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2011 Nov 7
Yes, The milk marketing board does great work. Keeping prices high, dumping excess milk into the ground and putting up billboards and TV advertisements asking us "Got milk ?".

Regular Price for 1 Lb. butter:
Ogdensburg, New York ... $3.49
Ottawa, Ontario ... $5.29

2011 Nov 6
The government has a price floor on cheese and milk-derivatives, that's what explains the higher prices of these essential items!
No government interference to raise prices!


2006 Oct 27
I have to say cheese is one of the only reasons I keep a Costco membership. They sell large wedges of incredible and hard-to-find cheeses at good prices.

I recently tried one called "Zurigo" (the Italian name for the city of Zurich in Switzerland). It is made by Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser in Quebec ( and is truly amazing.

The taste is a bit like Oka but even better. The rind stinks to all hell but the flesh doesn't. And it's low fat but you'd never guess that from the texture (12% fat, less than half that of most cheeses). Highly recommended!


2008 Oct 23
The cheese at Luciano's is by far the freshest compared to the other Italian grocery stores in the city. The grana padano and Italian Fontina (when you can get it) are always top notch.



2009 Nov 12
Love, love, love the Tomme de Gaston cheese.

2009 Jul 4
Since the early days, I have noticed a more diversified stock. I have acquired a goat cheddar from the Piggy Market and it tasted like a most excellent blend of those two discrete elements. They were low on the cheeses, but even then they had a number of different products.

2009 May 27
The Piggy Market has a number of artisan cheeses in shop, made from goat and cow's milk, ranging in price from 7-10$/100g, which is a bit out of my price range.

Having said that, we were looking for a softer cheese tonight, and were offered a soft, spreadable goat cheese with wild garlic, oreganc and cracked pepper, at $5/100g. It was leftover that the owner had from making ravioli earlier in the day.

Well, it was some of the best mixed cheese that I've had in a long time. The garlic was perfectly pungent and melded nicely with the cheese. I can't wait to use the rest of it in my favourite chicken dish on Friday.

One observation though: I really hope that The Piggy Market stays in business, but I wonder a bit if they lack the variety to do so, both in terms of price and food. Their food really doesn't reflect a variety of customers, financially speaking, and I don't know if they can sustain themselves in a shop-format without broadening their product. A good example of this is the cheese, because had he made a bit extra of the goat cheese we bought, he would have a bit more of another type of product to sell. Just some (food for) thought.

2016 May 7
A very nice selection of cheeses and they have a small tray of cheese ends at 20% off. Found Brie de Meaux and Fleuron in the cheese end box.

2009 Nov 20
There's a place on Hazeldean rd in Kanata called Pestos. I heard it was for sale but for now they have amazing real authentic parmigiana cheese imported from Italy. I kid you not, they sell it by huge pie shape pieces that normally would call for about $100 a piece easily but they only ask $20'ish for it. The freshest and most delicious I have ever tasted. They also have awesome virgin olive oil sold by the 750 litre - bring a bottle and pour your own.


2010 Jan 12
Stilton, Colston Bassett - I was at Serious Cheese, A little gem of a shop in Old Ottawa South. They have a fantastic selection of Blue's...I will start with the one I buy most often- Stilton, Colston Bassett. It is one of the nicest, creamiest well rounded Stilton's available.

"Colston-Bassett Stilton, from Nottinghamshire, England, is the finest and creamiest example of Stilton available today. Made with the milk from five herds of cows grazing near Colston-Bassett dairy, this hand-made Stilton develops a fine, bark-like natural rind and ample blue veining. Aged for four months, Colston-Bassett Stilton tastes best from October to February, when wheels produced from rich August milk are released."

If you get a chance, two words...Serious Cheese

2010 Oct 24
Stopped in for a light rye and a pumpernickel for lunch and notice they now have their own cheese. I enquired and was told they started making cheese a short while ago up the street. There were four flavours of mozzarella. We tried the Tex Mex and it was really fresh and still squeeky.Yummm.


2011 Dec 10
A must-not-miss item at the Restaurant (not sure it has a name) is the Cheese Platter.

I usually leave it to the chef to choose the different cheeses and have not been let down so far.

My favourite these days would have to be the " Brl" a New Brunswick semi-soft, semi-firm cheese with delicious taste and texture. The accompaniments are plentiful enough that it warranted the attached picture.

The very best value $20 can get anyone.


2013 Mar 1
I bought "Serious truffle brie triple cream" today.
This cheese is so good!!!
Cow's milk, right amount of salt, hint of truffle, creamy and it melts in your mouth but not heavy at all. This is store's original cheese. I will use this for my macaron!!

