What is your secret foodie shame? [General]

2011 Feb 2
Thought it might be fun to have a confession thread of guilty pleasures. Not road food, diner or street food etc., which I think all of us enjoy, but hideous chemical filled crap food that we eat in secret. I'll go first. Kraft dinner with wonder bread slathered with butter. I usually will at least grate some real cheese into the kraft dinner. My deepest shame comes from my own squalid concoction: the kraft dinner sandwich which is best when the butter is ice cold and chunky from the fridge and melts slowly into the macaroni. Yes I might be white trash. Don't hate me for it.

2011 Feb 15

We bought this shirt this w/e for my 23-month old toddler. He loves ketchup on everything, he even fervently demands ketchup on dry white toast for breakfast.

2013 Dec 20
Oh hot diggity, Rizak, that's amazing.

I used to mix the same pudding mix with ice cream and refreeze for an hour. It's...so, so sugar. Your teeth will melt.