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Charcuterie at Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Murray Street Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Murray Street Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Spätzle at Murray Street Restaurant
Pulled Pork at Murray Street Restaurant
Charcuterie at Murray Street Restaurant
Mojitos at Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Murray Street Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Murray Street Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Murray Street Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Murray Street Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Murray Street Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Murray Street Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Murray Street Restaurant
Foods from Murray Street Restaurant

2011 Jul 12
Between bites of the best (read highest calorie, sharp and creamy) Mac ‘n’ Cheese I've ever had outside the confines of my own kitchen (hand-cut sour cream spätzle, Le Coprin mushrooms, mixed artisan cheese sauce) were eyes rolling-back moments.

Can't believe I skipped past the Charcuterie Plate but there you have it. (my companion taunted me with tasty morsels, but I barely heard her over my own moaning)

Bless their bacon wrapped hearts, I fear that cheesy goo is still around my middle.

Oh well.

Yup, it's not cheap. A fun treat.

All the more reason to go around the corner to the Murray Market for a Meat Cone.
Mmmmmm... meat cone.

More on my blog if you wish:

2011 Jul 10
Oh how I have tried to love Murray Street.... I love the idea of a charcuterie heaven with a slow-food-meat focus but the reality of eating there, not so much.

My marker for a great dining experience is that the food is good, service is good and that I feel that what I paid is representative of the value of the meal. I've paid ludicrous amounts on food over the years without batting an eye-lash but every dining-brunching experience at Murray Street leaves me feeling thoroughly ripped off. I don't enjoy the food and generally, the service isn't the greatest.

Last time I went, we ordered the poutine, which was nothing more than dried-out spaetzle with a meagre amount of cheese, and the pork which was all fat (no joke, there was only a tiny shred of meat on my plate). Luckily, the charcuterie plate was lovely but come on, that's not surprising given this is their bread and butter. Luckily, this time around, our server was wonderful but as previously stated, this has not always been the case at this establishment.

I'm done with this place.

2011 Jul 3
Thumbs down on the charcuterie/cheese plate, not really because of the quality (it was decent without blowing me away), but rather the price, at a whopping $35.

It is even more ridiculous how expensive this is, knowing that they make their own deli meats, so no middle man to hike costs. Kinda chintzy the 3 cheese / 2 meat OR 3 meat / 2 cheese options, how about keeping it simple with a 3/3 deal?

It's amazing to me what passes off as a staple in some cultures (in this case cheese and charcuterie, among the French and almost every other mainland European nation) but is regarded as luxury in Ontario, so much so in fact to justify attaching a hefty price tag to.

Big disappointment with the menu itself, no classics, no conventional meals, they seem to take their innovative approach way too seriously. Even the poutine was not regular potatoes but rather spaetzle and by the size of one I spied at the next table, as overpriced as the meat/cheese plates.

Two fish dishes, an odd choice for a place with a pig on its logo. Meat loaf, chicken salad sandwich (no hot chicken meal).

Nothing looked inviting so we went with the aforementioned overpriced deli/cheese stuff on the flip side of the menu and an equally overpriced rosé ($42).

Finally, a cheap touch to offer a charcuterie/cheese plate without proper bread. Instead they serve it with little pieces of hard dry crostini.

Likely not ever going back, despite the nice patio and friendly service.

2011 Apr 1
Was there for lunch today.. Menu looked good and was deciding between the fowl special and the pull pork and the server recommended the fowl specail since it is mariposa duck confit sandwich..

2 slices of lightly toasted egg bread with confit du canard and a little bit of mayo, lettuce and some cumberland sauce (cranberry and orange zest). Very tasty and definitely filling. It came with a caste iron bowl of tomato soup. Very decent tomato soup but tomato soup is not my favourite.. If I do have some prefer a touch of milk or cream in the soup..

Very well done and service was fast and friendly.. had a cappacino after while nice not as strong as I like it after living in Europe for a number of years. Would definitely go back there again for lunch, brunch and maybe dinner.

