago and it was really good - I don't know what happened....

2019 Jan 7
Not my pic but the reviews are rave. 2 Piece Haddock and chips for $16.25, comes with 1 tartar sauce per piece. This is my next stop on my way through Arnprior. Brian's Spuds is open year round.

2017 Aug 18
Not a purists fish and chips but nonetheless delightful. Note the batter on this fish is vaguely similar to KFC in dryness and thickness but hey it works, this fish is delish! The beet/sweet potato/potato chip mix was a nice light option as well. I really enjoyed this and for $12 all in it was well worth it.

2015 Apr 17
$12 tax included for two pieces of fish, coleslaw, and literal (but delicious) potato chips. I liked the thick breading. Size of fish may have been a little small for the price? Coleslaw was on the vinegary side. Tartar sauce was nice, had capers in it. The wait around noon, however, was about 30 minutes (nice weather today so long lineup), and because of that I won't be hurrying back.


2013 Mar 25
This is the 1-piece (5 oz) beer battered haddock meal for $12.95. Piping hot, moist fish with a lovely English-style batter and a rather exceptional tartar sauce. The fries are always great here too. Top marks!



2014 Feb 24
Visited on a Thursday in December and the place was bustling with activity. Every table was full. Lovely fish -- generous, crispy outside, moist inside, and greasy as it should be. I'd say this is one of the few very good fish and chip spots in Ottawa.

2013 Apr 5
Had some tasty fish and chips tonight. Went with the 2 piece beer battered and fries. The fish was melt in your mouth with a light fluffy moist texture. These large fillets had a nice crispy thin batter,nice to see the big eater optin available. Fries were fresh cut and thick reminiscent of the old beefeater style cut with a flat rectangular shape. No skinny stuff here. Coleslaw was creamy and peppery. Think this may be our new go to spot for fish and chips. After we arrived a line had formed by 5:30. Got the last table of about 15 in this cozy place. Listen for the fog horn and it might be your meal ready.


2012 Apr 22
Took a drive out to Almonte today to try the Fish and Chips at JR's Restaurant, I was not disappointed, the Haddock was done perfectly the batter was crisp, the fries were very good, the tarter sauce and coleslaw was homemade, they even served it with malt vinegar.....OMG, I was in heaven. The portion size was very good, more than I could eat. The service was excellent, the manager even stopped by our table to say hi and welcome us to the restaurant. The rest of the menu looked good and I can't wait to visit again.

2012 Apr 20
Nice thick hunks of fish, not overcooked at all. The batter has a good tang to it (cider vinegar and beer/yeast?) but it had absorbed a fair bit of the cooking oil. The nice strips of carrot and zucchini coleslaw adds a nice virtuous component.

All in all a decent plate of FnC. I'm not a big tartar sauce person but that seemed good enough too.


2012 Jan 14
I chose the fish and chips for my lunch, as it is a kind of gold standard for any seafood restaurant. In keeping with the rustic style of this restaurant, it was served in a beaten up metal dog bowl of a plate -- a little too whacky for my taste considering the $17 price point.

I had high expectations for the fish and WOW did it deliver! Incredibly moist and succulent, with a perfect shell of crispy tangy batter. Certainly some of the best fried fish I've encountered anywhere. The only downside is that there were just three tiny fingers of it on my plate.

As for the chips, they were not my thing. Thick wedges of potato, fried to a dark brown on the outside, but tasting like oven-roasted potato on the inside. It's probably just personal preference but I didn't see this as an improvement over pub-style chips. I even left some on my plate, which is something I never do! The smear of tartar sauce was totally unnecessary for the delicious fish, but it did help moisten the potatoes. The sweet pickled onions are also a nice touch if you're into sweet pickles (I'm not).

So overall, I'd go somewhere else for my fish and chips. But if you want to see how perfectly fried fish can be simultaneously moist and crunchy, this dish is worth a shot!

2011 Jun 28
The lunch special here is two generous pieces of pollock plus fries and coleslaw for $7.99. The fish was cooked perfectly -- crisp and light on the outside, hot and moist on the inside. The fries are standard frozen ones but they're hot and crispy too. The coleslaw is incidental.