2011 Dec 13
Wife got me a gift card and I finally got a chance to wander in. I found their cheese selection to be excellent and unique (compared to say farmboy). They had a number of cheeses from Neil's Yard, which I have not seen in Ottawa before. I bought some stinking bishop as well as a smoked blue cheese. I sampled a number of others - the cheese guy there was very nice and helpful. Fantastic addition to Kanata - really sucks for my wallet.

2013 Jan 20
Went for a party at Social, wasn't that hungry till I saw someone with a cheese plate with one cheese and a lot of stuff on it. So I got it and was not disappointed at all. For 8 bucks I got a small "Le Cendrillon" cheese plate with cranberry bread toasts, apple butter, grapes, spicy pecans and slices of pear and apple. Even though it was just one small piece of cheese, it took me a long time to slowly go through it all and I was enjoying every morsel. Everything on that dish was greatly pared and probably the one thing I will definitely order again if I'm back.


2008 Jul 5
Mrs. McGarrigle's has recently added a cheese counter... a great assortment of fine cheeses. As with other food items, there are sample trays. Unfortunately, didn't buy any this trip... will remember to bring a cooler next visit.



2009 Jun 24
I love that you can get a sample if you ask . . . it's wonderful buying cheese from "people" rather than refrigerated bins.

2008 Jun 15
There's a semi-ripened goat cheese (like a tree trunk, with concentric circles of ripeness), covered with yellow plastic straws. It's my absolute favourite cheese. It was the first food I requested after my first child was born.

2007 Jan 9
The Merivale location has consistently good prices for parmegiano reggiano (watch for their specials), gorgonzola dolce, emmenthal and many other European cheeses.


2012 May 7
I discovered this cheese last summer and I think it might just be my all time favourite. Being somewhat unschooled in cheesy nuances, I'd describe it as a wonderful cross between Oka and Tilsit:

Le Mamirolle (

2012 Jan 23
The best place to get fresh St. Albert cheese aside from the factory in Casselman. Kudos, Farm Boy!

2008 Apr 24
I worked at Farm Boy in the Cheese department or 3 or 4 years... I will never forget slicing 3 wheels of Raclette prior to Christmas. I stank for days!

They will let you sample a cheese if you're unsure about it, as I did with with a couple Oka varieties a few weeks back in preparation for a fondue party. They'll cut the right amount so you don't have tonnes of leftovers. They'll also shred it for you, if you ask.

The one thing I always liked about it was that I could get whatever cheese I wanted, in whatever size I wanted. This way I never ended up with a huge block of cheese to toss because I couldn't finish it.

2008 Apr 23
I love the large variety of cheeses available at Farm Boy. It is the closest thing to a cheese store. I like to buy my Parm wedge here, as well as any specialty cheeses (ie ricotta). Today I picked up some emmenthal. It is also nice that cheeses are available both by the block or sliced.

2008 Apr 11
I find the cheese at Farm Boy is largely overpriced, especially the fresh parmesan. I get Italian cheeses at Nicastros and other cheese at Costco. OTOH I am going to those places anyway and not making special trips; it is handy to have Farm Boy nearby with a good cheese selection.

2008 Mar 11
I recently asked Farm Boy to provide me with a list of the cheeses they carry that do not contain animal rennet. They only got back to me with a partial list so far but here it is for those who care:

ALL Agropur Cheese Products
ALL St. Albert Products
Mini Mini Bocconcini Light
Mini Mini Bocconcini (200g)
Crotonese Cheese
Friulano Tre Stelle Cheese
Mozarella Balls
Friulano Tre Stelle Wh/Hlf
Provolone Cheese Sette Fette
Provolone Cheese Smoked
Provolone Cheese Tre Stelle
Provolone Cheese Tre Stelle Light
Smoked Mozzarella Cheese
Ricotta CremonaMediterra Feta Garlic/Herbes
Bocconccini (200g)
Bocconccini Cheese
Rosenborg Brie / Camembert
Blue Danish Cheese
Cream Cheese Dill
Cream Cheese Garlic
Cream Cheese Herb/Spice
Cream Cheese Pepper
Tre Stelle Mascarpone
Provolone Piccante
10 Year Old Porto
Emmenthal Swiss Cheese (No Lactose)
Emmenthal Swiss Cheese Slices (No Lactose)
Bocconcini Light
Mini Bocconcini Light
Organic Danish Havarti
Organic Danish Blue
Organic Cream Cheese
Organic Feta Cubes
Light Ricotta Cremona
Bocconcini Pearls
Balsamic Cream
Mediterra Feta Light

I was told that I would be updated with any additions to the list so if that happens I'll post it here.