I still have some confit du carnard from my last trip to france so maybe I should break it open and try to make that sandwich :D

2011 Mar 26
i had a great dining experience here the other night. I love the prompt, efficient yet relaxed nature of the service as well as the ability to eat dishes that are so well put together and made of high quality local ingredients in such a comfortable and casual setting. the mariposa duck was the best dish of the evening, followed closely by the poutine. will definitely visit again!
full review on my blog

2011 Mar 20
Have been to Murray Street many times, though not recently, and have always enjoyed it. Decided on a return trip for breakfast this morning and was delighted.

Service was pleasant, fast and efficient. We were presented with an appetizer of small cubes of spice cake that were perfectly moist, chewy and yet light and airy. I wanted more! Breakfast hash today was curried BBQ pork and shiitake mushroom and was a nice balance of sweet and spicy. eggs were poached perfectly.

A touch that impressed me was when the server realized that although I ordered decaf, I had been given hi test by mistake. She could have easily just let things be, but brought back a fresh decaf and apologized for the mistake.

There are many excellent choices on the brunch menu all for $13, which is very good value for such high quality. Looking forward to going back soon for brunch or for another pig's head!

2011 Jan 3
I've been to Murray Street twice. Relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and interesting food. We had the spaetzle poutine and the braised beef as a main course. I loved the poutine but was not too fond of the braised beef. I found the beef very greasy and did not enjoy the cut. Still, I've been back for the poutine and would go back for it again, and again and again...

2010 Oct 23
This week I got the chance to go to Murray Street Restaurant again! I have now been for brunch, lunch and dinner! I have always been super happy with my dinning experience at Murray Street. The restaurant has awesome wood floors, a great bar and cool walls (one seems to be made out of different pieces of wood). It’s definitely a cool place to be. I also really like the staff, they have always been very helpful suggesting drinks and what’s good on the menu!

Friday I was at Murray Street for lunch. The great thing about the lunch menu is that it’s all $14! My bill (I only had water) was just over $15! Its a great deal for such great food! For lunch I got the pulled pork sandwich, it was really good! The pork is awesome, they use heritage large black pig braised shoulder, heritage black pig tastes so much more porky! The barbeque sauce is really interesting, I couldn’t figure out what was in it, so I asked! What the server could remember was that there was coffee, chocolate, chillies, brown sugar, ketchup, cumin and other things! Needless to say I really liked it, it got me thinking! What made the sandwich really good was that it was held together in an Art-Is-In bread bun! Instead of fries or a salad, the sandwich was served with baked beans with huge chunks of pork! If you can’t eat pork for any reason, not the meal for you, but I will happily take it off your hands! The baked beans came in a cool little cast-iron cauldron and were great on a cold day.

My friend had the mac and cheese, which is actually spaetzle and cheese. She really enjoyed it and it looked awesome served in a cast-iron skillet. It came with a coleslaw which again was intriguing!

The craziest part of our meal was that as we were finishing, Tom Green, sat down with a couple of friends right next to us! You know your restaurant is doing well when the celebs start showing up! I never know what to do when a celeb comes and sits close to you! Glad were not Hollywood!

Anyways I would strongly recommend Murray Street Restaurant. The lunch is by far the best value but all of the meals are great! Next time I post about them hopefully it will be about their smoked pig’s head!!! Check out some more pictures below!

For more pictures and other food stuff check out my blog at

2010 Sep 18
I went to Murray Street for the second time last night and as usual, left very pleased.
Both my friend and I each ordered the meatloaf with a blue cheese twice baked potato on the side. It was fantastic. We shared the carrot cake for dessert; it was only mediocre. I'm a big fan of the traditional kind so anything "fancy" isn't going to win bonus points when it comes to carrot cake.

The waitress was really sweet and personable, not too "in-your-face". She was a little slow with filling our wine BUT we did choose to sit alone on the patio (did you know that there are real grapes hanging from the vines overhead??).

