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Breakfast Sandwich at Ottawa Bagelshop
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2011 Aug 22
I went to the Ottawa Bagelshop for breakfast yesterday morning. I ordered an eggs benedict with home fries and a salad on the side. The egg was perfectly poached and served over peameal bacon and a sesame bagel and the bechamel sauce served over top. I enjoyed everything about it except the sauce - it was thick and pasty - it almost tasted like they put an awful lot of flour in it to thicken it up. The home fries were nice and crisp. The salad looked like an afterthought though - a tough lettuce leaf, one slice of cucumber and one slice of tomato. I wish they would add more veggies on the plate but other than that breakfast was delicious.

2011 Jul 15
I had breakfast here this morning with my dad. We've been going to here for years, for the freshest bagels, breakfast or a delicious lunch. I'm a HUGE fan of there bagels and there smoked salmon cream cheese, pricey for the cream cheese I think its $8.99. I try not to look at the prices, when I buy it and a dozen bagels its a real treat for me. When you get the bagels they are still steaming and I insist on eating one straight away, chewy and warm, pure heaven on its own.

The 'restaurant' serves some of my favorite bagel sandwiches (called bagel subs) very tempting combinations. Most of the time, as I did today, I resort to my personal favorite. A bagel, toasted with cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, red onions and tomato. I'm so much in love with this sandwich at the bagel shop that I insist on going here for lunch on my birthday every year. I like that I can order the 'sub' even when it was clearly still breakfast time. It's served with a quarter of dill pickle and two balk olives on the side.

My dad can't resist eggs, so he ordered the french toast. I was surprised, this also came with choice of meat (bacon), 2 eggs, and homefries. My dad was very impressed with how perfectly the eggs (over easy) were cooked (not always the case here), french toast came with real maple syrup and the bacon was nice and crispy. He had a couple of nibbles of the homefries, but really it was just way too much food for him to eat. From the looks of it, I would be tempted to branch out and order that next time.

My sub, his breakfast and a coffee and bottle of pop came to $24. 2 subs will run you the same price. Not the cheapest, but far from the most expensive. Always leave here happy, nice place to talk for a while and not feel rushed out the door.

If you haven't been, *gasp* GO!

2011 Mar 19
Took the boys for a walk on this lovely day!

2010 Nov 12
I'm sorry, but I'm just not a fan of this place.

It's partially preference. I prefer Toronto bagels - I'm not a lover of Montreal style bagels.

And I'm not a fan of the cheese shop. When I used to shop there I found it expensive and found I had to watch the best before dates carefully there.

2009 Jul 21
Great bagels, really nice a chewy, good, sweet flavour, crisp on the bottom, soft inside.

2009 May 16
I LOVE THIS PLACE! I am so glad I have moved so close :)

I took my boyfriend there the other day for his first-time.

I made him try what is my favourite thing to get at the bagelshop.

I first stop at the deli meat and either get some tuscany or rosemary ham - very thin or shaved. I then stop and get some Ottawa Bagelshop cream cheese "herb and garlic" or something similar.

I then get a fresh poppyseed bagel (one for each guest).

Next, I proceed to make one of my favourite simple-sandwiches ever. Ham, cream cheese, bagel. Not toasted. It is perfect just as it is!

Try it, you won't regret it :)

In total lunch cost us about $9 and we have cream cheese to spare for next time. (Cream cheese costs about 5 something)

2008 Jan 28
amazing bagels, great chocolate selection and decent prices. you can get a lb of Callebaut dark chocolate (voted best baking chocolate by Cook's Illustrated) for $8.50 here, rather than $12 at Truffle Treasures. there's also a fair selection of cheeses, flavored oils, and teas. some of their more interesting offers were summer and winter truffles (the mushroom) and seasonal macarons from Art-is-in bakery. this is a much-needed store in this city!

2007 Mar 17
A great place to eat! All sorts of low-brow and high-brow foods. Gourmet deli selections with olives, pickles, solomon-gundy (pickled herring) and more. Excellent selection of chocolates, teas, coffees, and of course their bagels! The owner Vince is also extremely friendly, and treats his employees exceptionally well (my brother-in-law used to work here)

2007 Feb 11
Two words: Dufflet's Pastries.

When I need a fix, this is where I go. This shop carries Dufflet's from Toronto. There is one dessert in particular, which is a chocolate creation that looks like it has a chocolate rose on top of it made out of some of fondant, gilded in gold. Remove the flower and microwave the iced chocolate cake/brownie thing underneath for 30 seconds. The icing melts into the cake and it turns into this gooey, delicious mess. It sounds disgusting, I know. But suspend your disbelieve and try it.

Oh, and the bagels here are decent too.

