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2006 Sep 19
About 7 years ago, give or take, Ottawa had no good bread. The best was maybe at the French Baker (The French Baker) and even that wasn't up to European standards. Loblaws changed all that by introducing Ottawans to ACE Bakery baguettes. Now our stores are full of great bread and I'm a happy man!


2015 Sep 12
This Multigrain Loaf (spelt + white flour) ($5) is easily the best bread I've had in a long while. Perfect toothsome crumb with an excellent crust. There's just enough blackening to give a subtle bitterness to the bottom of the crust and take me back to childhood visits to Switzerland.

I found myself not wanting to eat anything other than this bread until my belly was full and I could eat no more. Most addictive.. better get it while it's still legal! ;-)

2014 Jan 19
FF-Your bread looks great, but unfortunately the country sourdough I got yesterday was dense and had a gummy layer nearly an inch in from the crust. It didn't have the air pockets like yours did. It didn't look under-baked, as the crust was very dark, even black on the bottom. That said, I've still been eating it, mostly toasted and in grilled cheese. It sits too heavily in my stomach though. I'll give them another try in a few weeks--it's much too convenient a location to write them off after one loaf.

2014 Jan 5
Picked up a spectacular Country Sourdough loaf for $4.50 on a Sunday at 10am and it was still warm. I would call this perfect bread: crisp, dark crust and a moist chewy crumb make this a rustic bread done right.

Ottawa's artisan bread scene has become good enough in the past half decade that it is difficult for a newcomer to make a splash. I believe this loaf raises the bar for country-style bread in Ottawa. Europe drifts a little closer to us. :-)


2009 Sep 1
If you haven't been to this bakery yet, you must go. I have had the fortune to try every type of bread and buns they offer and they are all wonderful. Their date/fennell bread is amazing as is the Chai spice. They close early though, and after 1 pm their bread (or what is left from the day) is available at the Red Table, next door which is also worth a try! I can also attest to their bread lasting for about a week.

2009 Aug 29
This sourdough miche is quite fantastic! An excellent chewy dark crust and a hearty, moist crumb. Very reminiscent of the dark loaves I enjoyed as a kid in Switzerland (albeit more tangy, since it's sourdough).

The entire giant loaf goes for $12, but they're happy to cut it in half ($6) or quarters ($3). The half loaf I purchased was already a day old, so the price was $5. The baker/cashier assured me that she keeps it for a whole week at home. I had the last bit just yesterday and I can safely say that it really does keep for a week!

I'm really keen to try more bread products from this excellent bakery! There was a steady stream of customers while I was there, but even so I think this is one of Ottawa's undiscovered gems.

2013 Jul 12
I picked up a loaf of the nice Buttermilk Potato bread at Around the Block Butcher Shop last Saturday. This is a good all-purpose bread that would appeal to everyone. It is indeed a fetching loaf, although a little steep in price compared to other premium breads ($6.99 if I recall correctly).



2011 Nov 6
Recently, most of the bread loafs that i buy from there (i only buy flax seed bread) are under baked and have a wet bottom!
Shame on you, Italianos!


2007 Nov 11
There's a small rack of loaves and baguettes (Baguette) from Art-Is-In Bakery (Art Is In Bakery) tucked away behind the cashier.


2010 Aug 15
I have been going to this bakery for as long as I can remember. The bread has not changed in 25 years. I have yet to find a similar loaf of light rye in Ottawa yet. The shiny crust is just amazing and so chewy. Here is a triple light rye that will go great with the home made turkey soup defrosting on the counter for supper tonight.

2010 Jul 3
The BF and I bought our first loaf of light rye from Rideau Bakery yesterday. It was delicious. We will never go back to store brands again. It was so fresh we both had to have another piece!

2008 Jan 4
I just, for the first time, bought some light rye bread and 9-grain bread from here. I've only had the rye so far, and so far so good! I was pleasantly surprised that the breads were only $2.90 each....very affordable for fresh handmade bread.
A little disappointed that they use enriched flour but oh well.

2007 Sep 23
I've been eating the rye bread from here since I was a child. I remember their old logo used to be this menacing baker that looked like a cross between the Pillsbury doughboy and the Michelin Tire man. That aside, it's great bread and it toasts quite nicely.


2009 Dec 13
Just like FF, I opted to try the white loaf. I was very impressed! Tasty indeed. Loaf stayed fresh for several days.

2007 Jan 31
I've been meaning to try this place for a while since I heard they have good bread. By the time I got there, they'd sold out of their more "hearty" breads so I had to settle for a fluffy Belgian loaf.

No problem! This was easily the best tasting fluffy white loaf of bread I've ever had. I still prefer more dense, moist breads but as far as fluffy goes this one was top notch!



2013 Aug 13
Had a chocolate croissant since they didn't have any regular ones left, but they were delicious. The chocolate filling wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be, very nice but not overwhelming. The pastry itself was flaky and buttery.

Also got a 5 grain fennel seed bread, which was well seasoned, although a bit denser than I was expecting, and the exterior crust a little bit soft for my liking (I like a crisp crust to bread). Still delicious, but thought it could be better.