The last time I was there (June, maybe?) I shared the charcuterie & cheese plate, had the Duck, Duck, Duck and shared the S'mores dessert. I recommend it all. SO good. And our waitress was from... England I believe, she was fantastic. The whole "non-pretentious attitude" is a HUGE win in my books.

I really like the restaurants' whole concept of trying to utilize the entire animal (which, I'm assuming, is why they serve leftovers for brunch). To date, it's my favourite resto in Ottawa. I don't know that I'd go for brunch (I'm not a big bruncher to begin with) but I would love to duck in for a lunch... Pulled pork sandwiches? Yes please!

2010 Aug 31
Visited Murray Street couple weeks ago with my bf. I ordered the Mariposa Duck and it was excellent. Bf ordered the feature farm. (It's been a couple weeks since we were there and I can't for the life of me recall what exactly was the feature... sorry) but I remembered that my bf was quite happy with the dish. The only complaint I have is that the service is not quite on par. Our server had a hard time recommanding a red wine to go with our food. When we finally decided on one, he also managed to break the cork into halves while opening the bottle. Needless to say little bits of the cork fell into the wine which was annoying to me and my company.

I will go back again for the food, and hopefully, I'll get a different server next time.

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2011 May 22
My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of eating at Murry Street kitchen for brunch this morning. There is nothing bad to say what so ever. This restaurant is funky, innovative, reasonable and delicious. The service is fast and friendly and although this is some of the best food in Ottawa, totally unpretentious.

After we had ordered our coffee (which was fantastic by the way), we were brought a salted ginger cookie and blondie. They were both super fresh and delicious. The blondie was particularly amazing. Yum!

2011 May 22
The food came surprisingly quickly. After sitting down, ordering coffee, then ordering our meal, getting the cookies, it took about 20 minutes since walking in the front door before we got our meal. *Impressive* Heck, Denny’s takes longer than that and all they are doing is throwing stuff on a flat grill.

I had the special of the day which was an Elk Keilbassa sandwich with a side of baked beans, and Amanda had waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage.

The Sandwich was very tasty. Beautiful rye bread coated in butter than toasted, topped with a fried egg, Elk Keilbassa (which I thought was more like a salami), grainy mustard, and some kind of green. Excellent sandwich. The beans were phenomenal. Sweet, hot, full of meat chunks and it was very rich. I’ve had some damn good baked beans in the Southern US, but these were pretty much the best baked beans I have ever eaten.

2011 May 22
The waffles, egg and sausage were equally good, however on a much sweeter end of the breakfast spectrum.

The first thing worth mentioning is the syrup. It was a really rich maple syrup infused with garlic and rosemary. Weird, and oh so amazing. It really worked well with the Egg, waffle and sausage. The waffle was generous in size, really fluffy, loaded with butter and there was a very noticeable hint of vanilla. The sausage was obviously pork, but it was so flavorful and it also had large chunks of garlic mixed with the meat. Now that is what I call a proper mince!

As freshfoodie below had mentioned, the price is a dollar more then it used to be, but the portions are a perfect size now. Again you will not leave Murry Street feeling like you ate an All American Gland Slam Breakfast, but you will leave full and satisfied. Sad to think that for a mere few dollars more than Zaks Diner you can have brunch/lunch at Murray

Great Service, Great Coffee, Great Sweets, Fantastic Meal...Fantastic Restaurant.

2010 Sep 9
From :

"New Brunch menu ...a buck more, but MUCH bigger portions...Track 06 is back , it's deep fried 'spam' hock on egg salad with hot sauce!!"

This should help with concerns about portion size. Looking forward to a revisit!

