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2010 Jul 19
I've been a handful of times and it's become a go-to spot.. the food is always good and the menu offers enough dishes that I haven't yet tried everything I've wanted to. This might be because the specials are enticing enough to make me order off the menu. The service is friendly and unintrusive, the prices reasonable, and the place itself is great for hanging out and feeling comfortable.
The beer list is a plus.. I think it was the first place I had Beau's Lug Tread on-tap in the city. There's plenty of other good brews on offer, too.

If I lived closer to it, I'd be there much more often.. once a month or so will have to do the trick for now.

2010 Jul 1
Such a fantastic place! We went as a group of four, one vegetarian, one dairy-free/wheat-free person, and everyone was able to choose from a long list of great items. All of the food was excellent, portions very extremely generous, and the value for such high-quality food was wonderful.

Service was very friendly, atmosphere was great. Going back today, actually, and there are many more visits in our future. Definitely two thumbs up!

2010 Jun 23
I simply love this place, their food, beer, music and service are awesome. it hasn't really change since the first time I entered it about 7 years ago. I think it has only improved and I mostly adore its owners, they are very nice and always available to chat with a smile!

2010 Apr 19
Wonderful atmosphere. It seems like everyone's in a good mood at The Manx, servers and patrons alike. You can find healthy, delicious, unique dishes here -- which can be quite the challenge -- and it's all pretty affordable! Beau's on tap? You win, The Manx, you win.

2010 Apr 11
Definitely one of the best pubs in town. A little small and crowded, but has a lot of charm. I've only been for drinks/snacks before so finally decided to try their brunch. My friend had the cinnamon french toast (with apples) which he said was really good. I had the heuvos rancheros and it was excellent. It was really filling but of course that was because it was loaded with cheese and came with mashed potatoes on the side. They don't skimp on portions here, that's for sure. It wasn't my all-time favourite breakfast but it was really good and I'd go back for brunch again.

Service is touch and go here, I also don't find the staff all that friendly the last couple times I've been here. Our server at brunch wasn't very friendly at all and basically greeted us with 'drinks?', no hello, small talk or anything. And it wasn't like they were crazy busy either. But the service wasn't really bad or rude, so I guess I can't complain too much. It was fairly fast and efficient.

Oh and if you like Hummus, I agree with Redrum, it's excellent here! Had it one evening when I wanted a light meal to go along with a pint...delicious! Beer selection is great too.

Overall, great place and definitely worth checking out for brunch or drinks!

2010 Feb 24
The Manx was sort-of my "go to" place when I worked on Elgin Street; it was close by, cozy, and the food is consistently good. One caveat: service can be slow, to say the least, so I've only ever selected The Manx on those lazy long lunch days...

Space: There is something to be said about a cramped, "pubby" sort of space. My favourite area has got to be the little nook by the bar, but any other seats are adequate. After their renovations, I am a little sad that the long booths have been removed, but I was happy to still see the copper table tops and red velvet banquettes that, combined with the dark wood and the lack of music, make The Manx a really cozy atmosphere.

That being said, it DOES get really busy, especially during the later lunch hour and in the evenings (and I hear for weekend brunch hours as well)...you've been warned!

Service: The service I've received at The Manx has been consistent but average. The servers aren't particularly friendly, but I like to think that adds to the European-esque atmosphere rather than speaking to the attitude of the staff.

Seating, drinks and food always come quickly, but it seems to take forever to get your table cleared and your bill settled. This practice seems practically Parisian to me, but can be a little frustrating when your boss needs you back quickly after lunch. ;)

Menu: The menu at The Manx is generally the same with the blackboard specials changing daily. The scotch list is impressive and they have fantastic beer on tap.

Food: I will admit that I tend to stick to my favourite when I visit, which is a starter of hummus followed by the pulled pork wrap and potato wedges. My husband is a bit more adventurous, but has ordered the Club and Tofu Tacos more than once.

The hummus is awesome, very creamy and garlicky and complete with big, briny olives and warm pita for scooping. There is always more hummus than pita so scoop liberally!

The pulled pork wrap seems to have slight variations but usually tastes the same overall - sometimes the meat is darker, sometimes it's saucier, sometimes you get a lot of filling and sometimes you get a lot of meat. It's wonderfully cooked with what seems to be some sort of creamy coleslaw-type filling, as well as pickled veg. It's huge and messy and wonderful.

The potato wedges rock my socks; they are big and crispy and flavourful and the serving is way too big. You can get salad or half-and-half, but those wedges make me throw any semblance of a healthy meal out the window in favour of their delicious earthy goodness.