This is straightforward Fish and Chips, done right.

This photo contains three pieces of fish because I got the AYCE option.


2014 Jul 12
A picture of the Fish and Chips proper. The fries seem to be double fried, just as I like them. Fries are way more satisfying than salad (which I ordered the last time) but I am not saying anything you did not know...

2013 May 1
Ok, this is not exactly fish and chips, as my husband pointed out, because I substituted the fries for salad, but I am on diet so this is the compromise. It's still very satisfying. The fish, cod, was very fresh and in a crispy, not too thick batter.

Salad was fresh with a light dressing.

There is also an interesting beer selection from various breweries in Québec. We sampled La Vache Folle.

2018 Oct 20
The Clarendon's upscale take on fish and chips: Ling Cod and Chips ($20) is excellent. Three perfectly cooked and flavourful chunks of cod accompanied by their excellent fries.

The malt vinegar chip batter had a great crisp to it but I couldn't really detect the malt vinegar. No matter, the whole plate worked really well together. Kudos for serving a fresh lemon cheek rather than a dried out wedge like at other places.

2018 Sep 1
$16 got me a metal dog food bowl filled with delightful chips, good creamy coleslaw, thick and tasty tartar sauce, and two chunks of crispy battered haddock. The fish was a little on the dry side but I'll take that over undercooked any day. Overall a pretty decent FnC experience!

2018 Jun 16
I've wanted to try their Friday Fish and Chips special ($10) ever since I started working practically next door over a year ago. Finally made it there and it happened to be on their 16th anniversary celebration.

First, about the fish and chips. The batter was nice and crispy just the way I like it but the fish itself was terribly overcooked and dry. I find this is often the case when the filets are thick and cylindrical like these. The fries were pretty good. All in all, you can't deny the value of a $10 meal with two pieces of fish!

Spying Belhaven Scottish Cream Ale on the draught menu meant I had to order it as I'm a fan of Belhaven Best from a can. The 14 oz "sleeve" size ($5.75) was perfect for a lunch. Kudos for offering true 20 oz pints and a smaller option that isn't at all skimpy.

The upside of the anniversary celebration: small samples of haggis on crostini, shortbread, and tablet. The downside: live bagpipes.

They were also offering a special anniversary 1¼ lb lobster dinner (with melted butter and caesar salad) for the incredible price of $15.95. That's less than you'd pay for just the lobster at a fishmonger! It's still available today (Saturday, June 16) but then it's gone.

2017 Oct 29
The Fish and Chips ($15) here were unusual but kind of amazing. The batter was the tangy-crunchy kind I like most, only it was studded with a generous coating of crushed potato chips. This is the height of excess! And yet it works...

The fries were good too so I can totally recommend it if the description doesn't scare you away.

The coleslaw was a little funky but the tartar sauce was great.

2017 Oct 14
I was quite impressed with the Fish and Chips ($15) here. A large hunk of succulent cod with a nice crunchy-tangy beer batter on a pile of good fries. One could get a second piece of cod for a very reasonable $5 extra if one were so inclined.

The pint of Kilkenny rounded out the whole experience, as it would my waistline were I to seek out such a glorious feast with greater frequency.

2017 May 20
The Haddock and Chips ($17) is popular here. They seem to have switched from using unique wedge potatoes to a more standard skin-on fry. The two smallish pieces of haddock were nicely crispy with my favourite style of tangy batter. The texture of the fish was chewy in places -- almost as though it were a little undercooked and some bites of batter had a mealiness that might not be appealing to everyone (I quite liked it).

The tartar sauce was exceptional! Served in a bowl, good lemon content and nicely seasoned. The little cups of ketchup were great too.

All in all, a pretty good FnC, although you'll have to embrace your inner hipster when coughing up $20+ for a lunch served on wax paper in a tin pie plate... 😝

2014 Jul 23
The 1-piece fish for $10+tax came with coleslaw, tartar sauce, a drink, and choice of salad or fries. The fish was perfectly moist inside and the beer batter was spot on. Can't really get better fish and chips than this!

