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2011 Dec 1
This place is closing for 3 weeks as of December 31, 2011, and then re-opening as The Brew Table. It will be privately owned instead of a franchise, so the food should improve!


2011 Nov 25
I've been meeting friends here on an almost weekly basis. It's a fun and lively place, with Kilkenny on tap and a good (albeit sweet) Old School Daiquiri. Our usual server, Dave, is awesome.

The problem I've been having is with the food. Many in our group now eat elsewhere because they're tired of spending money on mediocre grub. I've tried most of the appetizers and some of the mains and so far I've found the following to be okay:

* Chicken Wings - meaty and crispy, served with carrot sticks and ranch dressing
* Seafood Pie (pictured here) - mild but pleasant, with fish that is properly cooked and a nice crisp puff pastry bowl

The following items I would not order again, although nothing was terrible. Just kind of blah...

* Skillet Mac and Cheese
* Guinness Poutine
* Mini Yorkshire Puddings (Beef Short Rib)
* Fisherman's Chowder
* Prime Rib Burger (w Bacon)
* Baked French Onion Soup
* Carrot Cake
* Onion Rings

I remember the food being much better 5+ years ago. I recently discovered that the D'arcy McGee's pubs are owned by the same parent company as East Side Mario's (Prime Restaurants), which probably explains a lot.

2011 Jul 9
The Mac'n'Cheese Skillet was fairly satisfying but not very cheesy. The most flavourful cheese was on top. Still, not a bad choice if you really just want a good foundation over which to pour alcohol. The generous salad was a pleasant surprise, albeit more in terms of quantity than quality.

A dining companion ordered the main dish of Scallops. The consensus was that, even though they were quite delicious, a $19 scallop main dish at a pub should come with 5 scallops rather than a measly 3! There was a generous accompaniment of rice-based tomato and veggie salad, but it's a scallop dish -- the unwritten rule of scallops is 3 for an appetizer, 5 for a main.


2007 Apr 3
Really good traditional pub style fish and chips. Though I must admit, it does depend sometimes depend on who is in the kitchen. Some nights it is better than others. That being said, the worst F&C I've had at D'arcys is better than that at Lapointes just down the road.

2009 Apr 19
Ok, so maybe it was a Crock Pot [it's a "Guinness Steak and Mushroom Crock" at D'arcy McGee's -ED]... who cares, we are not at the Rover's waiting for on of Betty's!!!

A crowd of us went out to D'arcy McGee's in Bells Corners on Saturday night. I had the "crock pot" tender pieces of beef in a gravy that had something to do with Guiness with creamy mashed potates tucked in with it and grilled vegetables on the side. Oh.. I almost forgot the "baised" button mushrooms in the gravy. In case some of you didn't catch it in my 1st review of Isobel's cupcakes - I use the word "Yummy" and that's a thumbs up in my book. I ate every lick!!! the only thing missing was a piece of bread the sop up what I could manage to get to stay on my fork.

It was funny - NOBODY - at our table shared!!! I call that funny... I could almost picture it, everyone's arm in front of the plates... almost guarding their food - oh memories... God Love my Mother after giving birth eleven times... so that picture is real... every man or woman for themselves.

My hubby and his buddy had the Halibut - both thought it to be great!! Neither offered a taste - both commented on what a great deal at $15.99. A bunch had the fish and chips.... the comment... will be back - Very good etc... (I am a Lapointe's fan (Cod), I will have to go back and give D'arcy's Haddock a try.

My sister had the Beef pieces in an iron skillet with puff pastry... talk about puff - WOW - it was hugh, she couldn't finish it and her hubby was too full to take it on.

Our waitress, very good - Alyssa - she was honest, quick and kept up with us... and that's saying something.

One of the clan had the volcano cake, smelled Yummy but I'll have to reserve that comment til I try it myself. Personally I don't mix wine and dessert... there is just something wrong with that. With that said, the red house was fine, forget what it was now... but was smooth enough and didn't break the bank.

All in all, I'd definitly recommend. Food very good, service very good and we were even lucky enough go on a night with live entertainment - all age groups around which was nice to see as well.


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