Scapes or Garlic Scapes at New 168 Market
Frozen Asian Food at New 168 Market
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Frozen Asian Food at New 168 Market
Frozen Asian Food at New 168 Market
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Hot Chili Oil at New 168 Market
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2010 Sep 12
Picked up some frozen tiger shrimp here the other week - probably the best shrimp I've had in terms of texture and flavour (and lack of freezer burn) that I've bought in a long while.

I made sure to buy with the heads off, but didn't realize they still had their shells on - an accidental learning opportunity!

I've started buying kimchi here as well - lacks the hotter flavour I normally crave but DANG is it ever garlicky! You get a nice sized tub for only $3.49.

I find the service here has been a lot better as of late (as compared to 6-7 years ago), but maybe that's just me :)

2009 Nov 6
My wife went last Saturday.
Guess what, the start excepting credit card now.
And the cashier is really friendly, chatting with my daughter.

2009 Sep 28
this is my go-to spot for dumplings and green onion pancakes. sadly, my last visit this past friday, they had no vegetarian dumplings and no pancakes. i will go back and try again.

what i did find were green onion flower buns. they come frozen and you steam them for @15minutes. they were really good. they are much bigger than other frozen steamed buns i have bought, so we only at 3.

this is also a great place to buy fresh noodles. i made a spicy peanut sauce and used the long-life noodles. the sauce really sticks well to these noodles, unlike using an italian style pasta.

2009 Mar 24
I just walked down here for the first time in probably 8 years - and WOW, why have I waited so long!? The selection is amazing, and the prices extremely reasonable for the most part. Walking through their aisles is like taking a vacation in the far east - there is hardly a product on the shelf that a westerner like me would recognise. The butcher shop and fish counter has a huge selection at reasonable prices. Lots of stuff you'll have trouble finding elsewhere, I'm sure.

I will definitely be stopping in here more regularly (once I have a job again :-))

2008 Oct 16
with respect to kowloon market:

- small fruit selection
- some veg more pricey than kowloon, but overall better
- tidier/cleaner, esp the fish department
- more veg selection (not by much)
- much more tofu/soy/non-meat selection
- japanese items better priced
- no bakery, just a shelf with a few items
- bulk soybeans/peanuts/etc available
- has natto!

at first i prefered 168 because it's tidier; now it's habit.

2006 Dec 10
This is the only place in Ottawa where I've found vegetarian fake meats. In the freezer they have fake duck breast, fake chicken legs, some sort of fake bacon, several kinds of fake seafood. Fairly pricey though. I made the "chicken legs" for my daughter, she liked them, I thought they tasted like a kitchen sponge soaked in teriyaki sauce. (They didn't come in teriyaki flavour, that's just how I prepared them.)

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2012 Oct 4
You can get it at Wa Kiu occasionally, or Lim Bangkok(sp?) all the time.

2012 Oct 4

has anyone seen this brand of chili oil in Chinatown or @ T&T recently? where can i find some? Ashley?

2006 Nov 19
Perfect! Now I know exactly what to look for. :)

2006 Nov 19
I have finally found the best HOT CHILI OIL for dipping Chinese dumpling and soup noodles. Also great for cooking the spicy tofu.

This one is currently only sold at 168 Grocery Store in Chinatown. The bottle is 250ml and is made by Bangkok Meat Balls Food Co. Ltd., 25 Milliken Blvd., Unit A11, Scarborough, Ont.

I have thrown away all other chili oil ever since we tried this one. No other brands can beat this! You got to trust me.

2008 Oct 1
The ones from New 168 Market are both ecconomical and nice and 'garlicky'.

They are labelled "Garlic Roots" in English and are located just above the baby bok choi.

2008 Apr 27
If you like Indian paratha (pancake), you will definitely like the Singapore version (they call it Roti Parata).

My friend's husband is from Singapore. He told us that Roti Parata is very popular in Singapore. He was very happy to find the frozen Roti Parata in 168 Market's freezer.

My friend made this as a treat to us when we were in their house after dinner. Just take out the package from the freezer (no need to defrost or thaw) and pan-fry each side using non-stick pan over low heat. Very easy to do. It is soooooo yummy! Trust me. You will thank me for this recommendatioin.

I also checked out the manufacturer's website. Their products also include Spring Roll Pastry and recipe can be found at their website.

Go to and select Product Recipes to see all the good recipes.

2007 May 6
Here are the empty bags used to contain the baked cakes I mentioned below.

The brand is Shanghai. Made in Toronto. On the bag, it states that the flour is manually rolled by hand.

$2.99 per each bag (of 5 cakes). So, you are talking about $0.60 for each cake.