Steep for a food truck but haddock isn't cheap and you pay for quality. Super enthusiastic and congenial service too. I'll be back for sure.


2013 Aug 1
Taters continues to impress! $10 got me this half-pound hunk of haddock with a thin and crispy tangy beer batter. The batter is mild and it allows you to taste the subtle flavour of the haddock. The flesh was flaky and moist as it should be. Good pub-quality fish and chips from a chip stand... who would have thought it possible!

The fries are great here too. This was my first time having them without gravy (i.e. poutine) so it was nice to see how they stand up to regular old salt and vinegar treatment. Outstanding!

I was very hungry today. But really, it was good!



2010 Dec 18
On or way home from Christmas shopping we decided to stop in and get take out fish and chips. Staff were super friendly. We got a deal we thought. He only charged $7.99 for fish and chips which was advertised at $10.95 and he didn't have change so he gave us another $1 off. First off the fries were not edible. They had a rubbery stale consistency almost like the oil was not hot enough when he fried them up or they had been siting above warm oil all day. The fish was very good but again the batter was soaked in oil. Tartar sauce was super with a heavy dill flavour and salad excellent. It was 4:30pm when we picked up so I'm not sure if this is a lunch place and the frier was on econo or it was just an off day. On the positive side the produce in the store looked great.

2010 Aug 7
Fish & Chips at Cedars, and probably ranks among the best I've had in Ottawa.

I'm not convinced about the presentation though. What you see in the foreground is a huge pile of garlic sauce & hummus (with a little well of olive oil).
Sorry for the crappy iPhone picture.

I'll definitely get them again, but probably I'll get takeout and then slather them with malt vinegar & tartar sauce at home.


2007 May 5
Great haddock filet in a beer batter and then lightly fried and served on a heaping pile of fries.


2007 Mar 18
We have found that the Fish and Chips are consistently good here. The fish is moist and tender and the batter is crispy, just dense enough and not greasy. Mmmmm.


2012 Mar 26
I had the two piece here the other day and its was very very good. The batter is excellent and the fish itself was plentiful and delicious. I thought the fries were decent, however the coleslaw was not up to par. Two of my kids had the kids size and there was a bit left over. Still tasted good heated up the next day, which says a lot.

2010 Mar 11
The fish is a beautiful large fillet, just like you would get in England. The batter (not breading) is tasty but understated -- less crispy than usual but more so than what you get at The Glen Scottish Restaurant. My impressive appetite was satisfied with the 1-piece meal but I'd happily put away a second piece of fish ($5 extra) in the name of gluttony. ;-)

The chips were fine but nothing special (great with malt vinegar and ketchup). Tartar sauce was middle of the road. Coleslaw looked a little brown on the edges and dried out so I didn't even try it.

I'd love to see this dish offered with thick, dark, British chips and a side of mushy peas! Anyway, it's all about the fish and I will be back.

2008 Apr 4
11.95 for one piece of haddock, chips, coleslaw and veg’s—mushy peas anyone? You get the fantastic pub atmosphere, good fresh fish (haddock only), slightly seasoned fries, slaw and choice of veg. Unless you have a bottomless pit do not order the 2 Piece (2 footballs! for $15.95). All kinds of beer on tap (including Lug’s) and, so they claim, more single malt scotch options than anyone around. It’s good but huge and the fries aren’t quite “pure”, fresh and crisp. Love the atmosphere, people (staff & clientele), entertainment Sat. aft. Bit pricey for f&c but really good. Friday evenings in particular you may have to wait for a table—just checking out what’s on tap is entertaining!

2006 Oct 8
I love their fish and chips and have them pretty much every time we go here. The fish is a nice-sized chunk of haddock, lightly breaded and fried until golden brown and the fish inside is good and flaky. The fries appear to be fresh-cut and are served with malt vinegar, something I can't always find for my fries at many of the pubs in Ottawa!


