Fish and Chips at Mobile Mayflower
Fish and Chips at Mobile Mayflower
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2016 Oct 3
Thought I'd better drop in for another taste of this hearty bounty while the weather is holding out. I'm happy to report that the fish is still great and the coleslaw was nice this time too!

2016 Aug 17
I had a lovely lunch of fish and chips here last week. I opted for the 2-piece (of course) and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the crunchy-tangy British style beer batter done really well. Moist hunks of cod... Just beautiful!

The fries were good enough and the tartar sauce was very nice. The coleslaw had a bit of a fishy taste so I didn't eat it.

Fish and chips is really about the fish, and this fish is spot on!

When I was there, the fish and chips (and tartar sauce and coleslaw) were $7.50 for 1-piece and $11 for 2-piece. Totally worth the extra $3.50 to get that second piece of goodness!