Where to get Sourdough Bread



2010 Sep 20
I picked up a loaf of Art-is-In sourdough at the Lansdowne Farmers Market yesterday. The bread is very moist and made a delicious tomato sandwich with the tomatoes I picked up from the Acorn Creek stand. The loaf is huge and so delicious I have a feeling it won't last in my fridge for very long-;)

2010 Mar 14
As Jagash mentioned, The Piggy Market is now the exclusive distributor of Art-is-in's Beau's Sourdough bread.

The loaves are 12 inches in diameter, and use 1 liter of Beau's per loaf. It's pretty crazy. We picked a quarter loaf (selling for $7.50!) at The Piggy Market on Saturday, and enjoyed it with raclette.

It's airier than most sourdoughs, and wasn't really conducive to sandwiches or much other than dipping into oil, or eating as an open faced sandwich with a knife and fork.

However, it had a very rich flavour to it. If I could eat that much bread without the help of nine friends, I'd buy it more often.