2007 May 6
The only time I go to 168 Market now is to load my freezer with Korean rice cakes (I bought 10 bags yesterday), soya sauce, rice bags. I went to the frozen food section and bought two bags of frozen baked cake (one is sweet kind and another one is salty kind) to try out.

We tried out the salty kind last night. My husband like them since the cakes have lots of sesame and green onions inside. (I don't like green onions, so I didn't try it.)

We tried the sweet kind this afternoon. I have to say I like it since they were very crispy and not too sweet.

Basically, I just baked them in our small counter toaster-oven for 18 minutes at 400 F. Good afternoon snacks! (Mark, I know your kids will love them).


2007 Dec 3
Best deal on lobster in town, when it's in season. They even have one clawed lobsters at a discount. Good if you making a bisque, where the meat AND shell is important.

Better than LaPointes Lapointe Fish. Why better ? Better price, sometimes better quality, free parking and you can pick up those sesame/peanut candies while your there. :-)

Calling all lobster lovers. See my entry here:

2007 Nov 25
I was at Market 168 last Tuesday evening and something extraordinary happened. A red snapper winked at me then whispered "buy me". Just kidding but *wow* I have fished for snapper and these looked like the haul from my cooler. I bought two and grilled them that evening with black olives, cherry tomatoes and capers. Super delicious.
When buying fish, freshness can be assessed by odour, bloodiness, gill colour, meat colour and (depending on species) the clearness of the eyes. I also know the big determining factor in maintaining freshness is handling. Of course I can only guess what happens between water and store but I like Market 168 because (phrasing this as nicely as possible) amongst the shops on Somerset, they seem to understand the importance of refrigeration.
They have a very impressive/wide selection of fish/seafood (Who was looking for Skate? They've got that.) I was going to call Market 168 the dark horse of fish markets in Ottawa but I think, based on the amount of traffic in there, I'm late.

p.s. I bought squid/calamari as well. A+
p.p.s I will not comment on chicken feet. They seem to be A-O.K. stored in cardboard boxes on the floor. :)



2009 Mar 24
A huge selection of exotic fish at great prices.

2008 Oct 4
3 brands offered (when i checked)
plain sweetened, unsweetened, and black sesame

none of them are labelled as GMO-free

either suck it up, or pay extra at other shops, i suppose.

2007 Feb 28
New 168 Market carries few brands of Soy milk in different container size (plastic or carton type), with or without sugar. I bought the "Sun Rise" brand from Toronto.

Depending on the time of the day, I drink it cold or hot (heat up using microwave oven). Warm soy milk doesn't taste good though.

Some people have reaction to Soy Milk. I must not have drunk soy milk for a while. I have been "farting" loud at home ever since I drank few glasses of soy milk. My husband has asked me to stop drinking soy milk already.

2008 Oct 4
3 brands of edamame unshelled, one brand of unshelled.

i haven't bought them yet, but there's one brand that i'm accustomed to purchasing, and i'm happy with it.

i forgot the brand at the moment... the packaging has bright green soybeans all over it...

2007 Jan 7
They were in a horizontal freezer over by the fresh fish section (just across from the unrefrigerated instant jellyfish).

That said, they weren't of the highest quality; many of them had brownish tips. Nor did they seem quite as tender as those we've had in restaurants.

2007 Jan 7
I actually have never been able to find edamame at 168 Market. Am I just blind? Where is this located?

2006 Dec 4
Ha ha Mark, This shows that you are an adventurous type person.

I prefer to buy the bag of uncut jellfish. You just follow the instructions on the back and cut them into strips later. Uncut ones taste better.

Before serving, I leave them in the fridge and let it drain.

When it is ready to eat, I mix them well with sesame oil, soy sauce, a little bit black vinegar (optional hot chilli oil). You can also mix the jelly fish with shredded carrot and shredded cucumber. This serves as a good cold appetizer. If you go to Chinese wedding banquet, the first dish is the BBQ meat platter which includes crunchy BBQ pork skin (yum yum) + BBQ pork/chicken. Jelly fish is normally on the side. Something for you to chew before the next dish comes to your table.

2006 Dec 3
I've had jellyfish a few times before, but I picked up a package today just for fun. It's an inexpensive venture -- about a buck for a package of "Instant Jellyfish" containing a pouch of wet, thinly sliced jellyfish, a pouch of seasoning (inc. dehydrated scallions), a pouch of sesame oil, and a pouch of chili oil. (I chose the "sesame and chili" flavour -- they do have others.)

As you might have guessed by the presence of all these flavour packets, jellyfish is mostly about texture. It has a wet crunchiness to it much like pickled gherkins, but there's also a certain chewiness that is more like meat.

There are many non-Asians who have never even considered eating jellyfish, so why not bring a bowl of it to your next potluck? ;-)