Very hot chili paste with whole seeds submerged in oil.

Hot Chili Oil at Lim Bangkok
Hot Chili Oil at New 168 Market
Where to get Hot Chili Oil

2014 May 31
They have it at Kowloon Market and other asian groceries too.


2012 Oct 4
You can get it at Wa Kiu occasionally, or Lim Bangkok(sp?) all the time.

2012 Oct 4

has anyone seen this brand of chili oil in Chinatown or @ T&T recently? where can i find some? Ashley?

2006 Nov 19
Perfect! Now I know exactly what to look for. :)

2006 Nov 19
I have finally found the best HOT CHILI OIL for dipping Chinese dumpling and soup noodles. Also great for cooking the spicy tofu.

This one is currently only sold at 168 Grocery Store in Chinatown. The bottle is 250ml and is made by Bangkok Meat Balls Food Co. Ltd., 25 Milliken Blvd., Unit A11, Scarborough, Ont.

I have thrown away all other chili oil ever since we tried this one. No other brands can beat this! You got to trust me.

2006 Nov 19
The "Saigon Hot Sauce - Chili and Oil" has a surprisingly strong burn and very good flavour. It's addictive in a masochistic sort of way. ;-)

2012 Oct 18
Just noticed there were four comments on scoring a particular brand of hot chill oil from Lim Bangkok but they were posted under New Market 168 which, sadly, no longer exists.
I really like Lim Bangkok so had to give them a shout out on this.
Thank you.

[FF EDIT: I moved them over to this vendor entry. Thanks.]

2012 Oct 8
Me too.

A jar from Lim Bangkok.

Was just too curious.

Man, this stuff packs some nice heat !

2012 Oct 7
Haha excellent. I was there myself at around 2 pm picking up two jars of this myself!

2012 Oct 7
Success! Got some at Lim Bangkok for $3.99. Thanks snoopy!