What Beer are you drinking [General]

2009 Feb 28
Ok, Since wife is expecting (so am I!) she is off wine, and I'm too cheap to open a bottle for myself. But I love beer, and it comes in convenient half portion servings :) So I often stick to Stouts, pale ales, and bondes and reds from Quebec. But recently tried Maudite - which I've had before, but did not have any lingering memories of. This stuff is great this time of year. Its a strong ale, unfiltered, which leaves some of the nice yeasties in the bottle. I just love it, as its got some of the same great aromatics as a hefe weizen, (clove, banana ...) but with that winter warm kick.

Anyone else a beer they are favouring, or rediscovering these days?

2010 May 25
I have to agree with Woten - when have you had a bad beer?? Its summer and I haul out the Mickeys !! Its a mini version of the Big Green Egg ;-)

2011 Nov 2
Oh, now I see this thread. I just tonight finished the last of the beers that were opened at my second stouts and porters tasting last Friday. Jagash was there. :)

In increasing order of quality - most found at BroueHaha, some at Omni, a couple at LCBO:
- three middling brews from Du Hameau (Johnny Fais-moi-Malt, Zeppelin Raspberry and Ramdham Orange peel) (all could be so much more than what they are) (BroueHaHa)
- La Corriveau from le Bilboquet. Not as good or as punchy as the first time last February, but it could be because of what came before and after.
- Vache Folle Imperial Milk stout, always a pleaser for me, but not for everyone's tastes (BroueHaHa)
- Innis & Gunn rum cask scotch ale, indeed some fun things happening here (LCBO, Jagash's contribution)

And all of these were fantastic:
- Le Bilboquet's MacKroken Flower Grande Réserve, scotch ale with honey aged an additional 4 months in oak barrels (Omni)
- Dominus Vobiscum Triple from Charlevoix, what seems an excellent Abbey trippel (LCBO, Jagash's contribution)
- Chocolate-raspberry sweet stout from Multi-brasses, as balanced and tasty as we remembered from last February (BroueHaHa)
- Choklat Imperial Stout from Southern Tier - does not mess around with the chocolate (LCBO)
- St-Ambroise Russian Imperial Stout 2011, not as kapow-y as the 2010 but more than enough to hold its own

And the night's clear winner, as in "oh sweet lord I need to get me more of this":
- Porter Baltique Grande Cuvée 2011 from Trois Mousquetaires - it's almost indescribably good, excellent smooth taste, extraordinarily clean finish, has sour as an art form, quite pleasant, and smelling all of its 10% and making you not care one whit. Highly recommended. (BroueHaHa)