2010 Jun 19
Made it down to Murray Street with the BF and a couple of friends for brunch this morning, and it was stellar! We got a seat out on their patio which is totally gorgeous - I will have to make it out one evening for some cheese and wine, which also look excellent. We were treated to some sweets before the meal: 2 pieces of stout chocolate cake with ganache, a cheesey biscuit of some sort and a buttermilk (or sour cream?) strawberry scone, all of which were delicious. I got the fritztatta, which was tasty, but probably should have got the smoked fish that my friend ordered, which was halibut with asparagus today - definitely the winner meal. BF had the sausage that came with chai raisin bread french toast, and my other friend had the "track 06" which is different every day, todays was a double smoked ham sandwich of some sort. They have a great selection of local beers as well - I'm not normally a beer at brunch kind of gal, but I've wanted to try the Heritage lager for awhile now so I went for it. All in all, this place lives up to its reputation - can't wait to go back!

2010 Jun 13
This morning after Church I gave in once again and hit up Murry Street for Brunch.

They started me off with some kind of banana bread. It was perfectly moist, it had a ton of brown sugar, walnuts and a nice malt-y flavor.

2010 Jun 13
Today I went for the Steak and Eggs. Which is essentially a piece of smoked beef short rib on top of a fried egg and huge piece toast. The toast was perfectly crispy and topped with blue cheese butter. Amazing.

My only comment is that it is kind of small, and I found that the breakfast cassoulet was many times more filling. The steak albeit small (but what do you expect for 12 bucks), was out of this world. No steak knife necessary, it literally fell apart like butter and thus the butter knife was more that able to cut it up.

I ordered a tea with my meal, and it was a fantastic earl Grey. One word of caution, the coffee is 2.25 + unlimited refills. The tea is 3.50 for one pot. Not really sure the tea is worth 3.50, just some friendly advice.

Otherwise, the service today was excellent, friendly and attentive. The patio was beautiful, and the food was its standard top quality. This dish would be extremely easy to make at home, so I'll be copying this very soon. As for the amazing steak, not sure if I can duplicate the smoked beef short rib, but I'm sure any high quality steak would work.

2 down 5 to go :-)

2010 Jun 6
This morning I had the pleasure of having brunch at Murry Street Kitchen. What an awesome place!

The service was pretty decent - not outstanding in terms of friendliness - however it was prompt and there was nothing to complain about. I was started off with a very good coffee, and a complimentary molasses cookie. The coffee was strong, and the servers refilled my cup when ever they saw fit.

The cookie was pretty good - tasty at least, but it was a tad burnt on the underside. My girlfriend tells me molasses cookies are supposed to be burnt on the bottom?, and it was free, so meh, no complaints.

2010 Jun 6
For the main portion of my brunch I ordered the "Breakfast Cassoulet" which is described in the menu as: Confit of Mariposa duck leg, in-house sausage & bacon, molasses baked beans, bread crumbs, two cracked eggs.

It was served in a piping hot skillet. It was so hot in fact that my first bite burned my tongue a little bit. Over all it was pretty darn delicious, and for the 12$ price tag, I cannot complain. I got my been fix, my bacon fix, and my egg fix in a very interesting fashion.

I have a few comments about the dish. First I thought the beans were a little under done. Meaning that I found them hardish, and not as soft I like my baked beans. Not sure if this was a mistake or if they are intentionally a little bit hard.

The dish was nice and sweet providing a nice counter balance to the confit. At first I didn't notice any bacon, however after a couple of bites I noticed that there were liberal amounts of thick bite sized pieces. I must say, I didn't notice, taste or see any sausage, but maybe it was just a very little bit or finely crumbled.

The eggs were perfect, well done just as a like them. The yolk was still soft yet not runny. Perfect! They were topped with bread crumbs, and a few greens.

I would definitely have this dish again, however only after I had sampled everything else on the menu. That being said, I will definitely come to Murry Street kitchen in the near future for brunch. And to think in that in the past I have wasted money on breakfast at Zac's, Denny's and/or Cora's.

Highly Recommended!