2011 Aug 23
Ordered haddock and chips for take out today. I quickly realized I was in trouble as no cutlery, napkins, salt, ketchup or vinegar was supplied - I guess that is partly my fault for not checking. The batter was indeed light and crispy but found it too greasy. The fish was was nicely cooked. The chips were good but without salt or ketchup, I couldn't finish them. The tartar sauce was nothing special. The coleslaw was tasteless.

For $13.50 (incl tax) i expected a little better.. this was just above average.

2011 Jan 29
Between us we have tried most of the starters and never been disappointed. I particularly like the clam chowder.

Fish and chips are good - only one thing, though - we order the haddock and I cannot be sure that it really is haddock. Haddock normally comes as a long piece of fillet (like at The Glen, for example), not a chunk. I'm not accusing them of anything, just making an observation. Batter is nice and crispy. Portions are good.

The only thing we don't like is the Kraft chemical tartar sauce.

NOW - if only they had mushy peas for that authentic British experience!! (Hint hint)

2010 Nov 5
I've eaten here for years and I have to say the location has really improved.
Before, a few years ago all they had was a take out counter and no eat in space at all- price were super cheap then.
They will also steam shrimp and lobster from the fish store if you want to have it at home and not want a whole meal.
I remember them telling me to steam lobster or shrimp was free at the store side.

The bouilabaisse is very good and a huge portion.
I used to get the fried smelts all the time-but only once this year.
The clam strips are very good and you can tell they sre made from fresh not frozen clams (frozen ones are always too rubbery).

If you do not get enough lemon or sauce they will bring you out another portion for free.
I also like that they have those anise candy at the end of the meal.
The server always gives me at least 10 of them,lol.
I used to get food here twice a week when I lived in the area.
I doubt they will go under-they have been serving food there at least 20 years at least (used to bike there after highschool to get stuff sometimes)...and that was many years ago.

The crab cakes with the mango sauce are pretty good too!
I know last year they had a coupon in the entertainment book for a discount.

2010 Oct 27
went last week on a whim with our son while waiting for daughter to finish rehearsals.
busy, had to wait 25 minutes for table.
seemed like mostly regulars.
place looks better inside than outside.
service was excellent, 2 wait staff handled the service very well. excellent in fact.
food was very good and quick, but not too quick, just right.
fish and chips were very good, although i think they use frozen chips instead of fresh cut, could be wrong.
nice surprise, nice evening, nice place to add to list.

2009 Dec 22
I had their "catch of the day" fish and chips a couple of weeks ago with friends. It was grouper, which I hadn't tried before, though the battering process I'm sure eliminates any concerns I'd have about eating a previously unknown fish.

It was deliciously greasy, and easily the best fish and chips I've had in recent memory.

Their parking kind of sucks though, so it's best to arrive early.

2009 Aug 11
having lived in the area for many years i'm ashamed to say i've never eaten at the Merivale Fish Market until today. i'm glad i finally stopped by because the fish n' chips are spot on - thick, crisp batter but also generous with the halibut/haddock. fries are hand cut, not frozen (there is a healthy serving buried underneath in that photo). certainly one of the best chippys i've been to in the city and the closest that comes to my old haunt in Perth, The Crown & Thistle.

this is greasy. it's fish and chips - it's supposed to be!


2009 Aug 11
Best fish and chips I've had in Ottawa yet! Same we've-been-doing-this-for-generations feel (and taste!) as the little restaurant on the wharf in Shediac, New Brunswick near my relatives.

2009 Feb 13
I always eat in and never had a problem. It's Hard to find a place that serves better fish and chips in Ottawa. I guess thats why One fish Two Fish went under.

2009 Feb 13
Merivale Fish Market is normally one of my favourites for fresh fish. The other night, the SO wanted fish and chips so I thought I'd grab takeout from here.

Like I said, I'm a big fan of their fish counter but the fish and chips was some of the greasiest I've ever had. Tons of batter and the bottom of the takeout box actually left a grease stain on my countertop. Maybe the fryer wasn't hot enough, but I don't think I'll give the fried stuff a second chance from here.

