Pesto's Deli
Sandwiches at Pesto's Deli
Sandwiches at Pesto's Deli
Sandwiches at Pesto's Deli
Sandwiches at Pesto's Deli
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2015 Jun 20
Now home to Bootleg Porcchetta.

Looks like they amped up their roast pork sandwiches and do events under this banner.

Complete review to follow ... when I hork one of those bad boys down.

2008 Apr 3
The service is always friendly, even at lunch rush. The rolls are deliciously crunchy to bring home. The sandwiches are generously sized and great for a lunch break.

2008 Apr 2
Often pop in here to pick up a few antipasto items or a sandwich to go--they have an awesome eat in menu but I'm always on the go...For that reason, I dropped my sandwich before I paid for it...yeah that was me blushing...whatever, they graciously made me a new one and only charged for one. Thank You...btw...porchetta on panini with cheese, lettuce, spiced eggplant & tomato for $3.99...not bad for Kanata.

2006 Nov 11
I visit Pesto's about twice a month for a quick and tasty dinner option. I pick up the fresh stuffed pasta of the day and one of the many fresh sauces, a container of their wonderful olives (the garlic stuffed green olives are my favourite) and some crusty rolls to dip in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and voila dinner is ready. Yum!


2008 Apr 28
Pesto’s on Hazeldean Road in Kanata also makes a very decent one. I ordered a small one ($4.99) which came on a round, crusty bun. The sauce and meatballs were both delicious and there was a ton of cheese—both under and on top of the meatballs and sauce. I liked this touch because the bun didn’t get soggy. I don’t thin it would work with a sub bun. The meatballs were sliced which wasn’t the way I had them in the past but it was definitely less messy. It was heated in an oven and the smaller size worked for me—couldn’t quite finish but almost! Salads here are pricey—I think if I had ordered a salad and drink it would have been well over $10. For flavour pretty much a tie with Parma Ravioli. I do like the not soggy aspect here…

2009 Nov 20
There's a place on Hazeldean rd in Kanata called Pestos. I heard it was for sale but for now they have amazing real authentic parmigiana cheese imported from Italy. I kid you not, they sell it by huge pie shape pieces that normally would call for about $100 a piece easily but they only ask $20'ish for it. The freshest and most delicious I have ever tasted. They also have awesome virgin olive oil sold by the 750 litre - bring a bottle and pour your own.



2012 Apr 16
My latest sandwich from this place. The Large Panino, mixed meat (spicy). For the same price as one of those over-sized $5 Subway subs, you can have a much higher quality product that is just as filling!

2011 Sep 28
Charging extra for eggplant?!

2011 Sep 27
Just enjoyed this generous sandwich. It's a Large porchetta panino ($4.99) with hot pickled eggplant (+$1 for olives/eggplant). It was tasty and huge, although the bread was a little on the dry side. The meat was excellent. The eggplant was tasty but the oil oozed out and soaked the bottom of the bread, making it somewhat messy to eat.

This is still good value!

2011 May 6
HFF, I think maybe it depends alot on who makes your sandwich. The older guy (Roberto?) seems to be cheap on the meat. Used to get generous portions of meat with other staff but they don't seem to work there anymore. It wouldn't be so bad if the buns were not as dense/thick/inconsistent freshness. The amount of meat would be appropriate for sliced bread but with these buns, I pretty much only taste bread now.

Very nice place, I've just been let down too many times in a row to go back :-(

2011 Mar 23
Chopper- went here today and my sandwich (plus my companion's) were all big and very messy with lots of toppings. i had the vegetarian. no picture though.

2011 Mar 10
I don't know what happened to this place. I have to say I've been disappointed the last 5 or 6 times I've been here. This is a panino with EXTRA meat. You can see the difference between this and the other photo I posted below. All I taste now is bread with a hint of meat :-(

2010 Jul 16
I've enjoyed the sandwich chopper mentions. It strikes a good balance of meat flavours, and it is the best cold-cut sandwich I've found west of Amo Italiano Foods. I seem to remember it costing around $4, which is a very fair price. Much better to get one of these than spend the same or more on a fast food burger!

2010 Jul 16
This is a large "panino" with porchetta and spicy calabrese (extra meat). Was awesome today. Great place with great service. Only problem is that they are a little inconsistent. The buns are too thick for me. I feel like ripping out some of the thick center before eating. And depending who serves you, you will get quite a bit more or less meat.