2010 May 1
what can I say?

inspired and inspiring!
bloody fantastic

had the steak and eggs
hard toss up between the cassoulet and the steak and egg

steak...errr....beef....obrien's farms' short rib
braised to a melt in your mouth tenderness

egg...beking words needed

true loaf bread...first time...awesome

blue cheese butter....perfect

12$ yea! I used the same concept last summer

10$ Chateau de Charmes Gerwurzt...nice pairing but 10$?

service...the Ozzie chap was very informative and well mannered
the blonde companion, always smiling and pleasant
the waitress that greeted us makes me wish she worked everywhere as it is rare to be greeted and seated so efficiently

all in all, two thumbs up
and I rarely give two thumbs up and made it a point to mention it to the Kitchen

now, for a nap
(brutal month with allergies and hectic work for April)




2016 Mar 19
Came here for happy hour just before 5:30 and had a charcuterie plate of 3 meats and 2 cheeses for $25 and a glass of cab sauv.. The smoke duck breast is excellent and I and easily have 3 of them. Choose instead the country terrine and recommended kielbasa. They were decent but found out after from a different server the rillettes was duck and if I had known I would have ordered this rather than the terrine.

Both the Lankaaster aged Gouda and Celtics blue were excellent as well.

The accompaniments raisins with cumin, pickled onion, pickled carrots, soya infused celery root, grainy mustard, small dill pickles and cranberry sauce. The only one I did not care for is the raisin with cumin since the cumin tasted far too strong.

2010 Sep 25
It's very much worth starting your meal with a sampling of charcuterie! The Smoked Duck Breast was absolutely spectacular, tasting like a very delicate (and pork-free) version of Westphalian Ham. The Cendre de Lune cheese was also delicious, and paired beautifully with the red pepper jelly that accompanied it. The accoutrements were tasty and rounded out the whole experience. Highly recommended!

2010 Jan 20
We just went for our second meal here and we were not disappointed. We shared a 'Charcu-trio' of tongue, head cheese and marrow (the first and last being Elk, I think) and all three were delicious. For a main I had a pork shoulder confit with creamy cheese polenta, roast carrots tossed in maple syrup, pancetta broth and apple jelly. It was so rich and delicious I barely managed to finish all of it. My husband also had a lamb shoulder with smoked feta that was equally good. For dessert we had the 'smores, as well as the dried cherry cheesecake (again, both were perfect).
On top of how good the meal was, our waiter was great. He clearly knew the menu inside and out and was obviously enthusiastic about food, so it was good to get his recommendations on the menu and wine pairings. Overall, it was a great meal and worth every penny.


2010 Jun 22
awesome Mojito great balance of sweet, sour and mint.


2010 Sep 25
I had the tongue-in-cheek-named Mac 'n' Cheese, which is described on the menu as "sour cream spaetzle, Le Coprin mushrooms, mixed artisan cheese sauce, extra old Pine River cheddar, bread crumbs."

Tasty and satisfying to say the least! Also rich, but that's rarely a problem for me. I appreciated the accompanying salad, which was prepared with a fresh and light vinaigrette.


2010 Sep 25
My brother very much enjoyed his Pulled Pork sandwich. The pork was flavourful and tender and the Art-Is-In multigrain baguette was of course excellent.


2015 Mar 12
Recently we assembled a group of 8 and pre-ordered the pig's head at Murray Street Kitchen. If you do this, be prepared that you will be presented with a blackened pig head complete with snout, teeth etc., and a carving knife and fork. It is no small amount of work for someone who is not a butcher to carve up a pig's head, but it was tremendous fun and we each took a turn. Sample dialogue:
"God the skin is as tough as leather!"
"Hey, it IS leather!"
General consensus was that the cheeks were the tastiest parts, and the condiments served along with the meat were wonderful adjuncts.

The whole experience was tasty and a lot of fun. This is a great thing to do with a group of foodie friends, and I really think that as an appetizer it will serve more than 10 easily.