2006 Sep 15
It's a bit on the oily side but that isn't always a bad thing. Great classic fish and chips!




2011 Aug 11
I had been intrigued by Mello's Coffee Shop for a while, and after seeing their Fish & Chips sign the other day, I thought I'd give it a try. Ordered the take out fish & chips. While waiting I had fun imagining myself living in the 70's. It was pretty easy. Every seat in the place was taken so they must be doing something right. Back in reality, the fish was covered on a hard shell of batter, very hard to get into, crispy on the inside mushy on the inside. The fish was a bit tough but tasted fine. The fries were good, hot and fresh, but not super crispy. The price was right at $5.50.

2009 Aug 11
I also went to Mello's with high expectations for the fish and chips from the reviews. Unfortunately they did not stand up.
The fish was far from tasty and the batter was pasty. Fries were typical greasy-diner and not very hot, as was my friend's burger.
I was also disappointed that the fish and chips were about 3 dollars more to eat in, rather than that nice $5 tag on the take-out portion, which would be preferable seeing as we weren't made to feel very welcome at all. It had the atmosphere that they were closing and were just wanting us to leave. But it was noon on a Saturday, so I hardly think that was the case.

2009 May 21
Hi, went to Mellos today, based on reviews and since it was closer to my home (west end) than The Glen, and it was early rush hour already (4:30). We will not be back. The fries were stale (tasted like they were made at lunch and re-warmed), the fish batter was rock hard and the fish was also bland. The water was tepid and tasted a little weird. The glass was dirty. The mashed potatoes taste like instant, not homemade. The fried onions were flaccid and also equally tasteless. The hamburger was the only saving grace - THAT tasted like homemade (hope it was). The service was slow and they forgot parts. Mopping the floor with a disinfectant while you eat is also an interesting way to treat customers to a free nasal assault. Oh well.

2007 Feb 11
Mello's coffee shop has, likely, the best fish and chips around for the buck. I think you can get takeout F&C for like... $5, which is one hearty portion of fried fish, french fries, and some coleslaw. I love diners, greasy spoons, etc... and this is one place to check out for that feeling of nostalgia. Just don't order the fountain soft drinks - they aren't so good... it IS a coffee shop after all.


2009 Dec 22
I've had the fish and chips a few times, and so far my only complaint would be that the size seems variable.

The first time I went I ordered the slightly more expensive two piece version, but found it was too much. The next time I went, I bought the smaller one piece portion, only to find the single piece to be woefully small - about 25 percent of the fish of the two piece version.

I've been busy trying other things on the menu since then.

2009 Sep 23
Went here for lunch recently; first time I'd been for something other than after-work drinks.

Ordered fish and chips, and I clock them in as a solid "OK."

Very generous serving size for the $10 you pay. (For one-piece; two-piece is $14.) I'm pretty sure I was served the entire side of a fish. And a big mound of nummy fries.

Batter was nice and browned, and perfectly crispy at the thin end; unfortunately, it was a bit claggy and gummy at the thick end. Not a deal-breaker, but a bit disappointing given I started at the "good" end.

I would order this again. That and a Guinness was exactly what I wanted on a kind-of icky day.

2007 Feb 7
Bang on about the F&C in Bell-vegas & the County. I have yet to find F&C anywhere else in ON that compares...looks like the maritimes take that one!

2007 Feb 7
I think it (the Fish & Chips) used to be better a couple years ago, before the staff 'became' younger, and their skirts much shorter. I think Lapoints has better F&C. Of course, my favourite F&C come from 'The Lobster Trap' in Belleville, and/or 'Schooner's' in Picton.

2006 Sep 9
Second best fish and chips in town, after The Glen on Hazeldean!


2007 Apr 3
Really good traditional pub style fish and chips. Though I must admit, it does depend sometimes depend on who is in the kitchen. Some nights it is better than others. That being said, the worst F&C I've had at D'arcys is better than that at Lapointes just down the road.

2007 May 6
Had these here last night watching the Sens game on the big screen. Huge 1 piece of battered fish with tons of fries. Nice and crispy with every bite and not overdone, served with a little cup of coleslaw and tartar sauce. The fries are soooo good!! Would definitely order this again...