2007 Jan 28
I have to agree about your comments on the bagelshop. I think they make the best bagels in town, beating out Kettleman's. They also sell fine cheeses like Le Riopelle de l'Isle, etc. They ALSO sell Art-is-in breads which are fantastic. The only other bread that rivals Art-is-in breads were from Fred's Bread in Kingston, but I haven't been there in years... anyway, the cheese, tea, chocolate, oil, vinegar, baked goods, make this place my special spot for picking up weekly treats.

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2009 Jul 30
The last few times I've been here (twice in the last eight months), I've found the bagels overcooked, and the sesame seeds burnt.

Friends have tried to convert me to the Bagel Shop, but I'm a Kettleman's girl, through and through.

2007 Oct 16
I see that the Bagel Shop is now advertising their connection to St-Viateur in Montreal. Can't get a much better pedigree (with apologies to Fairmount supporters). What I like about the Bagel Shop is that they obviously have a pretty high turnover, so I almost always end up getting fresh, hot bagels when I go there to purchase them (or perhaps I'm just lucky).

2007 Sep 20
If you have never tried an authentic Montreal-style bagel this is the place to do it. Easily rivals Kettleman's. They sell them at my local Loblaw's in their massive Kosher section (College Square)

2007 Mar 17
Authentic Montreal style bagels. The owner's Brother in Law runs one of the bagel shops in Montreal, and that's where he learned to make them. Real wood oven bagels ... mmmmmm! Wide selection to choose from.


2015 Jun 6
The toffee walnut doughnut is not very sweet and a bit moist and chewy with some egginess. This was a very satisfying doughnut if you like an eggy pastry and I do!


2015 Jun 6
Here is a more recent picture of the breakfast sandwich. The best deal as far as I can tell: $5.75 and includes a coffee (no refill). A similar meal in the form of a breakfast plate (2eggs, bagels, bacon, potatoes) starts at $9.75! The breakfast bagel sandwich was really good. It came with a side of coleslaw, a slice of pickle and a few chips. Get the sandwich and use the money to buy a toffee walnut doughnut!

2007 Mar 24
A toasted montreal-style bagel of your choice (I always go with whole wheat) with bacon, eggs, lettuce tomato and mayo. Actually that combination is called "The Eggcellent". There are about 20 combos of bagel subs on the menu including things like smoked meat, salmon and more. I just deleted my previous review and am reposting with a photo this time. Check the forums for another yummy shot.

Yum! I have these a couple of times a month and have been for years.


2011 Aug 23
The chopped chicken liver at Ottawa Bagelshop is one of my favourite things to eat in the city. Can't say enough positive about it. A real treat with fresh bagels...


2009 Feb 11
Hands down the worst bacon + eggs breakfast i've ever had. Twice. Eggs have been incredibly runny both times--even though they were scrambled. How do you make runny scrambled eggs? Further, their sausage was possibly the sweetest and saltiest I've ever had. Yick. The bagel: I figured they do bagels well, at least that would be something, right? Wrong. Apparently, they do not use the freshest of their bagels for breakfast, or at least not when we went. Worse still, both of ours were so heavily toasted that they tasted like over-buttered burnt popcorn. I asked if I could get one less toasted than that and the server just shrugged and said "that's how we toast them".

I left hungry and I won't be back for breakfast anytime soon.


2009 Dec 17
Rogers cream filled chocolates are to die for.

Go for fruit filled cream chocolates, they are the best! The orange / lemon cream filled covered with dark chocolates are probably my favorite chocolates ever.

You can buy singles of them at the counter!

2009 Feb 10
I was surprised to hear about this place for where to get imported European chocolate bars, but it's pretty much become the #1 place to look in the whole area. Only in Montreal (Fouvrac and Gourmet Laurier) have I seen a larger selection. I never know exactly what they'll have but some are standards of the last few years: Rogers, Amedei, Valrhona, Michel Cluizel, Dolfin, some Bonnat once, I think Pralus last time I was there, a variety of organics, and always a few surprises. Prices are maybe a couple dollars more than Montreal, which considering the extra transport costs, is pretty good. They keep taking chances with new stuff, so repeated visits yield sudden treasures.



2007 Apr 2
Tried some from the Market a few years ago; bought some at Ottawa Bagel, Wellington Street - EXCELLENT. Tried some from Nicastro's, Wellington. Back to OttBag: other 2 were like thin sour cream; OttBag's was thick, creamy, not especially sour, ingredients were cream, bacterial culture (like Two Fat Ladies used to say: all you need are bugs and cows).
I suspect the product on the shelf at OttBag was farm-direct even if probably pasteurized and not (re-)created later from cream, buttermilk/yoghurt and 24 hours to brew.




2007 Feb 1
This place sells Le Riopelle de l'Isle, Le Douanier, La Sauvagine, etc. all those Quebec cheeses that taste so darned good. They also sell a good variety of their own cream cheese spreads for bagels.