I've also had brunch there - my husband had the huevos rancheros and I had the breakfast wrap, with salad, which was certainly tasty but not nearly as wonderful as the pulled pork and wedges...:P so I think I'll stick to lunch and dinner at The Manx.

Overall: The price point is good, the beer selection is excellent, and the food is surprising for a pub atmosphere. Don't go expecting the best service you've ever had, don't look at your watch, and lose a couple hours below ground...I strongly recommend it.

2009 Oct 30
Had to try this place out since I have lived in Ottawa my whole life and never been. Cozy here doesn't mean blankeys and a fireplace with mood lighting. The food was very good but I guess that was to be expected since it is Elgin Street and not your average chain pub. I went for a special off the board. Bison chili with guac and tortilla stips. Not your typical chili no kidney beans thats a good thing with carrots corn and green onions. Very good. My wife tried the curried lamb wrap with fries wow quite tasty. Fries were fresh cut potato wedges. Can't wait to try the flat iron steak and the goucho chicken.

2009 Oct 24
I really love the cozy pub atmosphere here. I need to try the food, though!

2009 Oct 22
Easily the best pub in town.

2009 Aug 4
Really the only good pub in Ottawa. Crowded now that it's popular but where else are you gonna go? Great food and great alcohol selection.

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2010 Aug 12
ashley - i'd suggest having them try some of the microbrew options on tap. you can order 1/2 pint sizes if you want to try a variety of options - i find their 1/2 pint pours are usually very generous (unless they use the 1/2 pint glasses). the manx staff is really helpful at navigating the beer selection based on what your friends like. i could tell you to give your friends a pale ale, but if they don't like bitterness in their beer, they would be unhappy. an easy selection is beau's lugtread (ottawa), i find it fairly mild and pleasing. i am not a big beer drinker though. i like stuart's natural session ale (it's organic). it is slightly hoppy, but not too much.

if they like a light fruit flavoured beer (my husband would call it a girl beer), i'd suggest the mcauslan apricot wheat. also on tap (sometimes) is the waupoos cider (from picton area) which i find less sweet than british ciders.

2010 Aug 12
Can I get a list of MUST TRY beer list here? We will bring our out of town friends here for the beers.

2009 Feb 25
Was here on Monday for a few drinks with a friend from DC. Definitely an credible selection, very yummy, and super quick service!

2007 Aug 26
The Manx is the best place in Ottawa for drinks when the patios close for the season or it is raining in my opinion. Cozy atomosphere.
Only place in the city where you can get a Churchkey, delicious! Lots of other great choices aswell.
People are nice too which of course makes the beer taste better :)
Love the potato wedges, make it possiable to have just one more beer.

2006 Oct 17
One of the few places in Ottawa where you can get beer from the Church Key brewery (near Campbellford) a (relatively) local brewery that we enjoy. Great selection of beer overall and great food. The only downside is that it is often too crowded to get a table!

2006 Oct 4
Great beer selection, including (last few times I went) the new "Lug Tread" ale from Beau's All Natural Brewing Company -- very tasty.



2012 May 26
I can't say it's not good but, to be honest, there are several other places in the city just as good and it's not worth the drive downtown, the long wait for a table, and the crowded atmosphere.

I like it, but I don't see what's so special about it that it's ranked so highly.

2008 Jun 16
Had a very good Father's Day Brunch at the Manx. Just the regular brunch, but it was Father's Day.

Enjoyed my eggs benedict thoroughly. Nice egg on top of peameal bacon. Mmm peameal. Picked at my daughter's cowboy beans. She thought it was too spicy, but she thinks ketchup is too spicy. Not home on the range, but a good side. Coffee could use a taste punch.

Overall a tasty brunch and kid friendly.

2007 Feb 15
I always get the same thing when we go to the Manx for brunch (the one vegan option), the tofu scramble wrap. It's served with a side salad and is an enormous portion size. Very tasty, and I love the salad dressing. My one complaint is that the wrap can be a bit spicy for the first meal of the day. They pre-mix the spices, so you can't get them to tone down the heat, unfortunately. I also love the orange and mango juice and the limitless supply of yummy coffee.

2006 Sep 25
Haven't been in 3 years, but they had the most sensuous, satisfying garlic mashed potatoes accompanying your original benny. They would poke a couple of little garlic sprouts into the top of the pile of mash; it just made me giggle. Plus its so cozy and informal, you just want to have a game of checkers after brunch so that you can get around to ordering a pint from their ample bar. This place is one of the bigger reasons I want to move back to Ottawa.