2013 Jul 12
This photo makes it look much better than it was. The batter was nice and crispy but the fish was overcooked and quite dry. The piece was a decent size, but the $15 price tag was far too high for the quality and portion. I ate all the (good) fries and was still peckish later.

The "tartar sauce" seemed to be nothing more than commercial mayo with a few scant bits of chopped pickle.

Overall, a little disappointing after the hype!

2007 Jul 28
Went there to have lunch. I ordered Haddock & Chips, $9.99 (one of their Specials written on the board). Taste was good and the fries (short length) were also not bad.

Surprised that the place wasn't packed on Friday. I guess most of the people had gone to vacation. Service was not impressive though. Our server didn't check on us very often and it took too long for us to get the bill.

2007 May 17
A few of the brewers got together for lunch today so I went out and had the Fish and Chips. The fish was absolutely fantastic - some of the best I think I've ever had. They provided one very large piece about the size of a single at The Glen. Beautifully battered in their own Guiness batter. The chips were home-cut shoestring sized fries - not spectacular but certainly very good. All-in-all well done and I'd go back for more.


2009 Mar 3
The Beau's Battered Fish & Chips are one or two pieces of Cod, served with a side of Fries, Coleslaw and Housemade Tartar Sauce.

I recently got around to having this, and have to say that I enjoyed the fish & chips thoroughly. The fish was very yummy, and Quigleys makes decent french fries that are not spiced or otherwise jazzed up in any way... just honest to goodness french fries. The serving of fries was huge... too much to finish. I enjoyed the Tartar Sauce, but the Coleslaw was pretty mediocre (but then again, I'm not a big fan of "creamy" coleslaw in general).

2008 Mar 5
I notice the menu now clearly states that PJ Quigley's Fish & Chips are now made using Beau's Beer in the the batter.


2010 Aug 27
I went to the Fryz Guyz today for their F&C Friday Special and they ran out as of 4:00PM!! Apparently their fish is never frozen and is freshly made every Friday. I guess that's why it always sells out fast as it is hard to estimate exactly how much fish you're going to sell in a day (while keeping things fresh)!

As far as I know, they sell their special all day BUT might I suggest coming during lunch hours? Or calling in ahead to reserve your order (I've seen quite a number of people come in to pick up multiple orders of F&C as I waited for mine). Their number is 613-818-1182. I hope that helps! :)

2010 Aug 23

Would you happen to know if they serve fish and chips throughout Friday until they close, or certain hours?


2010 Aug 6
Fish and chips!! Freshly made every Friday for their special. It comes with tartar sauce and lemon, and a pop as part of their combo. I never had F&C before this; it was so good! I recently ordered F&C from another restaurant over the long-weekend and IMO it wasn't even comparable! The fish at "Fryz Guyz" didn't have that aweful fish smell/taste.. if that makes any sense. I think the batter is a beer batter (don't quote me). Good stuff! I highly recommend everyone to try this! It really is THAT good!

2010 May 4
I was pleasantly surprised by the Fish and Chips. The price of $10.95 gets you two generous hunks of crispy-battered haddock on a large pile of decent fries. The tartar sauce was good (yay no little prepackaged Kraft thingies) and the coleslaw was very tasty.

I would visit again for this dish.


2016 Sep 2
On a recent visit to Brockville, we discovered that the fish has gone from variable to just plain bad. The pieces were par-cooked with batter and Don pulled them off a baking sheet and threw them in the fryer to crisp them up. The result was a dryish hunk of fish that you can pick up and bite pieces off like you would a bread roll or banana. The batter is very much like pogo batter -- bready and quite sweet.

A 2-piece meal is now $13.

The fries are pretty great but not enough to travel for. So if you find yourself in Brockville go ahead and eat at Don's. Just don't make it the core reason for a road trip!

2009 Sep 12
Finally made it to Don's Fish and Chips in Brockville today. We had the cod and ate it at the picnic tables near the Harbour Customs office while enjoying the beautiful view of sailboats and seabirds.