2013 Jul 6
My boyfriend and I picked up a loaf of their garlic and rosemary bread from the Kanata farmer's market. I completely regret not buying two or three because it's already half gone.
I've been smearing it with the Thai chile red pepper jam from the stall right next door to their's. Heaven.

2013 Mar 22
@argula - there is also the Farm Boy on Richmond Road.

2013 Mar 22
There's always (d) go somewhere else for your bread.

2013 Mar 22
So what this means in effect is that if you live in the Westboro/Civic area, your choices are the Farmboy on Merivale (a real joy of a trek on a Saturday), the extra long line-ups at the Ottawa Farmers Market (which will be a lot longer now) or the bakery itself with the dysfunctional service counter? These are my choices?

2011 Nov 27
I recently had the jalapeño chive and cheese bread from Art-is-in and it was fantastic! i loved every bite. The chucks of jalapeño were big which made it spicy too. I also bought a rosemary garlic loaf which was not my favorite. The bread was very tasty but I didn’t get any rosemary (my husband got one piece) and I didn’t get much garlic flavor either. It seemed like there was garlic powder just sprinkled on top, but none baked in. Either way, we happily finished both loaves and I will be going back soon!

2011 Jul 4
roasted garlic and rosemary loaf

picked it up fom the lansdown market Sunday and cant stop eating from it . toasted a piece for brekkie and it was perfect, garlic bread with cheese for dinner . 10 / 10 i will be there early on Sunday to reload

2011 May 27
Best bread in the city

2011 May 27
The bread is awesome. Picked up potato and dill bread. There are individual bits of potato inside. Very moist and tasty - made a great hearty sandwich. The bits of potato are interesting, as I've made and had bread made with potato water, and sometimes some mashed potato in the dough, but never chunks.

2011 Apr 27
I hate to be the one to point it out but most of Lil review have been equally poorly received.




2010 May 3
I must concur with "smart cookie", I ordered a Cheese stick on my way home and it was awful. It was completely dry and sucked all the moisture out of my mouth. It was also tasteless. A good friend of mine used to work here and used to bring home all sorts of goodies, and amazing bread. So this is not a negative comment about Moulin de Provence in general, but their cheese sticks are pretty disgusting, seemed old and I would recommend saving the $.85 you might have spent on them. And the place is pretty much a tourist trap, but so is everything else in the market.

Nice place, nice coffee, nice cakes, *TERRIBLE CHEESE STICKS*

2009 Nov 13
I bought some cheese sticks when I had a break during my class, found them to be very dry and lacked flavour.

2007 Feb 1
A baguette I picked up here isn't at all bad. Not something I'd make a special trip for, but nothing objectionable.

2006 Oct 2
The breads look great but are dry and airy. :-(


2008 Nov 27
I used to go this bakery frequently when I lived in Ottawa 5+ years ago. I'm not a huge bread eater but I could eat a whole loaf of their sweet bread in one sitting. So good you don't even need to add butter, just rip off a piece, chew and enjoy. The texture is almost cake like, but lighter. I have tried their pastries as well but not recently so I can't comment on them.

The place itself is a little worn but whoever is baking seems to care. I tried the sweet bread a few weeks ago now that I'm back in town and it's just as delicious as I remembered and the prices still very reasonable. Go Portuguese sweet bread go!


2010 May 28
I got a baguette the other day and was quite disappointed. The crust was fine, but the inside was too fluffy and soft, and reminiscent of Wonder Bread. I usually buy their larger oval loaves, which I love, as they are flavourful, but this baguette was just the opposite.

2010 May 17
I purchase a baguette at Herb and Spice today.

The baguette gets top marks from me. After living in France for almost a year, I was so disappointed with bread back in Canada(Manitoba, specifically).

Here in Ottawa, I have been testing out the baguettes at various bakeries.

This baguette had excellent texture and a nice crust which was not too thick.

2009 Jun 24
Their multigrain bread is also delicious. Light and flavourful with a fantastic crust. I bought a couple loaves after being served it in the bread basket at Benny's Bistro.


2008 Jun 16
The honey nut raisin bread that everyone is talking about here is from Premier Moisson, a company out of Montreal. Farm Boy does not advertise breads from PM anymore since they are (sadly) phasing it out. Not all their breads are from PM...they have a few companies they order from.

Side note: what I think some people don't understand is that bread, about 99%, that you buy at grocery stores, is NOT made instore. What I mean is that it will either come par-baked and the store will just 'finish off' the baking process or it might come as a frozen dough and will be proofed (risen) and then baked. With that said, it is still fresh in a sense, but it does come to the store frozen. Could you imagine a grocery making hundreds of loaves of bread from scratch every day?? Impossible. The staff, the space, the time needed would be waaay too much to handle!

