What are you drinking? [Booze]

2011 Apr 8

Tonight, i've been mixing up "dark and stormy's"... 2 oz dark rum, 6 oz ginger beer and a splash of lemon juice.

I like using real ginger beer for the spiciness. I've made this drink using other rums, like havana club and appleton's.

what are you drinking these days?

2013 Aug 29
I have 4 types of sake from Izumi 泉 ontariosake.com/
You can buy at LCBO, but the selection is very limited.

Nama-Nama 純米生生is Izumi's signature unpasteurized sake, fresh, bold and fruity.

Nama-Cho 生貯蔵is Smooth and refreshing, once-pasteurized in bottle to maintain freshness through storage at ambient temperature.

Genshu Nama-Nama 原酒生生is Undiluted, unpasterized, higher-alcohol and concentrated flavour. Nice as appertif at room temperature or on-the-rocks.

Teion Sakura 低温桜 is Special limited edition a low temperature ferment with high koji-to-rice ratio. Flavour complexity and acidity reminiscent of fine white wine.

2014 Feb 19
sourdough I heartily agree with you on the Midvinterblot - I loved it and bought some to store and drink over the next year. For a RIS it is fairly low in alcohol (8%) but it has a wonderful well-balanced flavour profile, is quite chocolatey and makes a nice afternoon tipple. Still some 330 ml bottles left in Ottawa LCBOs, I see.
Tonight I'm enjoying my first Black Magic Woman by Hornbeer in Denmark, also a RIS, and completely different with a smokiness that's surprisingly good and quite strong, good hop bitterness, and a long finish that has you wanting more. It smells sweeter than it tastes but has an enjoyable maltiness. 10% abv, 500 ml and still some in Ottawa LCBOs.