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Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Dessert at Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Foods from Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro

2011 Jul 7
It's Ottawa... don't show up naked. :)

2011 Jul 5
I don't think there is a dresscode. That being said, Sweetgrass is a 'nicer' restaurant so I wouldn't be caught dead in a t-shirt and jeans here. I have however seen people unfortunately dressed way down at Sweetgrass.

It's your call.

2011 Jul 5
Is there a dress code here?

2011 Feb 17
Meh. In addition to the waitress with major attitude, this place had a poor beer selection and average food at best.

We went before Christmas. I had the bison burger. Shocked to see processed cheese and American mustard on it. Do we not get a choice? Untoasted bun which is OK if the bun is a knockout like at Fraser.

My companions' hanger steak was so-so as well.

Will not go back.

2011 Jan 1
Finally I was able to visit Sweetgrass. Every other of my attempts have failed as somehow those lunch hours are so elusive to me! Turns out it might be the same for everyone else...

From reading past reviews, a side of the frybread was definite in order. It was a bit of a bad idea because the meals already come with popcorn and bannock, really setting myself up for gluttony.

The frybread was carb-ilicious. We got honey on the side to dip it in. There was a comment that "these are like beavertails, but much much better". I've never had one so...?

I ordered the fish+chips, and expected it a Scottish fish supper, but the grilled trout was a nice surprise. It really doesn't need that lemon or tartar sauce. Just really good, NOT overdone fresh fish. The fries were A_MA_ZING, which I was wondering why it was 1 of 2 sides available as an extra. So potato-ey!

The shrimp+spaetzle was expected to be baked with cheese and butter, but this one was really nice. I think it was a sundried tomato dressing with bits of bacon and spinach. Tasted really... comforting! I liked this one more so we traded plates... after that I really couldn't stuff anymore in.

The service was great--even though we were the only ones there, she was just very pleasant and gave us our space.

I'd like to try their dinner menu sometime as it seems much more elaborate, but it's slightly out of grad student budget.

Unless I stop going to these yummy lunches and save it for one great dinner... decisions!@#!@$

(apologies for the bad photo, I used my phone.)

2010 Dec 22
Finally tried this place and I gave a thumbs-up to Sweetgrass for the food and service.

The Three Sister Soup and their In House Smoked Wild Salmon appetizer are highly recommended. Elk Dumplings and Alaskan Crab, Shrimp and Salt Cod Fritters appetizers are okay. Grilled Guinea Fowl Supreme, Grilled Tatonka (Buffalo) and the BBQ pork (land special for the night) were a good treat to ourselves. Food portion were very good and you won't feel hungry walking out of the door. One thing I wanted to mention to the kitchen is that we all felt that the salt level was a bit much. If the kitchen can reduce the salt a bit, the food we ordered would be perfect. We also like that the kitchen used lots of veggies (such as spinach, oriental type bok choi) to accompany the food.

For the dessert, we made a mistake in ordering. We ordered each one a dessert and we all felt too full and didn't enjoy the dessert too much. Next time, each couple will split a dessert plate and we loved the Cheddar Apple Pie (the ice cream was not enough to cover the pie and we hope that the kitchen can give us one more scoop!). The Double Chocolate Brownie w/hazelnut ice cream was way too rich, sweet and dry for my taste and hence I didn't enjoy that much. The Rosemary Crème Brulée was rated differently. Some like the smoothness and the ginger taste and some didn't.

