Pastéis de Nata at Lisbon Bakery
Foods from Lisbon Bakery

2019 Jun 11
Anyone try their custard/egg tarts lately?

2009 Oct 7
We have been getting our buns here for YEARS. In fact, we got them from here for our out of town wedding, over twelve years ago. They are delicious and always a hit.

2008 Mar 29
Great, crusty, portuguese style loafs. Very good prices. They also sell some really good chorizo, hot/sweet/smoked paprikas, and sherry vinegars. Very friendly service.



2013 Jul 12
These would probably be amazing fresh from the oven, but they came from the refrigerated display case and were consequently soft. That is just wrong, and at $1.75 it is a costly mistake.

The filling was more authentic tasting than the product available at T&T Supermarket, but this did not make up for the poor condition of the crust and the inflated price. Pastéis de Nata are supposed to have a wonderful crisp and chewy/flaky shell.

Maybe worth getting if you're near Baseline/Greenbank and you *reeeeally* need a pastry with your coffee. ;-)