New Openings 2013 [General]

2013 Jan 9
A new thread for a new year.

My husband went to The Zydeco Smokehouse and really liked it. I created a vendor page, but haven't been, so I haven't posted a review yet. It sounds like a nice, new offering in Little Italy for the take-out crowd.

The Zydeco Smokehouse

2013 May 3
Indulge Kitchen & Cocktails is getting a lot of buzz.
It's located in the new shopping plaza on the corner of Limebank Road and Earl Armstrong Road.

I've added a vendor entry for it today - their website is pretty interesting.
The restaurant also does a good job on keeping their Facebook page updated.

2013 Dec 26
Oyster Bay (old MHK) on Merivale has a sign up that they are doing oyster happy hour every day from 10pm to midnight. $1 per oyster.