Frozen Asian Food at New 168 Market
Frozen Asian Food at New 168 Market
Frozen Asian Food at New 168 Market
Where to get Frozen Asian Food

2008 Apr 27
If you like Indian paratha (pancake), you will definitely like the Singapore version (they call it Roti Parata).

My friend's husband is from Singapore. He told us that Roti Parata is very popular in Singapore. He was very happy to find the frozen Roti Parata in 168 Market's freezer.

My friend made this as a treat to us when we were in their house after dinner. Just take out the package from the freezer (no need to defrost or thaw) and pan-fry each side using non-stick pan over low heat. Very easy to do. It is soooooo yummy! Trust me. You will thank me for this recommendatioin.

I also checked out the manufacturer's website. Their products also include Spring Roll Pastry and recipe can be found at their website.

Go to and select Product Recipes to see all the good recipes.

2007 May 6
Here are the empty bags used to contain the baked cakes I mentioned below.

The brand is Shanghai. Made in Toronto. On the bag, it states that the flour is manually rolled by hand.

$2.99 per each bag (of 5 cakes). So, you are talking about $0.60 for each cake.

2007 May 6
The only time I go to 168 Market now is to load my freezer with Korean rice cakes (I bought 10 bags yesterday), soya sauce, rice bags. I went to the frozen food section and bought two bags of frozen baked cake (one is sweet kind and another one is salty kind) to try out.

We tried out the salty kind last night. My husband like them since the cakes have lots of sesame and green onions inside. (I don't like green onions, so I didn't try it.)

We tried the sweet kind this afternoon. I have to say I like it since they were very crispy and not too sweet.

Basically, I just baked them in our small counter toaster-oven for 18 minutes at 400 F. Good afternoon snacks! (Mark, I know your kids will love them).