Our first reaction was Wow! But the fish ended up being a little variable. Some of it was awesomely moist and perfectly battered, but other pieces were a bit overcooked (fish) or undercooked (batter). Good though, and the prices were better than places in Ottawa (I think it was $8.50 for a two-piece meal and $6.50 for a one-piece). The newspaper wrap really makes the experience a great one! We need to see that here -- you just can't beat paper for keeping fried food hot without making it soggy.

Condiments are self-serve and come in the standard plastic/foil packets. One disappointment was that the tartar sauce was just the prepackaged room-temperature kind. It would be nice to get a little cup of homemade tartar sauce with such great fish and chips.

The fries were positively top-notch! Unlike all the good fish and chips places in Ottawa, this one has excellent chips. And they ask if you want salt and vinegar on your fries before wrapping them up. The environment inside is perfect fish and chips style: a cash register and a long row of fryers along one wall and a row of salivating customers along the other wall.

Also worthy of mention is that the pogos my kids wanted appeared to be home made. The batter looked the same as what was on the fish (a little thinner than regular pogo batter) and the wieners were the thick one-eighth pound kind.

The photo here isn't mine. I found it here:

2010 Apr 25
Finally got around to giving this place a try. The fish is certainly better than the usual Cap'n Highliner stuff you get from chip wagons. They're proper haddock filets, albeit quite thin ones. Mine were dark and greasy but flavourful. The fries were also overcooked and not to my liking. These glitches may have been because they were just about to close up for the day.

Anyway, at $9 for one piece and $12 for two, you're better off going somewhere like Merivale Fish Market & Seafood Grill. But Xronos Fish and Chips will do in a pinch!

The gentleman serving me was very pleasant and I got a good feeling about the place.



2010 May 19
I was with friends at the Oak in the Glebe when one of them decided to order the fish and chips. I assumed that they were going to be good since they have a flyer in their menu saying so.

When they arrived they looked thick and nice on the outside but as soon as he started tearing it apart it looked like a fish doughnut.

The batter was thick and spongy and when I asked for a sample it tasted very much like doughnut batter. The crispy, airy and flaky crust you expect from fish n' chips was nowhere to be found. Although he did eat the fish which he said was ok and because he was hungry, it was still the worst fish and chips I've ever witnessed.

2009 Aug 12
You know, I had an experience similar to yours last Friday. I was also craving fish (wife can't eat it) and, the waiter had to gall to say that the fish and chips was one of the best in the city. So, my friend and I both ordered the fish and chips. She didn't finish hers, and the only way I could was to smother the fish in tartar sauce. My fish wasn't battered all over, so I had pieces of fish that had touched the oil, which makes it very tough and not tasty.

2009 Aug 12
we decided to stop and have a bevvie while waiting for the Pretoria Bridge to finish it weekly weekend gyrations and head over to my fave lil spot on Elgin

well, against my better judgement, and not being able to ignore the roars coming from our stomachs, we decided to give in and open the menu

having a craving for fish (YES! again! seems that's all I crave lately), I figure any pub can fry fish and at least it's haddock and not cod(shudder!)

I was wrong.... not just any place can fry fish
the SINGLE piece I received was aweful
the fish had obviously been twice fried
the batter should never shatter, bounce or explode when cut into

when asked by the server, if I was enjoying my meal, I bluntly said "no"

and after discussing my view of the piece of haddock, no apology was offered....nothing was offered

while, it's around the corner and the beer selection is good, it's not enough to bring me back

2010 Jan 17
Here comes the extremely disappointing part of the experience - my wife and son both had the fish and chips and they were absolutely terrible. Now, as the grand-daughter of a fisherman, my wife can be pretty particular about her fish and chips, but these did not even pass muster for me - they were just plain soggy and not the least bit crispy on the outside. The way the best, crispiest fish-and-chips in the world get when you put the leftovers in the fridge overnight and eat them the next day.

In fairness, the place was extremely busy and maybe they sat out or who knows what. And when I was here the other day one of the guys had fish and chips that seemed to be perfectly crispy on the outside. But honestly my wife was almost in tears about it (OK, she is pregnant and emotional). I did consider sending them back, but my instinct against wasting food proved far stronger, especially with the boys there I did not want to be setting an example for them where food gets wasted.

