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Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Dessert at Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro
Foods from Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro

2008 Apr 23
I ate here last weekend with my fiance to celebrate his birthday. It's in a lovely little house on the market - cute decor and very comfortable.

Since it was our first night out without our daughter in a long time, we decided to 'go to town' and order starters, in-betweens and a whole bottle of wine. No room for desert though!

I started with the mixed green salad with crowberry tea and lemon vinaigrette - delicious! The vinaigrette was sweet and had a very different, distinctive flavour. My companion had the Gathering Nations salad with maple/mustard vinaigrette. He said it was delicious - more savoury than the dressing on the mixed greens.

For in-betweens, I had the smoked salmon tartar with ginger ale sherbet. It was FANTASTIC. I could have eaten a whole meal of this stuff alone. The smoked salmon was chopped into little pieces and mixed with cilantro and served with toast. The ginger ale sherbet was a nice complement, but it was really all about the salmon. My fiance had the mushroom plate which was essentially wild and cultivated mushrooms covered in melted cheese on bread. He wasn't overly pleased with it and found it too heavy for an in-between.

Next, I had the special of the day which was boneless duck in a red wine reductionwith cauliflower. It was very good. The duck was quite tender. The cauliflower was nice too - I imagine there was a good deal of cream and butter in the mix as it was very creamy and smooth. I thought the portion size was perfect. I was able to eat and enjoy my whole meal without feeling overstuffed.

My companion ordered the slow-roasted Canadian goose. He compared it to a big turkey drumstick and was a little disappointed that he didn't order something more exotic.

All and all, we really enjoyed eating here. The food was terrific and the ambiance was very relaxing. We took our time eating and drinking our wine and it was just what we needed. The staff was very attentive and filled our water glasses constantly, which I appreciated.

This is not an everyday eatery though and the meal was pricey. After tax, the bill came to $170. Definitely worth springing for every once in a while.

2008 Feb 16
My fiancée and I went here for dinner on Valentine's Day. We were a bit disappointed at first to see that it was a six-course prix fixe menu for the occasion, since we had spent the last week drooling over the menu, but our disappointment quickly disappeared when we discovered that most everything we were being fed was on the standard menu, with some substitutions.

I opted for the large game tasting menu ($50), which was composed of elk sausage with celeriac remoulade, caribou carpaccio with stuff I forget, lamb with chimichurri on quinoa, and bison striploin with mashed potatoes and king eryngii mushrooms. Delicious all around. I wouldn't have minded a steak knife for my lamb, though.

Sweetie got the small game tasting menu ($45), which had duck rillettes (sadly only a small nugget on a small crostini), a rabbit dumpling, goose with corn risotto, and partridge. The goose could have used a stake knife, too.

Everything was really good. I think I could eat a sack of rabbit dumplings, and a bucket of duck rillettes, and be a happy fellow. Those were my favourites, but the garlic mash that came with the bison was great, too.

Both of us opted for the roasted beet and apple soup as well, which was delish. We also got a glass of (Seaview) sparking wine to top things off, gratis.

Both of us got the flourless chocolate cake with orange jam and ginger ice cream, and it was fantastic.

The only other wine we got was a single glass of Pinot for me. All told, it came to $140, which is quite affordable indeed.

We'll definitely go back. I need more than just half a rabbit dumpling to be satisfied.

2008 Jan 14
A group of six of us went here for dinner last Friday. We had all been dying to try this place and glad we finally put it on the list.

We sat at 8:00 and unfortunately I think that was a little late. Typically our group orders different items and then we try each others. They were out of many menu items which was too bad so we couldn't try everything we wanted. The waiter was very appologetic and that was fine. We were all in a very easy-going mood so it was no problem.

I started with the mixed greens salad with cloudberry tea and lemon vinagrette dressing. So simple but so tasty. I also tried the goat cheesecake in-between and it was delicious. Much lighter than I thought. The Elk sausage that my husband had was also very good.

My main ended up being the duck with maple cranberry demi-glaze and mashed sweet potato. It was all fabulous. Hubby and brother-in-law had the grilled tatonka prepared blue. It was very good as well and perfectly blue although a little cold inside. Might be because they had to pull it out from the fridge due to running out of other menu items. Sister-in-law had the salmon and she said is was very well prepared and excellent as well.

Desserts were also very good and I enjoyed the selection of aboriginal teas offered.

We will be making future reservations to be sure. Hope we can try the menu items we missed out on this time!!

2007 Oct 30
My gf and I went to Sweet Grass on Saturday Oct 20 for dinner and it was very good and we were very pleased with the restaurant and the service. I will point out some of the shortcomings as I saw them, but keep in mind it’s a bit of nitpicking as we were pleased with the restaurant and intend to go back.

Its very good but its not yet excellent and I think excellence is within their reach if they work a little harder. I would say overall they could be just a little more polished but before I get to that let me first comment on the food.