2006 Dec 2
Many kudos to them for having a few very small bits of cheese wrapped up and ready to go with small prices.

Noted: buffalo mozzarella, which was worth the price.

Friendly service, too.






2007 Aug 26
Love it!

2007 Jan 12
My husband says he has seen it at La Bottega -- it's quite pricey there.

2007 Jan 9
Mmm..I tried their Highland Blue when I visited the Landsdowne Farmer's Market this summer...I savoured every last crumbly/creamy bite.

I have yet to find them at the actual stores (listed) though....maybe I'm not looking in the right place?

2007 Jan 9
Local makers of raw milk cheeses. I can recommend the Bonnechere and especially their Highland Blue.


2009 Dec 5
Mona Lisa extra old is my new favorite cheese. It is like a cross between a white cheddar and and aged parmesan. YUM!

2009 Nov 20

i want to apologize for my post of nov.17 2007. you were right food&thinl, to mark it questionable. although there's no question, i was drawing attention to my photo art cards.(starving artist behavior) i didn't think anyone was taking it serious.
you have to admit the line 'edible but not tasty' is pretty good :)

my only affiliation with this vendor is that i sell my greeting cards there.
and look, it's been less than two years and i am back.

anyway i wish everyone happy eating!


2009 Oct 14
RE Questionable Status...

SHILL Alert!

Please note that Wimfoto as per their OF Profile, has been an OF Member since 2007 and has only 2 Reviews... both for Dutch Groceries and Imports also by reading the Vendor Page Dutch Groceries and Giftware one can quickly determine that Wimfoto's Review of November 2007 shows that they are in some way affiliated with the Vendor.

Wimfoto - Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier just to tell us who you are, than drop by once every two years to promote your Photos / Website?

2009 Oct 14
I was raving about the hard goat cheese before, now i have another one; also hard goat cheese, but the well aged kind, that same rich flavor but underlined, amplified and subtle. Ask to try a slice next time your at the dutch grocery store, it'll simply melt on your tongue. If you are a fan of goat cheese your gonna love this one.

happy eating!


2007 Nov 17
The hard dutch goat cheese is fantastic and joyfully tasty in a non-goaty way which some people find so unappealing with soft goat cheeses. If you decide to purchase an entire wheel, which i recommend if you like to impress you guests at your next gourmet part, the nice folks at the dutch store will give you a discount.

If time permits check out the stand of photo greeting cards made by Wim Kok. Edible but not tasty, the photo greeting cards are of superb quality and craftsmenship and give one a warm feeling when seeing those cozy images of The beautifull Netherlands.
Those with a keen eye will notice the nicely laminated enlargments hanging on the walls of the dutch store are those very same cozy images as in the photo cards.

2007 Jan 9
Try the aged Gouda (black rind). It is completely unlike wimpy supermarket gouda. It is hard, dark golden and nutty. A really superlative cheese.


2011 Dec 5
My favourite downtown purveyor of cheese. They have fantastic deals (2 for $5, 2 for $7, $2.99 cheeses, etc). Most of the staff are knowledgeable and friendly, though there is one grumpy older lady who sometimes staffs the cash register. But most of the other employees are exceedingly helpful. Once I even brought in a parmigiano reggiano from another shoppe and they grated it for me, free of cost! I've been introduced to some fantastic cheeses here for dirt cheap including Le Cendrillon, Rosenborg Apricot, and a fantastic cheddar with a hint of apple liquor. They have fantastically priced bries and camemberts regularly on sale. As another reviewer mentioned, they have a fantastic selection of Quebec cheeses as well (I love their Oka selection).

2007 Sep 18
I love this store for cheese; it probably has the best selection of Quebec cheeses in the region and the prices are relatively cheaper on most occasions.

I tried the other day a brie with Truffles, yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!



2007 Feb 1
This place sells Le Riopelle de l'Isle, Le Douanier, La Sauvagine, etc. all those Quebec cheeses that taste so darned good. They also sell a good variety of their own cream cheese spreads for bagels.


2009 Jun 21
I agree that the prices and selection of cheese are wonderful at La Bottega. I just enjoy browsing and choosing different ones each time. Very friendly staff and deliciously fresh cheeses, will go back again!

2007 Feb 10
We have found that the prices and selection of cheese is excellent. John, the certified cheese guy is very knowledgeable and more than willing to assist. Living in the Market there are plenty of cheese stores to choose from, but we have found that LaBottega never disappoints.