Variability seems to be a problem here in general, based on my limited experience.


2011 Aug 7
Decent but not worth the other problems of the restaraunt.


2018 Aug 25
Outstanding fish and chips from the pelican as usual. Make a reso, this place gets really busy!

2016 Dec 5
Haddock fish and chips was great here as always. This time I opted for panko crust which was super crunchy and delicious.

2016 Mar 5
1 piece haddock & 1 piece halibut. Both were deliciously moist with a great crisp coating, however the halibut was the superior version. Nice chips as well. Top notch!

2009 Dec 5
CC, the "newsprint" in question looks like the kind that's made specifically for the purpose of serving seafood. The kind I've seen is on waxy paper and it has a bunch of silly articles about fish written on it.

Also, newspapers have been using the lead-free vegetable-based inks for many many years already.

There's no need to manufacture scandal; there's plenty of it out there already!

2009 Dec 5
Serving on newsprint ??? .... Great if you want to increase the lead in your diet.

The brits banned the serving of fish and chips in newsprint because the food can draw out the lead in the ink.

I've seen some places serve fish and chips in newsprint with a layer of wax paper in between the newsprint and the food ... I assume to circumvent any laws.

2009 Dec 4
The fish and chips is really good and I like that it's served on newsprint, a nice old English touch.


2008 Jul 14
Wifey had the Beer-Battered Fish and Chips at my recommendation. She was as impressed as I was. Here is the description:
"An old fashioned English recipe. White fish fillets, dipped in a beer batter. Served crispy with tartar sauce made from scratch, fresh lemon and fries. Malt vinegar highly recommended!"

My only complaint is that if they recommend malt vinegar, they should serve it or at least offer it! You need to ask for it if you want it.

This picture is out of focus but you get the idea. It's just a really well done very normal looking plate of fish and chips. The fries are good, the batter is tasty, and the fish is not overcooked.

2008 Apr 4
Very good here! The fish is nicely cooked and beer-battered. The fries are golden, crispy, and relatively thin. Slightly overpriced for what you get but then so is everything else on the menu.



2009 Feb 24
I find the battered pollock to be pretty good here for some reason. The rest of my "Joey's Combo" was not so great: fries are bland but overseasoned, clam strips were extra greasy, and the garlic bread was slightly better than what the Greek Souvlaki House gives you (not a compliment). You can choose any two sides so the fries and garlic bread were partly my fault. I'd suggest mashed potatoes and mixed veggies next time -- they might not be wonderful but how bad can they be? ;-) re: the garlic bread, I was hoping for mushy peas but that costs extra so the bread was a split-second decision.

Something worth noting is that the prices were lower in the restaurant than what is listed on their website. e.g. my Combo was $10.99 rather than the $12.99 on the web. The straight fish and chip dinners were lower by a buck or two too.

2008 Apr 4
Joey’s Only, Kanata
Was here just this week. $6.99 lunch special, coleslaw, seasoned fries, 2 pieces of pollock. You can switch up the fish for a couple of bucks more but by now we’ve tested several and find with deep fried it’s all about the oil & batter. No complaints here, pop refills free, coleslaw ok, they keep the oil hot and everything was crisp. The fries are frozen and seasoned but fine. We asked for extra lemon wedges and they brought us a little bowlful. Tartar sauce comes in a very handy squeeze bottle. Booths afford a little privacy. For the price and the place quite acceptable.

2007 Mar 18
See my comment under All-You-Can-East Fish and Chips

2006 Oct 6
I was very dissapointed with the fish and chip's at joey's. I'm from England, so I'm always on the lookout for fish and chips that are as good as they are at home. The fries were freezer fries, very generic. The fish was just ok.

2006 Sep 7
The fish is oily but tasty. The default is pollock but you can upgrade to haddock for a price. Extra points for frying in non-hydrogenated oil! All you can eat fish and chips on Tuesdays. Eep!