Smokehouse in Chelsea. Specializes in smoked seafood.

Boucanerie Chelsea Smokehouse
Boucanerie Chelsea Smokehouse
Foods from Boucanerie Chelsea Smokehouse

2014 Aug 25
It is re opening under new management on September 4th 2014:

2013 Feb 27
I went, I saw, I ate, and I brought some home. We went to the Smokehouse first and bought some mussels, salmon jerky, bison jerky, chicken vindaloo ( I had a craving), and some ham. The ham is still on deck but the rest was great although the vindaloo was a bit tame and overpriced. We then went onto the Resto that is associated with the Smoke house. We tried the chowder, the fish and chips, and the calamari. The fish was cooked perfectly but the breading easily separated from the fish and it was lip tingling salty. The chowder was great with excellent flavours, nice chunks of seafood and a rich, but not heavy, cream sauce. Could have been warmer. The calamari was perfectly cooked and came in a Portugese style sauce with tomato, chick pea, and chorizo. Great flavours and I can just imagine how good the cod would be HMB. My only complaint was that the dish only had one small piece of chorizo. In future I think I would skip the Resto and buy the more interesting menu items at the Smokehouse.

2013 Feb 25
Ditto for the smoked scallops.

2013 Feb 24
Tree Pug: I highly recommend their salmon jerky. Soaked in maple syrup, it's like candy. Beware: pricey and highly addictive. I'd also recommend the hot smoked maple syrup salmon and the smoked shrimp and scallops. If you are going to the resto, I cannot recommend the Portuguese cod enough. Had it for brunch last weekend and am still thinking about it. They sell the sauce for it at the boucanerie and Madame will be very happy to give her recipe to you if you would like to try from scratch
at home.

2013 Feb 23
Heading there tomorrow. Is it open? Any recommendations?

2012 Jun 22
I tried the ‘’Le resto’’ for the first time last night after hearing good comment. I went with a friend and we ordered some ceviche made from fresh Argentinean fish (forget the actual name of the fish) and some marinated mango which was really refreshing. We also had some crab cakes which were not too oily with a nice homemade mayo. My friend also tried the duck confit salad with goat cheese which was really good. I definitely will hit this place again to try the lobster poutine.

BTW, I have been lurking around the site for a little while. Great site!

2010 Mar 28
This place changed hands a couple of years ago but all of the terrific food items they have built a reputation for still stand and are as delicious as ever. Even better news is that they've opened a restaurant (Boucanerie Chelsea "Le Resto") just up route 105 in the Chelsea Market by the Freshmart.

Many dishes are made with their tremdous smoked products and also feature foods they carry at the store. We visited Le Resto for lunch today and wrote about it in our blog at:

2009 Sep 8
This place is fantastic, not only because of their amazing smoked fish, they also have a ton of local meats and stuff too. Check out some of the meals i've had:

Stuffed quail:

Red Deer and Mushroom Burgers

Duck Confit

Lemon and pepper smoked salmon

Cheeses, paté and terrines

2007 Feb 4
And I see this place is for sale according to their main webpage:

So if you've ever wanted to own your own retail smokehouse, here's your chance! :-)

2007 Feb 4
excellent smoked salmon, scallops, trout, eel, etc. La Bouchanerie also offers other types of meat (for example boar sausage) - well worth the trip!