We started with drinks. My gf had an Amaretto sour and it was a bit of a disappointment. It was served in martini glass, was not rimmed with sugar and there was far too much ice. I started with one of their martini style drinks (I can’t remember the name and unfortunately cannot find the bill) and it was good but once again far too much ice. We both got seconds, for mine it was a the Aboriginal Sweet grass martini (or something close to that) and I specifically I asked for no ice and found it to be wonderful. My gf’s second drink was also quite good but once again I cannot remember the name. We had a bottle of wine and I should note that their wine list is comprised of countries with Aboriginal populations and is reasonably priced.

In terms of the food we were very pleased. They serve starters, in betweens, main courses and desserts. I started with a starter and had the duck breast salad. It was wonderful. My girlfriend started with an in-between, crab cake which she and I though was very good but not excellent. For my in between I had the quail and it was amazing. I know one should not try to scrape every bit of sauce off of a plate but I did it was just wonderful. For our mains, we had the Partridge and the rabbit were both just a little over-cooked but not by much. They were not as juicy as one might expect (though not totally dry either) and as a result of the dryness the meat was just a little tough. So the mains were good but could have been very good to excellent. I am sympathetic to the kitchen as I know I am always very careful not to undercook white meat but having said that wish it would have been cooked in both cases maybe 2 minutes less. For dessert we went for 3 courses. Along with our meal got an order of Navajo Frybread and it was very nice especially with Honey. I would probably suggest getting it after your main course as its reminiscent of a donutty taste especially with the Honey.

For dessert and hot drinks, I had one of their Algonquin Aboriginal herbal teas that was very nice. I got the Mom’s Indian Buudin which I thought I heard the waitress describe as a pre-dessert….. or I just might have been looking for an excuse to order an extra dessert! We split that and liked it. It was a very generous portion. We finished off with the Cloudberry Creme Brulee and the Chocolate and Pinon Nut Butter Parfaits. Both were good.

From a food perspective we really enjoyed it and while there were some issues they are relatively minor and I think they can improve upon them. I think we would both like to go back at some point in the next year. We used our entertainment card which got us $28 knocked off the bill (for next year its good for the same amount but only at lunch – see the entertainment book if buy it). Total bill with all that food, drinks, and wine was around $215 with a good tip.

Returning to the theme of polish that I mentioned before I would note that while they had some very good coffee listed on their menu, I spotted what I am 95% certain was a big can of Kirkland Coffee out behind the bar. Perhaps they are using it for something else or for their own staff coffee, but it just did not help the ambience that I could see it so plainly during the entire meal from where I was sitting. As well, I noticed several small, but still noticeable paint chips on the walls in the restaurant. There was a particularly large one in the men’s restroom.

2007 Oct 17
I went here for lunch on my own one fine midtermy day, and again for dinner with my boyfriend.
The menu was creatively put together and the dishes were good, but dessert was worth it. The cloudberry creme brulee had the same effect on me as did the 'petites madeleines' on Proust. I felt like in an instant everything was clear on life and its purpose... K wait, don't want to over-do it. I hold it in high esteem. My boyfriend had a generous helping of something that tasted a lot like a peanut butter cup-- but better. impossible I know, but true story.

Price range: Kinda pricey, but dessert: $5-7 (if I'm not mistaken)

2007 Sep 19
I came here for dinner a few years back when they first opened. They had an amuse-bouche of popcorn which was kind of a neat touch (not sure if they still do this)

For my main I had a buffalo steak which was excellent from what I can remember. Believe it or not my most memorable part of the meal was the fried bread appetizers! We had two types - one large piece almost akin to naan, and then there was some smaller bite sized pieces with a dip of sorts. Very simple, but great comfort food. Server was knowledgeable and friendly. I've been meaning to come back here lately...

2007 Jan 6
We had a group dinner there before Christmas, and the Nunavut caribou was amazing. The wine list features only countries with indigenous peoples - we paired the caribou with a robust Argentinian Malbec that was the perfect fit. They ran out of the creme brulee though, so I had to have spice cake, not my favourite choice. Also, they didn't seem to have enough staff (we had reserved well in advance as we were a good-size group). Still, a good experience.

2006 Dec 20
We just had lunch there. The service was excellent, the presentation wonderful and the food delicious. Would I go back again? Definitely.

We had the Three Sisters Soup, the Navaho Taco and a crepe (can't remember the name). Very tasty and satisfying.

The only other places that has as good service is at Domus and Juniper. Friendly, comfortable, knowledgeable and... cute!

2006 Dec 17
Great photos, sweet_li16! To answer your question... nope it isn't spamming to post multiple photos. Too many photos of the same dish might be spamming, but different dishes are great!

I'm just happy when someone other than me is pulling out their camera in restaurants. :-)

Seeing pictures of menu items really helps me: A) decide whether or not I want to try a restaurant, and B) what to order when I get there. And food porn is just nice to look at!

2006 Dec 17
Duck w/Crepes...sorry I forgot the fancy name ;)

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2006 Dec 17
I'll end it with a dessert since I'm not sure if I'm spamming. :)

Cloudberry Pudding



2009 Nov 23
The Creme Brulee at Sweetgrass has Rosemary in it which provides a unique twist to the usual delightful flavour. Astounding.