2008 Jun 12
ksw don't go blowing up my sale rack spot haha. at the merivale location the rack is frequently overloaded with discounted wares including the premiere moisson croissants (not quite as good as a fresh batch, but a steal compared to their regular price of ~$1 each)

2008 Jun 12
We buy all our bread at Farm Boy. Because it can be pricey, our trick is we go to the "sale" rack which is the day old bread and choose our bread from there. We usually only eat bread toasted for breakfast so it makes no difference that it isn't fresh from that day. We freeze the loaves and take them out as needed. (and let's face it, if you buy a loaf on Saturday and don't eat it till Sunday then it becomes day old anyways and you could have saved yourself some money!)
It's also fun because you never know what will be on the rack that day, so we get to try all different kinds of breads.

F&T - we also got the "day old" honey nut raisin bread (I think for $3.49) and we sliced it up and made french toast with it on a Sunday morning). It was sooooo good!! We have also tried their regular raisin bread and the egg bread as french toast - very good.

Obviously if we are making sandwiches or serving the bread to guests, we will buy a fresh loaf :):) (thought I better mention that....)

2008 Jun 11
Food&Think This bread sounds delicious! It reminds me of a bread I bought from the Ethiopian man at the Lansdowne farmers market last year - it was a whole wheat bread with nuts in - perhaps brazil nuts? I was able to cut through it with a standard bread knife and found the slices had to be a little thicker anyway to keep the bread from falling apart...

2008 Jun 11
Momomoto - That sounds like a terrific suggestion, but slicing it would be a bit of a challenge, cutting thru the nuts would require a professional slicer, me thinks. Because if you don't get it right, it would probably all fall apart. I think this will require further investigation... Lightly toasted Honey Nut Raisin Bread, Cheese, Fresh Grapes, Wine... Patio Party!

2008 Jun 11
F&T - The Honey Nut Raisin Bread sounds like the perfect thing to use to round out a cheese course. Slice it monstrously thin, cut each slice in half, and bake it until crispy. Heaven.

2008 Jun 11
After recommendations from fellow Foodies, I decided to try the Honey Nut Raisin Bread. As it is a Breakfast Bread, and something I can only really enjoy on the weekend, I had to keep it in the freezer. The freezer kept it longer (and at $ 4.49 a loaf, that matters) and it made ok toast, but I did enjoy it much better fresh from the store.

My review here is based on the fact the loaf I purchased was labeled FARM BOY (no other labelling credits) so I therefore assume it was baked onsite at their instore bakery.

Overall the bread was much more "nutty" than I thought it would be, and the use of hazelnuts came as a bit of a surprise, I don't know what I was imagining (it wasn't peanuts for sure) but for me hazelnuts was unexpected. Perhaps something creamier in texture like macadamians.

It was a nice enough change from the many multigrain breads that I normally purchase, and had a little ooomph over regular raisin bread. I would purchase it again.

2008 Apr 23
"The Man" found the Honey Nut & Raisin Bread today (all on his own, I didn't tell him about it)... he thought it looked interesting, but at $ 4.49 was a bit pricey. Now that it's caught his eye I'm going to go back sometime and pick up a loaf and try it. I figure if we keep it in the freezer and toast a slice at a time, there will be little waste and thereby a good value.

We purchased hoagie buns today had them for lunch filled with coldcuts and cheese from the deli counter, they were very fresh and tastey.

2007 Sep 23
I find the Première Moisson baguettes hit or miss. I like hard and chewy bread but sometimes find the freshness of these sub-par. I'll stick with ACE...

2007 Mar 17
An amendment from my comment on few months ago, we bought the bread again, and did a thin cut into medallions, lightly sprinkled some olive oil, and crisped them up in the oven with olive paste ontop and goat cheese with chives on top... it was delicious. If the bread is cut that way it doesn't seem to cut the mouth and seems pretty good, and it does have good air pockets through out.



2007 Nov 5
Thanks. I'll check out The Independant Grocer. Before I discovered the Loeb line I was buying the Mario's round loaf that various stores (including Herb and Spice) carried. Mario's is a bakery in Manotick. It's a good loaf for toasting, but a bit dense and chewy for eating fresh. I may have to go back to it. Since I buy fresh bread every day I don't want to have to drive too far.

2007 Nov 5
Haven't tried the bread at Loeb but Your Independant Grocer sells some nice breads. Farm Boy sells some nice breads too. I must admit though that I've been buy alot of my breads from the local bakeries these days as opposed to the grocery stores. You could always try looking for Parisien bread which is a little like a baguette but larger in diameter. Might be easier to toast if that's what you want to do with it. Alternatively you could use your day old bread to make croutons...

2007 Nov 5
I've been buying the "old fashioned loaf" at Loebs for the last two years or more. For no discernible reason they changed their line of artisan breads in October and no longer offer it. The "old fashioned loaf" was crusty, with lots of air holes and made great toast the next day. Baguettes are fine for a meal, but they are not a good shape or size for toasting. I'm on the hunt for a replacement.

2006 Sep 19
Loeb now carries artisan breads too, and they are (you guessed it)... delicious! :)



2006 Sep 26
Yup, ACE Bakery carries the day. Especially if you follow the directions on the side of the bag to "freshen" the loaf up when you get home.

2006 Sep 19
Loblaws led Ottawa's good-bread revolution by carrying ACE Bakery's fine artisan breads. Yep, bread made *without* sugar and oil tastes waaay better. They still sell it and it's still good!