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Extremely light Japanese bread crumbs.

Where to get Panko

2007 Dec 17
I picked some up at the Superstore in Kanata right by the front door at the little Sushi kiosk.

2007 Dec 15
I buy mine at the Loblaws in Barrhaven, I believe it's actually in the baking section, but don't quote me on that. Good luck :)

2007 Dec 7
You can find them at Grace in the Kitchen on Bank St, or Produce Depot on Carling Avenue, the Brand is called Sushi Chef.

2007 Dec 5
I've seen them at most Loblaws or Superstores. Most asian markets sell them as well, they've become very available in the past few years. Kadaeya sold them as well, but I've heard they're closing/closed? :( boo.

2007 Dec 5
You can get panko bread crumbs at Superstore on Richmond Road. There is a sushi area closer to the entrance and produce section, which has Asian groceries isolated from the rest of the store's products. They do have an aisle with Chinese food, but the panko isn't in this aisle.

2007 Dec 5
You can try Arum on Bank at Catherine. It's a Korean grocery store but they also have Japanese products as well.

2007 Dec 5
I've see this brand at:

New 168 Market New 168 Market
Kowloon Market Kowloon Market

Most asian grocery stores have some, maybe not this brand tough.

2007 Dec 5
does anyone know where I can buy panko breadcrumbs?

2007 Dec 28
The Loblaws at South Keys has panko, but it is sometimes hard to find. Last time I asked the staff had no idea what it was.