2010 Nov 27
Last night I had the pleasure to dine at Sweetgrass for a third time. I have only been there for lunch (which was fantastic by the way), but my girlfriend and I had such a wonderful time last night.
Service -a (Totally acceptable, friendly, very very fast, no complaints)
Food A
Value A
Sweetgrass is slowly becoming my favorite restaurant in Ottawa.
When we were seated we were given a bowl of delicious oil popped, popcorn. This is very unorthodox, but it was piping fresh and delicious. At the very least it kept us busy while the server brought us some drinks. I had a wonderful St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat ale.. delicious.
By the time we ordered, and finished the popcorn, the server brought us some nice fresh bannock. I'm not a big fan of bannock (mainly because it's very heavy and 'scone like' and it fills you up before the good stuff), but Amanda absolutely loved it and said it was amazing.
For a starter (or 'in between' as it is called on the sweet grass menu) we had the Alaskan Crab, Shrimp and Salt Cod Fritters – With cocktail and tartar sauce, and a cucumber salad. The fritters were so good. Mild, yet full of fishy goodness. Someone who doesn't like fish, would like these fritters. The tarter sauce it was served with was the best tarter sauce I have ever had. It was served with a little bit of "cucumber salad" which was similarly delicious. It was so fresh, there was a hefty dose of mint leaves, microgreens, some kind of acidity, and also some sweetness - maybe maple syrup, but I'm sure.
I could eat a giant mound of that wonderful salad.

2010 Nov 27
For the main course, (which came remarkably quickly) I had the Bistro Buffalo Burger – 100% Takwana Farm Bison Burger, Wild Boar bacon, 3 year old cheddar, mushrooms and “duck butter” on a grilled sesame seed bun with Fresh cut fries and Side Salad. What can I say, it was great! The burger was nice and pink in the middle, the boar bacon was yummi, and the cheddar was really sharp and rich. The bread it was served on was super fresh and also very rich on account of the duck fat smeared onto it. Hmmm, definitely not a low cal, low fat meal, but I don't have to watch my weight so I don't care.

2010 Nov 27
Amanda had the Grilled Guinea Fowl Supreme – Anna Potatoes, Wild Greens and Warm Bacon and Mushroom Vinaigrette. She was very pleased with it and she said it was great. I made sure to sample everything on her plate and I can corroborate this. The bird was fantastic, not unlike chicken, just a tad more on the wild side. The skin was left on and it was perfectly crispy yet the breast and drumsticks were soo moist. It was served on a bed of delicious garlicky kale/lettucy mix. The fowl was served on top of "anna poatoes" which is something I have never eaten before - let alone heard of. Essentially it is thinly shaved potatoes pressed into a cake kind of thing. Not too dissimilar to scalloped potatoes minus the cream.. The anna potatoes were very rich, and virtually saturated in butter. Soo good.

The bill was surprising low for the amazing service, quirky atmosphere, top quality game, and a highly original menu.
The fritters
St. Ambroise Beer
The Fowl
and the Burger
+the complimentary bread and popcorn


71 Bucks.... and worth every penny..

I highly, highly recommend this restaurant. There is nothing bad at all I can say about this place..

Do yourself a favor and try this restaurant.

2010 Oct 13
My boyfriend and I decided to pop into Sweetgrass last week for a weekday dinner. We had been there together once before and really enjoyed everything about our experience.

We decided on beers that evening (well, I chose a Waupoos cider because it's one of my favorites). For an appetizer, I ordered the in-house smoked salmon which came with pickled onion, creme fraiche and some toasts. The smoked salmon was fabulous (even though the toasts might have been a bit stale?).

He got the elk dumplings to start and both of us thought they were very tasty. Yum.

For my main, I ordered the land special (that night, there was no 'sea special' available). It was a roasted lamb dish and unfortunately, for some reason, I cannot remember what else the lamb was served with. All I can remember is that it was great and that I couldn't finish the whole thing!

My date ordered the cassoulet and he was so impressed that the dish came with a whole duck leg (he thought the duck confit would be chopped up and combined into the dish). He loved everything about the cassoulet, especially the sausage.

Unfortunately, we decided against dessert that night. Honestly the only big complaint we had about the whole evening was that the table next to us were incredibly loud and irritating. But, of course, that's no one's fault but theirs. =)

I would most definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone.

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2006 Dec 17
I'll end it with a dessert since I'm not sure if I'm spamming. :)

Cloudberry Pudding



2009 Nov 23
The Creme Brulee at Sweetgrass has Rosemary in it which provides a unique twist to the usual delightful flavour. Astounding.